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This page first lists my WS + Racs vids, then all the rest (Other Bands) are below that. Other Bands are kinda grouped by style, unfortunately they're not alphabetical, so make use of ctrl-F.

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The White Stripes Videos -
The Raconteurs Videos -
Other Bands Videos -
Videos I am looking for -

- a few items are OFFICIAL and not tradable.
- mpeg/DVD = DVD quality capture, but not an authored DVD.
- SA = Stand-Alone DVD.
- VHS(?) = unknown generation.

The White Stripes Videos:
- Complete Live Shows - Time Qual Media Type
Gold Dollar, Detroit, MI, 11-27-99, 28.5 min (angle #1); 38 min (angle #2); same event as 11-26-99, but was performed after midnight; Aud Cams; also a re-authored DVD w/ menu and correct chapters; Setlist: You're Pretty Good Looking, Let's Shake Hands, Astro, Screwdriver, Stop Breaking Down, Little Bird, Jolene, Wasting My Time, When I Hear My Name, The Big Three Killed My Baby, Do, Hello Operator, Expecting (inst), I'm Bored. 67 A-/A VHS(?);DVD NTSC
The Casbah, San Diego, CA, 12-9-00; AUD Cam, mounted, zoomed on Jack the whole show; from webcast .rm stream; Menu and Chapters; nice picture but a little dark, SBD audio is very nice; Setlist: 1. Jolene, 2. When I Hear My Name, 3. Let's Shake Hands, 4. Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground, 5. You're Pretty Good Looking, 6. Hello Operator, 7. The Big 3 Killed My Baby, 8. Lord, Send Me An Angel, 9. Apple Blossom, 10. Death Letter, 11. Suzy Lee, 12. Sister, Do You Know My Name?, 13. Let's Build A Home, 14. Jimmy The Exploder, 15. Truth Doesn't Make A Noise, 16. Astro, 17. Little People, 18. Screwdriver, 19. Look Me Over Closely. 56 - rm; DVD NTSC
Spaceland, Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA, 3-1-01, AUD cam (great sound & VQ); VHS > DVD; Set: Let's Shake Hands, When I Hear My Name, Jolene, Pretty Good Looking, Hello Operator, Lord Send Me An Angel, Hotel Yorba, Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, Wasting My Time, Apple Blossom, Suzy Lee, Let's Build A Home, Going Back To Memphis, Astro, Cannon, Truth Doesn't Make A Noise, Sugar Never Tasted So Good, We Are Going To Be Friends, You're Southern Can Is Mine, Screwdriver, Look Me Over Closely. 51 - VHS(2);DVD NTSC
Spaceland, Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA, 3-1-01, AUD cam SYNCHED w/ SBD Audio; A thir13en Matrix/Re-Master/Re-Author; VHS > DVD; Menu and Chapters; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround; SBD source has always been missing first two and a half songs; Set: 1. Let's Shake Hands, 2. When I Hear My Name, 3. Jolene, 4. Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl), 5. Hello Operator, 6. Lord, Send Me An Angel, 7. HY, 8. DLatDG, 9. Wasting My Time, 10. Apple Blossom, 11. Suzy Lee, 12. Let's Build A Home - Going Back To Memphis, 13. Astro - Cannon, 14. Truth Doesn't Make A Noise, 15. Sugar Never Tasted So Good, 16. We're Going To Be Friends (first time played live), 17. You're Southern Can Is Mine, 18. Screwdriver, 19. - break (no video) -, 20. LMOC. 53 - DVD NTSC
Pomona College Campus, Claremont/Los Angeles, CA, partial outdoor show, 3-2-01, Audience cam (great sound & VQ) 15 - VHS(2);DVD NTSC
SXSW Festival, Fat Tuesday, Austin, TX, 3-16-01, Listen Showcase (outdoor show, starts in daylight, ends in darkness; says punkrockviceos.com on the bottom rt corner); SA Menu and Chapters; plus fillers: 1) Oasis - My Generation, Top of the Pops, 2) Nirvana - You Know You're Right, 3) White Stripes - Dead Leaves, We're Going To Be Friends, SNL, NYC, 10-19-02, 4) White Stripes - Ball and Biscuit, Glastonbury Fest, UK 6-29-02 (possibly Pyramid Stage, Worthy Farm). 47 - DVD NTSC
SXSW Festival, Fat Tuesday, Austin, TX, 3-16-01, Listen Showcase (outdoor show, starts in daylight, ends in darkness; says punkrockviceos.com on the bottom rt corner); Menu but No Chapters, authored by greengoblin; VHS(2)>DVD is an Upgrade to version above; Setlist: Death Letter, Little Bird, Let's Shake Hands, When I hear My Name, Jolene, Lord Send Me An Angel, Pretty Good Looking, Hello Operator, DLATDG, Astro, Jack The Ripper, Cannon, Apple Blossom, HY, Do, Boll Weevill, Screwdriver. 47 - VHS(2);VCD;DVD
Magic Stick, Detroit, MI, 3-31-01; from VHS; 2 versions: 1) 38 min, missing 1st 5 trax, from VHS(?) w/ 6-22-01 filler, 2) 52 min version from VHS(2), authored by greengoblin; Set: Let's Shake Hands, When I Hear My Name, Jolene, You're Pretty Good Looking, Lord Send Me An Angel, Death Letter, Astro, Jack the Ripper, The Big Three Killed My Baby, Boll Weevil, Wasting My Time, DLATDG, HY, Hello Operator, Broken Bricks, I'm Bored, Screwdriver, Apple Blossom, LMOC. 52 - VHS(2); VCD; DVD NTSC
Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY, 6-16-01 and 6-17-01 Compilation; AUD Cam, slightly shakey; probably from VHS; SA Menu and 5.5 min Chapters; unknown taper/author; Set: 6-16, Apple Blossom, The Big 3, Boll Weavil, FILWAG, Look Me Over Closely; Set 6-17, Stop Breaking Down, St James Infirmary, Union Forever, Jolene, Screwdriver, Little Room, FILWAG, Look Me Over Closely 36 - DVD NTSC
North Star Bar, Philadelphia, PA, 6-20-01 (6-19-01???); AUD Cam from club balcony; video is quite dark; Setlist: Let's Shake Hands, When I hear My Name, Dead Leaves, HY, You're Pretty Good Looking, Hello Operator, Finding It Harder, WAGTBF, Death Letter, Expecting, Jolene, Truth Doesn't Make A Noise, Apple Blossom, Little People, Screwdriver, Look Me Over Closely. 47 B- VHS(?); VCD; DVD NTSC
The Black Cat, Washington, DC - 6-22-01 (also called 6-21-01); 2 versions: 1) included as filler on 3-31-01, 2) aughored by greengoblin; Setlist: When I Hear My Name, Canon, Jolene, DLATDG, HY, I'm Finding It Harder, Union Forever, Expecting, We're Going To Be Friends, Pretty Good Looking, Hello Operator, Apple Blossom, Offend In Every Way, Lord Send Me An Angel, Death Letter, Slicker Drips, Wasting My Time, Screwdriver, LMOC. 57 - VHS(?);DVD NTSC
Empty Bottle, Chicago, 7-6-01; See boots page for setlist. 51 - rm
54 Pier, New York City, NY, 8-16-01 (free outdoor show); See boots page for setlist. 56 - VHS(?);VCD;DVD
Rudyard's British Pub, Houston, TX, 9-14-01; AUD Cam; for DVD: Cam Audio, No menu, Chapters every 5 min; See boots page for setlist. 55 - VHS(?);SVCD/DVD NTSC
EMOS, Austin, TX, 9-15-01 (dark but nice; says punkrockviceos.com on the bottom rt corner) 59 - VHS(?);DVD NTSC
Detroit Institute of Arts, Diego Rivera Court, Detroit, MI, 11-2-01; Aud Cam w/ Tripods; 42 min (1st set, angle 1), 46 min (2nd set, angle 1), 42 min (1st set, angle 2), 47 min (2nd set, angle 2); all discs have proper chapters except S2A1; S2A1 DVD includes London, Kentish Town Forum, 12-6-01; See boots page for setlist. 42/48 - VHS(2);DVD NTSC
Feierwerk/Orange House, Munchen/Munich, Germany, 11-27-01; handheld aud cam; VHS(PAL, 1st gen) > VHS(NTSC) > DVD NTSC; A-V problems for the 1st min, then settles down; see audio page for setlist 58 - VHS(?);DVD NTSC
London, Kentish Town Forum, 12-6-01, "My name is Jack and this is my big sister. We're the new Carpenters..."; AUD Cam, balcony w/ tripod; 2 different copies on VHS, 64 min; wmv is 62 min; DVD is 64 min w/ Lineage: VHS(2) > DVD (included on DIA 11-2-01 DVD); also a re-authored DVD w/ menu and correct chapters; and finally, a chaptered DVD w/ SBD Audio Upgrade (SBD > Pre-FM DAT); See boots page for setlist; . 62/64 A- VHS(2);wmv;DVD NTSC
The Glass House, Pomona, Los Angeles, CA, 6-1-02 (also have the wmv); See boots page for setlist. 65 - VHS(?);VCD;DVD
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, England, 6-29-02, (possibly Pyramid Stage, Worthy Farm); from PlayLouder webcast; really bad quality, file is tiny; See boots page for setlist. - "Hotel Yorba" video OFFICIALLY released on Glastonbury DVD. - 53 - wmv
Union Square Park, New York, NY, 10-01-02 - Free Ztour concert at Noon; Audience Cam, w/ a dat/dvd audio mix, dv>dvd>svcd; for DVD: Unknown Author, Menu and Chapters, 55 min. See boots page for setlist. Contains one officially released track, "Hotel Yorba", available on the "Coachella" DVD. 57 - mpeg/SVCD; DVD NTSC
Brixton Academy, London, England, 4-11-03; audience recording, ripped from DVD - - VHS(?);SVCD
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Indio, CA, Empire Polo Field, 4-27-03; AUD Cam; SA Menu/Chapters; DVD includes Iggy Pop and the Stooges set, see below.; A 2nd DVD version: Unknown Author, Menu and Chapters; Set: Black Math, When I Hear My Name, THBTB, ITISAR - Take a Whiff on Me, Jolene, HY, DLatDG, Death Letter - Motherless Children, Seven Nation Army, I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart, We're Going To Be Friends, Small Faces, In The Cold, Cold Night, You're Pretty Good Looking, Hello Operator, Ball And Biscuit, Screwdriver. - "Hotel Yorba" OFFICIALLY released video on "Coachella" compilation DVD. - 58 - DVD NTSC
KROQ Weenie Roast Webcast, Irvine, CA, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Irvine Meadows), 6-14-03 33 - mpeg/VCD
Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO, 9-19-03, Audience cam in balcony. 82 - DVD NTSC
Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 9-22-03; AUD cam; button thru yorba is missing, disc begins w/ Finding it Harder. 60 A DVD NTSC
Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 9-23-03; AUD cam on tripod, version w/o digital pixilation problems; See boots page for setlist; (for VCD: Disc 1: 41:59; Disc 2: 39:22). 82 A SVCD;DVD NTSC
Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 9-24-03; 10 min Intro consists of: 1 min of Soledad Brothers, 6 min of Hot Hot Heat, and 2 min of Betty Boop; AUD Cam, very eratic camera; for VCD: Disc 1: 46 min, Disc 2: 44 min; see boots page for setlist; there might be another source from a different angle. 90 A- VCD/DVD NTSC
UCSD RIMAC Arena, La Jolla (San Diego), CA, 9-25-03; Aud handheld cam, but possibly tripod; 2 Versions, one is Standalone Menu/Chptrs, and other is authored w/ Menu and Chapters; the standalone version has better quality video and is probably lower gen, but the authored version has louder audio; see boots page for setlist. 90 A- DVD NTSC
UCSD RIMAC Arena, La Jolla, CA, 9-25-03, 3 discs 90 - mpeg/SVCD
Livid Festival, Moore Park, Sydney, Australia, 10-11-03; Set: Black Math, DLATDG, ITISAR, Lovesick, HY, Wasting My Time, I Want To Be The Boy, Death Letter, Grinnin In Your Face, The Hardest Button to Button, We're Going to be Friends, IJDKWTDWM, Ball and Biscuit, Screwdriver, 7NA; ONLY Boll Weavil was not broadcast. 49 - mpeg
TIM Festival, Museum Of Modern Art, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 10-31-03, broadcast on Brazil TV, Pro Shot, Multi-cam. Black Math, Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, I Think I Smell A Rat, Jolene, Hotel Yorba, You're Pretty Good Looking, Cannon, Death Letter, Little Bird, In The Cold, Cold Night, I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself, Ball And Biscuit, Let's Shake Hands, We're Going To Be Friends, Fell In Love With A Girl, The Hardest Button To Button, Seven Nation Army. - - DVD NTSC
Paul E Tsongas Arena, Lowell, MA, 11-21-03; AUD Cam, right side; from VHS(M); w/ 5.5 minute chapters; see boots page for setlist; rescheduled from 7-20-03 Fleet Boston Pavilion 76 A SVCD; DVD NTSC
Paul E Tsongas Arena, Lowell, MA, 11-21-03; AUD Cam, right side (same source as dvd above); from Ebay then reauthored by Skimoney22 w/ Motion Menu and Chapters; see boots page for setlist; rescheduled from 7-20-03 Fleet Boston Pavilion 76 A DVD NTSC
Agora Theatre, Cleveland, OH, 11-30-03, Audience cam in balcony. see my audio page for setlist. 79 - DVD NTSC
Alexandria Palace, London, England, 1-20-04; AUD-shot from balcony; DVD is from VHS Master; audio only for track 5 and part of 6 due to security; see boots page for setlist; DVD Includes VIVA Fast Forward, German TV show, 11-16-04, host Charlotte Roche; includes WS interview/promos/vids, a few commercials and a few other vids like Stereo Total, KISS Symphony, more; unknown source; 37min and not included in the 73min show length on the DVD; (for SVCD: D1: 36:00; D2: 36:07). 73 A- SVCD; DVD PAL
Brixton Academy, London, England, UK, 1-30-04; AUD-shot; DVD is from VHS Master; 2nd DVD version made from the version w/ VIVA, Unknown Author, Menu and Chapters; see boots page for setlist; First track "Black Math" is missing; DVD Includes VIVA Fast Forward, German TV show, 2003 unknown air date, Jack and Meg (in a bed w/ Meg sleeping) host videos including Beck, Bob Dylan, Beth Gibbons and Rustin' Man, Death in Vegas, Johnny Cash, WS, Brendan Benson, John Lee Hooker, The Avalanches, Sigur Ros, Good Witch of the South, Electric Six; VIVA is unknown source, 53min; (for SVCD: D1: 36:02; D2: 31:51). 68 B+/A- SVCD; DVD PAL
Teatro Amazones, Manaus, Brazil, 6-1-05, MTV2 Broadcast 6-13-05 on "MTV Live"; Pro-Shot; Set: Blue Orchid, DLATDG, The Same Boy, Little Ghost, Hotel Yorba, FILWAG, The Nurse, St. James Infirmary Blues - Passive Manipulation, Screwdriver - Passive Manipulation - Screwdriver, IJDKWTDWM - Apple Blossom Time (Jack On Piano) - IJDKWTDWM, We Are Going To Be Friends (Outside venue), Seven Nation Army. - ("Screwdriver" and "Same Boy You've Always Known" officialy released on "My Doorbell" CD single.) 45 A/A+ DVD NTSC
Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta, GA, 6-10-05; Aud Cam, very shakey; Special Features: 2 Photo Album Slide Shows, Show Review, Little Room Meet Up Diary, Acknowledgemwents, DVD Info; Set: When I Hear My Name, Lord, Send Me an Angel, Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, Blue Orchid, Passive Manipulation, Red Rain, Death Letter, My Doorbell, Hotel Yorba, Same Boy You've Always Known, I Think I Smell Rat, Lovesick, Little Ghost, We're Going to be Friends, The Hardest Button to Button, Black Math, The Nurse, I Just Don't Know What to do with Myself, crowd, Ball and Biscuit, Cool Drink of Water Blues, Seven Nation Army, Screwdriver, Passive Manipulation (vocals by Jack), outro. 77 - DVD NTSC
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK, 6-24-05, BBC TV Broadcast; Set: Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, Blue Orchid, I Think I Smell A Rat - Passive Manipution - Take a Whiff on Me, Let's Shake Hands, The Nurse, Hotel Yorba, Jolene, Ball And Biscuit - My Doorbell, Cannon - Broken Bricks - Cool Drink Of Water - Ball And Biscuit, Passive Manipulation - The Same Boy You've Always Known, The Hardest Button To Button, We're Going To Be Friends, Little Ghost, Death Letter, I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself, Screwdriver - Passive Manipulation, Seven Nation Army. 71 A+ DVD PAL
KCRW FM Studios, Morning Becomes Eclectic, Santa Monica, CA, Recorded 8-15-05, Aired 9-6-05; Set: The Denial Twist, Red Rain, My Doorbell, Interview, As Ugly As I Seem (acoustic), Folk Singer, Instinct Blues, Sugar Never Tasted So Good (acoustic). - also see 2005 Pro-shot and TV Compilation DVD below. 39 - rm/mov/mpeg1/ DVD NTSC
Stara Klaonica, Zagreb, Croatia, 7-5-05; Aud Cam; Camera is a bit shaky but the picture quality is quite good as is the sound quality; Setlist: 1. black math, 2. dlatdg, 3. blue orchid, 4. jolene, 5. hotel yorba, 6. the nurse, 7. when i hear my name (incomplete), xx Cannon/Passive Manipulation/Cannon (missing), xx Jack the Ripper (missing), 8. i want to be the boy, 9. death letter, 10. little ghost, 11. the same boy.., 12. filwag, 13. denial twist, 14. ball and biscuit, 15. the hardest button to button, Encore:, 16. ijdkwtdwm, 17. red rain, 18. seven nation army, 19. outro (loving cup). 69 - DVD PAL
Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 8-18-05, 4th of 4 Nights; Aud Cam, left balcony; Menu and Chapters; Set: Missing the beginning of the show... THBTB, Let's Shake Hands, Passive Manipulation - Screwdriver, ITISAR - Hollaback Girl - ITISAR, Jolene, Recording begins here... // My Doorbell, HY, Cannon - Harrigan - Little Room - Cannon, Black Math, DLatDG - Little People - DLatDG, Ball and Biscuit, The Nurse, You've Got Her in Your Pocket, Death Letter - If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day, Little Bird, Little Ghost, Blue Orchid, Black Jack Davey, Passive Manipulation 2 - Screwdriver, Encores: I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet), Fell In Love With A Girl, Same Boy You've Always Known, Red Rain, Apple Blossom, Broken Bricks, Wasting my Time, I'm Sorry, I Just Don't Know What to do with Myself, Seven Nation Army, Boll Weavil. - NOT TRADEABLE !! Don't Ask, it's not gonna happen. 94 - DVD NTSC
Ohio Theatre, Columbus, OH, 9-10-05; INCOMPLETE and not continuous; balcony AUD digi-cam; Set (* = MISSING): Let's Shake Hands, Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, * Black Math - Passive Manipulation - Black Math, Cannon - Little Room - Cannon, 300 Pounds of Heavenly Joy, Union Forever, * Fell In Love with a Girl (CUT AFTER OPENING RIFF), * Blue Orchid, Forever for Her (Is Over for Me), Hotel Yorba, * Offend in Every Way (CUT AFTER OPENING RIFF), Denial Twist, Death Letter, The Nurse, * My Doorbell (CUT AFTER OPENING RIFF), * You're Pretty Good Looking (for a Girl), Hello Operator (PARTIAL, CUTS IN), Instinct Blues, Black Jack Davey, * Screwdriver (CUT AFTER OPENING RIFF), Encore: WGTBF, gly as I Seem, * Hardest Button to Button (CUT AFTER OPENING RIFF), Ball and Biscuit, Man, Seven Nation Army. 66 - VCD
Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH, 9-12-05; w/ Johnny Walker on 2 songs; Menus and Chapters; Special Features: Photo Slideshow Greenhornes audio only track + one easter egg; Video Sources: Floor video (main source), Panasonic mini-DV Cam + Balcony video (filler source), Sony DSC-P73; See boots page for setlist, 37 Chapters match the setlist exactly. 104 A- DVD NTSC
Annexet (Annex), Stockholm, Sweden, 10-27-05; INCOMPLETE SHOW; Aud Cam, balcony, center stage, very shakey; 14 files, Lineage Unknown, downloaded from a fansite; Setlist: 1. Passive Manipulation, 2. Blue Orchid, 3. ITISAR, 4. My Doorbell, 5. Jolene, 6. HY, 7. I Want To Be The Boy, 8. The Denial Twist (electric version), 9. In The Cold, Cold Night, 10. As Ugly As I Seem, 11. IJDKWTDWM, 12. Hardest Button To Button, 13. The Nurse, 14. Little Ghost. 43 - avi
Hammersmith Apollo, London, England, UK, 11-5-05; Jack's new alter ego "Three Quid" made its debut; Unknown AUD Cam; front row of right balcony; Menus and Chapters; Various small crackles and pops throughout audio; See boots page for setlist, Ball and Biscuit cuts. 89 A- DVD PAL
KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2005, Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA, 12-11-05, 2nd Night, Live Broadcast (w/ scrolling chat text at bottom); Set: Black Math, Blue Orchid > Party of Special Things to Do, Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, My Doorbell, Death Letter, Same Boy You’ve Always Known, Hotel Yorba, Ball and Biscuit > Man (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover), The Nurse, Jolene, Red Rain, We’re Going To Be Friends, Astro > Jack The Ripper, The Denial Twist, Little Ghost, Seven Nation Army. 59 - asx
Big Day Out, Sydney, Australia, 1-26-06, Broadcast 3-16-06; Includes Bonus Interview; Pro-shot; Stereo Audio; from Digital TV; Setlist: 1. DLATDG, 2. Black Math, 3. ITISAR - Shine On Harvest Moon (written by Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth), 4. Blue Orchid - Party Of Special Things To Do (Captain Beefheart cover), 5. My Doorbell, 6. Black Jack Davey (Bob Dylan cover), 7. Lord, I Just Can't Keep From Crying (Blind Willie Johnson cover), 8. Death Letter (Son House cover), 9. FILWAG, 10. Cannon, 11. Passive Manipulation, 12. IJDKWTDWM (Burt Bachrach/Hal David cover), 13. Same Boy You've Always Known, 14. In The Cold, Cold Night, 15. Ball and Biscuit, 16. Seven Nation Army, 17. The Nurse, 18. Hardest Button to Button, + BONUS: Interview Recorded 1-29-06, Big Day Out, Melbourne, Australia. 55 A+ DVD PAL
Rock Am Ring, Nürburgring, Eifel, Germany, 6-1-07, Rockpalast WDR Cable TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Complete Broadcast but Incomplete Set; Chapters: 1. My Doorbell, 2. Effect And Cause, 3. HY, 4. Jolene, 5. Cannon, 6. Ball And Biscuit (Reprise) (? actually 'The Lemon Song' or 'Killing Floor' ?), 7. 300 mph Torrential Outpour Blues, 8. Wasting My Time, 9. We're Going To Be Friends, 10. ITISAR, 11. Little Cream Soda, 12. Blue Orchid, 13. IJDKWTDWM, 14. Apple Blossom, 15. I'm Slowly Turning Into You, 16. Seven Nation Army, + BONUS: 17. THE KOOKS - You Don't Love Me. 58 A+ DVD PAL
Concert Privé, Studios Canal+, Paris, France, 6-10-07 (Private Gig), French TV 1st Broadcast 7-7-07 + BONUS: Later w/ Jools Holland, BBC TV Studios, London, UK, TV 1st Broadcast 6-1-07; DVD titled "LIVE SUMMER 2007"; All Pro-shot DVB's; Menu and Chapters; Chapters: Canal+, 76 min: 1. when I hear my name, 2. icky thump, 3. effect and cause, 4. the same boys you've always known, 5. cannon, 6. I'm slowly turning into you, 7. ball and biscuit, 8. a martyr for my love for you, 9. filwag, 10. let's shake hands, 11. death letter, 12. do, 13. hy, 14. ijdkwtdwm, 15. we're going to be friends, 16. seven nation army - some lyrics from Handsprings - No Wow (The Kills) - Seven Nation Army, 17. interview; Later w/ Jools, 12 min, sourced from davechapman's capture, see below: 1. icky thump, 2. effect and cause, 3. my doorbell (OFFICIALLY RELEASED on 'The Very Best Of' CD).
2nd DVD version is from a DVD won on French music website competition, Not a TV Broadcast; 76 min; No Menu, 5 min Chapters.
Bonnaroo Music Festival, Which Stage, Manchester, TN, 6-17-07; AT&T Blueroom Webcast Stream Capture > asf; Pro-shot, multi-cam; Digital Rights Management have been removed from the video stream; see boots page for setlist. 81 - asf
Icky Thump Records (Formerly Tower Records), West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, 6-20-07, AT&T Live Webcast; Pro-shot, multi-cam; See boots page for setlist. 65 - wmv
TCU Place, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, 7-1-07, Late Show; Menu and Chapters, Nicely Done; Audio Info: SP-CMC-2 (AT831) > SPSB-1 - Bass rolloff at 107Hz > JB3; Video Info: Loc=Grand Circle, Row A, Canon Optura 10 MiniDV (SP Mode); Setlist: 1. Blue Orchid - Party Of Special Things To Do, 2. DLATDG, 3. Icky Thump - Highway 61 Revisited, 4. Jolene, 5. Catch Hell Blues, 6. Effect and Cause, 7. HY, 8. Lord, Send Me An Angel, 9. Black Math - Satisfaction, 10. You Don't Know What Love Is, 11. ITISAR, 12. The Union Forever, 13. Cannon, 14. I'm Slowly Turning Into You - Dust My Broom - Phonograph Blues - ISTIY, 15. WGTBF, 16. A Martyr For My Love For You, 17. My Doorbell (tape switch at beginning, edited/filled w/ images, super-cool slide show), 18. Screwdriver, 19. Apple Blossom, 20. 300 Pounds of Heavenly Joy (Jack sang most of the song away from the microphones), 21. Ball and Biscuit ("Jack's Airline would not stay in tune. Unable to fix the tuning Jack put the guitar down and picked up the Kay and went into "DL"."), 22. Death Letter, 23. Encore Break, 24. Let's Shake Hands - Keep On Trash, 25. In The Cold, Cold Night, 26. IJDKWTDWM, 27. 7NA, 28. Boll Weevil. 97 A DVD NTSC
Ottawa Bluesfest, MBNA Stage, LeBreton Flats, Ottawa, ON, 7-8-07; Audio DVD Slideshow w/ Pics and some Video; Chapters but NO Menu; from JVC Mini Dv; taped/authored by dolbored; Chapters: 1. Intro, 2. Stop Breaking Down, 3. When I Hear My Name, 4. Cannon, 5. Death Letter, 6. 300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues, 7. Lord, Send Me an Angel, 8. Wasting My Time, 9. Instinct Blues, 10. I Fought Piranhas - Let's Build A Home - Gimme Back My Wig, 11. Catch Hell Blues, 12. Astro - I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline), 13. Ball And Biscuit - Encore Break, 14. Icky Thump, 15. In The Cold, Cold Night, 16. HY, 17. DLatDG, 18. Black Math, 19. I'm Slowly Turning Into You, 20. Seven Nation Army, 21. Boll Weevil. 85 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
- Live TV - Time Qual Media Type
Late Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn, 7-17-01 - Screwdriver - - VHS; VCD
Later w/ Jools, BBC TV, 11-10-01 - HY, FILWAG, Let's Shake Hands - - VHS(?); VCD
The Cut w/ Jo Whiley, BBC TV Channel 4, 11-14-01 - I Tthink I Smell A Rat, Death Letter (2 different copies on VHS) - - VHS; wmv
Top of the Pops - London, England, 11-23-01 - FILWAG 3 - VCD
Top of the Pops - London, England, 11-23-01 - Hotel Yorba 2+ - VHS;VCD;SVCD
Latenight w/ David Letterman, 3-18-02 - FILWAG, Little Room - - VHS; mpeg
CD UK TV, 3-23-02 - Fell In Love With a Girl - - VCD; SVCD
MTV Movie Awards, 6-6-02, Los Angeles, CA, Shrine Auditorium, FILWAG Meledy - - mpeg
Top of the Pops, 9-13-02 - Dead Leaves - "This is a stick-up. Let's not make it a murder." 3 - mpeg; rm
SNL 10-19-02 - Dead Leaves, We're Going To Be Friends; also included on SXSW 3-16-01 DVD, see above. - - avi; VCD; DVD NTSC
Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien - 4 Nights 4-22-03 thru 4-25-03; 12 files; Includes 1. 4-22-03 - Intro; 2. 4-22-03 - Seven Nation Army; 3. 4-22-03 - Outro; 4. 4-23-03 - Intro & Baha Men; 5. 4-23-03 - Jolene; 6. 4-23-03 - Outro; 7. 4-24-03 - Intro & Hipsters; 8. 4-24-03 - The Hardest Button To Button; 9. 4-24-03 - Outro; 10. 4-25-03 - Intro & NBC Skit; 11. 4-25-03 - Let's Build A Home - Goin' Back To Memphis - John the Revelator; 12. 4-25-03 - Outro. (VHS version is only 20 min) 42 - VHS; VCD
Harald Schmidt Show - Studio 449, Koln/cologne, Germany TV, 5-16-03, Seven Nation Army - - mpeg
The Rove, Live Australian TV, Channel Ten, 10-14-03, "The Hardest Button To Button" 4 - wmv
MTV Europe Awards 2003, Seven Nation Army, Edinburgh's Western Harbour Ocean Terminal Arena, 11-6-03 4+ - VCD; SVCD
Live @ Much Music Studio (Chum City Building), Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 11-13-03 (w/ George Stroumboulopoulos, LIVE TV interview and performance), see my audio page for setlist. 46 - VCD;DVD NTSC
Grammy Awards, Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, 2-8-04, performing "Seven Nation Army" and "Death Letter"; Source: Cable > ATI TV Wonder VE + C-Media Sound Card @ 480x480 huffyuv 44.1 kHz > TMPGEnc DVD NTSC; (I also have the VCD, SVCD and the 2nd DVD sources). 5 A+ mpeg/DVD
Loretta Lynn & The Do Whaters (featuring Jack White) - 5-3-04, The Late Show w/ David Letterman, performing "Portland, Oregon" from "Van Lear Rose"; Source: TV > ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV (composite); I have 2 different captures. 4 A+ mpeg/DVD
Loretta Lynn & The Do Whaters (featuring Jack White) - 5-5-04, NBC's Today Show, performing "Family Tree"; Source: TV > ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV (composite). 5 A+ mpeg/DVD
Live @ VH1.com, VH1 Studios, NYC, NY, Recorded 11-30-2005; Lineage: cable tv (but possibly www) > avi (captured w/ fraps); Also Included on Compilation DVD called "The Diana Caps" and 2005 Pro-shot and TV Compilation DVD (See below); Setlist: 1. The Denial Twist (has low volume), 2. My Doorbell, 3. As Ugly As I Seem, 4. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, 5. Ball and Biscuit - Man (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover). 21 - DVD NTSC
The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart, Los Angeles, CA, 12-1-05, the show is taped in NYC (corner of 11th Ave and 52nd St); Setlist: Interview, The Denial Twist, My Doorbell (cut); Source: Satellite signal > S-Video (video) & RCA to 1/8” stereo mini plug (audio) > Canon ZR50 Digital Camcorder > mini DV tape > firewire > Pinnacle Studio 8 (transfer at DV quality) > MPEG-2 8000 Kbits (video)/ 48 kHz 224 Kbits (audio); Also see 2005 TV Appearances Compilation DVD below. 7 A+ mpeg/DVD
Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, NBC Studio 6A, NYC, NY, 12-2-05; from VHS(1); Also see 2005 Pro-shot and TV Compilation DVD below. - A DVD NTSC
Various Artists - Later w/ Jools Holland, BBC TV Studios, London, UK, TV 1st Broadcast 6-1-07, Series 29, Show 5; Pro-shot DVB; Menu and Chapters; Chapters: 1. Opening Credits, 2. Kaiser Chiefs - "Ruby", 3. The White Stripes - "Icky Thump", 4. Pink Martini - "Hey Eugene", 5. Silversun Pickups - "Lazy Eye", 6. Interview with Jack White, 7. James Hunter - "People Gonna Talk", 8. Kaiser Chiefs - "I Can Do It Without You", 9. Pink Martini - "Taya Tan", 10. The White Stripes - "Effect And Cause", 11. Anjani - "Innermost Door", 12. Silversun Pickups - "Well Thought Out Twinkles", 13. Interview with Ricky Wilson and Nick Hodgson, 14. James Hunter - "Baby Don't Do It", 15. Kaiser Chiefs - "Everything Is Average Nowadays", 16. Pink Martini - "Dosvedanya Mio Bombino", 17. The White Stripes - "My Doorbell" (OFFICIALLY RELEASED on 'The Very Best Of' CD); Also included on Canal+, Paris, France, 6-10-07 DVD, see above. 66 A+ DVD PAL
Late Night with Conan O'Brien, 6-18-07; TV Broadcast; 2 Sources: MPEG2 From HDTV Source + Cable 1080i HD Transport Stream; Set: 1. Icky Thump, 2. Effect and Cause. 8 A+ .ts + mpeg-2/DVD NTSC
- - - -
- Live Clips - Time Qual Media Type
Detroit Rock Movie - 1999; Filmed 4-17-99, Magic Stick, Detroit, MI; Jack clips include: Stop Breaking Down, Interview, Trick Bag, Sugar Never Tasted So Good, St Ides Of March (w/ Johnny Walker); The VCD also, a 15 min mpeg collection of various clips including Brendan Benson, The Go, 2 Star Tabernacle and the Stripes. 95 - VCD
Backstage 4-28-00, Live on Detroit Public TV; "Apple Blossom" - - rm
Austin, TX, 2000; "Astro" - - mov
"Sleater-Kinney Ate My Homework", 2000 - WS Highlights from bandphotography.com rock-u-mentary Chicago-Cincinnati-Toronto-Montreal: Mikey's adventures on the road to see Sleater-Kinney. 1.5 - VCD
Party In The Park, Madison,WI, 4-28-01, clips (from mpg; see Fan Collection Volume I below) - - DVD NTSC
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, England, 6-29-02, BBC Choice Highlights (possibly Pyramid Stage, Worthy Farm); Includes: Lovesick, Astro/Jack The Ripper, We're Going To Be Friends, Jimmy The Exploder, Rated X. Ripped from DVD, the video quality wasn't amazing to start off w/ but it's not that bad. There was tape noise which was filtered. Also have on VHS(?), New To Q, 6-29-02, 4 tracks. 15 - VCD; SVCD
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, England, 6-29-02; TV Broadcasts, All Pro-shot; 1) Ball and Biscuit (mpeg), 2) Hotel Yorba (mpeg, BBC Choice Highlights Broadcast), 3) Jolene (avi, BBC Choice Highlights Broadcast), 4) Little Room - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (avi, from same broadcast as Ball and Biscuit). 13 A mpeg + avi
Fuji Rock Festival, Nigata, Japan, 7-27-02; short interview and "Hotel Yorba" 3 - VCD; SVCD
The Strokes - Radio City Music Hall, NYC, NY, 8-15-02, "NYC Cops" w/ Jack White; Unknown Aud Cam; See The Strokes DVD below for the enite show. 5+ - VCD/DVD NTSC
The Strokes - 8-23-02, Reading Festival, Reading, England, UK, "NYC Cops" w/ Jack White; Unknown Aud Cam; See The Strokes DVD below for the enite show. 5 - DVD PAL
Reading Festival, Caversham, Reading, UK, Richfield Avenue, 8-23-02, "I Think I Smell A Rat" and "Hotel Yorba" - - mpeg
Jeff Beck and The White Stripes - Royal Festival Hall, London, UK, 9-13-02; Playing The Yardbirds; Set: Still I'm Sad, Train Kept A Rollin', I Ain't Done Wrong, Heart Full Of Soul, Mister You're A Better Man Than I, Lost Woman, Evil Hearted You, I Ain't Got You. (see below for the complete show on 2 DVD's) 21 - vob DVD NTSC
Union Square Park, New York, NY, 10-01-02, "You're Pretty Good Looking" and "Death Letter" - - mov
New To Q + Shepards Bush Empire, London, 5-2-02, Clips; The New to Q Intro + "Dead Leaves" and "Hotel Yorba" from SBE 2002 6 - VHS(?);SVCD
VIVA TV Special, 2002, Germany; w/ interview, live clips including ITISAR, Good To Me, Lovesick and Pretty Good Looking from FZW, Dortmund, Germany, 3-9-02, and the HY and FILWAG videos; source assumed to be VHS(?)>DVD>SVCD 24 - VHS(?);SVCD
Musikbryan Swedish TV Special, May 2003; Interview and live footage from Swedish TV. Source was from a dvd although the original might come from VHS. Audio has constant clicking and popping thoughout. 13 - VCD; SVCD
Voodoo Music Experience, New Orleans, LA, New Orleans City Park, 11-2-03, "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground" 3 - mpeg; swf
Jack White - Royce Hall Auditorium, UCLA campus, Los Angeles, CA, 12-8-03, A&E Cold Mountain Music Special, "Wayfaring Stranger" w/ fiddle, banjo, ukalale and Jack on acoustic. 4.5 - DVD
WS and The Flaming Lips - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL, 12-31-03,New Years Eve Show; Pro-Shot; Unknown Lineage; From CNN tapes through an employee; audio is a little distorted w/ an occasional glitch; Setlist: FL: 1. Do You Realize?, WS + FL: 2. We're Going to Be Friends, 3. Countdown, 4. Seven Nation Army, WS: 5. Love Sick, 6. backstage w/ Wayne Coyne. 18 A DVD
Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands, 8-22-04, Alpha Tent (Main Stage); Broadcasted 8-29-03 on Nederland 3; Source: Analog Cable Broadcast > Philips DVD-R70; Setlist: 1. THBTB, 2. DLATDG, 3. Let's Shake Hands - Party Of Special Things To Do. 10 A mpeg/DVD
San Diego Street Scene, Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA, 7-29-05 - "Hotel Yorba" (Canon Powershot A80) 2 - AVI
Maida Vale Studios, London, UK, 11-x-05, "From The Basement" w/ Nigel Goodrich, Broadcast 12-18-06?; Set: Blue Orchid > Party of Special Things To Do, Pretty Peggy-O (Trad, tease) > Ugly As I Seem, Red Rain. "No presenters, no audience, just the bands and their music." - Included on 2005 Pro-shot and TV Compilation DVD below. -- OFFICIAL (www.fromthebasement.tv) 13.5 A+ DVD NTSC
Maida Vale Studios, London, UK, 11-x-05, "From The Basement" w/ Nigel Goodrich, Re-Broadcast 12-8-07 on Sky Arts Channel; Menu and Chapters; w/ 2 new songs not included in the 2006 broadcast; Set: Blue Orchid > Party of Special Things To Do, St James Infirmary (tease) > Forever for Her, Pretty Peggy-O (Trad, tease) > Ugly As I Seem, Little Ghost, Red Rain. "No presenters, no audience, just the bands and their music." - This is not the broadcast included on the 2005 Pro-shot and TV Compilation DVD below. -- OFFICIAL (www.fromthebasement.tv) 20.5 A+ DVD PAL
Fuji Factory, Tokyo, Japan, 3-4-06, Japanese TV Broadcast, Complete Broadcast, Incomplete Set; Pro-shot Multi-Cam; Menu and Chapters; from ebay bootleg; authored by barrowc; Chapters: 1. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, 2. Passive Manipulation, 3. Black Math, 4. Little Bird, 5. Lord, I Just Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (Blind Willie Johnson), 6. Death Letter (Son House), 7. Canon, 8. Screwdriver, 9. Seven Nation Army, 10. Interview. 29 A/A+ DVD NTSC
Zepp Tokyo, Aomi, Tokyo, Japan, 2nd Night, 3-6-06, "Music On! TV" Japanese TV Broadcast, "On The Planet: Special Issue Volume 6", Complete Broadcast, Incomplete Set; Pro-shot Multi-Cam; Menu and Chapters; Chapters: 1. Interview - w/ video clips of the following songs mixed in: Seven Nation Army, Blue Orchid, My Doorbell, The Denial Twist, 2. Interview, short, 3. Blue Orchid, 4. Dead Leaves, 5. ITISAR (tease) - Shine On Harvest Moon, 6. When I hear My Name, 7. My Doorbell, 8. Interview, short, 9. Jolene, 10. Death Letter, 11. Cannon (tease), 12. Passive Manipulation, 13. I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart, 14. HY, 15. Interview, 16. Interview - w/ video clip of The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes. 38 A/A+ DVD NTSC
Rock Am Ring, Nürburgring, Eifel, Germany, 6-1-07, "MTV Live" TV Broadcast; Includes: Some Interviews, Black Math, Effect And Cause (2 different captures), 7 Nation Army; Also have a DVD w/ the complete Rockpalast WDR Cable TV Broadcast, see above. 13 - avi + mpeg
Oeiras Alive, Lisbon, Portugal, 6-9-07, SIC TV Portugal Broadcast; Pro-shot; one avi file; Set: 1. Dead Leaves, 2. Black Math, 3. Icky Thump, 4. Cannon. 13 - avi
Zenith, Paris, France, 6-11-07; Catch Hell Blues; Aud Cam. 3 - flv
BBC Maida Vale Studios, Maida Vale, London, England, UK, 6-13-07, Zane Lowe BBC Radio 1 (Red Button Show); Broadcast on 2007-06-21, Incomplete Set, Complete Broadcast; Menu and Chapters; Pro-shot; BBCi > DVB-S; Chapters: 1. Intro, 2. I'm Slowly Turning Into You, 3. Effect and Cause, 4. Interview, 5. The Same Boy You've Always Known, 6. Interview, 7. Blue Orchid, 8. Interview, 9. We're Going To Be Friends, 10. IJDKWTDWM. 23 A+ DVD PAL
O2 Wireless Festival, Hyde Park, London, England, 6-14-07, Day 1; Channel4 DVB Broadcast; 4 mpgs; Set: Icky Thump, I'm Slowly Turning Into You, Blue Orchid - The Denial Twist, Interview. 16 A+ mpeg-2/DVD
Various Artists - O2 Wireless Festival, Hyde Park, London, England, 6-14-07, Day 1; Channel4 DVB-T Broadcast; Menu and Chapters by joefish; footage includes interviews and festival scenes; Chapters: The Thrills: 1. Interview, 2. Nothing Changes Around Here; 3. Clips: Kissaway Trail, The Only Ones, The Sounds; 4. Perry Farrel Interview; 5. Satellite Party - Aint No; QOTSA: 6. Interview, 7. Burn The Witch, 8. Sick Sick Sick, 9. 3's and 7's; White Stripes: 10. Interview, 11. Icky Thump, 12. I'm Slowly Turning Into You, 13. Blue Orchid, 14. The Denial Twist; 15. end. - A+ DVD PAL
Eastview Bowl Bowling Alley, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, 7-1-07 (Early, secret show); Aud Cam; 1 track: Let's Build A Home (Includes Jack bowling). 2.5 - flv
Arva Flour Mill, Arva, Ontario, Canada, 7-7-07 (Early, secret show); Aud Cam; 2 tracks: You're Pretty Good Looking, Hello Operator. 4+ - flv
John Labatt Center, London, Ontario, Canada, 7-7-07; Aud Cams; Cam 1, 12.5 min: Hotel Yorba, Astro, Jack The Ripper, Death Letter, Blue Orchid; Cam 2, 33.5 min: Icky Thump, I'm Slowly Turning Into You, Death Letter, Martyr for my Love For You, Blue Orchid, IJDKWTDWM, You Don't Know What Love Is, Catch Hell Blues. 46 - flv
Annandale Light, Confederation Landing, Charlottetown Harbour, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, 7-11-07 (Early, secret show); Aud Cam; audio on this is better than the flacs; Full Set: Catfish Blues (cover), Black Math, Hotel Yorba, Screwdriver. 12 - flv
Charlottetown Civic Centre, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, 7-11-07; Aud Cam, floor; 4 tracks: Dead Leaves, FILWAG, Ball and Biscuit, Seven Nation Army. 15 - flv
The Cunard Center, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 7-13-07, "Home At Last"; YouTube clips of: I’m A Martyr for My Love for You, Blue Orchid, Jack waving NS flag. - - flv
Savoy Theatre, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, 7-14-07, "10th Anniversary Concert"; YouTube clips of: Jolene, Astro - Screwdriver (tease) - Rag and Bone (tease) - Screwdriver, Prickly Thorn But Sweetly Worn, Boll Weavil, Waving of Cape Breton/NS flags. - - flv
'One Note Show', George Street Stage, Downtown, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, 7-16-07; "We have just performed in every province and territory in Canada."; Later that night was the last show of their Canadian Tour. 2 - flv
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, 7-24-07; YouTube clips of: I’m Slowly Turning Into You, You Don’t Know What Love Is, Fell In Love With A Girl, IJDKWTDWM, Little Ghost, We’re Going to Be Friends, Catch Hell Blues, My Doorbell, Seven Nation Army. - - flv
Patriot Center, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, 7-28-07; Aud Cam; Icky Thump clip. 3 - avi
- - - -
- Misc Interviews and Footage - Time Qual Media Type
VPRO Detroit Documentary, Lola Da Musica, A doc about Detroit artists, Filmed late 2001, broadcast early 2002, VHS>Pinnacle TV Stereo Card>SVCD 40 - mpeg; SVCD
Big Day Out, Adelaide, Austrailia, 2-1-02; Interview 3.5 - mpeg; rm
New To Q; Inerview - - rm
Nobody Knows How To Talk To Children - Documentary Trailer; In April 2002, a film crew chased TWS around NYC and the Bowery Ballroom for 4 days...; Includes footage from 4 Bowery Ballroom shows between 4-5-02 and 4-8-02; Released 2003; "TWS are trying to distance themselves from an unofficial movie which was recently shown at the Seattle Film Festival." 1+ - mpeg
Much Mucic Rock n Roll Interview, Toronto, June 2002 (they have black the eye make-up). 1.5 - wmv
Rolling Stones Licks Tour 2002, Interview while Supporting the Stones at 2 shows (I think). 2.5 - asf
Arthur Dottweiler Interview; from Dead Leaves DVD - - mpeg
VH1 Most Eligible Bachelor, Nov 2002 2 - mpeg
MTV VMA 2002, Backstage, Red Carpet 1.5 - rm
MTV VMA 2002, Jack kisses Triumph the Insult Dog - - rm
MTV VMA 2002, In the Background, behind Moby & Triumph - - rm
MTV's Talking Baby 2003 0.5 - rm
MTV VMA 2003 commercial, featuring Chris Rock dressed in red/white. <1 - VCD; SVCD
Kids Singing "Apple Blossom", Detroit Elementary School - - mpeg/SVCD
Evolution of Jack White's Hair - by Erin 2002 - - wmv
Evolution of the Music Videos - by Erin 2002 - - wmv
Evolution of the White Stripes - by Erin 2003 - - wmv
The Fly Interview, Australia 4+ - mpeg/VCD
Gonzo Interview, England, April 2003, aired on MTV2 18 - mpeg
MTV's (Nordic) Lars Beckung Interviews the WS, Stockholm, Sweden, 5-5-03; topics includes: mixing music/politics, naming Elephant, Detroit community, creativity... 6 - rm
Jack White's Finger Surgery, July 2003 1 - mpeg
Much Music Spot Light, August 2003; includes interview from Canada, June 2002 w/ black eye make-up 5 - mpeg/SVCD
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club performing "The Hardest Button To Button", Reading Festival Aug 2003; from youtube, OFFICIAL? 5 - flv
Extra (USA gossip show); short piece on Jack and Renne Zellweger, Early August 2003 2 - VCD; SVCD
VH1 All Access, Hot Babes Average Joes, Renne Zellweger and Jack 1.5 - mpeg/VCD
Daily Show "Showbiz News", 8-13-03; a small clip making fun of "E! news daily" making fun of the Stripes 1+ - VCD; SVCD
CNN Music Room, short interview, live footage, where Elephant was recorded 8 - mpeg/VCD
J Wave 81.3 FM, VIVA!, Tokyo, Japan, 10-27-03, Interview w/ Jack and Meg 3 - rm
VIVA Fast Forward, German TV show, 2003 unknown air date, Jack and Meg (in a bed w/ Meg sleeping) host videos including Beck, Bob Dylan, Beth Bibbons and Rustin' Man, Death in Vegas, Johnny Cash, WS, Brendan Benson, John Lee Hooker, The Avalanches, Sigur Ros, Good Witch of the South, Electric Six; unknown source. 53 A DVD PAL
VIVA Fast Forward, German TV show, 11-16-04, host Charlotte Roche; includes WS interview, promos and WS vids, a few commercials and a few other vids like Stereo Total, KISS Symphony, more; unknown source. 37 A DVD PAL
SNL Skit, Crime Fighters skit w/ the Elephant Garb. 2+ - mpeg DVD
Fan Video, Image Montage, A collection of images put to the song 'Lets Build A Home'; by BAMF. - - mpeg/VCD
Fan Videos, Cartoon Animations put to WS songs; 2 w/ FILWAG, 1 w/ I Can't Wait; created by 3 different people - - wmv/mpeg/avi
Puskas Peter - The Denial Twist, Hungarian Idol 2006; this one makes me giggle. - - avi
28 Days Later deleted scene - the group sings along to Hotel Yorba 1.5 - mov
Punk Kittens - Fell In Love With A Girl, pretty funny - - swf
Get Creative, Creative Commons Commercial comparing WS to their company, very cool - - swf
Wildbunch (Electric 6) - Danger, High Voltage (w/ Jack White on vocals) - - mov
Coffee and Cigarettes, Trailer 2+ - mov
Coffee and Cigarettes, Jack + Meg's scene in the film, OFFICIAL 7 - flv
Jack White - Cold Mountain clips 14 - mpeg
Jack White CMT Interview (Country Music TV), Winter 2003 4 - mpeg/VCD
Brit Awards 2004 - Acceptance Speech, Best International Group Award, Earls Court, London, 2-17-04 2 - mpeg
Brit Awards 2004 - Jack and Meg Skit, Earls Court, London, 2-17-04 1 - rm
Much Music, Ego and Icons, 2-12-04, Jack talks Rock and Roll 6+ - mpeg/VCD
CNN Headline News, 2-23-04, Interview w/ Jack White; (ATI9700 S-Video in capture; DVD edit Pinnacle Studio8). 3 - mpeg DVD
CBS 60 Minutes Interview w/ Loretta Lynn and Jack White, Mike Wallace, Aired 2-9-05; Lineage: ATI 9800 > mp2 > some crappy encoder > mpeg. 10 - mpeg
Charlie Rose show, New York, NY, Recorded 9-25-05, Broadcast 10-17-05; PBS TV Broadcast; Source: Analog Cable; Also see 2005 TV Appearances Compilation DVD (for HQ capture) and 2005 Pro-shot and TV Compilation DVD below; Includes: Interview, Video Montage and Live Performance of "As I Ugly As I Seem" 36 - wmv/DVD NTSC
100% White Stripes, Fuse TV, 11-21-05 (original broadcast date); Interviews and video clips; See 2005 TV Appearances Compilation DVD below for HQ capture. 19 - wmv
mtvU Über: House Band, WS featured as the "House Band" for a week, 12-x-05; a series of short Interviews; 4 wmv files 4.5 - wmv
Detroit Cobras - Cha Cha Twist, VID with Meg White. - - rm
The Buzzards - "You Got Me Down", official video; includes a scene w/ Jack and Meg; a Detroit band; "Shot on 16mm and edited it for a school project in 2001. The Buzzards featured Maribel Restrepo of the Detroit Cobras and Joe Burdick of the Dirtys, as well as the lovely Paterra twins."; other in vid inlcude Ko Melina, Ben Blackwell. - - flv
The Simpsons - Season 18, Episode 02, Aired 9-17-06. 3 - avi
"Love Is The Truth", Australian Coca-Cola Commercial, 4-x-06, From "The Right Thing To Do"; the avi is nice, 202 MB; Also included as an easter egg on Raconteurs, 10-28-06, Vegoose DVD - - flv; avi; DVD
Sims + Sims2 + Sim-TV clips from youtube (3 + 1 + 1), these are kinda cool: 1) Seven Nation Army, 2) In The Cold, Cold Night, 3) Fell in Love with a Girl, 4) We're Going to Be Friends (Sims2), 5) The Hardest Button to Button (Sim-TV). - - flv
Speed Painting of Jack and Meg, by Max Neutra, 2007, w/ "FILWAG" Pickin On TWS Bluegrass Trubite soundtrack. 2 - flv
The Chasers, Hotel Yorba Parody, AUS, goofy youtube clip. 1 - flv
Bonnarufus: Rufus holds court backstage, Bonnaroo 2007; with Wite Stripes. 5 - flv
Fratellis performing Hotel Yorba, BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge; Pro-shot 3 - wmv
Alice Russell - "Seven Nation Army", Paris, OFFICIAL 5 - flv
Audioslave performing "Seven Nation Army", Aud Cam 5 - flv
Living Colour performing "Seven Nation Army", NED, Montreux, 2004; Pro-shot, Multi-Cam 7 - flv
Here comes the fuzz, ft Jack White, Ronson 4 - flv
The Goodies, "Ecky Thump", Episode 507, "Kung Fu Kapers" 28 - flv
Nylon Mag, Videocerto, 5-x-07 1.5 - avi
CNN, "Icky Thump Blues", 6-x-07 2 - wmv
"Destination White Stripes", 6-x-07; RedWendy's Road trip! Drive from Seattle to Whitehorse to see TWS play a show at the Yukon Arts Centre; 2 part photo documentary made by Faith Gundran, Soundtrack by Patrick Gundran. 19 - flv
CBC News, "White Stripes in Canada", 7-9-07 2 - flv
CBC News, Halifax Secret Show, 7-13-07 5 - flv
Halifax Citadel Canon, Nova Scotia, Canada, 7-13-07; YouTube clips of: 1. Jack/Meg march around, 2. Meg waits to give orders to fire, 3. waiting outside, Jack/Meg Fire noon gun. - - flv
ABC News, Interview, 7-24-07 4 - flv
Icky Thump, Commercial, En Espanol! .5 - flv
Conquest, official video, Ad 1 - flv
2007 Fan Videos:
  A Martyr For My Love For You
  Icky Thump Album Sampler, slideshow
  Icky Thump, fan cover version
  Jack Nasty, one for the girls
  Jack White Reel, Icky Thump
  Meg White Reel, In the Cold, Cold Night
  JW's guitar skills, solo mix, slideshow
  Shelter of Your Arms, Denial Twist B-side
  Tennessee Border, Live, iTunes bonus
  "You're My Best Friend" by Queen, 10th Anniv. Tribute
- - all flv
Mile One Centre, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, 7-16-07, Last show of the Canadian Tour - Fan Vid/Picture Slideshow w/ 'I’m Slowly Turning Into You' audio. 3 - flv
- - - -
- Other Compilations - Time Qual Media Type
Pre-Tour Shoot @ Jack White's House, 12-2001; shows them preparing for an upcoming Australian tour.........."Starring Jack White, Meg White and Arthur Dottweiler (White Stripes' personal handler, AKA Dan Miller). Highlights include a how-to on shaving, Galaga, and Pokemon mac'n'cheese. This was edited for European release somewhere - and I'm not sure if it ever got out. Arthur was a character created before this video. I heard he previously appeared on stage/tv/press-conference (not sure which) w/ the stripes. This video reinforces the character's wackiness from that appearance, and that the stripes are related. This video is fiction, and not a documentary. So this could be jack's first movie? This review was written by Brian "........Hilarious!! 22 - mpeg; VCD
Jumble Jumble - Includes: 1) Pre-Tour Shoot @ Jack White's House, 12-2001 (see above), 2) Latenight w/ David Letterman 3-18-02 - FILWAG, Little Room, 3) MTV Movie Awards, 6-6-02, Los Angeles, CA, Shrine Auditorium, FILWAG Meledy, 4) Hotel Yorba Video, 5) Fill In Love With A Girl Video, 6) We're Going to be Friends Video, 7) New To Q - Interview. 41 - VCD
Fan Collection Volume I, 1998-2001; Includes: 1) Detroit Rock Movie, 1999, clips (VHS>VCD); 2) Hello Operator, 11-27-99, live clip 2 angles (svcd); 3) Apple Blossom, 2000, Backstage 428 DPTV (rm); 4) Sleater Kinney At My Homework, 2000, excerpts (mov); 5) Let's Shake Hands, 2001, SXSW (Maxim mpg); 6) Kids Singing Apple Blossom, 2001 (RM); 7) Party In The Park, Madison,WI, 4-28-01, clips (mpg); 8) Screwdriver, Your Southern Can Is Mine, 7-17-01, CBS Studios, LA, CA, Craig Kilborn (VHS>VCD); 9) HY, BBC Studios, London, Jools Holland, 11-6-01 (DVD); 10) HY, BBC Studios, London, Jools Holland, 11-6-01 (TV>mpg)(Longer intro); 11) FILWAG, Let's Shake Hands, BBC Studios, London, Jools Holland, 11-6-01 (TV>mpg); 12) ITISAR, Concorde 2, Brighton, The Cut w/ Jo, 11-11-01 (mpg); 13) Death Letter, Concorde 2, Brighton, The Cut w/ Jo (wmv); 14) HY Promo Video, w/ Meg White intro, Japan TV, 11-2001 (DVD); 15) HY, BBC Studios, Top of the Pops, 11-21-01 (VHS>vcd); 16) Vpro, Lola Da Musica doc, 11-21-01 (svcd); 17) Arthur Dottweiler footage, 2001 (PAL-dvd); 18) Pre-Tour mockumentary, 12-2001 (dvd).
-- Tracks 9 and 10: OFFICIALLY released video on "Later ... Louder" compilation DVD -
Nobody Knows How To Talk To Children; Released 2003; from VHS; In April 2002, a film crew chased TWS around NYC, and the White Stripes played 4 sold-out shows in a row at NYC's Bowery Ballroom (4-5-02 thru 4-8-02). This documentary chronicles those performances and offers an all-access pass to the backstage chaos surrounding the limelight-shy Jack and Meg White. This film was never endorsed by the band, and copies of it are not available. "TWS are trying to distance themselves from an unofficial movie which was recently shown at the Seattle Film Festival." Principal Cast Features: Jack White, Meg White, Julian Casablancas, Albert Hammond Jr., Macaulay Culkin. -- OFFICIALLY Released - 97 - DVD NTSC
The Australian Compilation 2003; Tracklist: 1. Ch V Special, 9-8-03, AUS TV, Interviews; 2. The Music Room, CNN, 9-19-03, AUS TV, Interviews Re: Elephant; 3. What You Want, Ch V, 10-11-03, AUS TV, Livid Fest Interviews; 4. Rove Live, 10-14-03, AUS TV, Hardest Button To Button; 5. MTV Europe Music Awards, 11-6-03, Stipe Intro/7NA/Acceptance; 6.Livid Fest, Sydney, AUS, Ch V, 10-11-03, Black Math, DLATDG, ITISR, Love Sick, HY, Wasting My Time, IWTBTBTWYMH, Death Letter, Hardest Button, We Are Gonna Be Friends, IJDKWTDWM, Ball and Biscuit, Screwdriver, 7NA. Aspect Ratio is a little off on Ch.6, which is sourced from the SVCD listed above. 100 - DVD NTSC
Candy Coloured Blues - An Unofficial. Unauthorized Biography and Documentary, Released 9-23-03; In-depth interviews, never before seen footage. 63 - VCD;DVD NTSC
Loretta Lynn & Jack White - "Van Lear Rose: The TV Appearances"; Cable>PC>DVD; Tracklist: 1. Interview, NBC News Today, 5-1-04; 2. Van Lear Rose, NBC News Today; 3. Portland, Oregon, Late Show w/ David Letterman, 5-4-04; 4. Portland, Oregon, Farm Promo; 5. Portland, Oregon, Bar Promo; 6. 60 Minutes Special #1, CMT, 4-5-04. 60 - DVD NTSC
2005 TV Appearances - Unknown Sources; Includes: 1. Charlie Rose show, New York, NY, Recorded 9-25-05, Broadcast 10-17-05; PBS TV Broadcast; Includes: Interview, Video Montage and Live Performance of As I Ugly As I Seem; 2. 100% White Stripes, Fuse TV, 2005-11-21 (original broadcast date), Interviews and video clips; 3. The Daily Show, Los Angeles, CA, 12-1-05, the show is taped in NYC (corner of 11th Ave and 52nd St); Set: Interview, The Denial Twist, Doorbell (cut); 4. Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, NBC Studio 6A, NYC, NY, 12-2-05, Red Rain + Interview. - - DVD NTSC
2005 Pro-shot and TV Compilation, GBMS Tour; All Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; authored by foughtpiranhas; Includes:
1) 8-15-05, KCRW FM Studios, Morning Becomes Eclectic, Santa Monica, CA, Aired 9-6-05 (RM + SBD > FM): The Denial Twist, Red Rain, My Doorbell, Interview, Ugly As I Seem (acoustic), Folk Singer, Instinct Blues, Sugar Never Tasted So Good (acoustic);
2) 9-25-05, The Charlie Rose Show, New York, NY, Broadcast 10-17-05; PBS TV Broadcast (from VHS): Interview, Video Montage and Live Performance of 'As I Ugly As I Seem';
3) 11-x-05, Maida Vale Studios, London, UK, "From The Basement" w/ Nigel Goodrich, Broadcast 12-18-06?: Blue Orchid > Party of Special Things To Do, Pretty Peggy-O (Trad, tease) > Ugly As I Seem, Red Rain;
4) 11-30-05, Live @ VH1.com, VH1 Studios, NYC, NY (from wmv): The Denial Twist, My Doorbell, Ugly As I Seem, Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, Ball and Biscuit > Man (Yeah Yeah Yeahs);
5) 12-1-05, The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart, Los Angeles, CA, 12-1-05, taped in NYC (from VHS(1)): Interview, The Denial Twist, My Doorbell (cut);
6) 12-2-05, Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, NBC Studio 6A, NYC, NY (from VHS(1)): Red Rain, Interview.
- - - -
- The Videos - Time Qual Media Type
Hotel Yorba - - mpeg
We're Going to be Friends - - mpeg
Fill In Love With A Girl - - avi; mov; mpeg
Fill In Love With A Girl - Pop-Up Video, VH1 - - VCD; SVCD
The Union Forever (homemade video; footage from Citizen Kane by Orson Welles) - - wmv
Dead Leaves - - wmv; mpeg
Death Letter; homemade video - - mpeg
Seven Nation Army - - mpeg
Black Math (filmed live on either 4-15-03 or 4-16-03 @ Masonic Temple Theatre, Detroit, MI (and SHN audio) - - avi; SVCD
Hardest Button To Button; DVD rip - - mpeg/SVCD
I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself - - VCD; SVCD
Loretta Lynn - Portland, Oregon (ft. Jack White), 2 caps - - mpeg + VCD
Loretta Lynn - I Miss Being Mrs. (ft. Jack White) - - wmv
Blue Orchid - - mpeg; VOB
My Doorbell - also, the Australian Promo DVD, 2005 XL. - - mpeg, DVD
The Denial Twist - 2 captures. - - mpeg
Icky Thump - Co-directed by Jack White and the Malloy Brothers. It was filmed in Nashville, TN, though the video takes place in Mexico. The video also features Spanish subtitles acting as a translation of the lyrics. - - avi + m2v
Baby Brother - not official, but endorsed by the band; Fan Vid of Icky Thump B-side. - - flv
You Don't Know What Love Is - Filmed in Nunavut Territory (Northwest) on the Canadian Tour 2007; Directed by The Malloys; 2 captures both from MTV. - - avi
Conquest - 2 captures. - - avi

The Raconteurs Videos:
- Complete Live Shows - Time Qual Media Type
London Astoria, London, England, 3-23-06; AUD Cam (Shot from center-right on the balcony); Very good shot, few intrusions, excellent sound; Menu and Chapters; Lineage unknown (originally a bootleg on eBay); Setlist: Level, Intimate Secretary, Hands, SASG, Together, A House Is Not A Motel, Store Bought Bones, Call It A Day, Yellow Sun, Broken Boy Soldier, 5 On The 5, Encores: It Ain't Easy, Blue Veins, Headin' For The Texas Border. 60 A DVD PAL
Henry Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, CA, 6-7-06; AUD Cam; Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. Intimate Secretary, 2. Level, 3. Instrumental, 4. SASG, 5. Together, 6. A House Is Not A Motel, 7. Store Bought Bones, 8. It Ain't Easy, 9. Yellow Sun, 10. Broken Boy Soldier, 11. 5 On The 5, 12. Blue Veins, Encores: 13. Headin' for the Texas Border, 14. Hands; Steady Viper Production; Lineage: Panasonic PV-GS33 MiniDV Cam, Audio at 16-bit PCM setting. 61 A- DVD NTSC
Lollapalooza (Day 1), Grant Park, Chicago, IL, 8-4-06, Captured from AT&T Blue Room webstream; Pro-shot, multi-cam; Source: MPEG's; Included on Compilation DVD called "From Conan to VMA" (See below); Set: 1. Intimate Secretary, 2. Level, 3. Steady, As She Goes, 4. Together, 5. It Ain't Easy (written by Ron Davies, covered by David Bowie), 6. Store Bought Bones, 7. 5 On The 5, 8. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Sonny Bono), 9. Broken Boy Soldier, 10. Yellow Sun, 11. Blue Veins, 12. Crazy (Gnarls Barkely cover), 13. Hands. 57 - DVD NTSC
Lollapalooza (Day 1), Grant Park, Chicago, IL, 8-4-06; Captured from AT&T Blue Room webstream; Pro-shot, multi-cam; 13 files; Setlist: 1. Intimate Secretary, 2. Level, 3. SASG, 4. Together, 5. It Ain't Easy, 6. SBB, 7. 5 On The 5, 8. Bang Bang, 9. BBS, 10. Yellow Sun, 11. Blue Veins, 12. Crazy, 13. Hands. 57 - mpeg
Lollapalooza (Day 1), Grant Park, Chicago, IL, 8-4-06; INCOMPLETE Show, Complete Recording; AUD Cam, front right of stage, a bit shakey, but still nice; 8 files; Setlist: 1. Intimate Secretary, 2. It Ain't Easy, 3. SBB, 4. 5 On The 5, 5. Bang Bang, 6. BBS, 7. Blue Veins, 8. Crazy (clips, 3 attempts, crowdsurfer problems). 28 - mpeg
Leeds Festival, Bramham Park, NME/Radio 1 Stage, Leeds, England, 8-27-06 + BONUS: Friday Night w/ Jonathan Ross, BBC Studios, London, UK, 6-23-06 (Original Broadcast 6-23-06. Recorded 6-25-06); Pro-shot; Chapters: 1. Fistful of Dollars (Morricone) - Intro - Hands Instrumental, 2. Intimate Secretary, 3. Level, 4. Steady, As She Goes, 5. Together, 6. Floating (Jape cover), 7. Store Bought Bones, 8. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Sonny Bono), 9. Broken Boy Soldiers, 10. The Christian Life (written by the country duo, The Louvin Brothers, Charlie and Ira Louvin; performed by The 11. Byrds/Gram Parsons), 11. Blue Veins, 12. Headin' for the Texas Border (Flaming Groovies cover), 13. 5 On The 5, 14. Hands, Bonus: 15. Hands (Jonathan Ross). 67 A+ DVD PAL
Electric Ballroom, Camden, London, UK, 10-26-06, Electric Proms BBC TV Broadcast, Radio 1's 2nd "John Peel Night"; Included on Compilation DVD (See below); Chapters: 1. Intro - Hands Outro, 2. Intimate Seceratary, 3. Level, 4. 5 on the 5, 5. Together, 6. SBB, 7. Bang Bang, 8. BBS, 9. SASG, 10. Teenage Kicks. 45 A DVD PAL
Vegoose Music Festival, Snake Eyes Stage, Star Nursery Field, Las Vegas, NV, 10-28-06; AT&T Blue Room Live Webcast; Pro-shot Black and White w/ SBD Audio; + BBS Alternate Promo Edit + Slideshow + Hidden Easter Egg?; authored by foughtpiranhas; Menu and Chapters; Set: Intimate Secretary, Level, SASG, Together, SBB, It Ain't Easy, BBS, Blue Veins, Hands. 52 - DVD NTSC
KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2006, Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA, 12-10-06 (Complete Set); Source: 106.7 KROQ.com Live Webcast > ? > asf (I also have the original asf file); Included on Compilation DVD (See below); Chapters: 1. Intro - Hands Outro, 2. Intimate Secretary, 3. Level, 4. Band Intros, 5. Together, 6. Bang Bang, 7. BBS, 8. Blue Veins, 9. SASG. 38 - DVD PAL
- - - -
- Live TV - Time Qual Media Type
Guerilla Gig Live w/ Zane Lowe, BBC 3 TV, London, UK, 3-31-06, Set: 1. SASG, 2. Intimate Secretary; Pro-shot; authored; First ever live performance on UK TV; Source: digital cable TV > Pioneer DVR 433-H DVD recorder > DVD-RW; also see the Spring 2006 Compilation DVD below, which is NTSC. 8 A+ DVD PAL
Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, NBC Studio 6A, New York, NY, 5-18-06, 1. SASG > Hands (tease); Included on the Spring 2006 Compilation DVD and the Compilation DVD called "From Conan to VMA" (See below). 5 A+ DVD NTSC
Friday Night w/ Jonathan Ross, BBC Studios, London, UK, 6-23-06 (Original Broadcast 6-23-06. Recorded 6-25-06 from BBC1 DVB-S); Pro-shot; 1. Hands; Included on Leeds Fest 8-27-06 DVD (see above). 4+ A+ mpeg-2/DVD PAL
MTV Video Music Awards (VMA's), Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, 8-31-06; Source: # 2, 7-9 from FLV's; # 1, 3-6 from AVI's; Included on Compilation DVD called "From Conan to VMA" (See below); Set: 1. White Light, White Heat (Velvet Underground, w/ Lou Reed), 2. Level, 3. Store Bought Bones, 4. Steady, As She Goes, 5. Cheap Sunglasses (ZZ Top, w/ Billy Gibbons), 6. Internet Killed the Radio Star (The Buggles, w/ Jim Jarmusch), 7. Yellow Sun, 8. Broken Boy Soldier, 9. Blue Veins. 9 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
- Live Clips - Time Qual Media Type
MTV2 Spanking New Music Tour, The Barfly, Digbeth, Birmingham, England, UK, 3-24-06; From 3-25-06 UK TV broadcast of live performance w/ short interviews between the tracks; a gig for competition winners only; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Set: Intro, Hands, Interview 1, SASG, Interview 2, Together, Interview 3, Level; also see the Spring 2006 Compilation DVD below, which is NTSC. 22 A+ DVD PAL
RollingStone.com Video, Quad Studios, New York, NY, 4-6-06, 1. SASG, 2. Yellow Sun, 3. Intimate Secretary; part of the Spring 2006 Compilation DVD below. - - DVD NTSC
AT&T Blue Room Video, Irving Plaza, New York, NY, 4-7-06, 1. SASG, 2. Intimate Secretary, 3. Hands, 4. Yellow Sun; part of the Spring 2006 Compilation DVD below. - - DVD NTSC
Live @ Y! Music, Y! Music Studios, Recorded between 6-4 and 6-10-06; Webcast First Aired 6-12-06; Captured on 6-13-06, A live performance of "SASG" + Interview (and the debut of SASG Version 2); Lineage: webcast > avi (captured w/ fraps); Included on Compilation DVD called "The Diana Caps", which also includes some WS (See below); 1. Interview, 2. Steady, As She Goes, Bonus: 3. Steady, As She Goes (Version 2, Lineage: tv > avi [fraps]). 11 - DVD NTSC
O2 Wireless Festival, Hyde Park, London, England, 6-21-06, Channel 4 Broadcast of Highlights; Pro-Shot; Source: AVI's; Included on Compilation DVD called "From Conan to VMA" (See below); 1. Broken Boy Soldier, 2. Interview w/ Alex Zane; mpeg-2 from E4 DVB-T Re-broadcast 2006-9-xx 6 - mpeg-2/avi/DVD NTSC
Roskilde Festival, Odeon Stage, Roskilde, Denmark, 7-2-06; Source: Aud DigiCam > AVI; Included on Compilation DVD called "From Conan to VMA" (See below); 1. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down). 3.5 - avi/DVD NTSC
Lowlands Festival, Walibi World, Biddinghuizen, Holland, 8-19-06; Pro-shot; Setlist: 1. Bang Bang, 2. BBS, 3. Blue Veins. 19 - mpeg + avi
Austin City Limits, Austin, TX, 9-17-06 (taped right after the ACL Festival), PBS TV Broadcast on 12-30-06; HDTV (the original HD Transport Stream, 1920x1080i); Pro-shot; Set: 1. Level, 2. Together, 3. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), 4. Blue Veins, 5. Headin for the Texas Border. 27 A+ mpeg-2
Later w/ Jools Holland, Series 28, Show 1, BBC2, BBC TV Studios, London, UK, 11-3-06; Source: BBC2 DVB-S (logo free, joefish); Included on Compilation DVD (See below); Set: 1. Broken Boy Soldier, 2. Store Bought Bones. 7 A+ DVD PAL
- - - -
- Misc Interviews and Footage - Time Qual Media Type
mtvU Über: House Band, Recorded in March 2006; First Aired in May 2006, A series of short Interviews; Lineage: tv > avi (captured w/ fraps); Included on Compilation DVD called "The Diana Caps", which also includes some WS (See below); 1. Backstage Pass, 2. Q1, 3. Q2, 4. Q3, 5. Q4, 6. Backstage Pass: Fan Question, 7. Q5. 9 - DVD NTSC
The New Music, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 7-26-06; 1. Interview and Clips. 3.5 - mpeg-2
Leeds Festival, Bramham Park, Leeds, England, 8-27-06, Interview w/ Colin Murry; Pro-shot; TV > avi. 3 - avi
Racs with Pete Townshend - 10-x-06, "In The Attic", Interview + 'The Seeker'; 2 files probably from youtube. 15 - flv
Roving Festival Writer, Fan Vid; probably from youtube. 3 - flv
Sims2 clip from youtube, "Steady As She Goes", kinda cool. - - flv
- - - -
- Other Compilations - Time Qual Media Type
Spring 2006 Compilation - Menu and Chapters; Source: TV performances and free authorized internet clips, all Pro-shot; Chapters: 1) MTV2 Spanking New Music Tour, The Barfly, Digbeth, Birmingham, England, UK, 3-24-06, From 3-25-06 UK TV, 1. Hands, 2. SASG, 3. Together, 4. Level; 2) Guerilla Gig Live, BBC 3, London, U.K., 3-31-06, 1. SASG, 2. Intimate Secretary; 3) RollingStone.com Video, Quad Studios, New York, NY, 4-6-06, 1. SASG, 2. Yellow Sun, 3. Intimate Secretary; 4) AT&T Blue Room Video, Irving Plaza, New York, NY, 4-7-06, 1. SASG, 2. Intimate Secretary, 3. Hands, 4. Yellow Sun; 5) Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, NBC Studio 6A, New York, NY, 5-18-06, 1. SASG > Hands 6) BONUS: SASG Version 1 Video. 68 A DVD NTSC
"The Diana Caps" Compilation; Menus and Chapters; A couple of aud/vid glitches that were on the source; authored by thebc; Includes:
1. Racs - mtvU Über: House Band, Recorded in 3-x-06; First Aired 5-x-06, A series of short Interviews; Lineage: tv > avi (captured w/ fraps); 1. Backstage Pass, 2. Q1, 3. Q2, 4. Q3, 5. Q4, 6. Backstage Pass: Fan Question, 7. Q5.
2. Racs - Live @ Y! Music, Y! Music Studios, Recorded between 6-4 and 6-10-06; Webcast First Aired 6-12-06; Captured on 6-13-06, A live performance of "SASG" + Interview (and the debut of SASG Version 2); Lineage: webcast > avi (captured w/ fraps); 1. Interview, 2. Steady, As She Goes, Bonus: 3. Steady, As She Goes (Version 2, Lineage: tv > avi [fraps]).
3. WS - Live @ VH1.com, NYC, NY, Recorded 11-x-2005; Lineage: cable tv (but possibly www) > avi (captured w/ fraps); Setlist: 1. The Denial Twist (has low volume), 2. My Doorbell, 3. As Ugly As I Seem, 4. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, 5. Ball and Biscuit - Man (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover).
"From Conan to VMA" Compilation; Menu and Chapters; Various Sources; authored by thebc; Includes:
1. Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, NBC Studio 6A, New York, NY, 5-18-06; Source: Phillips Direct TV DVR; 1. Steady As She Goes - Hands (tease).
2. Wireless Festival, 6-21-06, Channel 4 Broadcast of Highlights; Source: AVI's; 1. Broken Boy Soldier, 2. Interview w/ Alex Zane.
3. Roskilde Festival, Odeon Stage, Roskilde, Denmark, 7-2-06; Source: Aud DigiCam > AVI; 1. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Sonny Bono).
4. Lollapalooza (Day 1), Grant Park, Chicago, IL, 8-4-06, Captured from AT&T Blue Room webstream; Pro-shot, multi-cam; Source: MPEG's; Set: 1. Intimate Secretary, 2. Level, 3. Steady, As She Goes, 4. Together, 5. It Ain't Easy (written by Ron Davies, covered by David Bowie), 6. Store Bought Bones, 7. 5 On The 5, 8. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Sonny Bono), 9. Broken Boy Soldier, 10. Yellow Sun, 11. Blue Veins, 12. Crazy (Gnarls Barkely cover), 13. Hands.
5. MTV Video Music Awards (VMA's), Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, 8-31-06; Source: # 2, 7-9 from FLV's; # 1, 3-6 from AVI's; Set: 1. White Light, White Heat (Velvet Underground, w/ Lou Reed), 2. Level, 3. Store Bought Bones, 4. Steady, As She Goes, 5. Cheap Sunglasses (ZZ Top, w/ Billy Gibbons), 6. Internet Killed the Radio Star (The Buggles, w/ Jim Jarmusch), 7. Yellow Sun, 8. Broken Boy Soldier, 9. Blue Veins.
Compilation w/ Brendan Benson - Menu and Chapters; authored by thebc; Includes:
1) Electric Ballroom, Camden, London, UK, 10-26-06, Electric Proms BBC TV Broadcast, Radio 1's 2nd "John Peel Night", 45 min: see setlist above
2) Later w/ Jools Holland, Series 28, Show 1, BBC2, BBC TV Studios, London, UK, 11-3-06, 7 min: 1. Broken boy Soldier, 2. Store bought bones; Source: BBC2 DVB-S (logo free, joefish)
3) KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2006, Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA, 12-10-06 (Complete Set), 38 min: see setlist above; Source: 106.7 KROQ.com Live Webcast > ? > asf
4) Brendan Benson - Later w/ Jools Holland. Show 1, BBC2, 10-21-2005, 7 min: 1. What I'm looking for, 2. Spit it out; Source: BBC2 DVB-S (logo free, joefish)
97 - DVD PAL
- - - -
- The Videos - Time Qual Media Type
Steady, As She Goes (Version 1), directed by Jim Jarmush; also see the Spring 2006 Compilation DVD above. - - avi; DVD
Steady, As She Goes (Version 2), directed by The Malloys; The Racs teamed up w/ Paul Ruebens (aka Pee Wee Herman); the old-fashioned soap box race; Included on Compilation DVD called "The Diana Caps", which also includes some WS (See above). - - mpeg/DVD NTSC
Hands, directed by Ramon Bloomberg (2 different captures) - - avi
Level (Live), directed by Sophie Muller. - - mov

Other Bands Videos:
Band - Date, Venue, Info Time Qual Media Type
misc live songs by (1 or 2 songs by each band): Bantam Rooster, The Hentchmen, Demolition Doll Rods, The Come Ons, Detroit Cobras, Clone Defects, Von Bondies, The Dirtbombs, Bootsy X, Rocket 45's, Ko & the Knockouts, The Buzzards, Trash Brats, Easy Action, The Paybacks. 52 - VHS
- - - -
Blanche - Do You Trust Me? - - mpeg/VCD
Blanche - 8-22-04, Lowlands Festival, Lowlands, Biddinghuizen; Pro-shot; webcast > wmv; Set: 1. Cory, 2. So Long Cruel World, 3. Banjo Bop, 4. Bluebird, 5. Do You Trust Me?, 6. Who's To Say, 7. Garbage Picker, 8. Superstition, 9. Crucifix, 10. What This Town Needs, 11. Jack On Fire. 45 - wmv
Blanche - 7-1-05, McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA; Steady Viper Productions SVP-003; Lin: Panasonic PV-GS33 Camcorder-Mini-DV (Handheld), 16-bit PCM Audio iMovie>iDVD; Menus and Chapters; Setlist: Intro, Darling Cory, So Long Cruel World, Who's To Say?, Do You Trust Me?, Bluebird, Tales of the Great Feeny (Dan speaks), Superstition, Child of the Moon (Rolling Stones Cover), At Least I Didn't Quit, The World's Largest Crucifix, Blanche Trading Cards (Dan speaks), Jack on Fire (Gun Club Cover), Someday. 50 - DVD NTSC
Blanche - 6-9-06, DFA, Detroit, MI + 10-8-05, The Magic Stick, Detroit, MI (partial), "A Blanche Sampler of the Finest Comestibles"; Menu and Chapters; AUD cam MiniDV; Setlist: 2006: Superstition, Who's to Say?, Bluebird, Do You Trust Me?, Darling Cory, Garbage Picker, A Year From Now, At Least I Didn't Quit, Another Lost Summer, What This Town Needs, Jack on Fire, (Someday - missing, tape issues); 2005: No Matter Where You Go (instrumental), So Long Cruel World, Bluebird, Do You Trust Me?, Jack on Fire, Someday. 67 - DVD NTSC
Blanche - 10-29-07, Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Aud Cam, handheld; Menus and Chapters; 64 min + 7 min slideshow; Taped by Vanessa Paral; Steady Viper Productions; Set: 1. So Long Cruel World, 2. Bluebird, 3. The World I Used to be Afraid Of, 4. Last Year's Leaves, 5. A Year From Now, 6. World's Largest Crucifix, 7. Do You Trust Me?, 8. I'm Sure of It, 9. What This Town Needs, 10. No Matter Where You Go, 11. Who's To Say?, 12. O' Death Where is thy Sting?, 13. Superstition, 14. Can't Sit Down, 15. Jack On Fire, 16. Child of the Moon, 17. Someday. 71 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Ditty Bops - 8-3-05, El Cid Restaurant, Los Angeles (Hollywood), CA, "The Soundcheck Is The Show!"; Menu and Chapters; A Steady Viper Production; AUD MiniDV; Set: Intro, Nosy Neighbor, Moon Over The Freeway, In the Meantime, Breeze Black Night, Aluminum Can, Ooh La La, John's Poem > Short Stacks, In the City, Place Your Bets, "Picture Giveaway", Head's Too Big, Get Up and Go. 54 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Sleater-Kinney - 12-31-97, Capitol Theatre Backstage, Olympia, WA, New Year's Eve (also called 1-1-98)
+ 5-17-00, Middle East Club, Cambridge, MA (possibly 5-18 b/c they played both nights)
No Chapters; Lineage Unknown; (Video Quality: Capitol: A-, 2-cam mix, lots of close-ups, Middle East: about D, watchable); Setlists: Capitol, 55min: Joey Ramone, Dig Me Out, One Song for You, One More Hour, By the Time You're 25 , Turn It On, Tapping, Little Babies, Start Together, Heart Factory, It's Enough, Banned from the End of the World, Words and Guitar, Good Things, Encore: Rock Lobster (B-52's cover); Mid East, 60min: Ballad of a Ladyman, Start Together, All Hands on the Bad One, Anonymous, Ironclad, One More Hour, Pompeii, The Professional, Words and Guitar, Milkshake n’ Honey, One Song for You, You’re No Rock n’ Roll Fun, The End of You, Male Model, Was it a Lie?, #1 Must-Have, Call the Doctor, Youth Decay.
Sleater-Kinney - 3-26-98, Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA; Aud CAM; from VHS; Menu and Chapters; Set: Heart Factory, Dig Me Out, By The Time You're 25, Call The Doctor, Tapping, Turn It On, Banned From The End Of The World, One More Hour, Start Together, Little Babies, It's Enough, Burn Don't Freeze, I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone, Words and Guitar, Good Things, God Is A Number, Be Yr Mama, Unknown Song w/ Helium (Guests: Mary Timony: Guitar, Vocal; Ash Bowie: Bass; Kendall Meade: Keys). 65 A-/A DVD NTSC
Sleater-Kinney - 5-23-99, Echo Lounge, Atlanta, GA; Aud Cam; No Chapters; from VHS; Set: The Day I Went Away, Get Up, Banned From The End Of The World, Hubcap, Maraca, The End Of You, Heart Factory, Was It A Lie?, Start Together, Taste Test, The Drama You've Been Craving, The Hot Rock, Wipers, God Is A Number, Jenny, Buy Her Candy, Dig Me Out, One Song For You. 62 B+ DVD NTSC
Sleater-Kinney - 5-14-04, The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA; Aud digi-cam, tripod (stage off-center b/c of security); Setlist: O2, End of You (filming interrupted by security), All Hands on the Bad One, Everything, One Beat, Get Up, Turn It On, Oh, Not What You Want, Bomp, - Jam -, Hollywood Ending, Words + Guitar, I Don't Care, Sympathy, Step Aside, Entertain, ENCORE: Faraway, Call the Doctor (slight cut at beginning), You're No Rock 'n Roll Fun. - - DVD NTSC
Sleater-Kinney - 10-30-05, Vegoose Music Festival, Las Vegas, NV; Aud Cam, left of stage + Schoeps MSTC64 audio, 20' FOB, mics at 11'; Set: 1. The Fox, 2. Oh, 3. Jumpers, 4. Sympathy, 5. Rollercoaster, 6. Wilderness, 7. What's Mine is Yours, 8. Step Aside, 9. Modern Girl, 10. Let's Call it Love, 11. Entertain. - A DVD NTSC
Sleater-Kinney - 12-30-05, The Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR; 2-Cam Mix + SBD audio (Sony HC21 > MiniDV + Canon Optura 200MC > MiniDV); Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. Intro, 2. The Fox, 3. Oxygen, 4. Wilderness, 5. Jumpers, 6. Sypathy, 7. Everything, 8. Modern Girl, 9. Rollercoaster, 10. Get Up, 11. What's Mine is Yours, 12. Steep Air, 13. Let's Call it Love, 14. Entertain, 15. Start Together, 16. Iron Clad, 17. Little Mouth, 18. Fortunate Son. 82 A/A+ DVD NTSC
Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers - - mpeg
- - - -
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y-Control, The Conan Show 3+ - mpeg
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 6-13-03, Later w/ Jools Holland, London, England 9 - mpeg/VCD
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 9-25-02, Going Coastal Interview 3+ - mpeg
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Date With the Night, Latenight w/ David Letterman 2+ - mpeg
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 3-31-03, Sin-é, New York City, NY 47 - VCD
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 4Play: The Music Interview, mixed w/ live clips. 4 - mpeg/VCD
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 8-20-06, Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen, Holland, TV Broadcast 3VOOR12 Onstage; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Setlist: 1. Fancy, 2. Rich, 3. Honeybear, 4. Pin, 5. Gold Lion, 6. Phenomena, 7. Mysteries, 8. Cheated Hearts, 9. Miles Away, 10. Sweets, 11. Maps, 12. Turn Into, 13. Tick. 53 A+ DVD PAL
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 8-25-06, Reading Festival, Main Stage, Reading, UK; from UK DVB (BBC2, BBC3, BBCi); Chapters: 1. Cheated Hearts, 2. Fancy, 3. Date With The Night, 4. Honeybear, 5. Pin, 6. Gold Lion, 8. Phenomena, 9. Rich, 10. end. 30 A+ DVD PAL
- - - -
Tegan and Sara - The Making of "So Jealous" Video 23 A qt
Tegan and Sara - 6-26-05, "Summer in the City", Rumsey Playfield, Central Park Summerstage, NYC; NYCTV Broadcast; Pro-shot; No Menu and 5 min Chapters; Setlist: 1. I Bet It Stung, 2. Monday, Monday, Monday, 3. Not Tonight, 4. I Hear Noises, 5. I Wouldn't Like Me, 6. This Is Everything, 7. So Jealous, 8. Where Does the Good Go, 9. Speak Slow, 10. I KNow, I Know, I Know, 11. Downtown, 12. Living Room. 46 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Spread Your Love, Live On Jools Holland - - mpeg/VCD
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 2004-07-03, St. Gallen Open Air Festival, Switzerland, Cable TV Broadcast; Pro-Shot; +PLUS+ 11-xx-03, Ross Bandstand, Princess Street Gardens, Edinburgh, MTV2 Broadcast; Pro-Shot; St Gallen: 1. Shuffle your Feet, 2. Ha Ha High Babe, 3. Spread Your Love, 4. Stop, 5. Six Barrel Shotgun, 6. Love Burns, 7. White Palms, 8. In Like The Rose, 9. Whatever happened to my Rock & Roll (Punk Song), 10. US Government, 11. Salvation, 12. Heart + Soul; Edinburgh: 1. Stop, 2. We're all in love, 3. Spread your Love, 4. Punksong, 5. Love Burns. 77 - DVD PAL
- - - -
The Kills - France2 Studios, Campus, Paris, France, 2-17-05; TV Broadcast > dvdxpress (svhs, 4.5mb/s, ac3/256kbps) > mpeg2; Set: 1. The Good Ones. 4 A+ mpeg-2/DVD PAL
The Kills - 8-5-05, XI Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (FIB 2005), Benicàssim, Spain, Broadcasted 3-8-06 on TVVi; Complete Broadcast; Pro-shot; Stereo Audio, low sound level; Recorded live from Satellite broadcast to DVD Recorder, HQ mode; no chapters, no menu; Set: 1. No Wow!, 2. Passion is Accurate, 3. I Hate the Way you Love, 4. I Hate the Way you Love (Pt 2), 5. The Good Ones, 6. Murder Mile, 7. Te Void, 8. Kissy Kissy, 9. Dead Road 7, 10. Fried My Little Brains, 11. Love Is a Deserter. 46 A- DVD PAL
- - - -
The Sights - World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA, "Free At Noon" Series, WXPN 88.5 FM, 7-15-05; Aud Cam by Corwin; Audio from WXPN Radio Broadcast; Includes Bonus "Circus" Video; Menu and Chapters; Setlist: 1. I'm Going To Live The Life I Sing About In My Song, 2. Just Got Robbed, 3. Circus, 4. Frozen Nose, 5. Interview w/ Helen Light, 6. Jealous Gnat, 7. Scratch My Name In Sin, 8. Waiting on a Friend, 9. Nobody. 36 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Black Keys - 8-15-03, "Thickfreakness", Conan O'Brien Show 4 - mpeg/SVCD
The Black Keys - 9-14-06, The Avalon, Hollywood, CA; Aud Cam, center balcony; Menu but No Chapters; Taped by stripeydave; Set: Modern Times, Girl Is On My Mind, Just Got To Be, Thickfreakness, The Breaks, Stack Shot Billy, Busted, You're the One, Your Touch, Set You Free, Strange Desire, The Flame, 10 AM Automatic, Have Love Will Travel, Encore: No Trust, Just A Little Heat. - NOT TRADEABLE !! 68 - DVD NTSC
The Black Keys - 9-14-06, The Avalon, Hollywood, CA; Aud Cam, center balcony; Menu and Chapters; Taped by stripeydave, A Steady Viper Production; Set: see above. 66 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Datsuns - Harmonic Generator, Live On Jools Holland - - mpeg/VCD
The Datsuns - MF From Hell, Live, Astoria, London, England 3.5 - mpeg
- - - -
The Distillers - 929 Cafe, Richmond, VA, 10-25-02; taped by pablo@pheer.com 48 A- wmv/avi
The Distillers - 2004 Compilation, 4 venues + bonus; All Pro-shot TV Broadcasts; Includes:
1) 8-22-04, Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen, NL (3voor12 TV): 1. Intro (Peaches - Don't Give A Fuck), 2. Drain the blood, 3. Die on a rope, 4. Beat your heart out, 5. I am a revenant, 6. The gallow is god, 7. Dismantle me, 8. Hall of mirrors, 9. Tony talking, 10. City of angels, 11. Love Is Paranoid, 12. No love lost (Joy Division cover), 13. The hunger, 14. Coral fang;
2) 8-27-04, Reading Festival, Main Stage, Reading, UK (ITV1 UK DVB): 1. Interview, 2. The hunger, 3. Beat your heart out, 4. Drain the blood;
3) 11-17-04, Boule Noire, Paris, FR: 1. Interview, 2. Dismantle me, 3. Coral fang, 4. Die on a rope;
4) 2-19-04, Elysee Monmartre, Paris, FR: 1. Interview, 2. Die on a rope, 3. Dismantle me; + Bonus: 'Beat Your Heart Out' promo video.
- - - -
The Hiss - Barfly, Monarch, London, 2-24-03, XFM Presents...; Pro-shot 30 A mpeg/VCD
- - - -
The Hives - 6-3-04, Electric Ballroom, London, England; Pro-shot; DVB-S TV Broadcast (on-screen logos removed); Menu and Chapters; Set: Intro, Abra Cadaver, Walk Idiot Walk, Missing Link, Die All Right!, B is for Brutus, No Pun Intended, A Little More For Little You, Supply and Demand, Declare Guerre Nucleaire, Diabolic Scheme, Hate To Say I Told You So, Hail Hail Spit n' Drool, Two Timing Touch and Broken Bones, Main Offender. 43 A/A+ DVD PAL
The Hives - 11-18-04, MTV Europe Music Awards, Rome, Italy; "Two-Timing Touch And Broken Bones"; Source: MTV Central DVB-S. 3 A+ mpeg2/DVD PAL
- - - -
The Strokes - 8-15-02, Radio City Music Hall, New York City, NY, (w/ White Stripes as openers and Jack joining in on "NYC Cops") 55 - mpeg/VCD
The Strokes - 8-15-02, Radio City Music Hall, New York City, NY (w/ White Stripes as openers and Jack joining in on "NYC Cops"); unknown Aud Cam; No Chapters; right balcony; Set: 1. The Way It Is, 2. Someday, 3. Soma, 4. Meet Me In The Bathroom, 5. The Modern Age, 6. Hard To Explain, 7. Is This It, 8. Take It Or Leave It, 9. Ze Newie (Between Love and Hate), 10. Trying Your Luck, 11. Last Nite, 12. Alone, Together, 13. You Talk Way Too Much, 14. Barely Legal, 15. New York City Cops (w/ Jack White). 55 - DVD NTSC
The Strokes - 8-23-02, Reading Festival, Reading, England, UK; Unknown Aud Cam; Menu and Chapters; left of stage; Set: 1. Intro, 2. The Way It Is, 3. Someday, 4. Soma, 5. Meet Me In The Bathroom, 6. The Modern Age, 7. Hard To Explain, 8. Is This It, 9. Take It Or Leave It, 10. Ze Newie (Between Love and Hate), 11. Trying Your luck, 12. Last Nite, 13. Alone, Together, 14. You Talk Way Too Much, 15. Barely Legal, 16. Happy Birthday to Julian (w/ Robert Pollard), 17. New York City Cops (w/ Jack White). 55 - DVD PAL
The Strokes - Summer Sonic 2003, "Reptilia" 4 - mpeg
The Strokes - 10-30-03, The Theater @ Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY; Aud Cam, Mixed from 2 sources; First 2 tracks cut; Setlist: Whatever Happened, Alone Together, Under Control/, Hard To Explain/, Between Love and Hate, Reptilia, Someday, The End Has No End, The Modern Age, 12:51, NYC Cops, Soma, Last Nite, Automatic Stop, I Can't Win, Take It Or Leave It, Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men (w/ Regina Spektor). 56 A- DVD NTSC
The Strokes - 11-04-03, Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, "Reptilia" 4+ - mpeg/DVD NTSC
The Strokes - 11-11-03, Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, "What Ever Happened?" 3+ - mpeg/DVD NTSC
The Strokes - 11-18-03, Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, "Under Control" 3+ - mpeg/DVD NTSC
The Strokes - 11-25-03, Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, "I Can't Win" 6 - mpeg/DVD NTSC
The Strokes - 6-18-04, Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ; Semi-Pro Shot, Multi-Cam; Menu and Chapters; Setlist: 1. Intro, 2. What ever happened?, 3. Hard to explain, 4. I can't win, 5. The modern age, 6. Last nite, 7. The end has no end, 8. Someday, 9. Alone, together, 10. Under control, 11. New york city cops, 12. Take it or leave it. 49 A DVD NTSC
The Strokes - 7-11-04, T In The Park Festival, Kinross, Scotland; Complete Broadcast, Imcomplete Performance; Setlist: 1. Last Night, 2. Reptillia, 3. Some Day, 4. Automatic Stop, 5. Alone Together, 6. Is This It?, 7. Clamp Down (The Clash). 26 A+ DVD PAL
The Strokes - V Festival, Chelmsford, England, 8-21 and 8-22-04; from DVB; Setlist: 1. New York City Cops, 2. Last Nite. 8 - DVD PAL
The Strokes - Maximum Strokes: New York Stories; Unauthorized Documentary; Includes Trivia Quiz and Discography; not sure if it's official or not. 64 A+ DVD NTSC
The Strokes - 10-21-05, Tim Festival, Armazém 5 do Cais do Porto, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Pro-Shot; from internet mpg's; Setlist: 1. Hard To Explain, 2. Someday, 3. Soma, 4. Hawaii Aloha, 5. The Modern Age, 6. Automatic Stop, 7. You Only Live Once, 8. What Ever Happend, 9. 12:51, 10. Barely Legal, 11. Alone Together, 12. Under Control, 13. Juicebox, 14. The End has No End, 15. Trying Your Luck, 16. Last Nite, 17. Take It Or Leave It, 18. Reptilia, 19. Is This It, 20. I Can't Win. - B+/A- DVD NTSC
The Strokes - 11-29-05, London University (ULU), London, England, BBCi Broadcast; A special small gig for Radio 1 where they previewed tracks from the album 'First Impressions of Earth' in front of a celeb packed audience; Pro-shot; Complete Broadcast, Incomplete Set; Tracklist: Juicebox, Heart in a Cage, Last Nite, NYC Cops, Razorblade, You Only Live Once, Reptilia, Barely Legal, Take it or Leave it. 45 A+ DVD PAL
The Strokes - 6-21-06, O2 Wireless Festival, Hyde Park, London, England; E4 DVB-T Re-broadcast 9-x-06; Pro-shot; Setlist: 1. Last Nite, 2. Reptilia. 7 A+ mpeg-2 PAL
The Strokes - 7-21-06, FIB 12 Heineken (International Festival of Benicassim XII), Benicassim, Spain, Recorded from .2 TV DVB-C Broadcast (analogic source); Pro-shot; Menus and Chapters; Chapters: 1. Juice box, 2. The end has no end, 3. Red light, 4. The modern age, 5. Heart in a cage, 6. New York City cops, 7. Is this it, 8. Ize of the world, 9. Someday, 10. Hard to explain, 11. You only live once, 12. Last nite, 13. Ask me anything, 14. Vision of division, 15. Reptilia. 57 A+ DVD PAL
The Strokes - 2006 TV Appearances, promo appearances for "First Impressions of Earth"; from VHS; No Menu, standalone; Includes: 1. Fuse 7th Ave Drop, Fuse 7th Ave Studio, NYC, NY: Juicebox, Reptilia, Heart In A Cage, Someday, commercial + interview, Last Nite, You Only Live Once/, 2. MTV2 Live: Juicebox, Hawaii, Someday, Heart In A Cage, You Only Live Once, Reptilia, 3. Saturday Night Live: Juicebox, (Drew Barrymore clip), You Only Live Once, 4. David Letterman: Heart In A Cage. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Arctic Monkeys - 3-15-06, Henry Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, CA; Aud Cam, center balcony; Menu and Chapters; Taped by stripeydave, Steady Viper Productions; Chapters: 1. Intro, 2. The View From the Afternoon, 3. I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, 4. You Probably Couldn't See For The Lights, 5. Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But..., 6. From the Ritz to the Rubble, 7. When the Sun Goes Down, 8. Red Light Indicates Doors are Secured, 9. Still Take You Home, 10. Dancing Shoes, 11. Leave Before the Lights Come On, 12. Mardy Bum, 13. Fake Tales of San Francisco, 14. A Certain Romance, 15. End Credits. - NOT TRADEABLE !! 56 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Kings Of Leon - 2-22-05, The Late Show w/ David Letterman; Set: 1. The Bucket. 3.5 A+ mpeg-2/DVD PAL
Kings of Leon - 1-26-06, Big Day Out, Sydney, Australia + 1-23-04, Big Day Out, Sydney, Australia + AUS Interviews '06; All Pro-shot TV Broadcasts; Menu and Chapters; authored by fruscisgod; Chapters: BDO '06, 43 min: 1. molly's chamber, 2. pistol of fire, 3. wasted time, 4. razz, 5. soft, 6. the bucket, 7. milk, 8. four kicks, 9. king of the rodeo, 10. head to toe, 11. california waiting, 12. spiral staircase, 13. long night, so long, 14. trani; BDO '04, 12 min: 1. wasted time, 2. molly's chamber, 3. california waiting, 4. interview; Interviews, 8 min: 1. bdo06 goldcoast, 2. hangin' w/ bdo, 3. mtv trl australia. 63 A/A+ DVD PAL
- - - -
Oxes - 3-27-05, Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA; Aud Cam; Menu and Chapters; Sony DCR-HC40 > MiniDV(M) + Sony ECM-MS907 Audio; Set (w/ unreleased new tunes): 1. Half, Half, And Half, 2. Kaz Hayashi, 3. ? new song, 4. U.S.A., 5. Them Bones (Alice In Chains cover), 6. ? new song, 7. Bees Won. 38 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Electric Six - Dance Commander - - mov
- - - -
The Gibson Brothers - 4-26-87, Community Festival, Columbus, OH, "Who's got an Assburn"; Intro, Big Pine Boogie, Moon Twist, Casey Jones, Coal Black Mare, Shakin' All Over, My Young Life, Rhythm and Booze, Poor Me, Whoo Hoo, Sperm Count, Bo Diddley. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Fang Visual, DVD to VCD 65 - mpeg/VCD
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Point of View 5.5 - mpeg/VCD
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Shakin' Rock & Roll Tonight 3 - mpeg/VCD
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - She Said 3+ - mpeg/VCD
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - She Said, Live @ 100 Club, London, UK 3+ - mpeg/VCD
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 7-15-99, Studio 22, ABC TV Series, Gore Hill Studios, Sydney, Australia; TV > VHS; Pictures a bit dark; Set: Talk About The Blues, Wail, R.L Got Soul, Dang, Blues Explosion Man, Get Down Lover; Band: Jon Spencer, Judah Bauer, Russell Simins. - - DVD PAL
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 3-31-02, Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Osterrocknacht, Germany; Pro-shot; Cable TV > VHS > DVD; quality is very good; No menu, 5 min Chapters: 1. Point Of View, 2. Down In The Beast, 3. Ghetto Mom, 4. 2 Kindsa Love, 5. High Gear, 6. She Said, 7. Chowder, 8. Sweet N'Sour, 9. Mean Heart, 10. Chicken Dog, 11. Afro, 12. Sweat, 13. Mother Nature, 14. Money Rock'n'Roll. 43 A DVD PAL
- - - -
The Gories - 5-7-92, VERA, Groningen, Holland. Doing material from all 3 albums. 3 encores. Genius. Plus Nitroglycerine video. 87 A VHS
The Gories - 5-23-92, Spiel Boden, Dornbirn, Austria (cuts off). 30 B VHS
- - - -
The Dirtbombs - 8-10-03, The Magic Stick, Detroit, MI, Benefit show w/ the Von Bondies for the Mistreaters; Single Cam; VHS(1) from MASTER; Set: 1. Intro - Start the Party, 2. Get It While You Can, 3. Chains of Love, 4. Ode to a Black Man, 5. Underdog, 6. Sun is Shining, 7. Motor City Baby, 8. Cedar Pointe '76, 9. Kung Fu, 10. Candy Ass, 11. Earthquake Heart, 12. I'm Through With White Girls, 13. If You Can Want, 14. I Can't Stop Thinking About It, 15. Theme from the Dirtbombs, 16. Express Yourself freestyle (w/ Mistreaters), 17. By My Side. 63 - DVD NTSC
The Dirtbombs - 8-4-04, Summer Concert Series at The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum, Cleveland, OH, Free Show, Source: Sony DCR-TRV730(M) > DVD-R(1), Mounted Cam; 1. Start The Party, 2. Get It While You Can, 3. Underdog, 4. Ode To A Blackman, 5. Sun Is Shining, 6. Motor City Baby, 7. Cedar Point '76, 8. Kung Fu, 9. Candy Ass, 10. Earthquake Heart, 11. Thunder In The Sky > Theme From The Dirtbombs > Introductions > Theme, 12. -outdoors- 38 - DVD NTSC
The Dirtbombs - 4-29-05, Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, NJ; AUD Cam; Menu and Chapters; Mostly shot in Night Mode due to awful lighting; Set: 1. Kung Fu, 2. Start The Party, 3. Get It While You Can, 4. Underdog, 5. Ode To A Blackman, 6. Sun Is Shining, 7. Motor City Baby, 8. Cedar Point '76, 9. The Sharpest Claws, 10. Here Comes That Sound Again, 11. My Love For You, 12. Candy Ass, 13. Earthquake Heart, 14. Chains Of Love, 15. Trainwreck, 16. Stop, 17. By My Side, 18. Theme From The Dirtbombs. 56 - DVD NTSC
The Dirtbombs - 11-26-05, The Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH; AUD 3-cam Mix w/ SBD-AUD Mix; Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. Trainwreck, 2. Start The Party, 3. Get It while You Can, 4. Underdog, 5. Ode To A Black Man, 6. Stop, 7. Cedar Point '76, 8. Kung Fu, 9. Candyass, 10. Here Comes That Sound Again, 11. Motor City Baby, 12. My Love For You, 13. Sharpest Claws, 14. Chains Of Love, 15. Earthquake Heart, 16. Phantoms In A Lesser Crystalline Sphere > I Heard Her Call My Name, 17. Theme From The Dirtbombs, Encore: 18. Can't Stop Thinking About It, 19. Granny's Little Chicken, 19. Drums. 80 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Minutemen - "This Ain't No Picnic" = Live At A House Party + Live At Ichabod's; Sets: LaaHP: Intro Jam, Scratchin' Jam, Themselves, Cluckin' Jam, One Reporters Opinion, Toadies, The Big Foist, Retreat, Anxious Mofo, Threatre Is The Life Of You, The Glory Of Man, Have You Ever Seen The Rain?, Don't Look Now (It Ain't You Or Me), Small Steps Jam, This Is The Summer Of Love Jam, Substitute, Jesus & Tequila, No Exchange, Nothing Indeed, It Goes Like This Jam; LaI: Retreat, Corona, The Politics Of Time, The Big Foist, One Reporters Opinion, Two Beads At The End, This Aint No Picnic, Shit From An Old Notebook, Viet Nam, The Glory Of Man, Little Man With A Gun In His Hand. 80 raw DVD NTSC
- - - -
Soledad Brothers - 5-27-01, EMOS, Austin, TX 37 - VHS
- - - -
The Go! - 5-2-00, Middle East, Boston, MA (w/ interview & homemade footage screwing around) 57 - VHS
The Go! - 5-3-00, New Haven, CT 36 - VHS
The Go! - 5-4-00, New York City, NY (cuts off at end) 29 - VHS
The Go! - 3-23-01, Magic Stick, Detroit 50 - VHS
- - - -
The Detroit Cobras - 12-31-96, St. Andrews, Detroit, MI 22 - DVD NTSC
The Detroit Cobras - 8-2-97, Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI 42 A VHS(2)
The Detroit Cobras - 3-17-00, EMOS, Austin, TX 15 - VHS
The Detroit Cobras - 4-7-00, Gold Dollar, Detroit 55 - VHS; DVD NTSC
The Detroit Cobras - 9-15-01, Magic Stick, Detroit 60 - VHS; DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Donnas - 11-1-04, Late Show w/ David Letterman, "Fall Behind Me"; Source: Digital Cable Broadcast. 4 A+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Brendan Benson - Later w/ Jools Holland. Show 1, BBC2, 10-21-2005; Set: 1. What I'm looking for, 2. Spit it out; Source: BBC2 DVB-S (logo free, joefish); Included on Racs Compilation DVD (see above). 7 A+ DVD PAL
- - - -
The Von Bondies - 12-21-01, Magic Stick, Detroit 50 - VHS; DVD NTSC
The Von Bondies - Rudyards Pub, Houston, TX, 9-14-01; Aud Cam; From VHS; Setlist: Lack Of Communication, Cryin', Sound Of Terror, It Came From Japan, Going Down, Nite Train, Please Please Man, Tell Me What You See, Pawn Shoppe Heart, Broken Man (Song in A), Rock n' Roll Nurse. 36 B mpeg/SVCD
The Von Bondies - Last Call w/ Carson Daly, Recorded 2-24-04, Broadcast 3-5-04; Set: C'mon, C'mon; Source: TV > ATI 8500DV All In Wonder card > Pinnacle Studio 8. 3 A+ mpeg/DVD
- - - -
The Clone Defects - 5-16-00, Detroit, MI 40 - -
- - - -
Gore Gore Girls - 10-23-99, Detroit, MI (angle#1, right side) 24 - VHS
- - - -
The Wildbunch - 1-30-98, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (performance clips and interview; from F*U*TV zine) 15 - VHS
The Wildbunch - 11-3-00, Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI 46 - VHS
- - - -
The Bellrays - 6-12-00, Detroit, MI 50 - VHS
- - - -
Slumber Party - 3-16-01, Sound Exchange, Austin, TX (killrockstar) 15 - VHS
- - - -
The Gossip - 2-10-01, EMOS, Austin, TX (killrockstar) 31 - VHS
- - - -
Evil Beaver - 6-6-02, The Elbow Room, Ypsilanti, MI 24 - VHS
- - - -
Von Zippers - 5-26-01, EMOS, Austin, TX, Garage Shock 38 - VHS
- - - -
Ryan Adams - Seven Nation Army, On Gonzo, England; what an idiot !! 1.5 - mpeg/VCD
- - - -
Jucifer - 7-1-02, St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI (angle#1, up front; nice vid but audio is off, vocals are nearly inaudible b/c they use so many damn speakers/amps and very heavy distortion) 45 - VHS
- - - -
Mummies - 9-8-91, Counter Culture TV, Live on access cable. The sound rocks & the band just about gets in a fight on stage. 32 - VHS
Mummies - Compilation of Liberated Bootlegs; VHS(?) > WinTV2000 > DVD; transferred by Buxton69; "Not great quality but very entertaining."; Includes: Live on Channel 53 Cable TV, probably San Francisco, CA, from "Mummies Hate You": 1. Come On Up, 2. What a way to Die (The Pleasure Seekers, 60.s girl group w/ Suzi Quatro), 3. Mummies Theme, 4. Stronger Than Dirt, 5. Skinnie Minnie, 6. ? Instrumental, 7. Justine, 8. Interview, 9. ? Instrumental, 10. Alternate Take of 6, 11. Uncontrolable Urge, 12. ? Papa Hoo Mow Mow; ? One Potato; Extra footage outside the Channel 53 studio; "Shut Your Mouth" Home Video; Live in New York, date unknown: 1. Justine, 2. Instrumental, 3. Route 66, 4. Stronger Than Dirt, 5. Come On Up, 6. More bizaar home movie footage of Hot Rods. - - DVD PAL
- - - -
Hellacopters - 4-17-02, The Shelter, Detroit, MI (up front; cuts off at end) 70 - VHS
- - - -
Tenacious D - 8-24-01, Red Rocks, CO; end of show a little out of synch; Set: Sunday Bloody D Day, Land of the Lost, Fat Albert Theme, Warning, Kielbasa Sausage, History of Tenacious D , Tribute, Cosmic Shame, JB's new instrument, Inward Singing, Karate, Kyle Quit The Band (Song of Exultant Joy), The Road - Part 1 and 2, Dio, Fuck Her Gently, Flash, Wonderboy, Rock Your Socks Off, Double Team. 54 - mpeg/VCD
Tenacious D - 10-24-01, The Wiltern Theatre, Hollywood, CA; 3-Cam Mix; Menu and Chapters; Includes a photo slideshow; Chapters: 1 Intro, 2 Flash, 3 Wonderboy, 4 Land Of The Lost, 5 Fat Albert, 6 Warning, 7 Jesus Ranch, 8 Keilbasa, 9 History Of Tenacious D, 10 Pat Reilly, 11 Special Thing, 12 Lee, 13 Holy Diver, 14 Dio, 15 Tribute, 16 The Road, 17 Cosmic Shame, 18 Jewish Demon, 19 They Fucked Our Asses, 20 Saxaboom, 21 Inward Singing, 22 Karate, 23 Kyle Quit The Band, 24 Rocket Sauce, 25 Sasquatch, 26 Fuck Her Gently, 27 Blow Job Film, 28 Rock Your Socks, 29 Spiderman, 30 Double Team, 31 Encore, 32 Explosivo, 33 Malibu Nights, 34 Kyle Took A Bullet, 35 Tommy, 36 Beatles Medley. 117 - DVD NTSC
Tenacious D - 10-31-01, The Warfield, San Francisco, CA; AUD Cam; Menu and Chapters; from VHS; Starring Wonderboy and Nastyman w/ appearances by Lee and Page McConnell; Chapters: 1 Flash, 2 Wonderboy, 3 Land Of The Lost, 4 Fat Albert, 5 Warning, 6 Jesus Ranch, 7 Keilbasa, 8 History Of Tenacious D, 9 Pat Reilly, 10 Special Thing, 11 Lee, 12 Movie, 13 Rock Your Socks, 14 Holy Diver, 15 Dio, 16 They Fucked Our Asses, 17 Saxaboom, 18 Inward Breathing, 19 Karate, 20 One Man Jam, 21 Kyle Quit The Band (Cuts In), 22 Rocket Sauce, 23 Explosivo, 24 Kyle Took A Bullet For Me, 25 Sassquatch, 26 FHG, 27 Cosmic Shame, 28 Spiderman, 29 Double Team, 30 Page Guitar Solo, 31 Tribute, 32 Beatles Medley, 33 Malibu Nights. 108 - DVD NTSC
Tenacious D - 4-1-02, The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA; source: MiniDV Canon ZR20 on tripod first row first balcony left corner Master Tape; Chapter List: Flash Gordon, Wonderboy, Land Of The Lost, Fat Albert, Warning, Jesus Ranch, "The D in Atlanta", Kielbasa, Tenacious D Time, History Of Tenacious D, "Rock and Roll", Dio, "The Osbournes", Tribute, Butt Baby, They Fucked Our Asses, Hare Krishna, "Engage Rage Kage", "Tenacious D chant", Karate, Kyle Quit The Band, Cosmic Shame, Saxaboom!", Rocket Sauce, The Road, It's Bullshit, but it Rocks", JB's BJ, Fuck Her Gently, Sex Supreme, 'crowd and stage', "Bullshit in the Middle-East", Find The Cost For Freedom, Ohio, Hornet's Nest, "Bullshit in the Middle-East", Keep On Loving You, Beatles Abbey Road Medley. 105 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Modest Mouse - 8-15-02, Diamond Ballroom, Oklahoma City, OK; Aud Cam, SBD Audio; Set: Third Planet, Gravity Rides Everything, Paper Thin Walls, Dark Center of the Universe, Interstate 8, Wild Pack of Family Dogs, Dramamine, Came As a Rat, Blame Yourself (Ya Gotta' Knife?), Out of Gas, Cowboy Dan, Night On The Sun, Trailer Trash, Tiny Cities Made of Ashes. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Flaming Lips - "I'm NOT on Drugs...Yet", TV Compilation; All Pro-shot; Liberated from Ebay; Lineage Unknown; Top Hat Production; Contents: 1) Japan '99: Race For The Prize, Feeling Yourself Disintegrate, She Don't Use Jelly, Slow Nerve Action, Waiting For A Superman; 2) Reverb '99, Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA: Race, She Don't Use Jelly + Interview, Waitin' for a Superman + Interview, The Spark that Bled; 3) 10-23-99, Astoria Theatre, London: Race for the Prize, Riding to Work in the Year 2025, Feeling Yourself Disintegrate, She Don't Use Jelly, Slow Nerve Action, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Lightnin' Strikes the Postman, Waitin' For a Superman, What is the Light?; 4) Conan O'Brian '00: Waitin' for a Superman; 5) Craig Kilborn '02: Do You Realize??; 6) Japan '02: Do You Realize??, She Don't Use Jelly, Interview; 7) Letterman '03: Do You Realize??; 8) Do You Realize?? Official Video. 119 A/A+ DVD NTSC
The Flaming Lips - The Zaireeka DVD; 5.1 Surround Sound; 8 Audio Mixes of the 4 CDs, thus 8 Chapters: 1. Perfect Mix (All 4 CDs In Sync), 2-5. One of the 4 CDs separately, 6-7. 1and3 or 2and4, 8. Human Error Mix (All 4 CDs Out Of Sync); Tracklist and Videos used for each is too long to list here, but it's pretty awesome stuff. - - DVD NTSC
The Flaming Lips - 9-18-04, Jack Daniels Distillery, Lynchburg, TN, "The JD Set" for MTV2 Europe UK contest winners; satellite Source; + extras which are vcd quality; Set: (w/ interviews sprinkled throughout) Intro, Race for the Prize, The Gash, Yoshimi, Yoshimi part 2, The spark that bled, In the morning of the magicians, She don't use jelly - baloon jam, Do you realize?. - - DVD NTSC
The Flaming Lips - 6-23-06, O2 Wireless Festival, Hyde Park, London, England; E4 DVB-T Re-broadcast 9-x-06; Pro-shot; Setlist: 1. Yeah Yeah Yeah Song, 2. Do You Realize?. 11 A+ mpeg-2 PAL
- - - -
Franz Ferdinand - 6-25-04, Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, UK + EXTRAS; DVB BBC3 TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Glasto, 46 min: 1. Come On Home, 2. Tell Her Tonight, 3. Take Me Out, 4. 40ft, 5. Van Tango, 6. Auf Achse, 7. The Dark Of The Matinee, 8. Jacqueline, 9. Shopping For Blood, 10. Michael, 11. Darts Of Pleasure, 12. This Fire; EXTRAS, 50 min: 1) TOTP, Live From Glastonbury, 6-25-04: Take Me Out; 2) Glastonbury, "I'm on BBC Three now...", 6-25-04; 3) Live at T In The Park Festival, 7-11-04: Dark Of The Matinee, Take Me Out, Interview; 4) Live at Pinkpop, 5-31-04: Interview, Dark Of The Matinee, Jacqueline, Take Me Out; 5) Friday Night w/ Jonathan Ross, 5-21-04: Darts Of Pleasure; 6) Later... w/ Jools Holland, 11-21-03: Darts Of Pleasure (Audio Only); 7) XFM 104.9, Live Radio Session, 1-12-04: Take Me Out, Cheating On You, 40ft. 96 A/A+ DVD PAL
- - - -
Antony and The Johnsons - 6-17-05, Later w/ Jools Holland, England, UK; DVB-S > Pioneer 520; Set: 1. Hope There's Someone. 4 A+ DVD PAL
Antony and The Johnsons - 11-22-05, BBC4 Sessions, LSO St Luke's, London, England, Broadcast 12-16-05; Menu and Chapters; Also includes some on-the-road footage of Antony during his first major UK tour, talking about his fascinating life to date and how his life has changed since winning the Mercury Music Prize; Set: My Lady Story, For Today I Am a Buoy, Spiralling, You Are My Sister, Fistful of Love, Hope There's Someone, I Fell in Love With a Dead Boy, River of Sorrow (w/ Marc Almond), The Guests, Bird Gerhl, Candy Says. - A+ DVD PAL
Antony and The Johnsons - Hope There's Someone - - mpeg
- - - -
Cat Power - 1-4-95, Dottie's, Atlanta, GA; w/ Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth on drums; Aud Cam, up close > VHS(?); Set: 1. Dear Brother (Hank Williams), 2. Enough, 3. Ice Water, 4. Itchyhead, 5. Still In Love (Hank Williams), 6. S Walker (This Kind of Punishment), 7. We All Die, 8. Rockets, 9. 3 Times, 10. ? (new song), 11. Wealthy Man. 50 B+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Nina Nastasia - 4-14-06, "New York Night" 2nd Set, Goldenmask-Club, Na Strastnom Theatrical Centre, Moscow, Russia; InDeeD Music IDDDVD 020; Aud Cam, tripod, balcony, Sony DCR-TRV740E; Set: 1. -, 2. I Go With Him, 3. I Say That I Will Go, 4. Stormy Weather, 5. -, 6. You, Her And Me, 7. -, 8. All For You, 9. -, 10. In The Graveyard, 11. -, 12. Ocean, 13. -, 14. -; Band: Nina Nastasia - vocal, guitar, Jim White - drums, Dylan Fitzgerald - violin. 48 - DVD PAL
- - - -
Mazzy Star - TV Compilation 1993 - 1996; Menus and Chapters (well done, Voxcon); Includes: MTV Europe Live, 11-01-1993: Into Dust, Ride It On, Ghost Highway, Blue Light; T In The Park, Scotland, 11-01-1993: Flowers In December; Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, 08-23-1994: Fade Into You; Later w/ Jools Holland, 1994: Blue Flower, Fade Into You; Much Music Live, Canadian TV, 1994: Halah; ABC In Concert, US TV, 1994: Halah, Ghost Highway; MTV In Studio, 1994: Bells Ring; MTV In Studio, 1996: Sometimes Always (Hope Sandoval w/ The Jesus and Mary Chain). 74 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Vincent Gallo - Honey Bunny - - mpeg
- - - -
Scott H. Biram - 6-7-04, Parlour, Austin, TX; Set: Get Me Religion, Goin' Down Slow, Freight Train Boogie, Downtown Chicken, Ella Speed, Open Up Them Pearly Gates, I Hit The Road, Wreck My Car, Green Onions - Cold River, You Don't Know My Mind, Tom Hughes Town, Tell Me Baby How You Want Your Rolling Done (?), God Don't Work Like A Natural Man (?), Raising Hell Again, Whiskey, Money, Don't Think 'Cause You're Pretty, Ain't Gunna Worry My Mind, Muleskinner's Blues, Bad Luck & Trouble, Lost Case Of Being Found, Going Down South, Truck Driver, Broadminded, God Moves On The Water, Single Girl, I See The Light, If You Love Sombody Enough You'll Eat Their Butthole, Blues In The Bottle, Throw a Boogie - Black Betty - Just a Little Bit, We Shall Be Free, Sweet Thing, McKinley Blues, True Religion. - - DVD NTSC
Scott H. Biram - 7-24-04, CapZeyeZ (public access TV Show), Austin, TX; 3 cam live mix; SBD; Set: Interview, Blood Sweat & Murder, Green Onions - Cold River, Blow Your Whistle Freight Train, Go Down Ol' Hannah, Don't You Mind People Grinnin' In Your Face, Ella Speed, Whiskey, Muleskinner's Blues, Broadminded, Fixin' To Die, Alcohol Blues, Sweet Thing, Freight Train Boogie, Plow You Under, Black Mountain Rag, Hit The Road, See The Light, Raisin' Hell Again, Wayfaring Stranger, Wreck My Car, Truckdriver, Long Chain Charlie and Moundsville, Easy Rider, Midnight Special. - - DVD NTSC
Scott H. Biram - 3-16-05, Red Eyed Fly, Austin, TX; SXSW; 2 cam studio mix; Mic/SBD mix; Set: Intro, Blood Sweat & Murder, Graveyard Shift (Is The One I Like), Cold River - Green Onions, Single Girl, Plow You Under, Alcohol Blues, Whiskey, Raisin' Hell Again, Long Chain Charlie, I See The Light, Hit The Road, Throw A Boogie - Black Betty, Ain't It A Shame. - - DVD NTSC
Scott H. Biram - 5-27-05, Jovita's, Austin, TX; 3 Cam live switch; Mics & SBD Mix; Set: Blues In The Bottle, We Shall Be Free, Graveyard Shift, Come Home Soon, Muleskinner Blues, Wreck My Car, 18 Wheeler Fever, Hit The Road, Green Onions - Cold RIver, Truckdriver, Alcohol Blues, Cocaine, See The Light - What's His Name?, That's A Big 10-4 (Hello This Is The Horny Toad), Church Babies (Welcome To The Church Of The Ultimate Fanatacism), Spoonful. - - DVD NTSC
Scott H. Biram - 8-26-05, Emo's (Inside), Austin, TX; Black and White; Aud cam and mics; first few songs missing; Graveyard Shift (partial), Broadminded, Downtown Chicken, See The Light, Spoonful (fade up, missed 1st part), How Long Is This Life Of Mine, Raising Hell Again (take 1 w/ Nashville Pussy comment), Raising Hell Again (puking remix), Buy my shit rant, Ledbelly medley, Hit The Road Again, Can I Get An Amen, Beautiful Kentucky Waltz, Church Babies, Plow You Under, Throw That Boogie, True Religion. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Wild World of Hasil Adkins - 1993; VHS(2) > DVD (no menu/chapters); A documentary on Hasil Adkins, the great innovator and madman of rockabilly. This documentary chronicles Hasil's boozing, womanizing and law-breaking antics. Filmmaker Julien Nitzberg's odyssey to bring The Wild World of Hasil Adkins to the screen is most telling: Shooting was held up for a year when Hasil threatened to kill and kick the director. He sure is a character. - OFFICIAL 28 - VHS(2); DVD NTSC
- - - -
Dick Dale - Misirlou, Live On Jools Holland - - mpeg/VCD
- - - -
Hank Williams III and Assjack - 5-7-02, Room 710, Austin, TX (2 camera mix) 62 - mpeg
- - - -
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - 5-24-84, Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany; Aud Cam w/ tripod, B/W w/ trippy flashing colors; 5 min SA Chapters; The Band: NC, Mick Harvey, Edward Clayton-Jones (replaces Blixa Bargeld), Barry Adamson, Hugo Race; Set: A Box For Black Paul, From Her To Eternity, I Put A Spell On You, Mutiny In Heaven, Cabin Fever, Well Of Misery, Saint Huck, Avalanche, In The Ghetto. 61 B+ DVD PAL
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - 1997, MTV Europe, "LIVE N LOUD"; Black and White; Menu and Chapters; from VHS(M, stereo); The Boatman's Call era; Set: 1. Into my arms, 2. Brompton Oratory, 3. West country girl, 4. Far from me, 5. The Carny, + Bonus: 6. Death Is Not The End (MTV Most Wanted 1995 (w/ Kylie Minogue, Shane MacGowan, Blixa Bargeld; out of sync). 25 A DVD PAL
Nick Cave - "The Hermit Master Series", 1. South Bank Show, UK TV Doc originally Broadcast 8-10-03, Rebroadcast 2005; 2. The Tube, UK TV Show Broadcast 4-8-86, "The Singer"; 3. Glastonbury Festival '94, UK TV Broadcast 6-25-94, "Loverman". 61 - DVD PAL
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - 2 Shows in Berlin, Germany; 5-10-01, Columbiahalle + 11-24-00, Freie VolksbÅhne; from Silver Bootleg; Aud shot; Sets: Columbiahalle, 91min: As I Sat Sadly By Her Side, Oh My Lord, Lime Tree Arbour, Red Right Hand, We Came Along This Road, Do You Love Me?, God Is In the House, Hallelujah, 15 Feet of Pure White Snow, Papa Won't Leave You Henry, The Weeping Song, Mercy Seat, And No More Shall Be Part, Love Letter, Saint Huck, The Ship Song, The Course of Millhaven. Freie VolksbÅhne, 35min, mainly solo piano: Into My Arms, Sad Voice, Mercy Seat, And No More Shall Be Part, Love Letter, Little Jenny's Gone, West Country Girl, Henry Lee. 126 - DVD NTSC?
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - 11-11-04, Brixton Academy, London, England, "The Abattoir Blues Show", UK Ch4 DVB-TV Broadcast in 2005; Pro-Shot; Set: Hiding All The Way, There She Goes My Beautiful World, Red Right Hand, Stagger Lee. 11 A DVD PAL
- - - -
Neutral Milk Hotel - 12-31-98, 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA + NMH/Jeff Mangum - 10-14-97, 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA; AUD Cam; Menu and Chapters; from VHS; Chapters: 1998, 13min: 1. Intro, 2. Engine, 3. Oh Sister, 4. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea; 1997, 48min: 1. Intro, 2. Two Headed Boy (aborted), 3. Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone, 4. The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1 2 and 3, 5. A Baby For Pree, 6. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, 7. I Will Bury You In Time, 8. Engine, 9. Holland, 1945, 10. Naomi, 11. She Did A Lot of Acid, 12. Rubby Bulbs, 13. Oh Comely. 61 A/A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
Manic Street Preachers - 1-11-96 (or 1-16?), Karacho In Concert, Frankfurt, Germany, Live TV Studio Performance; Pro-Shot; Menu and Chapters; from VHS(?); Set: 1. Intro, 2. Enola/Alone, 3. Everything Must Go, 4. From Despair To Where, 5. Australia, 6. La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh), 7. Motorcycle Emptiness, 8. No Surface All Feeling, 9. Elvis Impersonator:Blackpool Pier, 10. A Design For Life, 11. Kevin Carter, 12. You Love Us. - - DVD PAL
- - - -
Sonic Youth - 3-21-89, Polytechnic, Leeds, England, Daydream Nation Tour; AUD Cam; No Menu, SA Chapters; Unknown VHS Lineage; Set, 59 min: The Sprawl, Cross the Breeze, Teenage Riot, Hey Joni, Candle, Kissability, Eric's Trip, World Looks Red, The Wonder, Hyperstation, Silver Rocket; + BONUS: 5-7-03, PBS Soundstage, Chicago, IL; Pro-shot; Set, 20 min: Rain On Tin, The Empty Page, Karenology, Plastic Sun, Mariah Carey & The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream, Sympathy For The Strawberry. 79 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Nirvana - 10-11-89, The Garage, Denver, CO, "Rocky Mountain High"; Stage Cam; from VHS; Menu and Chapters by Boddah; Setlist: 1. School, 2. Scoff, 3. Love Buzz, 4. Floyd the Barber, 5. Dive, 6. Polly, 7. Big Cheese, 8. About A Girl, 9. Token Eastern Song, 10. Even In His Youth, 11. Breed, 12. Spank Thru, 13. Stain, 14. Been A Son, 15. Negative Creep, 16. Blew. - B+ DVD NTSC
Nirvana - 10-19-91, Trees Club, Dallas, TX (shot from on stage. The show where Kurt gets into the fight w/ the bouncer) Includes: Formaldehyde/ Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam/ Aneurysm/ Drain You/ School/ Floyd The Barber/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ About A Girl/ Polly/ Breed/ Sliver/ Love Buzz/ Pennyroyal Tea/ Negative Creep/ On A Plain/ Blew/ Lithium/ Rape Me/ Territorial Pissings. 75 - mpeg/VCD
Nirvana - 1-10-92, "Unseen" MTV Studios, NY, NY; Pro-Shot; Includes: Drain You, School, Molly's Lips, Polly, Aneurysm, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Territorial Pissings. 24 - mpeg/VCD
Nirvana - 8-30-92, Reading Festival, Reading, UK; Pro-shot; w/ Timestamp; Chapters but no Menu; Gen: VID(M)>STANDALONE>DVDR; Setlist: Breed • Drain You • Aneurysm • School • Sliver • In Bloom • Come As You Are • Lithium • About A Girl • tourette's • Polly • Lounge Act • More Than A Feeling (part of) • Smells Like Teen Spirit • On A Plain • Negative Creep • Been A Son • All Apologies • Blew • Dumb • Stay Away • Spank Thru • Love Buzz • The Money Will Roll Right In • D-7 • Territorial Pissings • The Star-Spangled Banner (incomplete). 102 - DVD PAL
Nirvana - 11-18-93, MTV Unplugged Uncut, Sony Music Studios, NYC, NY; Generation: VID(1) > D8(1) > DVD; split into 2 discs, best quality available (VHS(5) for xvcd)'; Chapters: 1. About A Girl, 2. Come As You Are, 3. Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam, 4. The Man Who Sold The World, 5. Pennyroyal Tea, 6. Dumb, 7. Polly, 8. On A Plain, 9. Something In The Way, 10. Plateau, 11. Oh Me, 12. Lake Of Fire, 13. All Apologies, 14. Where Did You Sleep Last Night. 78 - XVCD/DVD NTSC
Nirvana - 2-4-94, NPA Paris TV (Rape Me, Pennyroyal Tea, Drain You) 12 - mpeg
Nirvana - 9-25-93, SNL, Heart-Shaped Box, Rape Me - - mpeg
Nirvana - 9-25-93, SNL Rehearsals 38 - avi/divx
Nirvana - MTV Video Music Awards, Lithium - - mpeg
Nirvana - 2-23Nirvana - SNL, 1992 (Teen Spirit, Territorial Pissings) - - -
Nirvana - SNL, 1992 (Teen Spirit, Territorial Pissings) 9+ - avi/divx
- - - -
Col. Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains - 5-3-03, State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA; 2 Aud Cam Mix (balcony + floor); Matrix Audio; great camerawork and superb editing; mostly improv based. - - NTSC DVD
- - - -
Dread Zeppelin - 6-9-91, Toad's Place, York St, New Haven, CT, "Stairway to New Haven CT”; Tripod w/ minimal zooming, mostly wide shot; Menu and Chapters; from VHS(ebay); Chapters: 1. Forgetting About Business, 2. Black Dog, 3. Whole Lota Love, 4. Heart Breaker Hotel, 5. Nobodies, Fault But Mine, 6. Do'in the Claw, 7. Communications Breakdown, 8. The Song Remains the Same, 9. Misty Mountain Hop, 10. Big'ol Gold Belt, 11. Band Intros, 12. Viva Los Vegas, 13. Your Time is Gonna Come, 14. Stairway to Heaven. 83 - NTSC DVD
Dread Zeppelin - 9-1-94, The Palomino Club, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA; Aud Cam; from VHS; Chapters; Feat: Tortelvis, Butt Boy, Jah Paul Jones, Spice, Carl Jah, Ed Zeppelin; Set: 1. intro by Colonel K, 2. intro by Ed Zeppelin, 3. Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love, 4. Immigrant Song >, 5. War! > Immigrant Song, Charlie Haj intro, Colonel K intro, 6. Good Times, Bad Times, 7. Heartbreaker (At the End of Lonely Street) >, 8. guitar solo > jam >, 9. Moby Dick (w/ Tortelvis on drums), jam > Heartbreaker (At the End of Lonely Street), 10. Tortelvis speaks, 11. Do the Claw, 12. ?? Good Rockin' Tonight ??, 13. Brick Houses of the Holy, 14. audience questions for Tortelvis, 15. Unchained Melody //, 16. // stage banter, I Can't Quit You Baby, 17. Whole Lotta Love >, 18. Kashmir > Do the Claw >, 19. Stir It Up > jam // jam, 20. ?? Hot and Spicy Bean Burger ??, 21. Bring It On Home >, 22. Big Ol' Gold Belt > band intros >, 23. Charlie Haj > Viva Las Vegas, 24. Stairway To Heaven > closing vamp. 82 - NTSC DVD
- - - -
Violent Femmes - 4-2-85, La Edad de Oro, Prado del Rey, Madrid, Spain; TVE2 DVB-T Digital Rebroadcast on 12-30-06 TVE 50 Years; Includes Interview (11 min, w/ subtittles, turn channel on, spanish > english); Pro-shot; Set, 87 min: 1. Blister in The Sun, 2. Promise, 3. Country Dead Song, 4. Prove My Love, 5. Never Tell, 6. Old Mother Reagan, 7. Gimme The Car, 8. Add It Up, 9. Kiss Off (Batman theme in the middle), 10. Hallowed Ground, 11. I Hear The Rain, 12. Jesus Walking On The Water, 13. Gone Daddy Gone (Stars imitating high school Cheerleaders), 14. Confessions, 15. Old Mother Reagan (2nd take), 16. To the Kill, 17. Ugly, 18. Faith, 19. Black Girls ("I want candy" in the middle?). 98 A NTSC PAL
- - - -
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 11-24-86, St Louis, MO, "Mississippi Nights"; Pro Shot; amazing early footage filmed by the venue's crew, features the original lineup: Hillel Slovak on guitar and Jack Irons on drums; VHS(2) Pal; Setlist: 1. Out in LA, 2. Buckle Down, 3. Jungle Man, 4. Backwoods, 5. Blackeyed Blonde, 6. Anarchy in the UK, 7. Green Heaven, 8. Nervous Breakdown, 9. Police Helicopter, 10. Baby Appeal, 11. Theme song from "Rocky", 12. Get up Stand Up, 13. Me and My Friends, 14. Catholic School Girls Rule, 15. Lovin' and Touchin', 16. Special Secret Song Inside, 17. Neutron Bomb, 18. Get Up and Jump, 19. Nevermind, 20. Yertle the Turtle, 21. Fire (Intro), 22. Foxy Lady.. Quality: B - video, A - Audio. - B+/A- DVD NTSC
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 10-x-89, KUKQ Alternative Radio Festival, Big Surf Water Park, Tempe, AZ, Mother's Milk Tour; Aud Cam, tripod but still shakey at times; VHS(?) > DVD; No Menus, Wacky Chapters; Setlist: Intro, Out in L.A., Backwoods, Dr Funkenstein (Clinton cover), Funky Crimes, Jam (?), Good Time Boys, Good God (aka Get Up Offa Tha Thing, James Brown cover), Love Trilogy, Boys in the Hood, Special Secret Song Inside (Party on Your Pussy), Pretty Little Ditty, Hollywood (Africa), Knock Me Down, Jam (Pre-"Magic Johnson" instrumental version ?), Organic Anti-Beat Box Band, Castles Made of Sand (Jimi Hendrix cover), Get Up and Jump, Nevermind, Encore: Crosstown Traffic (Jimi Hendrix cover). 60 A- DVD NTSC
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 5-27-90, Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Holland; Proshot; MTV Broadcast > VHS(?) > mpeg; Setlist: 1. Out In L.A., 2. Backwoods, 3. Dr. Funkenstein (Clinton cover), 4. Inca Roads (Frank Zappa cover), 5. Funky Crime, 6. Anarchy In The U.K. (Sex Pistols cover), 7. Stone Cold Bush, 8. If You Got Funk, You Got Style (Funkadelic cover), 9. Nobody Weird Like Me, 10. Tiny Dancer / Boyz-N-The Hood (NWA cover), 11. Party On Your Pussy, 12. Pretty Little Ditty, 13. Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder cover), 14. Knock Me Down, 15. Castles Made Of Sand (Jimi Hendrix cover ), 16. Me And My Friends. 49 A VCD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 11-5-91, Landmark Theatre, Troy, NY; AUD Cam; from VHS; Setlist: 1. Love Trilogy, 2. Organic Anti-Beat Box Band, 3. No Head No Backstage Pass, 4. Suck My Kiss, 5. Funky Crime, 6. Subterranean Homesick Blues, 7. Give It Away, 8. Nobody Weird Like Me, 9. If You Have To Ask, 10. Stone Cold Bush, 11. Party On Your Pussy, 12. Bullet Proof, 13. Jam, 14. Subway To Venus, 15. Under The Bridge, 16. Me And My Friends, 17. Felas Cock, 18. Higher Ground, 19. Yertle the Turtle / Freaky Styley Medley, 20. Search and Destroy. 90 B+ avi divx
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 6-4-99, Sodra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden, Pro-Shot; redhotlivedvd; (Flea, Anthony, John, Chad) 1. Emit Remmus, 2. Give It Away, 3. Tiny Dancer, 4. Scar Tissue, 5. If You Have To Ask, 6. Around The World, 7. I Could Have Lied, 8. Californication, 9. Blood Sugar Sex Magik, 10. Jam, 11. Soul To Squeeze, 12. Me And My Friends, 13. Bring It On Home, 14. Power Of Equality. Extras: Pre-show interview + Bonus video clips hidden somewhere in screens. (from VHS) - - DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 8-20-99, Bizarre Festival, Cologne, Germany; Pro-Shot; redhotlivedvd; (Flea, Anthony, John, Chad) 1. Around The World, 2. Give It Away, 3. Scar Tissue, 4. Suck My Kiss, 5. Soul To Squeeze, 6. I Like Dirt, 7. If You Have To Ask, 8. Organic Anti Beat Box Band, 9. My Lovely Man, 10. Right On Time, 11. Under The Bridge, 12. Me And My Friends, 13. Yertle The Turtle, 14. Freaky Styley, 15. Cosmic Slop. (from PAL VHS) - - DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 1-9-00, Budokan, Tokyo, Japan; + the preshow interview and lots of Japanese Promo's; Pro-Shot; redhotlivedvd; Japanese TV Broadcast; Menu and Chapters; Setlist: 1. Around The World, 2. Give It Away, 3. Scar Tissue, 4. Suck My Kiss, 5. If You Have To Ask, 6. Blackeyed Blonde, 7. I Could Have Lied, 8. Organic Anti-Beat Box Band, 9. I Like Dirt, 10. My Lovely Man, 11. Right On Time, 12. Under The Bridge, 13. Me & My Friends, 14. Sir Psycho Sexy. - A DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 1-26-00, Big Day Out, RAS Showgrounds, Homebush, Sydney, AUS; Pro-shot; TV Broadcast; Setlist: 1. Around The World, 2. Give It Away, 3. Untitled - Crowd Control - Scar Tissue (aborted), 4. Scar Tissue, 5. Suck My Kiss, 6. If You Have To Ask, 7. Otherside, 8. Skinny Sweaty Man, 9. Your Pussys Glued To A Building On Fire, 10. I Could Have Lied, 11. Easily, 12. Californication, 13. Right On Time, 14. Under The Bridge, 15. Me And My Friends, Encore: 16. Soul To Squeeze, 17. The Power Of Equality. 74 A VCD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - L'Olympia, Paris, France, 6-6-02 (from MTV) + Australian Channel V 2002 (1 hour Special, Interviews and music videos, end missing); redhotlivedvd; (Flea, Anthony, John, Chad) Setlist for Paris: By the way, Scar Tissue, Give it away, I could have lied, Otherside, Dont forget me, Havanna Affair, Californication, Search and destroy. (from PAL VHS, Menus and chapters) - - DVD PAL?
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 4-27-03, Coachella Festival, Empire Polo Field, Indio, CA; Pro-Shot; redhotlivedvd; (Flea, Anthony, John, Chad) 1. By The Way, 2. Universally Speaking, 3. Scar Tissue, 4. Maybe (John Solo - Chantels cover), 5. Around the World, 6. Parallel Universe, 7. Suck My Kiss, 8. Zephyr Song, 9. Otherside, 10. Don't Forget Me, 11. Road Trippin', 12. I Could Have Lied, 13. Can't Stop, 14. Californication, 15. Give It Away. - - DVD PAL?
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 5-20-03, Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY; Aud cam (balcony, very steady, nice zooms); menu and chapters; redhotlivedvd; (Flea, Anthony, John, Chad) 1. By The Way, 2. Scar Tissue, 3. Around The World, 4. Maybe (John solo), 5. Universally Speaking, 6. Parallel Universe, 7. The Zephyr Song, 8. Havana Affair, 9. Breaking The Girl, 10. Throw Away Your Television, 11. Otherside, 12. Don't Forget Me, 13. Right On Time, 14. I Could Have Lied, 15. Can't Stop, 16. Californication, 17. Cosmic Slop, 18. Give It Away, 19. Under The Bridge, 20. Me And My Friends. 98 - DVD NTSC
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 10-11-03, Great Western Forum, Los Angeles, CA; 2 camera mix, both from dead center, tripod stable, sony trv340 + canon zr70; Audio: sony ecm-719(?); Menus and Chapters; Setlist: Intro, By The Way, Scar Tissue, Around The World, Maybe (John Solo), Parallel Universe, Latest Disgrace (Fugazi), Universally Speaking, I Feel Love (Donna Summer, written by Giorgio Moroder), The Zephyr Song, Throw Away Your Television, Havana Affair (The Ramones), Otherside, Purple Stain, Don't Forget Me, Right On Time, I Could Have Lied, Can't Stop, Californication, What Is Soul? (P-Funk), Give It Away, Under The Bridge, Me & My Friends. - A-/A DVD NTSC
Red Hot Chili Peppers - VH1 Ultimate Albums: Blood Sugar Sex Magik; VH2 Europe Re-Broadcast in 2005; Originally Broadcast on VH1 Europe in 2003; The program contains excellent footage from the recordings of BSSM not seen on the Funky Monks DVD and interviews w/ the band and Rick Rubin. 42 A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 6-5-04, Rock Am Ring, Nürburgring, Eifel, Germany; Source: Rockpalast(WDR) DVB-S, Pro-Shot; Menu and Chapters; Complete Broadcast, Imcomplete Performance; Setlist: 1. Can't Stop, 2. Brandy, 3. Get On Top, 4. Blackcross, 5. Give It Away. 26 A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 7-25-04, Rock Odyssey Festival, Yokohama, Japan; Pro-shot; partial show; 1. Can't Stop, 2. Around the World, 3. By the Way, 4. Fortune Faded, 5. Throw Away Your Television, 6. Universally Speaking, 7. Get on Top, 8. Don't Forget Me, 9. Californication, 10. Parallel Universe, 11. Under the Bridge, 12. Give it Away. 60 A/A+ DVD NTSC
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 4-14-06, Tonight w/ Jonathan Ross, BBC1 TV Broadcast; Pro-Shot; Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. Dani California, 2. Give It Away. 11 A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 4-15-06, Top Of The Pops, BBC Television Centre Car Park, Wood Lane, London, England; Broadcast BBC2 4-30-06; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; NTL Cable > ATI AIW 9800 + SB Live > ATI MMC 8Mbps min 9Mbps max MPG2 > TMPGEncDVDAuthor; Setlist: 1. Dani California, 2. Scar Tissue, 3. Tell Me Baby, 4. Snow (Hey Oh), 5. Under The Bridge, 6. Give It Away. 32 A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 4-18-06, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain; Complete Broadcast, Incomplete Show; Pro-shot; Simple Menu, Chapters at 10 min intervals; DVB rip; Setlist: Can't Stop, Charlie, Scar Tissue, Dani California, Hump de Bump, 21st Century, Me and My Friends, Tell Me Baby, Right On Time, By The Way, Under The Bridge, Give It Away. 53 A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 4-20-06, La Cigale, Paris, France, Private show, Broadcasted on MCM, 5-5-06; Pro-shot; Digital Cable TV > Standalone DVD Recorder; Setlist: 1. INTRO, 2. CAN'T STOP, 3. CHARLIE, 4. SCAR TISSUE, 5. TELL ME BABY, 6. ME AND MY FRIENDS, 7. HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE (Bee Gees cover, John solo), 8. DANI CALIFORNIA, 9. 21ST CENTURY, 10. DON'T FORGET ME, 11. RIGHT ON TIME, 12. BY THE WAY, 13. SOUL TO SQUEEZE, 14. SEX RAP; Included on DVD called "Paris 2006" w/ 4-21-06 "Taratata" French TV Show. 60 A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 4-21-06, "Taratata" French TV Show, La Plaine St Denis, Taratata, France; Broadcasted on France 4, 5-5-06; Pro-shot; Digital Cable TV > Standalone DVD Recorder; Setlist: 1. GIVE IT AWAY, 2. INTERVIEW (ANTHONY & FLEA), 3. DANI CALIFORNIA, 4. JAM, 5. CAN'T STOP, BONUS: 6. RHCP REHEARSALS, 7. END OF THE SHOW, 8. HAVANA AFFAIR, 9. TELL ME BABY; Included on DVD called "Paris 2006" w/ 4-20-06 La Cigale, Paris. 47 A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 4-23-06, Den Grå Hal, Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark; Pro-Shot Swedish TV Broadcast on 9-22-06; Complete Broadcast, Incomplete Set; Menu and Chapters; A promo show played in a small venue w/ ~700 people in the crowd, including kids from the Danish Royal family; Set: 1. Around the world, 2. I feel love, 3. Dani California, 4. Tell me baby, 5. Don't forget me, 6. Give it away. 28 A/A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 4-26-06, TV Total, DVB-S TV Broadcast; Chapters but No Menu; Set: 1. Interview (Stefan Raab), 2. Dani California. 17 A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 4-29-06, The Alcatraz, Milan, Italy, "MTV Live at Alcatraz"; Pro-shot; Cable TV>LG HD-recorder; Setlist: 1. Intro Jam, 2. Can't Stop, 3. Charlie, 4. Tell Me Baby, 5. Emily, 6. Me and My Friends, 7. Dani California, 8. Scar Tissue, 9. By The Way, 10. Give It Away. 43 A/A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 5-6-06, Saturday Night Live, NBC Studios, New York, NY; Set: 1. Dani California, 2. Give It Away. 11 A+ DVD NTSC
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 5-9-06, 7th Ave Drop: "Breaking The Record", Fuse 7th Avenue Studio, NYC, NY; A PRESENCE PRODUCTION; RushHD Broadcast; Pro-Shot; Chapters but no Menu; Chapters: 1. Intro - Can't Stop, 2. Charlie, 3. Interview, 4. Scar Tissue, 5. Interview, 6. Dani California, 7. Interview, 8. Right On Time, 9. Interview, 10. How Deep Is Your Love, 11. Snow (Hey Oh), 12. Interview, 13. Tell Me Baby, 14. Interview, 15. Me & My Friends, 16. Interview - closing credits. 48 A+ DVD NTSC
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 5-x-06, T4 Music Presents... The Red Hot Chili Peppers, London, UK, First Broadcast on Channel 4, UK 5-13-06; Set: 1. Dani California, 2. Interview, 3. Descration Smile, 4. Interview, 5. Tell Me Baby, 6. Under The Bridge. 26 A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 6-3-06, Rock In Rio-Lisboa (World Stage), Parque da Bela Vista, Lisbon, Portugal; Complete Broadcast; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; DVB-S; Setlist: Jam, Can't Stop, Dani Cali, Scar Tissue, Charlie, Otherside, Tell Me Baby, How Deep Is Your Love? (John), Throw Away Your Television/Don't You Ever Leave, Snow (Hey Oh), Me & My Friends, Stadium Arcadium, Right On Time (London Calling intro), Don't Forget Me, 21st Century, Californication, By the Way, Encore: Chad Drum/John plays part of "Tonight, I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight" - Spinal Tap, Under The Bridge, You're Gonna Get Yours, Give it Away. 103 A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 6-5-06, Pinkpop Festival, Megaland, Landgraaf, Netherlands/Holland (Limburg); Broadcast on Nederland 3, Dutch TV; Pro-Shot; Menu and Chapters; digital cable > standalone recorder; Setlist: dani california, scar tissue, charlie, otherside, tell me baby, drum solo, under the bridge, give it away, Goodbye jam. 42 A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 7-8-06, T In The Park Festival, Balado Airfield, Kinross, Scotland; Menu and Chapters; Source: BBC UK DVB; Chapters: 1. Interview, 2. Dani California, 3. Scar Tissue, 4. Warlocks, 5. Throw Away Your Television, 6. Right On Time, 7. Tell Me Baby, 8. By The Way, 9. Under The Bridge, 10. Give It Away, 11. end. 48 A+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 10-31-06, Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH, "Halloweenytown"; Incomplete show (camera battery); Menu and Chapters; w/ slideshow; Source: hand-held Canon NTSC DC20 mini-DVD camera; the bonus Frusc "guitar world" has been omitted but still included in the menu; Chapters: 1. Titles, 2. Intro Jam, 3. Can't Stop, 4. Dani California, 5. Scar Tissue, 6. Charlie (w/ Omar Rodriguez from Mars Volta on percussion), 7. Readymade (excerpt), 8. Throw Away Your Television, 9. Hump de Bump, 10. Maybe (John solo), 11. Snow Hey Oh, 12. C'Mon Girl (excerpt), 13. Right On Time, 14. Higher Ground, 15. Tell Me Baby. 60 A- DVD NTSC
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 11-27-06, Stuttgart, Germany, Hanns-Martin Schleyer Halle; Menu and Chapters; Aud Cam; "quite far away and people dancing in front of me, but it's still quite good." and it's very shakey; Setlist: 1. Jam, 2. Can't Stop, 3. Dani California, 4. Scar Tissue, 5. Jam, 6. Charlie, 7. Fortune Faded, 8. 21st Century, 9. Blood Sugar Sex Magik, 10. John Solo, 11. Snow (Hey Ho), 12. C'mon Girl, 13. Higher Ground, 14. Tell Me Baby, 15. Don't Tell Me, 16. Right On Time, 17. Jam, 18. Californication, 19. By The Way, 20. Flea's Trumpet Solo, 21. Under The Bridge, 22. Your Gonna Get Yours, 23. Give It Away, 24. Jam. 110 B+ DVD PAL
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 12-11-06, Globe Arena (Globen), Stockholm, Sweden; 2 cam; Chapters but no Menu; Unknown Source/Author; Disc 1: Intro Jam, Can't Stop, Dani California, Scar Tissue, Charlie, Desecration Smile, Fortune Faded, Readymade, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, How Can I Tell You (John), Snow (Hey Oh), Flea solo; Disc 2: Don't Forget Me, Unknown Intro > Hump De Bump, Nobody Weird Like Me, C'mon Girl, Unknown Jam, Californication, By The Way, E: Drum Solo, Under The Bridge, You're Gonna Get Yours > Give It Away, Unknown Outro Jam. 116 A DVD NTSC
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 7-3-07, Silesia Stadium (Stadion Slaski), Chorzow, Poland, TVN Poland TV Broadcast, Complete Broadcast, Imcomplete Show; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. Can't Stop, 2. Dani California, 3. Scar Time, 4. Ready Made, 5. Havanna Affair, 6. The Velvet Glove, 7. Emmit Remmus, 8. So Much I, 9. Californication, 10. By The Way. 43 A/A+ DVD PAL
- - - -
John Frusciante - 1-28-01, The Borderline, London, England, "To Record Only Water For Ten Days" Tour, Acoustic; redhotlivedvd; (Lin: UNknown > VHS (maybe 2nd gen) > LG GC99w > Adobe Premiere > Adobe Audition > Virtual DUB > TMPGenc > Adobe Encore / Adobe Photoshop); Video is off color. Audio is very good; 1. Been Insane, 2. Beginning Again, 3. Fallout, 4. So Would've I, 5. Jugband Blues (Syd Barrett), 6. With No One, 7. Going Inside, 8. Modern Love (David Bowie), 9. The First Season, 10. Untitled #11, 11. Mascara, 12. Life's a Bath, 13. Country Feedback (REM), 14. New Dawn Fades (Joy Division), 15. Representing, 16. In Relief, 17. Someone's, 18. Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo, 19. Big Takeover (Bad Brains), 20. Lucky (Radiohead), 21. Neighborhood Threat (Iggy Pop), 22. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Bauhaus), 23. Purity, 24. Beat Down, 25. Resolution, 26. My Smile Is A Rifle, 27. Saturation, 28. Rock'n'Roll Suicide (MISSING as it was only a few seconds). - A DVD PAL?
John Frusciante - 2-8-01, Paradiso, Amsterdam; redhotlivedvd; (Lin: Unknown > VHS(2) > LG GC99w > Adobe Premiere > Adobe Audition > Virtual DUB > TMPGenc > Adobe Encore / Adobe Photoshop); 1. Been Insane, 2. Going Inside, 3. The First Season, 4. Jugband Blues {Syd Barrett}, 5. Modern Love {Bowie}, 6. So Would've I, 7. Beat Down, 8. Untitled #11, 9. New Dawn Fades {Joy Division}, 10. Saturation, 11. Country Feedback {REM}, 12. Someone's, 13. Fallout, 14. Life's A Bath, 15. My Smile Is A Rifle, 16. Under The Bridge tease / Andy Warhol {Bowie}, 17. Under The Bridge tease / Rip Off {T-Rex }, 18. Representing, 19. Well, I've Been / Golden Hair {Syd Barrett}/ Well, I've Been, 20. Perfect Day {Lou Reed}, 21. Runaway {Del Shannon}, 22. Tiny Dancer {Elton John}, 23. Mascara, 24. Resolution, 25. Big Takeover {Bad Brains}, 26. Neighborhood Threat {Iggy Pop}, 27. The Last Hymn, 28. Water Music / improvisation (?), 29. In Relief. - A-/A DVD PAL
John Frusciante - The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Canada, 2-13-01 + Extras; Private shot; redhotlivedvd; Lin: Unknown > VHS (maybe 2nd) > LG GC99w > Adobe Premiere > Adobe Audition > Virtual DUB > TMPGenc > Adobe Encore/Photoshop; Setlist: 1. Been Insane, 2. Modern Love (David Bowie), 3. Representing, 4. Femininity, 5. My Smile Is A Rifle, 6. I Will Always Be Beat Down, 7. New Dawn Fades (JOy Division), 8. Someone's, 9. In Relief, 10. With No One, 11. Tiny Dancer (Elton John), 12. Perfect Day (Lou Reed) / Runaway (Del Shannon), 13. I JUst Wanna Have Something To Do (Ramones), 14. So Would've I, 15. Mascara (cuts); Extras: 1) Art TV Interview, 2004, english subs for german tv interview; 2) The Edge Radio station promo, 2-13-01, where John plays a few tracks. 60 B+ DVD PAL
John Frusciante - 3-15-01, Orensanz Center, NYC, NY; redhotlivedvd; Balcony w/ Sony DV Cam > ? > DVD; missing last few songs; Set: here is it, been insane, so what if i, good to be back, going inside, beatdown intro, beatdown, untitled #11, fallout, beginning intro, beginning, your pussy's glued to a building on fire, representing, happy birthday, jugband blues, untitled, untitles #12 intro, untitled #12, my smile is a rifle, in relief, with no one, mew dawn fades, wind up space, enter an uh, freedom, perfect day, run away, mascara. - A- DVD PAL?
John Frusciante - 3-19-01, The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA; Acoustic show; Anthony, Flea, Chad and Rick Rubin were in attendance; 2 Cam Aud Shot; No chapters or menu; Set: 1. Been Insane, 2. So Would've I, 3. Going Inside, 4. Neighborhood Threat - I Just Want To Have Something To Do, 5. I Just Want To Have Something To Do - Representing, 6. The First Season, 7. Saturation, 8. Beat Down, 9. In Relief, 10. I Was Afraid, 11. New Dawn Fades, 12. With No One, 13. Secret Side, 14. Well, I've Been, 15. Strange Love (aborted), 16. Runaway, 17. Fallout, 18. Life's A Bath, 19. Country Feedback, 20. Moments Have You (aborted) - Mascara (aborted), 21. Mascara, 22. Beginning Again, 23. Modern Love, 24. Jugband Blues, 25. Moments Have You (aborted), 26. Smile From The Streets You Hold, 27. Unknown, 28. Cut Out, 29. Bitch, 30. Strange Love. 96 A/A+ DVD PAL?
John Frusciante - 4-27-01, John Foley's, San Francisco, CA; AUD Cam; also included a VPRO '94 program; redhotlivedvd; Set: 1) been insane, 2) the first season, 3) life's a bath, 4) beat down, 5) modern love (david bowie), 6) curtain, 7) snowblind (black sabbath), 8) tiny dancer (elton john) hits, 9) your pussy's glued to a building on fire, 10) in dreams (roy orbison), 11) runaway (del shannon), 12) landslide (fleetwood mac), 13) lounge act (nirvana), 14) my smile is a rifle, 15) going inside, 16) in relief, 17) i was afraid, 18) saturation, 19) mascara, 20) strange love (depeche mode), 21) fallout hits, 22) Well I've been, 23) those magic changes ("grease" soundtrack), 24) with no one, 25) someone's, 26) beginning again, 27) so would've i, 28) rock and roll suicide (david bowie) - A-/A DVD NTSC
John Frusciante w/ Josh Klinghoffer and Flea - 1-5-04, Performance 2, Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, CA; Aud Cam; Set: 1. Jam, 2. Communique, 3. Jam, 4. Peon. 38 B+ DVD NTSC
John Frusciante - 3-21-04, "Performance 8", The Glasshouse, Pomona, CA; "Heavy Editing to make the show interesting."; Set: 1. An 8+ minute electronica song (Josh later that evening stated that they would not be releasing this song.), 2. The Days Have Turned; + BONUS: footage of Blonde Redhead (the shows headliners) as well as the encore of the show where John came out and jammed w/ Blonde Redhead. 26 B+ DVD PAL
John Frusciante w/ Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Flea - 10-16-04, GT Graphics; 2 Cam Mix; A short performance. They played 2 songs that they wrote in 2003 when Mars Volta were touring w/ the Chili Peppers. 21 - DVD NTSC
John Frusciante - 4-23-05, ATP Festival (All Tomorrows Parties), Camber Sands, UK, Acoustic Set + Bonus: Yoko Ono Jam (11 min); 4 Cam Mix + Amazing Audio; Menu and Chapters; redhotlivedvd; Set: Time Runs Out, Beat Down, Carvel, Been Insane, The First Season, XXXXX, XXXXX (security stopped tapers for 2 tracks), Purity (Penetrate Time), We are Going Wrong (Cream Cover), Control, Fallout, Untitled #11, Dying Song, So Would've I, How High, Untitled #3, Havana Affair (The Ramones Cover), The World's Edge, Leave All the Days Behind, Representing, Song to Sing When I'm Lonely, Time Tonight, The Will to Death. 66 A/A+ DVD PAL
- - - -
Sublime - 2-17-95, Las Palmas, Hollywood, CA; Semi-Pro-shot but still shakey; No Menu and 5 min Chapters; Transfered from original bootleg VHS(1or2); Set: 1. Minor Threat, 2. Garden Grove/Greatest Hits, 3. Badfish, 4. 40 oz. to Freedom, 5. Scarlet Begonias, 6. Dont Push/, 7. Garden Grove/, 8. Right Back/, 9. New Thrash, 10. 5446/House of Suffering, 11. All You Need, 12. Falling Idols, 13. Tuning Instrumental, 14. Tuning Instrumental, 15. We're Only Gonna Die, 16. DJs, 17. Ebin, 18. Pool Shark, 19. Let's Go Get Stoned. 76 B+/A- DVD NTSC
Sublime - 6-7-95, Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA; Aud Cam, tripod; "video and audio are quite good w/ some footage of the crazy mosh pit."; from ebay dvd; Set: 1. Intro, 2. STP, 3. Saw Red, 4. Scarlet Begonias, 5. Don't Push, 6. Garden Grove, 7. Right Back, 8. New Trash, 9. Poolshark, 10. Greatest Hits, 11. 5446, 12. House of Suffering, 13. Date Rape, 14. Hammer, 15. Hope, + Bonus (from another show): Get Ready (Crazy Fool) - Pawn Shop. 50 A-/A DVD NTSC
Sublime - 11-9-95, The Majestic Theater, Ventura, CA, (often shared as 5-24-96, their last show); Onstage Cam; Standalone Menu/Chapters; from VHS; Setlist: Saw Red (cuts in), 40 Oz To Freedom, STP (incl Wrong Way vocal ad-lib), Hope [The Descendants], Work That We Do, DJ's, Pool Shark, Pawn Shop Dub, Johnny Butt, 5446 [Toots & The Mayalls] > House Of Suffering (tease) > (Brad messes with the stage diver) > 5446 > Date Rape, Badfish (cut), Minor Threat, Scarlet Begonias [Grateful Dead] > Warning Sign, Myage. 50 A- DVD NTSC
Sublime - 4-5-96, House of Blues, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA; AUD Cam + SBD/webcast Audio; Menu and Chapters; from VHS(3); occasional still pics; Set: 1. Greatest Hits, 2. All You need, 3. Get ready, 4. Pawn Shop, 5. Wrong Way, 6. Work That We Do, 7. Saw Red, 8. Minor Threat, 9. Same in the End, 10. Seed, 11. Don't Push, 12. Garden Grove, 13. Right Back - KRS-One, 15. She, 16. Badfish, 17. Scarlet Begonias, 18. Prison oval rock, 19. I Love my Dog, 20. Falling Idols, 21. Johnny Butt, 22. 40 oz to Freedom, 23. Smoke two Joints, 24. STP, 25. Were only gonna Die from our Arrogance, 26. Let's go get Stoned, 27. Hope, 28. Cant Fight Against the Youth, 29. 5446, 30. Date Rape. 76 A-/A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Camper Van Beethoven - 1-20-06, Northern Lights Theater, Milwaukee, WI; Chapters; Aud Cam (tripod), Cam Audio; Set: 1. Intro, 2. ZZ Top Goes To Egypt, 3. Flowers, 4. Waka, 5. The Long Plastic Hallway, 6. Circles, 7. Tania, 8. Eye Of Fatima Pts. 1&2, 9. That Gum Explanation, 10. That Gum You Like, 11. Mao..., 12. One Of These Days, 13. Pictures Of Matchstick Men, 14. Prelude, 15. Sons Of The New Golden West, 16. 51-7, 17. Balalika Gap, 18. Take The Skinheads Bowling/, 19. Milita Song, 20. R&R Uzbekistan, 21. All Her Favorite Fruit, 22. She Devines Water, 23. 7 Languages, 24. History Of Utah, 25. Hippy Chix, 26. Club Med Sucks, 27. Interstellar Overdrive, Encore: 28. Turquoise Jewelry, 29. White Riot - (I Was So) Wasted - Shut us down (cut/mostly missing). 112 A NTSC DVD
- - - -
They Might Be Giants - 5-5-90, SUNY at New Paltz, New Paltz, NY; Aud Cam, from back-left, shakey; from VHS(low); Set: 1. Lie still, Little Bottle, 2. Particle Man, 3. Your Racist Friend, 4. Someone Keeps Moving My Chair, 5. I'll Sink Manhattan, 6. Ana Ng, 7. Lucky Ball and Chain, 8. Kiss Me, Son of God, 9. Hearing Aid, 10. Whistling in the Dark, 11. Purple Toupee, 12. The Famous Polka, 13. Where Your Eyes Don't Go, 14. She's an Angel, 15. Istanbul, 16. (She Was a) Hotel Detective, 17. Chess Piece Face, 18. Birdhouse in Your Soul, 19. Cowtown, 20. 32 Footsteps, 21. Road Movie to Berlin, 22. Twisiting, 23. Happy Birthday, Flans! (Flansburgh's birthday was the next day, so he was surprised w/ a cake on stage), 24. Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes, Encore: 25. Shoehorn with Teeth, 26. Don't Let's Start. 65 B/B+ NTSC DVD
- - - -
The Beatles - Introducing The Beatles (England's No. 1 Vocal Group), August 1962 thru October 1963; Label: Capital (Fake), 2004; Menu and Chapters; Remastered and taken from the best possible sources; Chapters: 1. Apple Intro, 2. Braverman's Condensed Cream of the Beatles, 1974 featurette, 3. Cavern Club, 8-22-62, Some Other Guy #1, 4. Cavern Club, 8-22-62, Some Other Guy #2, 5. Cavern Club, 8-22-62, Some Other Guy #3, 6. Promo Vid, Love Me Do (1982), 7. Promo Vid, Baby It's You (1994), 8. Promo Vid, Dezo Hoffman's Home Movies from July 1963 (in color), 9. Scene at 6:30, 8-14-63, Twist and Shout, 10. The Mersey Sound, 8-28 thru 8-30-63, Twist and Shout, 11. The Mersey Sound, 8-28 thru 8-30-63, Interviews, 12. The Mersey Sound, 8-28 thru 8-30-63, Beatles Interviews, 13. The Mersey Sound, 8-28 thru 8-30-63, She Loves You, 14. The Mersey Sound, 8-28 thru 8-30-63, Ending_Twist and Shout, 15. Big Night Out, 9-1-63, Intro, From Me To You, She Loves You, Twist and Shout, I Saw Her Standing There, 16. Ready Steady Go!, 10-4-63, Twist and Shout, 17. Ready Steady Go!, 10-4-63, Interviews, 18. Ready Steady Go!, 10-4-63, I'll Get You, 19. Ready Steady Go!, 10-4-63, Interviews, 20. Ready Steady Go!, 10-4-63, She Loves You, 21. Sundy Night at the London Palladium, 10-13-63, 22. Thank Your Lucky Stars, 10-20-63, Money, 23. Swedish Drop In, 10-13-63, She Loves You, Twist and Shout, I Saw Her Standing There, Long Tal Sally, Drop In Theme. 120 G/VG DVD NTSC
The Beatles - Turn Left At Greenland, The Beatles In America, February 1964; DarthDisc, # DD DVD 8-10, 2006; Menu and Chapters;
DVD 1, Newsreels and Raw Footage, 62 min: 1. Intro, 2. Beatles Off To America - London, 02-07-1964 (Pathé Newsreel), 3. Leaving Heathrow Airport, London, 4. Beatles Hit New York - NYC, 02-07-1964 (Movietone Newsreel fragment), 5. Arrival at Kennedy Airport, 6. Arrival & Press Conference (ABC/Capitol Records), 7. Press Conference, 8. Fans at Kennedy Airport, 9. Girls at Kennedy Airport Sing From Me To You (AP), 10. More Fans at Kennedy Airport, 11. Even More Fans at Kennedy Airport, 12. Beatles Conquer America - Kennedy Airport (Pathé Newsreel), 13. Fans at the Plaza Hotel, 14. Even More Fans at the Plaza Hotel, 15. Girls at the Plaza Hotel, Interview 1 (CBS), 16. Girls at the Plaza Hotel, Interview 2 (CBS), 17. Beatles at the Plaza Hotel, 18. Fans, 19. Fans, Beatles, 20. Merchandising - SELTAEB/Woolworth's, 21. Central Park, 02-08-1964, 22. Beatlemania Grips Gotham (Pathé Newsreel), 23. Das Welt Journal (German Newsreel), 24. February 7-8 Collage (BBC), 25. Exterior of Studio 50, 02-09-1964, 26. White Christmas Interview, 27. Plaza Hotel Interview, (CBS) 02-10-1964, 28. Gold Records Presentation, 29. Plaza Hotel Interview, (AP), 30. Arrival at Union Station, Washington, DC, 02-11-1964, 31. Arrival in Washington, alternate angle, 32. Washington DC Interviews, 33. The Beatles Triumphant Appearance in the DC! (Pop Movies Newsreel), 34. British Embassy, Washington, DC, 35. Outside Carnegie Hall, 02-12-1964, 36. w/ Cassius Clay, Miami, 02-18-1964, 37. Miami Airport, 02-21-1964, 38. .and now a word from our sponsor;
DVD 2, The Washington Coliseum Concert & The Ed Sullivan Rehearsal (Miami), 56 min: 1. Intro, Washington Coliseum Concert, 2. Closed Circuit Promo, 3. Intro and, 4. Roll Over Beethoven, 5. From Me To You, 6. Intro, 7. I Saw Her Standing There, 8. Intro, 9. This Boy, 10. Intro, 11. All My Loving, 12. Intro, 13. I Wanna Be Your Man, 14. Intro, 15. Please Please Me, 16. Intro, 17. Till There Was You, 18. She Loves You, 19. Intro, 20. I Want To Hold Your Hand, 21. Intro, 22. Twist & Shout, 23. Long Tall Sally (from video source), 24. From Me To You (from video source); "Ed Sullivan Show" rehearsal: 25. She Loves You, 26. This boy, 27. Intro, 28. All My Loving, 29. Intro (Sullivan), 30. I Saw Her Standing There, 31. From Me To You, 32. Intro, 33. I Want To Hold Your Hand, 34. Outro (Sullivan), 35. A bit more sparring, 36. .and now a word from our sponsor;
DVD 3, The Triumphant Return: What's Happening!?, 77 min: 1. Intro, 2. Das Welt Journal, 3. Arrival at Heathrow, 4. Welcome Home Beatles (Pathe Newsreel), 5. Arrival and Interview (ITN), 6. Interview (Granada), 7. Grandstand (BBC), 8. Interview (Swedish Television), 9. What's Happening! The Beatles in the USA (US version, 11-13-1964), 10. .and now a word from our sponsor.
195 - DVD NTSC
The Beatles - 4-28-64, "Around the Beatles", Wembley TV Studios, UK TV Special; B/W + Dolby Digital (mono) sound; The Beatles participated along w/ the UK pop scene. They performed a music set and played w/ their known humour on a Shakespeare scene from 'A Midsummer Nights Dream'. The songs except for 'Shout' were lip-synced, but over newly recorded (4.19.64, IBC Studios) versions; The guests were: Cilla Black, Sounds Incorporated, Millie, Long John Baldry, Andre Tayir, Murray the K, The Vernons Girls, P.J. Proby, The Jets, Trevor Peacock, George Harrison - Himself/Moonshine, John Lennon - Himself/Lady Thisbe, Paul McCartney - Himself/Pyramus, Ringo Starr - Himself/The Lion; The Beatles performed: Twist & Shout, Roll Over Beethoven, I Wanna Be Your Man, Long Tall Sally, Love Me Do, Medley: Please Please Me/From Me To You/She Loves You/I Want to hold your Hand/Can't Buy Me Love, Shout. 52 B+/A- DVD PAL
The Beatles - 6-20-65, Palais des Sports, Paris, France, Early Show, "The Beatles in Paris"; Black and White; Set: 1. Twist and Shout, 2. She's a Woman, 3. I'm a Loser, 4. Can't Buy me Love, 5. Baby's in Black, 6. I Wanna Be Your Man, 7. Hard Day's Night, 8. Everybody's Trying to be My Baby, 9. Rock n Roll Music (missing "I Feel Fine"), 10. Ticket To Ride, Encore: 11. Long Tall Sally. 31 B- mpeg/VCD
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Magical Mystery Tour, 1967 Compilation; Fab Productions; Menu and Chapters; Includes: June thru December 1967. Sgt Pepper Promo video; 69 Paul's LSD interview; 625 Our World broadcast of All You Need is Love w/ intro/outro; All You Need is Love color version; 767 John's Rolls Royce; 727 Julian's Caravan; 722-30 Greek Holiday Color Home Movies (3 sources); 731 London Airport; 820 Jason is Born (2 sources); 824 London Hilton (2 sources); 825 Euston Train Station and Bangor Arrival (many sources); 826 Bangor; 827 Brian's Death London; Paul and Jane leave Bangor; John, George, Ringo interview (multiple sources); 913 Southwest at 6 Report on MMT; 913 Plymouth raw footage (2 sources); 913 Holywell Color Home Movies; 913 Newquay Color Home Movies; 915 Bus Ride; 924 Your Mother Should Know w/ raw footage; 967 Beatles Cartoon Intro; Penny Lane Strawberry Fields and outro; 929 David Frost Show Clips (many sources); 1027 New London Synagogue; 2 How I Won The War Trailers; 1018 London Premiere of the movie (3 sources); 1067 9 min Man Behind the Beatles Richard Lester Documentary; 029 Paul in Nice, France; 1117 TVC Studios; 1121 Step Inside Love Rehearsal with Paul and Cilla w/ original rehearsal audio; 1126 Ed Sullivan show w/ Hello Goodbye #1 (Sgt. Pepper costumes) remaster, Hello Goodbye #2 (mod clothes), Hello Goodbye #3 (the boys clown around and in collarless suits), Hello Goodbye 1993 (Mod clothes, blue border and different stereo mix), Hello Goodbye 2000 (Sgt Pepper costumes with Mod clothes ending and clowning around and yet another different stereo mix); 124 Royal Art Institute (2 sources); 125 Apple Boutique Opening (3 sources), Magical Mystery Tour Trailer, I Am The Walrus with outtake footage and Beat Club; 1267 Beatles in the charts. 114 - DVD NTSC
The Beatles - 1-30-69, Abbey Road Studios Rooftop Concert (Apple Records), London, England; Pro-Shot; 1. Get Back #1, 2. Get Back #2, 3. Don't Let Me Down #1, 4. I've Got A Feeling #1, 5. One After 909, 6. Dig A Pony, 7. I've Got A Feeling #2, 8. Don't Let Me Down #2, 9. Get Back #3. - A DVD NTSC
The Beatles - January 1969, "Get Back / Winter of Discontent", Picture Perfect (PPDVD13, 2005, Upgraded DVD set); Menu and Chapters; Disc 1: 100 min, Disc 2: 102 min; A truly comprehensive collection of Get Back material as its never been seen before; Includes a full length 13 track Get Back video LP w/ each track remastered in glorious stereo. For the first time from the master source tape for this material. 202 - DVD NTSC
The Beatles - 1969 Hare Krishna Apple Promo film; 2nd(?)gen VHS tapes; 240MB 4 - mpeg/DVD
The Beatles - Braveman's Condensed Cream of Beatles, 1973, never released on video; from 16mm; "Oscar-winning history of the Beatles & the '60s from the exuberant, youthful days to the socially-conscious end of the decade. Flashy montage imagery captures The Beatles in concert, being interviewed, appearing in news reports intersperced w/ art, collages, animation, photographs & scenes of social & political activity. Excerpts from their films are also effectively intercut, presenting the spirit of the Beatles, the spirit of the times & the lasting imprint of life & culture made by this remarkable group of musicians. Director Charles (Chuck) Braverman was also reponsible for two striking montage-sequences in SOYLENT GREEN (1973)."
"This print is available on the DVD 'Introducing The Beatles'. Same quality as this one. It doesn't get much better than this version."
The Beatles - Video Rarities 1-3; Disc 1: 1963-64, Disc 2: 1963-67, Disc 3: 1968-69; VCR > MPG > VCD (DAT files). - VAR VCD
The Beatles - "Watching Rainbows", The complete original Beatles promo films from 1964-1969; Color and B/W; Stereo and Mono; Silent Sea Productions (ssdv.001-2); Some material is the same as the Chronology DVD's, but there are other rarites in this collection not on "Chronology", plus no Beatles cartoons and less montages; Disc 1, 92 min: 1. YOU CAN'T DO THAT, 2. HELP dartless version, 3. I FEEL FINE, 4. TICKET TO RIDE, 5. WE CAN WORK IT OUT, 6. DAY TRIPPER version 3, 7. PAPERBACK WRITER version 4, 8. RAIN version 3, 9. STRAWBERRY FIRLDS FOREVER, 10. PENNY LANE, 11. A DAY IN THE LIFE, 12. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, 13. HELLO GOODBYE version 3, 14. LADY MADONNA, 15. REVOLUTION, 16. HEY JUDE version 1, 17. GET BACK, 18. TWO OF US, 19. DONT LET ME DOWN, 20. LET IT BE, 21. THE BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO, 22. SOMETHING, BONUS PROMOS: 1 . HEY BULLDOG 1999, AMERICAN BANDSTAND: 1 . STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER, 2 . PENNY LANE, PLUS: CLOCK SLATES AND CLAPPERS; Disc 2, 91 min: 1. FEEL FINE outtake, 2. HELP!, 3. WE CAN WORK IT OUT version 1, 4. WE CAN WORK IT OUT version 2, 5. DAY TRIPPER version 2, 6. PAPERBACK WRITER version 1, 7. RAIN version 1, 8. PAPERBACK WRITER version 2, 9. PAPERBACK WRITER version 3, 10. PAPERBACK WRITER outtake, 11. RAIN version 2, 12. HELLO GOODBYE version 1, 13. HELLO GOODBYE version 2, 14. REVOLUTION outtake, 15. BY GEORGE ITS DAVID FROST version 1, 16. BY GEORGE ITS DAVID FROST version 2, 17. HEY JUDE version 2, 18. HEY JUDE outtake, LATER VERSIONS: 1 . HELLO GOODBYE 1993, 2 . ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE 2000, 3 . HELLO GOODBYE 2000, 4 . GET BACK 2000, THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW: 1 . INTERVIEW, 2 . YOU CAN'T DO THAT, 3 . INTRO, 4 . PAPERBACK WRITER version 1, 5 . RAIN version 1, 6 . TWO OF US, OUR WORLD: 1 . INTRO, 2 . ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. 184 - DVD NTSC
The Beatles - Chronology Vol. 1 and 2, 1962-1970, A comprehensive collection of promotional films and videos; Menu and Chapters; "Video quality is not too good, but the sound is mint"; Picture Perfect Productions PPDVD001 and PPDVD002; Chapters: Vol 1: 121 min: 1. Some Other Guy, 2. Love Me Do, 3. Please Please Me, 4. From Me To You, 5. She Loves You, 6. I Want To Hold Your Hand, 7. Can't Buy Me Love, 8. A Hard Day's Night, 9. She's A Woman, 10. I Feel Fine, 11. Eight Days A Week, 12. Ticket To Ride, 13. Help!, 14. We Can Work It Out, 15. Day Tripper, 16. Paperback Writer, 17. Rain, 18. Strawberry Fields Forever, 19. Penny Lane, 20. A Day In The Life, 21. All You Need Is Love, 22. Hello Goodbye, 23. Lady Madonna, 24. Hey Jude, 25. Hey Jude, 26. Revolution, 27. Get Back, 28. The Ballad Of John And Yoko, 29. Something, 30. Let It Be, 31. Baby It's You, 32. We Can Work It Out, 33. Paperback Writer, 34. Paperback Writer, 35. Rain; ----- Vol 2: 122 min: 1. Love Me Do, 2. Please Please Me, 3. Twist And Shout, 4. I'll Get You, 5. I Want To Hold Your Hand, 6. This Boy, 7. You Can't Do That, 8. She's A Woman, 9. I Feel Fine, 10. Help!, 11. Yesterday, 12. We Can Work It Out, 13. Day Tripper, 14. Paperback Writer, 15. Rain, 16. Eleanor Rigby, 17. Yellow Submarine, 18. Strawberry Fields Forever, 19. A Day In The Life, 20. All You Need Is Love, 21. Hello Goodbye, 22. Hello Goodbye, 23. Hey Bulldog, 24. Helter Skelter, 25. Blackbird, 26. Hey Jude, 27. Revolution, 28. Get Back, 29. Let It Be, 30. The Long And Winding Road, 31. Paperback Writer, 32. Rain, 33. Hey Jude, 34. Don't Let Me Down, 35. Come Together. 243 VAR DVD NTSC
The Beatles - Anthology, Director's Cut; 10 Disc Set; Picture Perfect Productions, 2004, PPDVD 003-012; w/ Timestamp throughout; Menu and Chapters; Disc 1, 77 min, Jul'40-Mar'63; Disc 2, 74 min, Mar'63-Jan'64; Disc 3, 72 min, Feb'64-Jul'64; Disc 4, 67 min, Aug'64-Aug'65; Disc 5, 77 min, Aug'65-Jul'66; Disc 6, 87 min, Jul'66-Jun'67; Disc 7, 73 min, Jun'67-Jul'68; Disc 8, 62 min, Jul'68-Jan'69; Disc 9, 97 min, Special Features; Disc 10, 103 min, Special Features. 790 VAR DVD NTSC
The Beatles - 101: Video Collection; 101 music videos in fantastic quality. Edited so they flow together. Purportedly compiled in part from Anthology-sourced tapes, which accounts for the superior quality and unusual editing: beginning and end of some segments are professionally edited to remove intrusive narration. Very smooth. The sound is breathtakingly good. + Bonus: The Ed Sullivan Show, great quality; Menu and Chapters;
Disc 1: 1. Please, Please Me, 2. Twist And Shout, 3. From Me To You, 4. It Won't Be Long, 5. She Loves You, 6. I Wanna Be Your Man, 7. This Boy, 8. I Saw Her Standing There, 9. From Me To You, 10. Till There Was You, 11. Twist And Shout, 12. Mr. Postman, 13. Roll Over Beethoven, 14. I Wanna Hold Your Hand, 15. She Loves You, 16. I Saw Her Standing There, 17. Please, Please Me, 18. I Follow The Sun, 19. This Boy, 20. A Hard Days Night, 21. If I Fell In Love With You, 22. Can’t Buy Me Love, 23. All My Loving, 24. You Can’t Do That, 25. All My Loving, 26. I Feel Fine, 27. Kansas City, 28. I’m A Loser, 29. Everybody Want, 30. To Be My Baby, 31. You Gonna Lose That Girl, 32. You Gotta Hide Your Love Away, 33. Help!, 34. Yesterday, 35. I’m Down, 36. I Feel Fine, 37. She's A Woman, 38. Act Naturally, 39. Ticket To Ride, 40. Twist And Shout, 41. I Feel Fine, 42. Baby's In Black, 43. I’m Down, 44. Help!, 45. Nowhere Man, 46. Day Tripper, 47. We Can Work It Out, 48. Paperback Writer, 49. Rain, 50. For No One, 51. Strawberry Fields Forever, 52. Penny Lane, 53. Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 54. With A Little Help From My Friends, 55. The Benefit of Mr. Kite, 56. A Day In The Life, 57. All You Need Is Love, 58. Magical Mystery Tour, 59. Fool On The Hill, 60. Your Mother Should Know;
Disc 2: 1. I Am The Walrus, 2. Hello, Goodbye, 3. Across The Universe, 4. Lady Madonna, 5. All Together Now, 6. Hey Jude, 7. The Long And Winding Road, 8. Don’t Let Me Down, 9. Get Back, 10. Let It Be, 11. Something, 12. Golden Slumbers, 13. Octopus’s Garden, 14. Here Comes The Sun, 15. Come Together, 16. Free As A Bird, 17. In My Life, 18. Love Me Do, 19. It Won’t Be Long, 20. I Should Have Known Better, 21. And I Love Her, 22. Dance With You, 23. Tell Me Why, 24. Love You, 25. I Should Have Known Better, 26. I Need You, 27. Ticket To Ride, 28. Eight Days A Week, 29. The Night Before, 30. Another Girl, 31. Rock and Roll Music, 32. Yesterday, 33. Eleonor Rigby, 34. For No One, 35. Magical Mystery Tour, + BONUS: The Ed Sullivan Show: 1. From Me To You '64, 2. All My Loving '64, 3. I Want To Hold Your Hand '64, 4. I Want To Hold Your Hand, 2nd Edition, 5. She Loves You '64, 6. Twist And Shout '64.
- - - -
John Lennon - "A Celebration of John Lennon, 25 Years"; authored by jimbean; No Menu; Includes: 1. Oh Yoko Long Island Rhode Island 1980, 2. Sean 1980, 3. Grammys 1975 w/ Paul Simon/ Andy Williams, 4. Monday Night Footbal w/ Howard Cosell 1974, 5. Kacb w/ Elliot and John, 6. Questons w/ Yoko and Joanas 1972 PBS NYC, 7. Naked Butts w/ John and Yoko, 8. Well w/ Frank Zappa, unrealeased Fillmore East, 9. Attica State, Ann Arbor, MI 1972, 10. Luck of the Irish, Ann Arbor, MI 1972, 11. John Sinclair, Ann Arbor, MI 1972, 12. Canadian Broadcast 12-8-80. 48 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
James Paul McCartney - TV Special, ABC-TV American Broadcast Version, aired 4-16-73; UPGRADE; 1. Introduction, 2. Big Barn Bed, 3. Blackbird / Bluebird / Michelle / Heart of the Country, 4. Mary Had a Little Lamb, 5. Little Woman Love / C Moon, 6. My Love, 7. Uncle Albert, 8. Liverpool - The Pub Scene, 9. Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance, 10. Live and Let Die, 11. Beatles Medley, 12. The Mess, 13. Maybe I'm Amazed, 14. Long Tall Sally, 15. At the End of Another Day, 16. Yesterday. 52 9 DVD NTSC
Paul McCartney and Wings - “One Hand Clapping” TV Special, Abbey Road Studios, 8-15-74; An unreleased documentary showing Wings at work, recording songs for a proposed (unreleased) live/studio album. from VHS. 54 - mpeg/VCD
Paul McCartney and Wings- 11-13-75, Myers Music Bowl, Melbourne, Austrailia + Bonus Material; Japanese TV Broadcast; Setlist: Venus and Mars/Rockshow, Jet, Let Me Roll It, Maybe I'm Amazed, The Long and Winding Road, I've Just Seen A Face, Blackbird, Yesterday, Call Me Back Again, My Love, Listen To What The Man Said, Letting Go, Medicine Jar, Junior's Farm, Band On The Run, Hi-Hi-Hi, Soiley; Bonus Material: Airport Arrival, Press Conference, Band On The Run (Apollo), Soiley (Horden Pavillion), Soundchecks. - 7-8/10 DVD NTSC
Paul McCartney - Oobu Joobu, Vol 1-3; Includes many Live Clips, TV Footage, Promos, Rehearsals, Outtakes, Press Kit Clips, Interviews and more... (Disc 1: 89 min, Disc 2: 88 min, Disc 3: 82 min, Disc 4: 92 min, Disc 5: 79 min) 430 G/VG mpeg/VCD
Paul McCartney - Video Clip Collection Parts 1 to 6; Part 1: 1972-73, Part 2: 1974-79, Part 3: 1979-82, Part 4: 1982-86, Part 5: 1987-90, Part 6: 1993-01. 258 - mpeg/VCD
- - - -
Delaney and Bonnie and Friends - 12-12-69, Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark, Recorded for the Danish TV show Beat 69 + Beat Club 69, Bremin, Germany + Derek & the Dominoes - Johnny Cash Show, "It's Too Late" and "Matchbox" w/ Carl Perkins); Pro-shot; Band Line up: Bonnie Bramlett (v), Delaney Bramlet(g, v), Eric Clapton (g, v), George Harrison (g), Leon Russell (p), Rita Coolidge (V), Dave Mason (g), Jim Gordon (d), Carl Radle (b), Jim Price (trumpet), Bobby Keys (sax), Bobby Whitlock (keys, v), Jerry McGee (g), Tex Johnson (perc). - B/B+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Taj Mahal and Friends "The Silver Wilburys" - 2-19-87, Palomino Club, North Hollywood, CA, DVDylan ID #758, Upgrade; Pro-shot, Camcorder on Tripod, left-center floor; Menu and Chapters; from VHS(1);
The Band: Taj Mahal - vocals, harmonica, George Harrison - guitar, vocals, Bob Dylan - guitar, vocals, John Fogerty - guitar, vocals, Jesse Ed Davis - guitar, vocals, Jim Ehinger - keyboards, Mark Shark - guitar, Bobby Tsukamoto - bass, Gary Ray - drums.
Chapters: 1. Opening Credits - Leavin' Trunk (not 'Woke Up With The Blues') [beginning clipped] (lead voc: TM), 2. George Harrison joins group - Checkin' Up On My Baby [58:03 cut by editor prior to song; 1:01 video glitch/still added @8:33], 3. She Caught The Katy (lead voc: TM) [26:25 cut by editor prior to song], 4. Farther On Down The Road (lead voc: Jesse Ed Davis), 5. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond (lead voc: TM) [1:00:28 cut by editor prior to song], 6. Enter Bob Dylan, 7. Matchbox - Gone Gone Gone (lead voc: GH + TM), 8. Lucille - John Fogerty joins group (lead voc: TM), 9. Crosscut Saw (lead voc: TM), 10. Bacon Fat - Jam (lead voc: TM), 11. Knock On Wood (lead voc: JF), 12. Midnight Hour (lead voc: JF), 13. Honey Don't (lead voc: GH), 14. Blue Suede Shoes (lead voc: JF), 15. Watching The River Flow (lead voc: GH), 16. Proud Mary (lead voc: JF), 17. Johnny B. Goode (lead voc: TM) [2:11 glitch @1:32:28; 2:13 video glitch replaced w/ still @1:35:11], 18. Willie And The Hand Jive - Bo Diddley (lead voc: TM), 19. Peggy Sue (lead voc: GH + BD), 20. Dizzy Miss Lizzy (lead voc: GH), 21. Twist And Shout - La Bamba (lead voc: JF + TM) [end video cut 04:15; audio from CD added to fill out ending], 22. Closing Credits [11 stills w/ end credits].
116 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Rolling Stones - In Memory of Brian Jones, Old Bastard Production; Includes: 1. Arthur Haynes Show: i wanna be your man, you better move on; 2. Top of the Pops: not fade away, the last time, get off of my cloud, let's spend..; 3. Big Beat, 4-26-65, not fade away, i just wanna make love to you, i'm allright; 4. Big Beat, 4-18-65, everybody needs somebody, pain in my heart, around and around, the last time; 5. Ready Steady Go, 11-10-64, off the hook, interv Mick and Brian, Little Red rooster, around and around, i got you babe, satisfaction; 6. Ready Steady Go, 5-27-66, i am waiting, under my thumb, paint it black; 7. Gather No Moss: Pathe News, Around and around, 9-21-64; 8. Tami Awards Show: around and around, off the hook, time is on my side, it is all over now, i'm allright, get together; 9. Kurhaus Scheveningen, 8-8-64. - - DVD PAL
The Rolling Stones - 1964-1969, The Ed Sullivan Shows; B/W + Color; Includes: 10-25-64: 1. Around And Around, 2. Time Is On My Side; 5-2-65: 1. The Last Time, 2. Little Red Rooster, 3. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love; 2-13-66: 1. Satisfaction, 2. As Tears Go By, 3. 19th Nervous Breakdown; 9-11-66: 1. Paint It Black, 2. Lady Jane, 3. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby?; 1-15-67: 1. Ruby Tuesday, 2. Let's Spend The Night Together; 11-18-69: 1. Gimme Shelter, 2. Love In Vain, 3. Honky Tonk Women; 1-15-67, Rehearsals: 1. Ruby Tuesday, 2. Let's Spend The Night Together; 4-11-65, NME Poll Winner Concert: 1. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, 2. Pain In My Heart, 3. Around And Around, 4. The Last Time; Promo Video: 1. Jumping Jack Flash. 80 A-/A DVD PAL
The Rolling Stones - 3-26-71, The Marquee Club, 90 Wardour Street, London W.1, England; Before an Audience of Family and Friends, they did 2 shows on 3-26-71 at Marquee. The final set which ran 38 mins was broadcast in the UK and is included here along w/ the 52 min "rehersal" footage broadcast in some parts of Europe; Upgraded 90 A- DVD NTSC
The Rolling Stones - 3-26-71, The Marquee Club, 90 Wardour Street, London W.1, England; Pro-shot, color; from LTV (Lion Television) Pre-Broadcast Master Reel; "Could be the definitive version!"; Set: 1. LIVE WITH ME, 2. DEAD FLOWERS, 3. I GOT THE BLUES, 4. LET IT ROCK, 5. MIDNIGHT RAMBLER, 6. SATISFACTION, 7. BITCH, 8. BROWN SUGAR. 38 A DVD NTSC
The Rolling Stones - Cocksucker Blues, 1972, 4 Reel Productions (Japanese Definitive Edition); nearly 90 min of Bonus Footage on Disc 2; "This film was made w/ low-quality in mind. It's grainy, B&W, Color, poorly edited and more. The 4 Reel folks did remaster both the video & sound 5.1."; A film by photographer Robert Frank on the Rolling Stone's 1972 American tour. Not released by the Stones because it contained scenes of drug use and groupie orgies. The Rolling Stones were upset by this film's portrayal of them and sued to prevent its release; Some of the Cast: Truman Capote, Dick Cavett, Marshall Chess, Nicky Hopkins, Bobby Keyes, Jim Price, Lee Radziwill, Terry Southern, Tina Turner, Andy Warhol, Stevie Wonder. - - DVD NTSC
The Rolling Stones - Cocksucker Blues, 1972; from Privately Held Low Gen VHS > DVD Recorder; "far superior to the highly regarded 4-reel bootleg. There's more high end in the audio, and the color sequences look like they're in color." - - DVD NTSC
The Rolling Stones - 6-24-72, Fort Worth, TX + 6-25-72, Houston, TX, "Ladies and Gentlemen..."; Pro-shot; Menus and Chapters; from silver disc; 4 Reels Productions; Set: 1. Brown Sugar, 2. Bitch, 3. Gimmie Shelter, 4. Dead Flowers, 5. Happy, 6. Tumbling Dice, 7. Love In Vain, 8. Sweet Virginia, 9. You Cant Always Get.., 10. All Down The Line, 11. Midnight Rambler, 12. Bye Bye Johnny, 13. Rip This Joint, 14. Jumpin Jack Flash, 15. Street Fighting Man, + Bonus: Midnight Rambler. 91 A DVD NTSC
The Rolling Stones - 7-11-75, The Forum, Los Angeles, CA, "LA Blues"; Pro-shot, Multi-Cam; Label: DTS Ganga 63, Silver; This was 1st time Stones used wirless guitars and mics; Set: Opening, Honky Tonk Woman, All Down The Line, If You Can't Rock Me, Get Off My Cloud, Starfucker, Gimme Shelter, Aint to Proud to Beg, You Gotta Move, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Happy, Tumblin Dice, It's Only Rock n Roll, Band Intro's, Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker), Fingerprint File, Angie, Wild Horses, That's Life (Billie Preston), Out of Space (Billie Preston), Brown Sugar, Midnight Rambler, Rip This Joint, Street Fighting Man, Jumping Jack Flash, Sympathy For The Devil. - - DVD NTSC
The Rolling Stones - 10-14-81, Kingdome, Seattle, WA, 1st Night, Complete, "Stoned, Screwed and Tattooed in Seattle"; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; very nice video, very rough audio; Set: take the a train, under my thumb, when the whip comes down, let's spend the night together, shattered, neighbours, black limousine, just my imagination, twenty flght rock, let me go, time is on my side, beast of burden, waiting on a friend, let it bleed, you can't always get what you want, little t&a, tumbling dice, band intros, she's so cold, all down the line, hang fire, miss you, start me up, honky tonk women, jumping jack flash, satisfaction. 125 A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
Hunter S. Thompson - Video Compilation; Disc 1: 1. ABC TV clip interviewing Keith Richards - 3-19-93, 2. Letterman Show - 11-19-87, 3. Letterman Show - 11-19-87, 4. Letterman Show - 11-25-88, 5. Letterman Show - 10-27-98, 6. Conan O'Brien Show - 6-11-97, 7. Conan O'Brien Show - 2-6-03, 8-10. Charlie Rose Show - 10-30-98, 11-13. Charlie Rose Show - 6-13-97, 14-15. Charlie Rose Show - 2-6-03; Disc 2: 1-3. "The Crazy Never Die" (30min doc) - 1988, 4-5. Short clips from "Where the Buffalo Roam", 6-7. Johnny Depp on Charlie Rose - 5-11-98, 8. Johnny Depp on Fox News, 9. McGovern and the 1972 Presidential Campaign on C-Span2 - 5-30-72. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Neil Young - "Swingin Mit Neil Young" Documentary by Dutch filmmaker Wim Van Der Linden; Originally broadcast on Europe TV in 1972; Includes part of 1-22-71, American Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford, CT; Also Includes Interveiw filmed on Neil's ranch on 2-9-71: Tracks: Tell Me Why, Heart Of Gold, Out On THe Weekend, Helpless, Old Man, Journey Through The Past, The Needle And The Damage Done, Ohio, Don't Let It Bring You Down, Cowgirl In The Sand, A Man Needs A Maid - Heart Of Gold, Down By The River. 52 A-/A VCD
Neil Young - Live in Berlin - 1983 European tour; (accompanied by bassist Bruce Palmer, formerly of Buffalo Springfield, longtime sidemen such as Ben Keith, Ralph Molina (of Crazy Horse), and Joe Lala, and guitarist Nils Lofgren); (Cinnamon Girl, Computer Age, Little Thing Called Love, Old Man, Needle And The Damage Done, After The Gold Rush, Transformer Man, Sample And Hold, Hurricane, Hey Hey My My, Berlin) - OFFICIAL 60 - VHS(2)
Neil Young w/ The International Harvesters - 9-20-84, Nashville Now TV Show, Nashville, TN; Pro-shot; Includes chat between songs; Set: Field Of Opportunity, Amber Jean, Are You Ready For The Country? (w/ Waylon Jennings). 24 - VCD
Neil Young - 9-25-85, Austin City Limits; very country; (Are You Ready For The Country?, Field of Opportunity, Are There Any More Real Cowboys?, Let Your Fingers Do the Walkin', Heart of Gold, Amber Jean, Roll Another Number, Comes a Time, Needle & the Damage Done, Helpless, California Sunset, Old Man, Get Back to the Country, Down By the River) 60 - VHS(2)
Neil Young and Crazy Horse - 11-21-86, Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA; Pro-shot; Set: Disc 1: Mr. Soul, Cinnamon Girl, When You Dance I Can Really Love, Down By The River, Too Lonely, Heart Of Gold, After The Goldrush, Inca Queen, Drive Back, Opera Star, Cortez The Killer, Sample And Hold, Computer Age; Disc 2: Violent Side, Mideast Vacation, Long Walk Home, The Needle And The Damage Done, When Your Lonely Heart Breaks, Around The World, Powderfinger, Like A Hurricane, Hey Hey, My My, Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll. 148 A VCD
Neil Young and The Bluenotes - 4-23-88, The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, "This Show's For You"; giant vhs Aud cam, balcony; 2 discs w/ individual tracks; The final night of the 1988 US Club Tour w/ The Bluenotes; encoding by David Sell; Set: Disc 1: 1. Ten Men Workin', 2. Married Man, 3. Sunny Inside, 4. I'm Goin' (Band Intros), 5. Crime Of The Heart, 6. Bad News, 7. Ain't It The Truth, 8. Your Love Is Good To Me, 9. Hey Hey, 10. One Thing; Disc 2: 1. Twilight, 2. Life In The City, 3. Soul Of A Woman, 4. This Note's For You, 5. Welcome To The Big Room, 6. Ten Men Workin', 7. Don't Take Your Love Away From Me. 123 - VCD
Neil Young and Crazy Horse - 3-9-91, Arena, Miami, FL, Aud cam; Star Spangled Banner, Hey Hey, My My, Crime In The City, Blowin' In The Wind, Love To Burn, Cinnamon Girl, Mansion On The Hill, Fuckin' Up, Cortez The Killer, Powderfinger, Love And Only Love, Rockin' In The Free World, Welfare Mothers, Like A Hurricane. 115 - DVD NTSC
Neil Young - 11-17-92, "Centerstage", WTTW Studio, Chicago, IL, Solo Acoustic, PBS TV Broadcast + BONUS; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Set: DVD 1, 65 min: 0. Intro, 1. Long May You Run, 2. From Hank To Hendrix, 3. Unknown Legend, 4. Love Is A Rose, 5. Pocahontas, 6. Like A Hurricane, 7. War Of Man, 8. The Needle And The Damage Done, 9. Tonight's The Night, 10. One Of These Days, 11. Such A Woman, 12. Harvest Moon; DVD 2, 91 min: 1. Dreamin' Man, 2. Natural Beauty, 3. Don't Let It Bring You Down, 4. Mr. Soul, 5. Powderfinger, 6. Sugar Mountain, 7. You And Me, 8. After The Goldrush; Bonus, 39 min: 1. Interview w/ Tim Roth, 11-16-92. 155 A/A+ DVD NTSC
120 min with Neil Young - A 1992 interview at the Mountain House taped off of Much Music in Canada, w/ videos throughout. Finally, Neil plays videos by influential artists. Setlist: Interview clips, Neil fans speak from the street, Interview intro by Kim Clarke Champniss, Interview, Hey Hey My My Video, Interview, Cinnamon Girl Video, Interview, Needle and the Damage Done from SNL 89, Neil fans speak from the street, Interview, This Notes for You video clip, 1986 Interview clip, '88 Interview clip, '89 Interview clip, No More from SNL '89, Robbie Robertson Interview, Interview, '88 Interview clip, Mansion On the Hill Video, Neil fans speak from the street, '81 Interview w/ Rick James, Blowing in the Wind Video, Steven Stills interview from 1989, CSNY American Dream Video, Neil fans speak from the street, Sonic Youth Clip, Interview - Sonic Youth @ Bridge story, '86 Interview clip, Interview, Bill Graham and Grateful Dead clips, Weight of the World Video, Interview about the Neil Young Jukebox, Roy Orbison w/ K.D. Lang Crying Video, Cry Cry Cry video, Interview, Little Richard Lucille Video, Wonderin Video, Interview, Hank Willams Jr & Sr Tear in my Beer Video, Are There any More Real Cowboys Video w/ Willie Nelson, Interview, Bob Dylan Subteranean Homesick Blues Video, People on the Street video, Interview, Jimi Hendrix All Along the Watchtower video, Over and Over video, Interview, Rolling Stones Its all Over Now video, Hey Hey video, Interview, Dire Straits Brothers in Arms video, '88 Interview, Interview, Keep on Rocking in the Free World from SNL '89, The erratic 80's are over and Neil Young is fuckin back! - - DVD NTSC
Neil Young with Booker T and the MGs - 7-3-93, Torhout Festival, Torhout, Belgium; Pro-shot, Single Cam w/ tripod, SBD Audio; Menu and Chapters; from VHS(?); Shot from the PA-tower by a Metallica Roadie to test the equiptment for thier own show; Set: Mr Soul, The Loner, Southern Man, Helpless (false start), Like a Hurricane, Love to Burn, Separate Ways, Powderfinger, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Harvest Moon, The Needle and the Damage Done, Live to Ride, Down by the River, All Along the Watchtower. 88 - DVD PAL
Neil Young and Crazy Horse - 10-31-96, Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; Some of the chapters are placed a bit odd; Aud cam; Hey Hey, Cowgirl In The Sand, Big Time, Pocahontas, The Needle And The Damage Done, Helpless, Comes A Time, I Am A Child, Scattered, Cinnamon Girl, The Loner, Natural Beauty, Fuckin' Up, Music Arcade, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Stupid Girl, Rockin' In The Free World, Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll, The Losing End, Welfare Mothers, Dangerbird, Powderfinger, Slip Away, Roll Another Number. - EX DVD NTSC
Neil Young and Crazy Horse: Year of the Horse, 1999, Documentary - OFFICIAL 107 - DVD NTSC
Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse - 7-28-01, Naeba Ski Resort, Naeba, Japan, Fuji Rock Festival; Pro-Shot; Widescreen; from liberated bootleg "Hurricane Over The Mountain"; This version displays 16/9 correctly and has a stereo PCM audio; Set: Disc 1: 1. Don't Cry No Tears, 2. I've Been Waiting For You, 3. Love And Only Love, 4. Piece Of Crap, 5. Goin' Home, 6. Hold You In My Arms*, 7. From Hank To Hendrix, 8. Only Love Can Break Your Heart, 9. The Needle And The Damage Done, 10. Standing In The Light Of Love, 11. Gateway Of Love, 12. Hey Hey, My My; Disc 2: 13. Sedan Delivery, 14. Like A Hurricane, 15. Rockin' In The Free World*, 16. Powderfinger*, 17. Roll Another Number*, 18. Tonight's The Night*; * Pegi and Astrid on backup vocals. 150 - DVD NTSC
Neil Young - 5-18-03, Hammersmith Apollo, London, England; Solo and Acoustic, "A Very Special Evening w/ Neil Young"; AUD cam, from VHS(1); Bonus: Fuji Rock Festival, Japan, 2001 (w/ Crazy Horse): Hey Hey My My, Like A Hurricane; First Set "Greendale": Falling From Above, Double E, Devil's Sidewalk, Leave The Driving, Carmichael, Bandit, Grandpa's Interview, Bringin' Down Dinner (On pump organ), Sun Green, Be The Rain; Second Set: Lotta Love, No One Seems To Know (on grand piano), Pocahontas (on 12-string), The Needle And The Damage Done, Feel Your Love, After The Goldrush (on pump organ), Old Man, Encore: Heart Of Gold (no pictures most of song). 184 - DVD PAL
Neil Young and Crazy Horse - 6-23-03, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada + BONUS; AUD cam from balcony; Menu and Chapters; Disc 1: Greendale (~2 hour set): Falling From Above, Double E, Devil's Sidewalk, Leave The Driving, Carmichael, Bandit (solo acoustic guitar), Grandpa's Interview, Bringin' Down Dinner (pump organ), Sun Green, Be The Rain; Disc 2: E1: Hey Hey My My, Like A Hurricane, E2: Love And Only Love, Powderfinger, Roll Another Number (For The Road), Bonus stuff: 8-31-00, Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (w/ The Friends And Relatives): Motorcycle Mama, Powderfinger, Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, I Believe in You. - A/A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - 9-14-74, Wembley Stadium, London, England, "Live in London 1974 (Aurora Borealis)"; Pro-shot; the last date of the 1974 Tour including an appearance by Joni Mitchell; Disc 1: 1. Love the One You're With, 2. Wooden Ships, 3. Immigration Man, 4. Helpless, 5. Military Madness, 6. Johnny's Garden, 7. Traces, 8. Almost Cut My Hair, 9. Teach Your Children, 10. Only Love Can Break Your Heart, 11. The Lee Shore, 12. Time After Time, 13. It's Alright, 14. Another Sleep Song, 15. Our House, 16. Hawiian Sunrise, 17. Star of Bethlehem, 18. Love Art Blues, 19. Old Man; Disc 2: 20. Change Partners, 21. Blackbird, 22. Myth of Sisyphus, 23. You Can't Catch Me/Word Game, 24. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, 25. Deja Vu, 26. First Things First, 27. Don't Be Denied, 28. Black Queen, 29. Pushed It Over The End, 30. Preroad Downs, 31. Carry On, 32. Ohio. - - DVD NTSC
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - 4-22-02, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY; from Aud Master; 2 Discs; Carry On/Questions, Military Madness, Goin' Home, Wooden Ships, Feed The People, You're My Girl, I Used To Be A King, Southern Man, 49 Bye-Byes, Almost Cut My Hair, Cinnamon Girl, Helplessly Hoping, Our House, Old Man, Guinnevere, Dream For Him, Harvest Moon, Ole Man Trouble, Wind On The Water, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Let's Roll, Long Time Gone, Two Old Friends, Woodstock, Rockin' In The Free World, Ohio, Teach Your Children, Carry On, Ohio. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
James Tayor, Cat Stevens, Neil Young - "In Concert", Live at the BBC 1971; from Trio TV Broadcast; James Taylor: With a Little Help From My Friends, Fire and Rain, Rainy Day Man, Steamroller, Greensleeves, Snuff Commercial, Carolina On My Mind, Long Ago and Far Away, Riding on a Railroad, You Can Close Your Eyes; Cat Stevens: Moonshadow, Tuesday's Dead, Wild World, How Can I Tell You, Maybe You're Right, Maybe You're Wrong, I Love My Dog, Into White, Father and Son, Bitterblue (False Start), Bitterblue; Neil Young: Out On the Weekend, Old Man, Journey Through the Past, Heart of Gold, Don't Let It Bring You Down, A Man Needs a Maid, See the Sky About To Rain, See the Girl Dance. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Ry Cooder and Chicken Skin Revue - 1-x-77, Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC TV + 7-23-74, Record Plant, Sausalito, CA; "Chicken Skin Music Live", HOJO Production; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Sets: OGWT, 42 min: 1. intro, 2. tattler, 3. dark end of the street, 4. jesus on the mainline, 5. do re mi, 6. goodnight irene, 7. he'll have to go, 8. smack dab in the middle; Record Plant, 27 min: 1. police dog blues, 2. if walls could talk, 3. how can a poor man stand such times and live, 4. tattler, 5. alimony, 6. teardrops will fall, 7. i am a pilgrim. 69 - DVD NTSC
Ry Cooder and the Chicken Skin Band - 1-26-77, Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany; Rockpalast Classics; from VHS(2) PAL 50 - VCD PAL
Ry Cooder and The Moula Banda Rhythm Aces - 3-25-87, The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA; A film by Les Blank; 16mm w/ 3 cams; from UK/Ch 4 TV Broadcast, VHS(1); Setlist: Intro; Let's Have A Ball; Jesus On The Mainline; How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live; Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb; Down In Mississippi; Maria Elena; Just A Little Bit; The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor); Crazy 'Bout An Automobile; Chain Gang; Down In Hollywood (incl. Band Intro); Goodnight, Irene; Film Titles. 91 A DVD PAL
- - - -
The Blasters w/ Carl Perkins and Willie Dixon - Stages Music Hall, Chicago, IL, 2-24-82, PBS Special, TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; Menus and Chapters; from VHS(2or3); Chapters: The Blasters: 1. Crazy Baby, 2. Gonna Have a Time Tonight, 3. Border Radio, 4. I'm Shakin', 5. Tag Along, 6. Stop the Clock, 7. Go Cat Go; Carl Perkins and Band: 8. Blue Suede Shoes, 9. Honey Don't, 10. Rockabilly Fever; The Blasters: 11. American Music, 12. Hollywood Bed; The Blasters and Willie Dixon: 13. Built for Comfort, 14. I'm Ready; The Blasters: 15. Marie Marie, 16. So Long Baby Goodbye; The Blasters and Carl Perkins: 17. Boppin' the Blues. 57 A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
Jimi Hendrix - Flashback, Compilation 1965-1969, Misc. TV Appearances; All Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Mostly B/W; Quality varies from good to excellent w/ a little poor thrown in for measure; Includes: Shotgun (Night Train, Nashville TV 1965), Hey Joe (Studio Promo and Saville Theater, London 1967), Hey Joe/Purple Haze (Beat Club 1967), Stone Free/ Hey Joe (Brit. TV Waterloo, Belgium 1967), Purple Haze (Top Of The Pops 1967), Manic Depression (Late Night lineup 1967), Stone Free/Hey Joe/Purple Haze (Beat Beat Beat 1967), Wind Cries Mary/Purple Haze (Popside, Sweden 1967), Hey Joe (Salvation Club, NYC 1967), Foxy Lady (TV Promo 1967), Wild Thing (Paris 1967), Burning Of The Midnight Lamp/Hey Joe (French TV 1967), Wind Cries Mary/Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (Discorama French TV 1967), Sgt Peppers/Foxy Lady/Wild Thing (London 1967), Wild Thing (Clark Univ., Worcester, Mass 1968), Voodoo Chile/Hey Joe/Sunshine Of Your Love (BBC 1969). 83 B+/A-/A DVD NTSC
Jimi Hendrix Experience - 1967, Compilation, Liberated Silvertone Films bootleg; "Jimi plays the violin w/ his teeth while lip-synching!"; Inlcudes: 1. MUSIC HALL DE PARIS, 5-11-67: Hey Joe, Wild Thing; 2. DISCORAMA, PARIS, 10-12-67: The Wind Cries Mary, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp; 3. MONTPARNASSE, PARIS, 10-11-67: The Wind Cries Mary, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp; 4. DIM DAM DOM, PARIS, 10-10-67: Hey Joe, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp; 5. BEAT CLUB, MARQUEE, LONDON, 3-2-67: Hey Joe, Purple Haze; 6. BEAT BEAT BEAT, STADTHALLE, OFFENBACH, 5-18-67: Stone Free, Hey Joe, Purple Haze; 7. TINERKLANKEN TV SHOW, 3-7-67: Stone Free, Hey Joe; 8. HOEPLA, VPRO VITUS STUDIO, BUSSUM, 11-10-67: Catfish Blues; 9. SWEDISH TV Concert Footage Compilation; 10. Valentino/TTG - a montage of assorted home video, studio and live footage w/ a soundtrack of studio jamming. 88 - DVD NTSC
Jimi Hendrix Experience - 5-11-67, "Music Hall" French TV Show (Hosted by Michel Drucker), Theatre Municipal d'Issy Les Moulineaux, Paris, France; B/W Pro-Shot Video w/ SBD; Source: VHS(?) except * VHS(1); Tracks: HEY JOE, WILD THING, WILD THING* (Canal Jimmy Re-Broadcast, upgrade). - also included on 1967 Comp DVD above. - A-/A DVD NTSC
Jimi Hendrix Experience - 5-18-67, "Beat Beat Beat", Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany, German TV Broadcast; B/W Pro-Shot; from VHS(?); Tracks: 1. STONE FREE, 2. PURPLE HAZE, 3. HEY JOE. - also included on 1967 Comp DVD above. 10 - DVD NTSC
Jimi Hendrix watching Buddy Guy play Stormy Monday, 4-7-68, Generation Club, NYC, NY; from VHS. 7 - SVCD
Jimi Hendrix Experience - 1-9-69, Konserthuset, Hötorget 8, Stockholm, Sweden, 1st show; black and white vid; from BT-Easytree > usenet; from VHS(M) > VHS(PAL) > VHS(NTSC); Set: 1. Killing Floor, 2. Spanish Castle Magic, 3. Fire, 4. Hey Joe, 5. Voodoo Child (slight return), 6. Red House, 7. Sunshine Of Your Love. 56 A- mpeg1/VCD NTSC
Jimi Hendrix Experience - 2-24-69, Royal Albert Hall, London, England, "Room Full Of Hendrix" 4Reel Productions; Setlist: Lover Man, Hear My Train, I Don't Live Today, Jimi Speaks/Acoustic Jam, Foxy Lady, Bleeding Heart, Fire, Little Wing, Voodoo Chile, Room Full Of Mirrors, Purple Haze, Wild Thing, Smashing Of The Amps; Bonus Audio Tracks w/ slideshow: Stone Free, Red House, Sunshine Of Your Love. - - DVD NTSC
Jimi Hendrix - "The Jimi Hendrix Video Experience" (ATMDVD004, 2003); from VHS; Chapters: 1) Rainbow Bridge Vibratory Color/Sound Experiment, Haleakala Volcano Crater, Maui, HI, 7-30-70 (1st and 2nd Show; incl. deleted scenes from the film "Rainbow Bridge" ftbfs: OV 09); 2) Top of the Pops, BBC Lime Grove Studios, London, 5-10-67: The Wind Cries Mary; 3) TTG Studios, Hollywood, CA, 10-29-68, Silent footage w/ dubbed sound: Gloria; 4) Newport Jam, Newport '69 Pop Festival, San Fernando State College, Devonshire Downs, Northridge, CA, 6-22-69 (synced for the first time to sbd's), 16mm and 8mm Composite, Featuring: BUDDY MILES, TRACY NELSON, BOB ARTHUR, CORNELIUS 'SNOOKY' FLOWERS, TOM WEBB, LEE OSKAR, and OTHERS: THE THINGS I USED TO DO, THE SKY IS CRYING, WE GOTTA LIVE TOGETHER, EARTH VERSUS SPACE, EARTH VERSUS SPACE (Diff. Edit), THE THINGS I USED TO DO (Diff. Edit); 5) New York Rock Festival, Singer Bowl, Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, NYC, NY, 8-23-68; 6) Fillmore East, New York City, NY, 12-31-69, 2nd Show, Color footage filmed by Amalie R. Rothschild: Stepping Stone, Fire, Ezy Rider; 7) "Popside", Radiohuset, Stockholm, 5-24-67: The Wind Cries Mary, Purple Haze; 8) "Happening For Lulu", BBC TV Centre, London, 1-4-69: Voodoo Chile (Slight Return), Hey Joe, Sunshine Of Your Love. 107 - DVD NTSC
Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys - 12-31-69 & 1-1-70, Fillmore East, New York City, NY + FILLER; Pro-Shot, Black and White; Menu and Chapters; ATM DVD 003; w/ Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox; Chapters: 1st show, 1-1-70: 1. Who Knows, 2. Machine Gun, 3. Them Changes, 4. Power of Soul, 5. Stepping Stone, 6. Foxy Lady, 7. Stop, 8. Earth Blues; 2nd show, 12-31-69: 9. Stepping Stone, 10. Fire, 11. Ezy Rider; 12. Top of the Pops, 5-10-67: The Wind Cries Mary; 13. TTG Studios, 10-29-68: Gloria. 86 - DVD NTSC
Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys - 7-4-70, Atlanta International Pop Festival, Middle Georgia Raceway, Byron, GA; Authored; from VHS; w/ Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox; Set: Fire, Spanish Castle Magic, All Along The Watchtower, Foxy Lady, Purple Haze, Hey Joe, Red House, Stone Free, Star Spangled Banner, Straight Ahead, Voodoo Child (Slight Return). 59 A mpeg1; DVD NTSC
- - - -
Stevie Ray Vaughan - 4-30-82, University of Houston, Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, TX; AUD tripod; Set: Jam 292 (Instrumental, Jimi Hendrix), Voodoo Chile, Look At Little Sister, Love Struck Baby, Pride and Joy, Texas Flood.
+ 4-28-82, Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX; AUD tripod, distant, poor lighting, Picture is almost black; Set: Voodoo Chile, Heart Fixer, Pride and Joy.
+ x-x-84, Rock of the 80's (1984) aka "Showtime"; Pro-shot; Set: Love Struck Baby, Pride and Joy.
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - 12-27-83, The Wax Museum, Washington, DC, Early Show; Pro-shot, 2-3 cam mix; from VHS; Set: Scuttlebuttin' Variation, Voodoo Chile, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Texas Flood, Boot Hill, Love Struck Baby, Tin Pan Alley, Rude Mood, Testify > Wham > Testify, Lenny (cut). - - DVD NTSC
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble w/ Jimmie Vaughan, Jeff Beck and Angela Strehli - 3-19-84, CBS Record Convention, Honolulu, HI, INCOMPLETE, only the 2nd half; from VHS(low gen); SBD audio; AUD shot w/ permission and PRO equipment; Setlist: Cold Shot (JV), Things That I Used to Do (JV), You Were Wrong (JV, AS), Lonely Teardrops (JV, AS), Stang's Swang, Third Stone from the Sun, Wham (JV, JB), Last Call (Hawaiian Eye) (JV, JB), Don't Fall for me Baby (JV, JB, AS), Jeff's Boogie (JB). 45 B+/A- DVD NTSC
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - 8-25-84, Lorelei Festival, St. Goarshausen, West Germany; Pro-shot; Rockpalast TV > LOW Gen VHS > ? Author; Set: Scuttle Buttin', Testify (I Wanna), Voodoo Chile (Slight Return), Things (That) I Used To Do, Honey Bee, Love Struck Baby, Cold Shot, Couldn't Stand The Weather, Pride And Joy, Texas Flood, Little Wing, 3rd Stone From The Sun. - A-/A DVD NTSC
Stevie Ray Vaughan - "In Finland", Includes: 1) Pori Jazz, Cotton Club, 7-11-85 late show; Pro-shot; VHS master; 40 min; 2) Pori Jazz, Kirjurinluoto Pori, 7-11-85 afternoon show; AUD-shot; VHS master; 63 min; 3) Kuusrock, Oulu, 7-17-88; Pro-shot; Finland TV; VHS(2-3); 24 min; Sets: 1) Ain't Gonna Give Up on Love, Voodoo Chile, Pride and Joy, Life Without You; 2) Ain't Gone 'N' Give Up On Love, Pride and Joy, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), You'll Be Mine, Cold Shot, Couldn't Stand The Weather, Life Without You, Look At Little Sister, Texas Flood; 3) Don't Lose Your Cool, Say What, Lookin Out The Window, Backstage footage, Don't Lose Your Cool (Broadcast version). 138 - DVD PAL
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lonnie Mack - 8-x-86, Raw Footage of The American Caravan, The Orpheum Theater on Beale Street, Memphis, TN; Pro-shot; Set: Disc 1: 1. Superstition, 2. Look At Little Sister, 3. Love Struck Baby, 4. Say What, 5. Life Without You, 6. Superstition, 7. Look At Little Sister, 8. Ain't Gone N Give Up On Love, 9. Love Struck Baby, 10. Life Without You, 11. Superstition; Disc 2: 1. Ain't Gone N Give Up On Love, 2. Love Struck Baby, 3. Life Without You, 4. Say What, 5. Wham, 6. Oreo Cookie Blues, 7. Rock People, 8. Life Without You, 9. Say What, 10. Wham, 11. Oreo Cookie Blues, 12. Superstition, 13. Look At Little Sister, 14. Ain't Gone N Give Up On Love, 15. Love Struck Baby, 16. Life Without You, 17. Say What; Notes: D1: Tracks 6, 7, 9, 10 are the same as 1, 2, 3, 5, but w/ alt soundtrack or alt mix; Track 11 is an alt camera shot from the same taping of track 6 and w/ alt non-SBD audio source; D2: Repeated tracks are alt camera angles of the same take of each; Track 7 cuts out and track 8 cuts in. Tracks 1 through 7 have an alt non-SBD audio source. From Track 8 on, there is a "For Preview Only" subtitle posted across the bottom of the screen. 164 - DVD NTSC
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - 3-25-87, The Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, FL; from TV > VHS; Set: 1. Scuttlebuttin', 2. Say What, 3. Lookin' Out the Window, 4. Look At Little Sister, 5. Ain't Gone N Give Up On Love, 6. Superstition, 7. Willie the Wimp, 8. Cold Shot, 9. Couldn't Stand the Weather, 10. Life Without You, 11. Love Struck Baby, 12. Rude Mood; Filler: Pre-show interview from same day. - - DVD NTSC
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Volunteer Jam XIII, Starwood Amphitheater, Nashville, TN, 6-9-87 + Farm Aid II, Manor Downs, Manor TX, 4-7-86; Pro-shot; reauthored w/ proper chapters/menus; Sets: VJ13, 45 min: Scuttle Buttin', Say What!, Look At Little Sister, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Superstition, Cold Shot, Life Without You, Voodoo Chile (Slight Return); FA2, 15 min: Change It, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Love Struck Baby, You'll Be Mine. 60 - DVD NTSC
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - 11-12-89, RPI Fieldhouse, Troy, NY; AUD cam; from VHS; Set: 1. The House Is Rockin', 2. Tightrope, 3. Look At Little Sister, 4. Mary Had A Little Lamb, 5. Let Me Love You Baby >, 6. Texas Flood, 7. Wall of Denial, 8. Superstition, 9. Cold Shot, 10. Couldn't Stand the Weather, 11. Life Without You, Encore: 12. Crossfire, 13. Voodoo Chile, 14. Riviera Paradise. - A-/A DVD NTSC
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - 11-27-89, Amarillo, TX; Pro-shot; from VHS; Audio: B/B+; Set: The House is Rockin', Tightrope, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Look at Little Sister, Leave My Girl Alone, Superstition, Cold Shot, Couldn't Stand the Weather, Let Me Love You Baby, Texas Flood, Crossfire, Voodoo Chile, Riviera Paradise. - - DVD NTSC
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Various Clips Collection Number 1, Various Sources, mostly TV, All Pro-shot; from VHS; Includes: 1) 1983, New Music Interview, 2) 4-19-85 (4-10?), Star Spangled Banner; Houston Astrodome, Aud cam, 3) 2-15-86, Say What, Change It; Saturday Night Live, 4) 7-x-88, Wired London Interview, 5) 1988, Come Let Me Make Your Love Come Down, Superstition; Characters (w/ Stevie Wonder and Jodie Watley), 6) 8-x-89, Crossfire, Tightrope; Beach Boys Endless Summer (audio slightly out of synch), 7) 9-29-89, Interview, House Is Rockin'; Today Show w/ Jane Pauley, 8) 1989, Week In Rock Promo, 9) 10-28-89, Goin' Down; UIC Pavillion, Chicago, IL (with Jeff Beck), 10) 1989, MTV Promo for Upcoming Fire Meets the Fury Tour, 11) 1989, MTV Promo for Current Fire Meets the Fury Tour, 12) 1-30-90, Well I've Blown It, MTV Unplugged. - VAR DVD NTSC
Stevie Ray Vaughan - TV Appearances; Menu and Chapters; Includes:
* 8-18-85, JVC JazzFest, Ft. Adams State Park, Newport, RI: Couldn't Stand The Weather
* 2-15-86, Saturday Night Live, NBC Studios, NYC, NY: Soul To Soul, Change It (w/ Jimmie Vaughan)
* 9-6-87, Starwood Amphitheater, Nashville, TN, Volunteer Jam XIII: Superstition
* 4-22-88, S.S. Presidente, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA: Life Without You, Frosty (w/ Albert Collins), Texas Flood (BB King, A Collins)
* 6-7-90, The Tonight Show: Tightrope, House Is Rockin'
* 9-22-89, Late Night w/ David Letterman: Wall of Denial
* 10-12-89, Night Music, Los Angeles CA, w/ The Night Music Band + guests: Crossfire, Travis Walk, Sailing Shoes
* 4-10-89, Late Night w/ David Letterman: Tightrope
* 2-15-86, "Saturday Night Live", NBC Studios, New York City, NY: Soul To Soul
* 10-10-89, Austin City Limits, University of Texas, Austin: Instrumental w/ W.C. Clark
- - - -
Paul Butterfield Band - 9-15/16-78, 3rd Rockpalast Rocknight, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; from VHS; Setlist: Fair Enough, One More Heartache, Fool In Love, New Walking Blues, It's Alright, Goin' Down, Born Under A Bad Sign, Just When I Needed You Most, Be Good To Yourself, Interview. 69 - DVD PAL
- - - -
Robert Johnson - The Search For Robert Johnson; from VHS; Follow John Hammond as he retraces RJ's footsteps into a journey that finds some of Roberts old friends, girlfriends, and old footage. John travels to court houses and one of RJ's girl friends gets to hear a Recording of RJ for the first time! John also finds a possible son and grandson of RJ. - B+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Muddy Waters - 11-9-81, Maintenance Shop Blues, Iowa University, Ames, IA (Blues Workshop), "Live Blues"; BET Jazz TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; tv>vhs>avi>dvd; Set: Hoochie Coochie Man, My Home Is In the Delta, You Don't have To Go, I'm A King Bee, Got My Mojo Working, Baby Please Don't Go, Long Distance Call, Going Down Slow, Mannish Boy. 40 A DVD NTSC
Muddy Waters and Friends - 11-22-81, Checkerboard Lounge #2, Chicago, IL; w/ Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Woods, Ian Stewart, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Lefty Dizz, Mojo Buford, John Primer, Lovie Lee, Ray Allison, Earnest Johnson; Pro-shot; 2 discs; Chapters: 1. Baby Please Don't Go (Mary Johnson) -MJ on vocals, 2. Hoochie Coochie Man (Willie Dixon) -MJ on vocals, 3. Long Distance Call (McKinley Morganfield) -MJ on vocals, 4. Mannish Boy (M. Morganfield/Ellas McDaniel/Mel London) -MJ on vocals, 5. Got My Mojo Working (Preston Foster) -with STU on piano onwards, 6. Next Time You See Me (Don D. Robey/William Harvey), 7. Talking About My Woman (Barnes/Derekson), 8. Jam 1, 9. Clouds In My Heart (McKinley Morganfield), 10. Champagne And Reefer (McKinley Morganfield), 11. Jam 2. - A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Fat Possum Records Story – "It’s Bad You Know", Dutch Documentary, Interviews and performances w/ each artist, Mississippi, 2-x-2000; English w/ Dutch subtitles; Menu and Chapters; Includes: 1. R.L. Burnside (Richard Johnston - bass, Cedric - drums), Snake Drive, 2. R.L. Burnside (Richard Johnston - bass, Cedric - drums), Jumper On The Line, 3. Robert Belfour, Catfish Blues, 4. Robert Belfour, Norene, 5. T-Model Ford, Chickenhead Man, 6. Robert Cage, How Do You Get Your Rollin’ Done, 7. Robert Cage, Bundle Up And Go, 8. R.L. Burnside (Richard Johnston - bass, Cedric - drums), Poor Boy, 9. R.L. Burnside (Richard Johnston - bass, Cedric - drums), Goin’ Down South. 36 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Frank Zappa - lots of vid clips including: TV Paris October 1968; BBC 1968_In The Sky_Colour Me Pop_Hi-Fi Version; Cleveland_OH_3-5-88_Stairway To Heaven; Conducting SNL Band_1976_Samurai St Alfonso; The Dub Room Special 1; and more - - all mpeg
Frank Zappa - 1971 Dutch TV Documentary 54+ - mpeg
John Lennon, Yoko Ono w/ Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention - 6-6-71, Filmore East, NYC 24+ - mpeg
Frank Zappa - 08-21-73. "Opopoppa", Skansen Soundstage, Stockholm, Sweden (aka "The Skansen" The Concert, aka "Oppåpoppa"); TV Broadcast; A Nanook rip of a Bengo source; from VHS; Songs: Montana, Dupree's Paradise, Farther Oblivion, Cosmik Debris, Eric Dolphy, Memorial Barbecue, Kung Fu, Penguin in Bondage, RDNZL (incomplete). 75 B DVD
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - 8-6 and 8-7-74, "A Token Of His Extreme", KCET Studios (public tv station), Los Angeles, CA; Set: Dog Meat, More Trouble Every Day, Montana, George Duke solo, Florentine Pogen, Oh No, Pygmy Twylyte, Stinkfoot, Inca Roads; Bonus: Approximate, Cosmik Debris, Room Service, Stinkfoot, Inca Roads, Pygmy Twylyte, Room Service. - OFFICIAL 110 A/A- DVD PAL
Frank Zappa - 12-11-76, Saturday Night Live #1 + 10-21-78, Saturday Night Live #2; A Nanook rip of a BengoFury source; from VHS; Both Full shows rebroadcast Oct 1998 on Canadian Comedy Network; SNL #1 Includes I'm the Slime, Killer Trees skit, Peaches en Regalia, Slime + Killer Trees, Slime + Purple Lagoon; SNL #2 Includes the "Night On Freak Mountain" Coneheads sketch, plus performances of Dancin' Fool, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, and St. Alphonzo/Rollo w/ John Belushi as BeBop Samurai. - VAR DVD NTSC
Frank Zappa - 6-11-80, "Chorus", Palais des Sports, Paris, France, Originaly Broadcast on Antenne 2, late 1980, Rebroadcast on Europe2 TV, 5-10-07, DVB-S; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Recording/authoring by Cosmikd; Set: 1. Intro, 2. Chunga's Revenge, 3. Keep it Greasy, 4. Joe's Garage, 5. Why Does it Hurt When I Pee?, 6. Press Review, 7. Dancing Fool, 8. Bobby Brown, 9. Ms Pinky, 10. The Illinois Enema Bandit. 41 A+ DVD PAL
Frank Zappa - 10-31-81, The Palladium, New York City, NY, "Halloween Night 1981", MTV Broadcast; w/ Steve Vai; Pro-Shot; from VHS(2) Transfered/authored by Hasselhoff; Set: 1. intro w/ frank and nina, 2. black napkins, 3. band intros, 4. montana, 5. easy meat, 6. society pages, 7. i'm a beautiful guy, 8. beauty knows no pain, 9. charlie's enormous mouth, 10. fine girl, 11. teenage wind, 12. harder than yo husband, 13. bamboozled by love, 14. sinister footwear, 15. stevie's spanking, 16. non-commercial break, 17. cocaine decisions, 18. nig biz, 19. doreen, 20. goblin girl, 21. the black page, 22. trying to grow a chin, 23. strictly genteel, 24. outro w/ frank and nina, 25. the torture never stops, 26. credits, 27. joe's garage. 114 A-/A DVD NTSC
Frank Zappa - 8-26-84, "Does Humor Belong In Music?", The Pier, NYC, NY; Digital remaster 2003; Taken from a live recording of FZ's planned final tour in '84; Set: Zoot Allures, Tinsel Town Rebellion, Trouble Every Day, Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel, The Dangerous Kitchen, He's So Gay, Bobby Brown, Keep It Greasey, Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?, Dinah-Moe Humm, Cosmik Debris, Be In My Video, Dancin' Fool, Whippin' Post. - OFFICIAL 60 - DVD PAL
Frank Zappa - 1987, The Amazing Mr. Bickford, Several pieces of FZ's music are set against clay animation by Bruce Bickford; from VHS. - OFFICIAL 60 - DVD PAL
Frank Zappa - 1987, Uncle Meat; from VHS; Written, Directed, Produced and scored by FZ. - OFFICIAL 100 - DVD PAL
Frank Zappa - 5-17-88, Barcelona, Spain; TV > VHS; Set: The Black Page #2, Packard Goose Medley [Packard Goose/Royal March From L'Histoire Du Soldat (Igor Stravinsky)/Piano Concerto No 3 (Bela Bartok)], Sharleena, Bamboozled By Love, Black Napkins, When The Lie's So Big, Planet Of The Baritone Women, Any Kind Of Pain, Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk, Sofa, Find Her Finer, Big Swifty, I Ain't Got No Heart, Love Of My Life, The Torture Never Stops Medley [Torture Never Stops/Theme From Bonanza/Torture Never Stops pt2/Lonesome Cowboy Burt/Torture Never Stops pt3], Bolero, Watermelon In Easter Hay, Whipping Post, I Am The Walrus, The Illinois Enema Bandit. 115 A- DVD PAL
Frank Zappa - Yellow Shark Documentary, Broadcasted on Swedish TV w/ Swedish subtitle; Originally broadcast 9-17-92; Features German and USA rehearsals for the Yellow Shark concerts; It shows how FZ worked w/ the Ensemble Modern up until the final days before the 3 performances in Frankfurt; from VHS. 30 - DVD NTSC
Frank Zappa - The Late Show Special, BBC2 Broadcast on 3-12-93; 3 Discs; Documentary covering FZ's life and career w/ interviews w/ ex members of his band. The material is comprised mostly of 'Beat Club 1968', 'Baby Snakes', 'The True Story of 200 Motels', and 'A Token of His Extreme'; Interviews w/ Matt Groening, Jim 'Motorhead' Sherwood, Ruth Underwood, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Ahmet Zappa; [Pt 1: mainly as described w/ small amounts of music; Pt 2: a compilation of live videos and some Mr Bickford clay animation; Pt 3: more of the same stuff as pt 2.]; Also: 1. King Kong (BBC Studio Recording) 1968, 2. This Town Is A Sealed Tuna Sandwich from 200 Motels (Royal Festival Hall) 1968, 3. Cosmik Debris (Probably the same show as A Token of His Extreme) 1974, 4. City Of Tiny Lights (77' NYC Halloween), 5. Stink Foot (Same as 3) with claymation) 1974, 6. Baby Snakes (Studio version - the same intro as on the album, 'Baby Snakes'. The video contains FZ working w/ some claymation) 1982, 7. Stevie's Spanking 1982, 8. Inca Roads (Same as 3) with claymation) 1974, 9. San Bernadino (77' NYC Halloween), 10. Night School (Claymation) 1986, 11. You Are What You Are Is (Official Video), 12. Camarillo Brillo (77' NYC Halloween), 13. Muffin Man (Continued directly from 12) (77' NYC Halloween), 14. G-Spot Tornado (Synclavier? Rapidly changing pictures) 1986, 15. Montana (Same as 3)) 1974, 16. Black Napkins (77' NYC Halloween). - - DVD PAL?
Frank Zappa - "A Pioneer of the Future of Music" Documentary by Frank Scheffers, VPRO Dutch Boadcast, Aired 4-22-07 and 4-29-07; Menu and Chapters; Includes: footage of FZ writing, thinking and talking about his ideas/work; A little Gail Zappa speaking; various footage of FZ performing w/ the band; various guests speaking: Dweezil Zappa, Terry Bozzio talking about ‘The black Page’, and more; footage of George Duke playing w/ FZ. 106 A/A+ DVD PAL
- - - -
Bob Dylan - 1966, "Eat The Document" Movie, Filmed by Don A. Pennebaker and BD and edited by BD + EXTRAS; Menu and Chapters; 3LOGY Version (Upgrade to the VTN version); Lin: 16mm > VHS(?) > MPEG2; Captures the madness that ensued during Dylan and The Hawks' 1966 tour of Europe in which Dylan transformed himself from an acoustic folk singer to a rock-n-roll musician. Originally made for network TV 1971, commissioned for ABC. The network was confused by its stream-of-consciousness organization, and ETD languished on a shelf until the early 1971, when it was screened a few times. Because it was turned down by ABC, it has rarely been seen in its intended form.; Chapters: Intro, Tell Me, Momma, What Kind Of Friend Is This?, I Can't Leave Her Behind, Like A Rolling Stone, I Still Miss Someone, I Don't Believe You, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Mr. Tambourine Man, One Too Many Mornings, On A Rainy Afternoon; EXTRAS: Ballad Of A Thin Man (Outtake), Bob Dylan and John Lennon Limo Ride, Bob Arrives In Sweden (B/W Newsreel Footage). 82 A DVD NTSC
Bob Dylan - Rolling Thunder Revue, 1975-1976 Video Anthology; All Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Liberated Watchdog Bootleg; Includes: DVD 1, 107 min: Hard Rain US TV Broadcast version, Fort Collins, 5-23-76, 52min: 1. A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, 2. Blowin' in the Wind, 3. Railroad Boy, 4. Deportee, 5. I Pity the Poor Immigrant, 6. Shelter From the Storm, 7. Maggie's Farm, 8. One Too Many Mornings, 9. Mozambique, 10. Idiot Wind, 11. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (snippet during end credits); Rejected TV Special, Belleview Biltmore Hotel, Clearwater, 4-22-76, 54min: 1. Mr. Tambourine Man, 2. The Times They Are A-Changin', 3. Blowin' in the Wind, 4. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine, 5. Diamonds and Rust, 6. When I Paint My Masterpiece, 7. Like a Rolling Stone, 8. Isis, 9. Just Like a Woman, 10. Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 11. Lay Lady Lay; DVD 2, 100 min: Renaldo And Clara unreleased concert footage, Nov/Dec 1975, DB w/ white face paint, 33min: 1. A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, 2. It Ain't Me Babe, 3. Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 4. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, 5. Romance in Durango, 6. One More Cup of Coffee, 7. Sara, 8. Never Let Me Go, 9. Just Like a Woman, 10. Knockin' on Heaven's Door; Hard Rain Japanese TV version, Fort Collins, 5-23-76, 46min: 1. A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, 2. Blowin' in the Wind, 3. Deportee, 4. I Pity the Poor Immigrant, 5. Shelter From the Storm, 6. Maggie's Farm, 7. One Too Many Mornings, 8. Mozambique, 9. Idiot Wind, 10. Knockin' on Heaven's Door; World Of John Hammond, WTTW-TV, Chicago, 9-10-75: 1. Hurricane, 2. Simple Twist of Fate, 3. Oh Sister. 207 A DVD NTSC
Bob Dylan - 4-22-76, Unreleased Hard Rain, Bellview Biltmore Hotel, Clearwater, FL, 11 files: Mr. Tambourine Man, The Times They Are A-Changin', Blowin in the Wind, I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine, Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez), When I Paint My Masterpiece, Like A Rolling Stone, Isis, Just Like a Woman, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Lay Lady Lay. 55 - mpeg/VCD
Bob Dylan w/ Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - 7-4-86, Farm Aid II, Rich Stadium, Orchard Park (Buffalo), NY; Menu and Chapters; Pro-shot for TV; Chapters: BD w/ TPatH: Intro, So Long, Good Luck And Goodbye, Positively 4th Street, Clean-Cut Kid, Emotionally Yours, Trust Yourself, We Had It All, Masters Of War; TPatH: Straight Into Darkness, You're Gonna Think About Me, The Waiting, Breakdown; BD: To Ramona (acoustic), One Too Many Mornings (acoustic), A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (acoustic); BD w/ TPatH: I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know, Band Of The Hand, When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky, Lonesome Town, Ballad Of A Thin Man; TPatH: Bye Bye Johnny, Even The Losers, Spike, Refugee; BD w/ TPatH: Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35, Seeing The Real You At Last, Across The Borderline; Missing the end of the show: I And I, Like A Rolling Stone, In The Garden, Blowin' In The Wind, Rock 'Em Dead, Knockin' On Heaven's Door. 114 A- DVD NTSC
Bob Dylan - 6-17-91 (is it 6-16?), Liederhalle-Beethovensaal, Stuttgart, Germany; Sound Upgrade; Source: Pal Master 8mm Tape from Sony 75E + Hama Tele 2x + Aiwa External Micro; Set: 1. New Morning, 2. Lay Lady Lay, 3. All Along The Watchtower, 4. Shelter From The Storm, 5. Gotta Serve Somebody, 6. Wiggle Wiggle, 7. When I Paint My Masterpiece, 8. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, 9. Trail Of The Buffalo (a), 10. It's All Over Now Baby Blue (a), 11. Mr. Tambourine Man (a), 12. Bob Dylan's Dream (a), 13. Knockin' On Heaven's Door, 14. Everything Is Broken, 15. I Believe In You, 16. Highway 61 Revisited, Encore: 17. What Good Am I?, 18. Ballad Of A Thin Man. 94 - DVD PAL
Bob Dylan - 4-22-97, Fisher Auditorium, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA; Disc 1:, 58 min, Absolutely Sweet Marie (MISSING), Lay, Lady, Lay, All Along The Watchtower, Shelter From The Storm, Pledging My Time, Silvio, O Babe It Ain't No Lie (acoustic) (© 1964 Elizabeth Cotten estate), Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic), Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic); Disc 2: 50 min, The Wicked Messenger, Shooting Star, Maggie's Farm, (encore) I Shall Be Released, The Times They Are A-Changin' (acoustic), Rainy Day Women #12 & 35. 108 - VCD
Bob Dylan - 7-27-99, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, 14 Videos: Cocaine Blues, Mr Tambourine Man, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Love Minus Zero-No Limit, Tangled Up In Blue, Highlands, All Along The Watchtower, Just Like A Woman, Silvio, Like A Rolling Stone, Blowin' In The Wind, The Sound Of Silence (w/ Paul Simon), I Walk The Line - Blue Moon Of Kentucky (w/ Paul Simon), Knockin' On Heaven's Door (w/ Paul Simon) 67 - mpeg/VCD
Bob Dylan and John Lennon - Rare, private video of the two legends during a limo cruise. Both seem pretty high and intoxicated. See Dylan get sick! (really bad VHS copy but it's such a great scene). Also included on "Eat The Document" DVD above. 22 - VHS
- - - -
Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead - 7-4-87, Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA; Pro-shot by the Dead road crew, SBD audio from boot; from VHS; Set: 1. The Times They Are A-Changin', 2. Man Of Peace, 3. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, 4. John Brown, 5. I Want You, 6. Ballad Of A Thin Man, 7. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again, 8. Queen Jane Approximately, 9. Chimes Of Freedom, 10. Slow Train. 51 - mpeg/SVCD
Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead - 7-12-87, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ; Pro-shot by the Dead road crew, SBD audio from boot; from VHS; Set: 1. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again, 2. Tomorrow Is A Long Time, 3. Highway 61 Revisited, 4. It's All Over Now Baby Blue, 5. Ballad Of A Thin Man, 6. John Brown, 7. The Wicked Messenger, 8. Queen Jane Approximately, 9. Chimes Of Freedom, 10. Joey. 58 - mpeg/SVCD
- - - -
The Grateful Dead - 2-14-70, Fillmore East, NYC, NY; Black and White; Partial AUD Cam video w/ SBD audio; All songs have complete audio w/ visual graphics added to fill in where the film is missing; from VHS; Menu and Chapters; Set, 56min: 1. Dark Star, 2. Hard To Handle, 3. I've Been All Around This World, 4. Me and My Uncle >, 5. Not Fade Away >, 6. Mason's Children; Extras, 6.5min: Arthur Lee and Love, Incomplete segments from the supporting act (same video source, w/ cam audio), 1. Always See Your Face, 2. Drum Solo >, 3. Doggone. 62 B-/B DVD NTSC
The Grateful Dead - 8-30-70, KQED Studios, San Francisco, CA, "Calebration" broadcast on KQED-TV San Francisco w/ FM simulcast; audio upgrade done by Randy Carman (Master FM Reel, Taped by Michael Parrish, Sony TC-366); from VHS; Set: 1. Easy Wind, 2. Candyman, 3. Casey Jones, 4. Brokedown Palace, 5. Uncle John's Band. 29 A- mpeg/VCD
The Grateful Dead - 8-27-72, Old Renaissance Fairgrounds, Veneta, OR, "Sunshine Daydream"; VHS(2) source and 16 track Master Reels audio source digitally re-mastered then spliced w/ audio from the original film sndtrk (Brokedown House Productions). - - DVD NTSC
The Grateful Dead - 10-31-80, Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY; Video Source: Low gen closed circuit pro-shot broadcast; Quality: Video A, Audio A+; Set: DVD 1 (49:56): Set 1: Intro, Heaven Help The Fool, Sage & Spirit, Little Sadie, Monkey & The Engineer, It Must Have Been The Roses, Cassidy, BirdSong > Ripple; DVD 2 (59:41): Help Jerry's Kids (19:52), Set 2A (39:49): Jack Straw > Cold Rain & Snow, Me & My Uncle > Mexicali Blues, Ramblin' Rose > Little Red Rooster; DVD 3 (57:53): Set 2B (19:13): Brown Eyed Women > Looks Like Rain > Deal, Al & Tom (1:59), Set 3A (36:41): Don't Ease Me In > Lost Sailor > Saint Of Circumstance > Franklin's Tower > Drums; DVD 4 (57:23): Set 3B (53:54): Space > Fire On The Mountain > Not Fade Away > Stella Blue > Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad > Good Lovin', E: Uncle John's Band, Broadcast Credits. - 4 Discs, This dvd set is beyond normal bit rates !! 225 A/A+ DVD NTSC
The Grateful Dead - 3-28-1981, Rockpalast, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, WDR TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Low gen VHS + FM audio; DVD 1: Set 1: Intro/Tuning, Alabama Getaway >, Greatest Story Ever Told, Sugaree, Me and My Uncle >, Mexicali Blues, Shakedown Street, Little Red Rooster, Althea, Looks Like Rain, Deal, set 2A: Samson and Delilah, Ship Of Fools; DVD 2: Estimated Prophet >, He's Gone >, The Other One >, Drums (w/ The Flying Karamazov Brothers) >, Not Fade Away (w/ Pete Townshend) >, Wharf Rat (w/ PT) >, Around and Around (w/ PT) >, Good Lovin', Encore: One More Saturday Night, Post-show comments. 204 A/A+ DVD NTSC
The Grateful Dead - 4-7-85, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA; single cam w/ SBD audio; from VHS(1); Brokedown House Productions; DVD 1, 44:35: Why Don't We Do it in the Road, Mississippi Half-Step > C.C. Rider, Bird Song, Dancin' in the Streets, Deal; DVD 2, 48:07: Shakedown Street > Samson and Delilah, She Belongs to Me > Woman are Smarter > Drums; DVD 3, 45:57: Space > Gimme Some Lovin' > Truckin' > Smokestack Lightnin' > Morning Dew > Sugar Magnolia, Encore: Day Job. 139 - DVD NTSC
The Grateful Dead - 3-24-87, Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA; Tripod Cam w /Zoom + FOB Schoeps CMC44; from VHS; Audio synchronization and VCD prep by MattMan; Disc 1, 56:15: Jack Straw, Candyman, Minglewood Blues, Loser, Mama Tried >, Mexicali Blues, Ramble On Rose, Let It Grow; Disc 2, 76:25: Gimme Some Lovin' >, Black Muddy River, Playin' In The Band >, Terrapin Station >, Drums >, Space >, Dear Mr. Fantasy >, Wharf Rat >, Not Fade Away, E: Brokedown Palace. 133 A- mpeg/VCD
The Grateful Dead - 7-23-90, World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL "Brent's Last Show"; Pro-shot w/ SBD; w/ '87 Bammies and '72 Tivoli Fillers on Disc 1; 2 Discs. - A/A+ DVD NTSC
The Grateful Dead - 7-23-90, World Music Theater, Tinley Park, IL, "Brent's Last Show"; Pro-shot; from VHS; Set 1: Cold Rain and Snow, Picasso Moon, Good Time Blues, Stagger Lee, Cassidy, Truckin' >, Smokestack Lightning; Set 2: Victim Or The Crime >, Foolish Heart >, Women Are Smarter >, Terrapin Station, Drums >, Jam >, All Along The Watchtower >, Standing On the Moon >, Around and Around >, Good Lovin', E: The Weight. 148 B- mpeg/VCD
The Grateful Dead - 11-3-91, Bill Graham Memorial Concert, A Benefit for "Laughter, Love, and Music", Polo Fields, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, with Friends; New Release, Whole show w/o Bruce Hornsby; 16:9 WS + 5.1 DDS; Menu and Chapters; Video: Satellite feed > TV Station master?? > VHS1 > VHS2 > JVC SR-VS30U; Audio: DSBD + DAUD FOB Neumann KM254 + AUD Nak 100; Setlist: 1. Tuning, Intro by David Graham, 2. Hell In A Bucket, 3. China Cat Sunflower - I Know You Rider, 4. Wang Dang Doodle *, 5. Born On The Bayou **, 6. Green River **, 7. Bad Moon Rising **, 8. Proud Mary **, 9. Truckin' >, 10. The Other One >, 11. Wharf Rat >, 12. Sunshine Daydream, 13. E: Forever Young ***, 14. Touch Of Grey, 15. Outro; [* w/ John Popper - harp, ** w/ John Fogerty - guitar, vocals, *** w/ Neil Young - guitar, vocals]. 96 A/A+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Jerry Garcia and John Kahn - 11-14-86, Marin County Veterans Auditorium, San Rafael, CA, "Benefit for Bread and Roses"; camera/tripod > VHS(?); SBD audio; Audio synch/remastering/VCD authoring by mattman; Set: Deep Elem Blues, Fiend Of The Devil, Spike Driver Blues, Little Sadie, Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie, Been All Around This World, Ripple, Goodnight Irene. 43 B/B+ mpeg/VCD
- - - -
Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Santana - 2-4-70, Family Dog On The Great Highway, San Francisco, CA, "San Francisco Rock: A Night at the Family Dog"; from a 1970 NET (which became PBS) broadcast; w/ the 'Super Jam' at the end. Setlist: Santana- Incident At Neshabur, Soul Sacrifice, GD- Hard to Handle, China Cat Sunflower, I Know You Rider, JA- The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil, Eskimo Blue Day, Jam w/ JA Garcia and Santana. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Jim Morrison - HWY: An American Pastoral, 1969; [Jim's one attempt at cinematic expression, his legendary 1969 experimental film. HWY is a stark film, almost completely without dialogue. The references to '60s cinema are abundant. The influences of Jodorowsky, Antonioni, Warhol, Anger, and Godard seem to be present. Created by former film students, the references were most likely intentional (especially in the case of Morrison) and, in this way, HWY will likely have a much deeper meaning to experimental film students than to the average Doors fan.... In a 1969 interview w/ Howard Smith, Morrison summarized the film: "Essentially, there's no plot, no story in the traditional sense; a person, played by me, comes down out of the mountains and hitchhikes his way through the desert into a modern city, which happens to be L.A., and that's where it ends." "The only reason I [acted in HWY] is because I couldn't think of anyone else to do it, you know, and it was just as easy for me to do it. I might do some films. I don't know. I'm not that crazy about being an actor, I'd rather be a director or a writer, something like that, but you know, if I had the chance, I'd probably do a few films. Why not?"] 51 - mpeg/VCD
- - - -
Eric Burdon - 4-21-76, Rockpalast, WDR Studio-L, Köln, Germany; TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; from VHS; SA chapters; Set: 1. Johnny Walker, 2. Bring It On Home To Me, 3. Boom, Boom, 4. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, 5. Please Send Me Someone To Love, 6. Lonely Avenue, 7. Tobacco Road, 8. Houses Of The Rising Sun, 9. One More Cup Of Coffee. - A DVD PAL
- - - -
Donovan - 8-24-72, "In Concert", Part of BBC4's Folk Britannia Season; Digital TV Broadcast; First broadcast 11-2-72; Set: 1. Jennifer Juniper, 2. There Is A Mountain, 3. Catch The Wind, 4. The Ordinary Family, 5. Lovely Princess, 6. The Pied Piper's Song, 7. A Well Known Has-Been, 8. Happiness Runs, 9. Colours, 10. Sailing Homeward, 11. Cosmic Wheels > Maria Magenta, 12. The Pee Song, 13. Mellow Yellow (Old Fashioned Picture Book ?). 50 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Van Morrison - 7-24-73, "For Rainbow", Rainbow Theatre, London, England; from 5-27-74 BBC2 TV Broadcast > VHS; Stereo FM Audio; 4-Eyed Freak Remastering; Set: 1. Warm Love, 2. Take your Hands Out Of My Pocket, 3. Here Comes The Night, 4. I Just Want To Make Love To You, 5. Brown Eyed Girl, 6. Moonshine Whiskey, 7. Moondance, 8. Help Me, 9. Domino, 10. Caravan, 11. Cyprus Avenue, 12. Wild Night (from 1980 Dutch broadcast, Van is wearing a red jacket) - This DVD includes one or many tracks from the "It's too Late to Stop Now" official release. 62 A-/A DVD NTSC
Van Morrison - 2-2-74, Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA (VLS Version Updated); Black and White; Set: Ballerina, Streets of Arklow, Just Like A Woman, Try For Sleep, Into The Mystic, I Just Want To Make Love To You, Moondance, These Dreams of You, Listen To The Lion, Wonderful Remark, Warm Love, Help Me, Here Comes the Night, Gloria, Caravan, Cyprus Avenue. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Chicago - 6-8-72, Budokan, Tokyo, Japan; compiled from 4 VHS sources of TV broadcast; Silver Stallion; Set: Intro, Beginnings, Saturday In The Park, Mother, State Of The Union, Make Me Smile, Lowdown, Now More Than Ever, Question 67 & 68, 25 or 6 to 4, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?, Dialogue, Fancy Colours, A Song for Richard And His Friends, I'm A Man, Free. 92 B+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Kinks - 1-24-73, Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London, England, BBC2 TV Programme "In Concert"; Masterport DVD Masters; Pro-Shot; The Kinks in their expanded form, w/ the Mike Cotton Sound, perform songs from VGPS & Muswill Hillbillies; The title screen incorrectly identifies this as a show the Kinks filmed the previous year at the Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park on 1-31-72; Set: 1. Counter, 2. Victoria, 3. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues, 4. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, 5. Lola, 6. Holiday, 7. Good Golly Miss Molly, 8. You Really Got Me, 9. All Day And All The Night, 10. Waterloo Sunset, 11. Village Green Preservation Society, 12. Ending. 30 - DVD NTSC
The Kinks - 1-24-73, Rainbow Theatre (or BBC Televison Centre?), Finsbury Park, London, England, BBC2 TV Programme "In Concert", Originally Broadcast on 1973-03-15; Recorded on 2006-04-06, part of BBC Four's "1973 Week"; Pro-Shot; Chaptered; from Digital TV, No VHS Lineage, No Timecode; Set: 1. BBC 4 Intro, 2. Victoria, 3. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues, 4. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, 5. Lola, 6. Holiday, 7. Good Golly Miss Molly, 8. You Really Got Me, 9. All Day And All Of The Night, 10. Waterloo Sunset, 11. Village Green Preservation Society, 12. Village Green (instrumental outro). - - DVD PAL
- - - -
The Who - 2-10-73, Sporting Hall De Vliegermolon, Voorburg, Holland, The Netherlands, "Grand Gala du Pop"; Dutch TV Broadcast; + BONUS; 4REEL Procuctions; Menu and Chapters; from DVD Silver; "Filling in as a last minute replacement for Roxy Music who could not perform due to an illness in the band, The Who played and were broadcast live on Dutch TV.";Chapters: Voorburg, 49 min: Pinball Wizard, Baba O'Riley, Summertime Blues, Won't Get Fooled Again, My Generation, See Me, Feel Me, Magic Bus; BONUS: Promos and TV Performances, 55 min: 1. 5.15 - TOTP 1973, 2. Relay - OGWT 1-29-73 (Not TOTP 73), 3. Long Live Rock - OGWT 1-29-73 (Not TOTP 71), 4. Won't Get Fooled Again - TOTP 7-7-71 (Not TOTP 70), 5. The Seeker - Hits A GoGo (German TV) 1970, 6. The Seeker - Promo Clip 1970, 7. French TV 1966 ("Seize Millions de Jeunes" Broadcast; see translation in txt file), 8. Helsinki, Finland 1966. 104 A-/A DVD NTSC
The Who - 11-20-73, Cow Palace, So. San Francisco (Daly City), CA, "Can Anybody Play The Drums?"; Black and White (30fps, 44hmz mono, buzzing audio); 1st Set: I Can't Explain, Summertime Blues, My Generation, QUADRO SET 1: I Am The Sea > The Real Me, The Punk And The Godfather, I'm One, Helpless Dancer, QUADRO SET 2: 5.15, Sea And Sand, Drowned, Bell Boy, Doctor Jimmy, Love Reign O'er Me, Encore: Won't Get Fooled Again (Keith passed out), Magic Bus (Keith passed out again), See Me, Feel Me (drummer-less), Scott Halpin on drums for rest of show: Smokestack Lighting > Spoonful > Naked Eye. 72 C+ VCD
The Who - 11-20-75, The Summit, Houston, TX; This is the feed to the giant TV screen; Pandora's Video, Original Master Recording, the edited 4Reel Version; SBD Audio; Set: Substitute, I Can't Explain, Squeezebox, Baba O'Riley, Boris The Spider, Drowned, However Much I Booze, Dreaming From The Waist, Behind Blue Eyes, Amazing Journey, Sparks, The Acid Queen, Fiddle About, Pinball Wizard, I'm Free, Tommy's Holiday Camp, We're Not Gonna Take It, Summertime Blues, My Generation, Join Together, Naked Eye, Roadrunner, Won't Get Fooled Again, Magic Bus, My Generation Blues. "Unquestionably the finest, complete live Who performance from the 70's." 118 A DVD NTSC
The Who - 3-28-81, Rockpalast, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany; Pro-shot; Master clone from Rebroadcast; Intro, Substitute, I Can't Explain, Baba O'Riley, The Quiet One, Don't Let Go The Coat, Sister Disco, You Better You Bet, Drowned, Behind Blue Eyes, Another Tricky Day, Pinball Wizard, Who Are You, 5:15, My Generation, WGFA, Summertime Blues, Twist And Shout, See Me Feel Me. - A DVD NTSC
The Who - 10-20-82, The Kingdome, Seattle, WA; Sister Disco/4Reel Productions; Source: Pro-Shot > ? > Silver Boot > DVD; excellent video/audio quality; Chapters: 1. My Generation, 2. I Can't Explain, 3. Dangerous, 4. Sister Disco, 5. The Quiet One, 6. It's Hard, 7. Eminence Front, 8. Behind Blue Eyes, 9. Baba O'Riley, 10. I Can See For Miles, 11. Drowned, 12. A Man Is A Man, 13. Who Are You, 14. Pinball Wizard, 15. See Me Feel Me, 16. 5.15, 17. Love Reign O'er Me, 18. Long Live Rock, 19. Won't Get Fooled Again, 20. Magic Bus, 21. Summertime Blues. 115 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Led Zeppelin - 5-24-75, Earl's Court, London, England; Pro-shot; from a low-gen video source, w/ original audio; "This is a fantastic VCD release, and in many respects is actually superior to most DVD releases, including Cosmic Energy!"; Set: D1: 1. Rock And Roll, 2. Sick Again, 3. Over The Hills And Far Away, 4. In My Time Of Dying, 5. The Song Remains The Same, 6. The Rain Song, 7. Kashmir, D2: 1. No Quarter, 2. Tangerine, 3. That's The Way (beginning cut), 4. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, D3: 1. Trampled Underfoot, 2. Dazed And Confused, 3. Stairway To Heaven, 4. Whole Lotta Love, 5. Black Dog. 169 A-/A VCD
Led Zeppelin - 5-25-75, Earl's Court, London, England; "London Calling" DVD and "London Burning" VCD merged and synched w/ Empress Valley's "Demand Unprecedented" by twoSlax; Pro-shot; Incomplete Set: Rock And Roll, Sick Again, Over The Hills And Far Away, In My Time Of Dying, The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, Kashmir. 55 A-/A VCD
Led Zeppelin - 4-9-77, Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL; 8mm video; Jimmy was pretty out of it, he collapsed and the concert was canceled; Set: Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone. 17 C- mpeg/VCD
Led Zeppelin - 7-17-77, The Kingdome, Seattle, WA; Pro-shot w/ SBD Audio; "twoSlax Edition", 3 Discs; Set: The Song Remains the Same, The Rover (intro) / Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Over the Hills and Far Away, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, The Battle of Evermore, Going To California, Black Country Woman, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, White Summer / Black Mountain Side, Kashmir, Out On the Tiles (intro) / Moby Dick, guitar solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway To Heaven, Whole Lotta Love / Rock and Roll. 210 A VCD NTSC
Led Zeppelin - 8-11-79, Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, England, "Start Up Your Scooters"; Pro-shot w/ SBD Recording (SpikeKiller version); Video by TwoSlax; 3 Discs; Set: The Song Remains The Same > Celebration Day, Black Dog, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Over The Hills And Far Away, Misty Mountain Hop, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Hot Dog, The Rain Song, White Summer > Black Mountiain Side > Kashmir, Trampled Underfoot, Sick Again, Achilles Last Stand, Guitar Solo > In The Evening, Stairway To Heaven, Rock And Roll, Whole Lotta Love, Communication Breakdown. - A- VCD
Led Zeppelin - "The Remains of Albion", 1975-1979 Collection of videos by Bluecongo Production; Tracks: 2-12-75, Matrix “Four Blocks in the Snow”: Rock n Roll, Sick Again, Over the Hills and Far Away; 5-26-77, Landover, Bluecongo Remaster: Achilles Last Stand, Kashmir; 6-23-77, Sgt Page’s Badgeholders: Whole Lotta Love, Rock n Roll; 7-23-79, Copenhagen, Warm Ups, TDOLZ: Black Dog; 7-24-79, Copenhagen, Warm Ups, TDOLZ: Ten Years Gone. 59 - mpeg-2/DVD NTSC
Led Zeppelin - 1980 "Tour Over Europe" DVD Set; 3 VOB files; rumoured to be: 8mm masters > MPEG-2 > DVD; Ripped from 2 disc set pressed DVD "Latter Visions" on Celebration label; Includes:
Ch 1: Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany, 6-18-80, 8mm, B&W segments, 19 min: Train Kept A Rollin', Nobody's Fault But Mine, Black Dog, In The Evening, The Rain Song, Hot Dog, Trampled Underfoot, Kashmir, Stairway To Heaven, Rock And Roll, Communication Breakdown;
Ch 2: Ahoyhallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 6-21-80, 8mm, Color segments, 10 min: Trampled Underfoot, Since I've Been Loving You, Achille's Last Stand, White Summer, Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven;
Ch 3: Olympia Halle, Munich, Germany, 7-5-80, 8mm, Color segments, 10 min: In The Evening, Hot Dog, All My Love, Trampled Underfoot, Achille's Last Stand, Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll (ft Simon Kirke from Bad Company).
38 - vob DVD NTSC
- - - -
Robert Plant - 1-22-92, Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, MTV Broadcast in 1994; Pro-shot w/ SBD; from VHS(1); Menu and Chapters; Set: Intros, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, 29 Palms, Ramble On, Tall Cool One, Thank You, If I Were A Carpenter, Going To California, Black Country Woman, In The Mood, Light My Fire, In The Light, Season of the Witch, Calling To You, Hurting Kind, Whole Lotta Love, Rock n Roll. - A DVD NTSC
Robert Plant - "Acoustically '93", Fate Of Nations Tour (Cosmic Energy); Includes: TV Studio-Videomusic Roxy Bar, Bologna, Italy, 6-13-93, Airport Arrival / Intro / Hoochie Coochie Man / 29 Palms / Thank You / I Believe / Whole Lotta Love / Going To California; Rimini, Italy, 8-28-93, Intro / 29 Palms / I Believe / Hoochie Coochie Man / Whole Lotta Love; Bonus footage: Kings Head, London, 5-20-93; Pistoia Blues Festival, 7-3-93, A.J.Palumbo Center, Pittsburgh, PA; Piazza San Giovanni, Rome, 5-1-93; Also numerous audio only tracks. - - DVD NTSC
Robert Plant - 7-2-93, Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, MTV presents...; Complete Show; Lin: MTV Europe > VHS(M) > SVCD (PAL, 25 fps) (medium quality sound - mono, noise); Recorded during MTV LZ Weekend in 1994; Set: 1. Interview 1, 2. Ramble On, 3. Interview 2, 4. Calling To You, 5. I Believe, 6. Bluebird, 7. 29 Palms, 8. Interview 3, 9. What Is And What Should Never Be, 10. Interview 4, 11. Whole Lotta Love, 12. You Shook Me, 13. If I Were A Carpenter (credits on this track). 52 A- SVCD
- - - -
Jimmy Page - 9-17-88, Mesa, AZ, "Raving Arizona" (Cosmic Energy?), Outrider Tour; Pro-shot w/ sbd and cam audio by MTV crew; Set: Who's To Blame, Prelude, Over The Hills And Far Away, City Sirens/Drum Solo, The Chase, Violin Bow Solo, Dazed And Confused Jam, couple of cut up things in here lasts about a minute, Writes Of Winter (only 1 cam shooting here, audio sounds like camera), Tear Down The Walls (only 1 cam shooting here, audio sounds like camera), Midnight Moonlight (beginning cut), In My Time Of Dying, Blues Anthem, Train Kept A Rollin (beginning cut), Stairway To Heaven, Interviews and Soundcheck. - A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Page and Plant - 10-3-95, Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA, 2nd Night; Pro-shot; from Empress Valley "Eternal Burning" DVD; Set: Egyptian Intro, Immigrant Song Intro, Wanton Song, Bring It On Home, Ramble On, Thank You, No Quarter, That's The Way, Hurdy Gurdy Solo, Gallows Pole, Since I've Been Loving You, The Song Remains The Same, Going To California, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Friends, Four Sticks, Whole Lotta Love, Encore: In The Evening, Kashmir. 125 A-/A VCD NTSC
Page and Plant - 1-27-96, Praça da Apoteose, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, "Hollywood Rock" MTV Broadcast; Pro-Shot; Lin: TV > VHS > Captured to HD and authored > DVD; Menu and Chapters; Set: Egyptian Instrumental, Immigrant Song intro > Wanton Song, Bring it on home, Heartbreaker, Ramble On, No Quarter, Hurdy Gurdy Solo, Gallows Pole, Since I've been loving you, The song remains the same, Goint to California, Babe I'm gonna leave you, Whole Lotta Love > Theremin solo > Break On Through > Dazed and Confused, Four Sticks, Kashmir, Black Dog, Rock and Roll. 111 A DVD NTSC
Page and Plant - 9-24-98, America West Arena, Phoenix, AZ, "Deluxe Edition"; AUD cam, from VHS(1); Disc 1: 1. Egyptian Tape Intro, 2. Wanton Song, 3. Bring It On Home, 4. Heartbreaker, 5. Ramble On, 6. Walking Into Clarksdale, 7. No Quarter, 8. When The World Was Young, 9. Going To California, 10. Tangerine, 11. Gallows Pole; Disc 2: 1. Heart In Your Hand, 2. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, 3. How Many More Times, 4. Most High, 5. Whole Lotta Love, Encores: 6. Black Dog, 7. Rock And Roll. - 8+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Coverdale and Page - 12-20-93, Osaka Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan (1st of 2 nights); Remastered 11th Anniversary Edition - B+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Black Crowes and Jimmy Page (Black Zeppelin) - 10-19-99, The Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA; Aud Cam, lots of good close-ups; From VHS(?); Unknown source; SBD Audio; disc cuts made w/ Womble MPEG-2 editor; Set: Disc 1: Celebration Day, Custard Pie, Sick Again, No Speak No Slave, What Is And What Should Never Be, Hard To Handle, Woke Up This Morning, Ten Years Gone; Disc 2: In My Time Of Dying, Your Time Is Gonna Come, Remedy, The Lemon Song, Sloppy Drunk, Shapes Of Things; Disc 3: Nobody's Fault But Mine, Heartbreaker, Encore: Hey, Hey, What Can I Do, You Shook Me, Out On The Tiles, Whole Lotta Love. 121 B-/B mpeg-2/SVCD
- - - -
The Black Crowes - 11-17-92, E-Werk, Köln, Germany, "High As The Moon", WDR German TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; from VHS(M); Set: 1. No Speak No Slave, 2. My Morning Song, 3. Sting Me, 4. Hard To Handle, 5. Thorn's Progress >, 6. Thorn In My Pride, 7. Seeing Things, 8. Twice As Hard, 9. Black Moon Creeping, 10. Thick N' Thin, 10. Stare It Cold >, 11. Three Little Birds, Encore: 12. Sometimes Salvation, 13. Jealous Again, 14. Remedy. 101 - DVD PAL
- - - -
The Yardbirds - Video Anthology; Chapters: 1. UK TV: Louise, I Wish You Would, 2. SHINDIG GOES TO LONDON: For Your Love (incomplete), Hang On Sloopy (incomplete), 3. SHINDIG: I Wish You Would, For Your Love, Heart Full of Soul, I'm a Man, 4. TELEPACE (Italian TV): For Your Love, 5. WHERE THE ACTION IS: I Wish You Would, You're a Better Man Than I, Shapes of Things, 6. HOLLABALLOO A GO GO: I'm a Man, 7. POLL WINNERS 66: Train Kept a Rollin, Shapes of Things, 8. SHIVAREE (US TV): Heart Full of Soul, I'm a Man, 9. CLIP FROM ANTONIONI'S "BLOW UP": Stroll On, 10. BEAT BEAT BEAT 1966 (GERMAN TV): Shapes of Things, Happenings Ten Years Time Ago, Over Under Sideways Down, I'm a Man, 11. UP BEAT: Heart Full of Soul (colour), 12. BOUTON ROUGE (FRENCH TV): Train Kept a Rollin', Dazed and Confused, Goodnight Sweet Josephine, 13. BEAT CLUB - Renaissance (Keith Relf post-Yardbirds band): Islands, Kings & Queens. 88 - DVD NTSC
The Yardbirds feat. Jimmy Page - 1966, Beat Beat Beat, German TV; Black and White; quick time movie on autorun cd; Set: Shapes of Things, Happenings Ten Years Time Ago, Interview, Over Under Sideways Down, I'm A Man. (Also included on the Anthology DVD above.) - A qt
- - - -
Jeff Beck - 6-2-99, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan; Live Stereo Japan TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Setlist: 1. What Mama Said, 2. Psycho Sam, 3. Brush With The Blues, 4. Star Cycle, 5. Savoy, 6. Blast From The East, 7. A Day In The Life, 8. Declan, 9. THX 138, 10. The Pump, 11. Cause Weve Ended As Lovers, 12. Space For The Papa, 13. Angel (Footsteps), 14. Even Odds, 15. You Never Know, 16. Blue Wind, 17. Big Block, 18. Jeff Speaks!, 19. Another Place, 20. End Credits. 90 A/A+ DVD NTSC
Jeff Beck - 9-13-02, Royal Festival Hall, London, England, Career Retrospective Concert (2 of 3), "Dream of Legendary Night 2002"; Aud Cam, Steady, Left Balcony; Chapters but no Menu; Guests: Jimmy Hall, White Stripes, Terry Bozzio, Tony Hymas, Roger Waters, Aref Durvesh, Larry Lawrence, Imogen Heap; Disc 1, Set 1, 68 min: 1. Beck's Bolero, 2. Roy's Toy, 3. Rice Pudding - Right Off > - w/ Jack Johnson, 4. Angel (Footsteps), 5. Goodbey Porkie Pie Hat, 6. Blue Wind, 7. I'm A Man > - w/ JH, 8. I Ain't Superstitious > - w/ JH, 9. Morning Dew - w/ JH, 10. Behind the Veil - whole band w/ TB, 11. Savoy - Guitar shop trio, 12. Sling Shot - Guitar shop trio, 13. Big Block - Guitar shop trio, 14. Drums > Freeway Jam, Filler, from 9-12-02: 15. What God Wants, Pt 1 > - w/ RW, 16. What God Wants, Pt 3 - w/ RW:
Disc 2, 2nd Set, 87 min: 1. Still I'm Sad - Jeff and band, no vocals, 2. Train Kept A-Rollin' > - w/ WS, 3. I Ain't Done Wrong - w/ WS, 4. Heart Full of Soul - w/ WS, 5. Mister You're A Better Man Than I - w/ WS, 6. Lost Woman - w/ WS, 7. Evil Hearted You - w/ WS, 8. I Ain't Got You - w/ WS, 9. The Pump >, 10. Brush With the Blues, 11. Star Cycle, 12. Rollin' and Tumblin' - w/ IH, 13. What God Wants, Pt 1 > - w/ RW, 14. What God Wants, Pt 3 - w/ RW, 15. Nadia - w/ tabla player AD, 16. What Mama Said - w/ AD, 17. Going Down - w/ JH, 18. People Get Ready - w/ JH, 19. A Day in the Life, Encore: 20. Where Were You, 21. Hi Ho Silver Lining - complete cast except RW.
155 - DVD NTSC
Jeff Beck - 6-24-04, Royal Albert Hall, London, England; Jeff's 60th Birthday; Source: Audience 2-CAM video and original audio, paired w/ 2nd audio source; 3rd source to fill in gaps in 2nd; Re-Mastered audio matrix from multiple sources; Guests: Nancy Sorell, Imogen Heap - Vocals, Ron Wood - Guitar; Setlist: 1. Resolution, 2. Star Cycle, 3. Freeway Jam, 4. Roy's Toys, 5. Big Block, 6. Cry Me A River, 7. Stratus, 8. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, 9. Angel (Footsteps), 10. Even Odds, 11. Brush With The Blues, 12. Nadia, 13. Nothing But Love, 14. Loose Cannon, 15. Blanket, 16. Rollin and Tumblin, 17. Blue Wind, 18. Voyage Home, 19. Cissy Strut, 20. Led Boots, 21. A Day In The Life, 22. Where Were You, 23. You Never Know, 24. People Get Ready. 108 A DVD NTSC
Jeff Beck - "Live on Late Night TV"; Cable TV Broadcast > VHS; Menu and Chapters: 1) The Arsenio Hall Show, 12-4-89, Jeff Beck, Terry Bozzio, Tony Hymas, Sling Shot; 2) Late Show w/ David Letterman, 3-22-99, What Mama Said; 3) Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, 8-10-99, Psycho Sam; 4) Later w/ Jools Holland, 10-22-99, Dad's Army intro, What Mama Said; 5) The Late, Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn, 2-23-01, Dirty Mind; 6) The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno, 7-31-03, w/ B.B. King, Paying The Cost to be the Boss; 7) Later w/ Jools Holland, 1-1-03, Drown In My Own Tears. - A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Pink Floyd - Inside Pink Floyd: A Critical Review 1967-1974; Ragnarock Films Ltd, 2004; Menu, Chapters and Audio Setup; 1. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, 2. A Saucerful of Secrets, 3. More, 4. Ummagumma, 5. Atom Heart Mother, 6. Meddle, 7. Live at Pompeii, 8. Obscured by Clouds, 9. Dark Side of the Moon, 10. Special Feature: Mostly Autumn - Echoes Revisited. - OFFICIAL 81 A+ DVD NTSC
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of Oz; DSotM synched w/ The Wizard of Oz; nice quality, 376MB. - OFFICIAL 47 A avi
Pink Floyd - Early Chronicles/Psychedelic Chronicles, Early TV Clips and Live TV Appearances; Apocalypse Sounds #AS34; No Menu or Chapters; Includes: 1. London, Tonight Lets Make Love In London, Promo, Astronomy Domine, Color; 2. UFO Club, Interstellar Overdrive, B/W; 3. Complete Look Of The Week, Dr. Hans Keller, Astronomy Domine, Interview w/ Syd and Roger, B/W; 4. Bouton Rouge, Astronomy Domine, Flaming, Set The Controls, Color; 4. Unknown stage appearance, Astronomy Domine, w/ a very unnoticable beginning, Color; 6. All My Loving, Set The Controls, Color/Posterization; 7. Swiss TV Appearance, Live, Let There Be More Light, Flaming, Color; 8. Krallingen, Set The Controls, Celestial Voices, Color; 9. Japan, Atom Heart Mother, Color; 10. Unknown, Set The Controls, w/ end credits; 11. California, Careful With That Axe Eugene (Cut). 97 EX DVD NTSC
Pink Floyd - French TV 1968-1969; Menu and Chapters; optional English sub-titles; Includes unseen Bonus Clip and upgraded quality on another two bonus clips; Some rare B/W promo videos; Chapters: BOUTON ROUGE (broadcast 24Feb68): Astronomy Domine, Flaming, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Let There Be More Light; SAMEDI ET COMPAGNIE (broadcast 21Sep68, mimed): Let There Be More Light, Remember A Day; TOUS EN SCENE (broadcast 26Nov68): Let There Be More Light, Flaming; SURPRISE PARTIE (broadcast 31Dec68, Recorded 30Nov68, Psychedelic Club, Elysée, Paris, France): Let There Be More Light; FORUM MUSIQUES (broadcast 15Feb69, mimed): Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, A Saucerful Of Secrets. 66 - DVD PAL 4:3
Pink Floyd - Harvested Video Anthology (HRV DVD 005); DVD1: 87 min, DVD2: ?, DVD3: 77 min. 3 disc VG/EX DVD NTSC
Pink Floyd - 4-14-69, Rehearsals, Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London, UK; Harvested DVD; Pro-shot B/W footage shot by Anthony Stern; All songs are fragmentary: 1: Biding My Time (w/ Rick briefly on trombone), 2: (Scene 2, Take 1) Green Is The Colour, 3: (Discussion) Cymbaline, 4: (Discussion), 5: Instrumental, 6: (Silent Footage From Stalls), 7: A Saucerful Of Secrets (End Part) / Organ Music, 8: More Organ / Instrumental, 9: (Audio Only) Chucking Out Time. 25 A- DVD NTSC
Pink Floyd - 7-22-69, SDR TV Villa Berg Studios, Stuttgart, West Germany;
"A Stuttgart Strudel", HHODVD002; Pro-Shot, Black and White; Lineage: TV Station master > PAL SVHS;
On 7-22-69, PF went into SDR TV Villa Berg Studios, Stuttgart, West Germany to record 2 tracks for the P-1 TV Show. The 1st of these tracks, Corporal Clegg, which has never circulated until now, features PF having a nice dinner that turns into an all out food fight. The 2nd track, ASoS, now in it's entirety, was partially seen on the Harvested PF Video Anthology, and includes footage of the church wedding ceremony Queen Beatrix and Claus (3-10-66 in Amsterdam); Contents: 1. Show Intro, 2. The Locomotive, Times of Light and Darkness, 3. Hair, Pt 1, 4. The Locomotive, You Must be Joking, 5. PF, Corporal Clegg, 6. Hair, Pt 2, 7. The Locomotive, Mr. Armageddon, 8. The Locomotive, Lay Me Down Gently, 9. PF, Interview, 10. PF, ASoS, 11. Hair, Pt 3; (plus Easter Egg, the Carlsburger Marsch recipe).
Pink Floyd - 4-29-70, KQED TV Special, Fillmore East, San Francisco, CA; "Digital Lunatics"; The recordings comes from the imfamous set which was performed exclusively and earlier in the day (before the later Fillmore West gig) for the local PBS station, KQED in San Franciso. The footage was later edited w/ video effects and added library footage; Sourced from VHS(1) from WNEW-FM (?); Setlist: Atom Heart Mother, Cymbaline, Grantchester Meadows, Green is the Colour, Careful With That Axe, Eugene, Set the Controls. 60 A- mpeg/VCD
Pink Floyd - 8-8-70, Festival de Musique, Les Arenas, Saint Tropez, France; Cochon Production 2006; Pro-shot, Mono Audio; Setlist: Atom Heart Mother, The Embryo, Green is the Colour / Careful with that Axe Eugene, Set the Controls, Cymbaline (soundcheck). 54 A-/A DVD PAL
Pink Floyd - 5-22-72, Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam, Netherlands, "The Complete Amsterdam Rock Circus"; Hand-Held Cam; 5.1 sound; Courtesy Of The PF Archaelogical Society; This material is from the Mind Your Throats Please Vol. 1; features the last ever live performance of Atom Heart Mother; Set: Atom Heart Mother, Careful With That Axe Eugene, A Saucerful Of Secrets. 37 B+/A- DVD NTSC
Pink Floyd - 8mm, Harvested Records (HRV DVD 009); Menu and Chapters; plus Easter Egg (a 1st gen source from Philly Spectrum 1972); Includes: 1. Hollywood Bowl, 9-22-72 (Audio "Bowl de Luna"); 2. LA Sports Arena, 4-27-75; 3. Stadthalle, Vienna, 2-1-77; 4. Anaheim Stadium, 5-7-77 (Audio from 5-9-77 "Animal Instincts"); 5. Olympiahalle, Munich, 3-1-77 (Audio from 2-28-77). 70 - DVD NTSC
Pink Floyd - The Pink Floyd Story, BBC Omnibus Documentary, 1994; "Have You Got It Yet?" Disk 14; Includes interviews and concert footage w/ all the band members; Stereo Sound. 43 A mpeg/VCD
- - - -
Pink Floyd / Syd Barrett - Rare Videos/Outtakes; Most of these clips are out on the Harvested DVD anthology; Compiled by Spectre; Includes: 1. Amer Band, 11-6-67, Apples And Oranges, PF; 2. Arnold Layne, Promotional video; 3. French TV, 2-20-68, Flaming, PF live on French TV (w/o Syd); 4. It Would Be So Nice, Promotional video, studio footage; 5. LOTW, 5-14-67, Astronomy Domine, Look Of The Week, VH1 broadcast; 6. Mike Leonard Interview, the former landlord/lighting genius of PF; 7. See Emily Play, Promitional video, PF (w/o Syd); 8. The Scarecrow, Intesting outtakes from The Scarecrow promo video; 9. The Scarecrow, Promotional video; 10. Jugband Blues, 1967, Promotional video; 11. BBC 1968, STCFTHOTS. 29 - mpeg/VCD
Syd Barrett - "Crazy Diamond", BBC Omnibus Documentary, 11-24-01; "Have You Got It Yet?" Disk 12; The life of Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd. 50 A mpeg/VCD
Syd Barrett - VH1 Legends Documentary "Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett", 2001; The story of Syd Barrett and the beginning of Pink Floyd. Includes rare footage as well as interviews w/ the members of Pink Floyd and people who know Syd. 44 A/A+ VCD/DVD NTSC
- - - -
Roger Waters w/ Eric Clapton - 7-31-84, Montreal, Canada, "The Pros & Cons of Early Bootlegging"; Menu and Chapters; "A major upgrade over the existing "EC Was Here" bootleg in circ. From a D8 clone of an SVHS submaster right off the filmers original camcorder tape." Set: Set The Controls, Money, If, Welcome To The Machine, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Pigs On The Wing pt 1, In The Flesh, Cut inside, Nobody Home, Hey You, The Gunners Dream, Pros and Cons (entire), Brain Damage, Eclipse. 124 - DVD NTSC
The Body, 1970, Film score composed by Roger Waters and Ron Geesin; POTWDVD012(p); from original PAL VHS(1); no chapters; Vanessa Redgrave and Frank Finlay, Narrators (voice); "It's hard to describe the film. It doesn't really follow a specific organized pattern. There's segments about birth, some about sex, adolesence (sic), some footage of people working in an automobile factory. It's not quite what you would expect from an educational film." 108 - DVD PAL
Roger Waters - 6-2-06, Rock in Rio Festival, Bela Vista Park, Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal, Portuguese Sic Radical Broadcast (Satellite TV Cabo), 1st half of show, complete broadcast; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. Another Brick In The Wall, 2. Mother, 3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, 4. Have A Cigar, 5. Wish You Were Here, 6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, 7. The Gunners Dream, 8. Southampton Dock, 9. The Fletcher Memorial Home, 10. Perfect Sense, 11. Leaving Beirut, 12. Sheep. 86 A/A+ DVD PAL
- - - -
David Gilmour - From Studio To Stage, Video Anthology Vol.1, Officially Unreleased; from the Harvested sources, HRVDVD007 DGVA Volume 1; Contents: 1. CBS Promo Videos, 1978: There's No Way Out Of Here, So Far Away, No Way, I Can't Breathe Anymore; 2. CBS Promo Video Outtake, 1978: Mihalis; 3. Rockestra Rehearsal; 4. Dave's Ski Trip; 5. The Tube, 3-3-84: Until We Sleep, Blue Light; 6. ET Tour Report, 1984; 7. Hammersmith Odeon, Outtake, 4-30-84: Love On The Air; 8. Les Paul Tribute, The Capitol Theater, 11-20-84: Murder; 9. Nick Mason and Rick Fenn, Promo Video, 10-22-85: Lie For A Lie. Official tracks removed: About Face Promo Videos, MTV, 1984 + Slideshow of '84 Tour Program. WARNING !!! DVD returns to main menu after each track. - - DVD NTSC
David Gilmour - 3-7-06, The Mermaid Theatre, London, England, "On An Island Stream", Kool Kat KKDvD0036; Source: BBC Webcast; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Set: 1.Castellorizon, 2.On An Island, 3.The Blue, 4.Take A Breath, 5.Smile, 6.Shine On You Crazy Diamond, 7.Wearing The Inside Out, 8.Comfortably Numb. 56 A/A+ DVD PAL
David Gilmour - 4-13-06, Rosemont Theatre, Chicago, IL, "On a LIVE Island", Hop The Pond, HOP 007; Aud Cam; Filmed by "The Producer"; Set: Disc 1, 63min: Castellorizon, On An Island, Red Sky At Night, The Blue, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start, Disc 2, 88min: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot's... The Deal, Dominoes, Coming Back To Life, Breathe - Time - Breathe Reprise, High Hopes, Echoes, Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb. 151 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Eric Clapton - 11-8/9-94, Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, "Nothing But the Blues"; Geetarz/Button Remastered Version; w/ Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo audio; Filmed by director Martin Scorcese, this documentary was broadcast once on PBS stations, but never officially released. DVD-R sourced directly from master promo copy. 106 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Cream - 10-24-05, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY; Multi-Cam Mix, AUD; Menu and Chapters; Label: Johanna; Chapters: 1. I'm So Glad, 2. Spoonful, 3. Outside Woman Blues, 4. Pressed Rat and Warthog, 5. Sleepy Time Time, 6. Tales of Brave Ulysses, 7. N.S.U., 8. Badge, 9. Politician, 10.Sweet Wine, 11.Rollin' and Tumblin', 12.Stormy Monday, 13.Deserted Cities of the Heart, 14.Born Under a Bad Sign, 15.We're Going Wrong, 16.Crossroads, 17.Sitting on Top of the World, 18.White Room, 19.Toad, Encore: 20.Sunshine of Your Love. - - DVD NTSC
Cream - 10-25-05, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, "Cream: Macrocosm", Mid Valley Records; Aud Cam, right balcony; Chapters: 1. I'm So Glad, 2. Spoonful, 3. Outside Woman Blues, 4. Pressed Rat and Wart Hog, 5. Sleepy Time, Time, 6. Tales Of Brave Ulysses, 7. N.S.U., 8. Badge, 9. Politician (cut), 10. Rollin' & Tumblin' (middle of song cuts to different song then back to "R&T" then...cuts off). 47 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Jack Bruce Band w/ Mick Taylor - June 1975, Old Grey Whistle Test, London, England, BBC2 TV; Includes: 1. Jack Bruce and Mick Taylor Interview from OGWT, 2. Morning Story (Jack Bruce/Pete Brown/Janet Godfrey), 3. Keep It Down (Jack Bruce/Pete Brown), 4. Pieces Of Mind (Jack Bruce/Pete Brown), 5. One (Jack Bruce/Pete Brown), 6. Band Intro, 7. Spirit (Tony Williams), 8. Without A Word (Jack Bruce/Pete Brown), 9. Smiles And Grins (Jack Bruce/Pete Brown). 64 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Performances - 1-20-88, The Grand Ballroom, Hotel Waldorf-Astoria, NYC, NY; Mick Jagger Inducts the Beatles + All-Star Jam; Pro-shot TV Broadcast; Chapters but No Menu; from VHS(1or2); Stereo; A Silver Ricky Production;
Performers: Mick Jagger, George Harrison, Ringo, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Isley Brothers, Jeff Beck, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Mary Wilson, Little Richard, John Fogerty, Ben E. King, Les Paul, Muhammad Ali, Yoko Ono, Arlo Guthrie, Sean and Julian Lennon, Dave Edmunds, Peter Wolf, Neil Schon, Arlo Guthrie, Paul Schaffer, Sid McGinnis, Anton Fig, Johnny Moore, Joe Blunt, Clyde Brown and more.
Chapters: 1-2. Mick Inducts the Beatles - onstage mingling, 3. Twist and Shout, 4. All Along the Watchtower, 5. I saw her Standing There, 6. Stand By Me, 7. Stop! in the Name of Love, 8. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, 9. chatter, 10. Born on the Bayou, 11. Like a Rolling Stone, 12. (I can't Get No) Satisfaction.
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 1993 Induction Ceremony and Performances, 1-13-93, Cleveland, OH; Includes induction speeches; The performance was never broadcast and this is the only known leaked footage; Pro-shot, Multi-Cam; from VHS; Menu and Chapters; Sets:
The Doors w/ Eddie Vedder: 1. Roadhouse Blues, 2. Break On Thru, 3. Light My Fire;
Creedence Clearwater w/ Bruce Springsteen and Robbie Robertson: 1. Who'll Stop The Rain, 2. Green River, 3. Born On The Bayou;
Cream (playing together for the first time in 25 years): 1. Sunshine Of Your Love, 2. Born Under A Bad Sign, 3. Crossroads.
- - - -
Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll - Jima Production; This is a 2 discs set edited down to 1 disc of just the 'Rock Stars'; VHS > hd > Nero; Chapters: 1) The infamous uncensored Madonna interview on Late Show w/ David Letterman 1994, 2) Mike Love tells us how much The Beatles and Stones suck 1988, 3) Sly Stone on acid 1970, 4) Elvis gets chubby 1977, 5) James Brown on PCP 1989, 6) Largo MD Juda Priest Fans 1986, 7) Chuck Berry goes pee on a woman, 8) Sammy Davis Jr. on something. 76 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Later... With Jools Holland - 5-26-06 (1st broadcast date BBC2, Series 27, Show 4), BBC TV Studios, London, UK; Complete Broadcast; Featured artists: David Gilmour (w/ Crosby and Nash), Paul Simon, Elvis Costello w/ Allen Toussaint, The Streets, Nação Zumbi; Menus and Chapters, even has Artist Selection; includes subtitles that can be disabled, and the full synchronised lyrics to every song; from DVB-S; Chapters: 1. Opening Credits, 2. DG - Take A Breath, 3. Ps - Outrageous, 4. Streets - Prangin Out, 5. Interview w/ PS, 6. NZ - Meu Maracatu Pesa Uma Tonelada, 7. DG w/ Crosby/Nash - On An Island, 8. EC and AT - Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further, 9. PS - Father And Daughter, 10. Interview w/ Mike Skinner, 11. NZ - Propaganda, 12. EC and AT - Ascension Day, 13. Streets - Never Went To Church, 14. PS - Graceland, 15. DG - Arnold Layne (Richard Wright on Lead Vocals). 64 A+ DVD PAL
- - - -
New Musical Express, Poll Winners Concert, 4-11-65, Wembley Stadium, London, England; Black and White; Disc 1: The Moody Blues, Freddie And The Dreamers, Georgie Fame And The Blue Flames, The Seekers, Herman's Hermits, The Ivy League And Division Two, Sounds Incorporated, Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders, The Rolling Stones, Cilla Black w/ Sounds Incorporated; Disc 2: Donovan, Them, The Searchers, Dusty Springfield w/ The Echoes, The Animals, The Beatles, The Kinks. 120+ - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Beat! Beat! Beat! Vol. 1, Live Performances from 1966, W. Germany TV series; from Episodes 1-9; The Koobas; The Sorrows; The Kinks; The Rattles; The Searchers; The Mindbenders; The Spencer Davis Group; Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich; The Creation; The Untamed; The Small Faces; The Monks; Manfred Mann. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
BBC Sounds of the Sixties, Volume 1-2; BBC4 DVB>PAL DVD>DVD Decrypter>VOB; Disc 1, 144 min, Episodes 1-5: Ep1 1961-65 The First Steps, Ep2 1964-65 Getting In On The Act, Ep3 1964-66 The Beat Boom, Ep4 1964-69 The Folk Revival, Ep5 1967-68 The Pop Boom; Disc 2, 145 min, Episodes 6-10: Ep6 1968-69 The Swinging Sixties, Ep7 1965-66 The Singer & The Song, Ep8 1967-69 Hip To The Trip, Ep9 1968 In Living Colour, Ep10 1968-69 The Progressive Tendencies. 289 - DVD PAL
- - - -
BBC Sounds of the Seventies, Volume 1-2; A 10 episode series first broadcast in 1995; from BBC4 DVB-S 2005 Broadcast; logo free; Archive performances are linked by humorous clips from tv shows of the time; Lots of TOTP and OGWT; Disc 1, 142 min, Episodes 1-5: Ep1: THE CLOTHES I LOVE TO WEAR, Ep2: SATIN AND TAT, Ep3: CAN YOU FEEL THE FORCE?, Ep4: FREE TO BE ME, Ep5: DAYS I KNEW THEN; Disc 2, 166 min, Episodes 6-10 + Extras: Ep1: LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY, Ep2: COMIN' HOME TO YOU, Ep3: SMASH IT UP, Ep4: THE BOY LOOKED AT JOHNNY, Ep5: SHUT UP, LISTEN, AND DANCE, Extras. 308 - DVD PAL
- - - -
BBC Old Grey Whistle Test, Unreleased Compilation 1972-1981, Volume 2; Menus and Chapters; Lineage: UK Pal TV Broadcasts and private tapes > VHS tapes(1 and 2 gen); Chapters: 1. Ramones - Don't Come Close - studio 1978, 2. ZZ Top - I Thank You - studio 1980, 3. Talking Heads - Life During Wartime - in concert 1979, 4. Spirit - Turn To The Right - studio 1981, 5. Bruce Springsteen - Quarter To Three - in concert 1979, 6. Linda Ronstadt - Willin' - in concert 1976, 7. John Martyn (w/ Phil Collins) - Sweet Little Mystery - studio 1980, 8. Genesis - I Know What I Like - in concert 1973, 9. Yes - Yours Is No Disgrace (cut) - in concert 1972, 10. George Benson - Nature Boy - studio 1977, 11. Curtis Mayfield - Keep On Keeping On - studio 1972, 12. Elton John - The Bitch Is Back - in concert 1974, 13. Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way - in concert 1976, 14. Daryl Hall and John Oates - Rich Girl - studio 1977, 15. Nils Lofgren - Back It Up - studio 1975, 16. Dr Feelgood - She Does It Right - studio 1975, Bonus Tracks: 17. Manfred Mann's Earthband - Blinded By The Light (Midnight Special 1976), 18. Rolling Stones - Hip Shake (Montreux Rehearsals 1972 as broadcast on OGWT), 19. Rolling Stones - Bluesberry Jam / John's Jam (Montreux Rehearsals 1972 as broadcast on OGWT). 80 - DVD PAL
BBC Old Grey Whistle Test, Unreleased Compilation 1973-1981, Volume 3; ; Menus and Chapters; Lineage: VHS(M/1); Chapters: 1. Tourists - Blind Among The Flowers - 1979, 2. Japan - Swing - 1981, 3. Pretenders - Stop Your Sobbing - 1981, 4. Nina Hagen - Ziggy Stardust, 5. Patti Smith - Horses - 1976, 6. Jim Croce - Workin' At The Car Wash Blues - 1973, 7. Paul Butterfield - Slow Down - 1977, 8. Alvin Lee - Don't Be Cruel - 1975, 9. Stackridge - Dancing On Air - 1975, 10. Bonnie Raitt - Love Has No Pride - 1975, 11. Joni Mitchell - Help Me - 1974, 12. Van Morrison - Wild Nights - 1975, 13. Southside Johnny and The Asbury Dukes - The Fever - 1977, 14. Bad Company - Feel Like Makin' Love - 1975, 15. Ry Cooder - Vigilante Man - 1973, 16. Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way - 1975, Bonus Clips: Faces - BBC Disco 2 1971, 17. Tell Everyone, 18. Sweet Lady Mary. 79 - DVD PAL
BBC Old Grey Whistle Test, Unreleased Compilation 1971-1985, Volume 4; Menus and Chapters; Lineage: VHS > DVD; Chapters: 1. OGWT Intro, 2. Bob Harris Intro, 3. Spanish Tide - Family (November 1971), 4. Fog On The Tyne - Lindisfarne (October 1971), 5. Think About It, Darling – Jerry Lee Lewis (April 1972), 6. Rusty Red Armour - Vinegar Joe (April 1972), 7. What About Me? - Richie Havens (June 1972), 8. God’s Song - Randy Newman (March 1972), 9. Looking For A Love – The J. Geils Band (January 1973), 10. Use Me - Bill Withers (November 1972), 11. On Broadway - The Drifters (July 1973), 12. Looking For A Kiss – The New York Dolls (November 1973), 13. Dance With Me - Janis Ian (October 1974), 14. This Is The Day – Captain Beefheart (June 1974), 15. If You Want To Get To Heaven – The Ozark Mountain Daredevils (April 1976), 16. Be My Baby – Kate & Anna McGarrigle (February 1977), 17. Johannesburg – Gil Scott-Heron (February 1976), 18. White Punks On Dope – The Tubes (November 1977), 19. Radios In Motion – XTC (February 1978), 20. The Beginning Of The End – Eddie & The Hot Rods (February 1978), 21. Hey Lord, Don’t Ask Me Questions – Graham Parker & The Rumour (March 1978), 22. My Best Friend’s Girl - The Cars (November 1978), 23. Free For All – Ted Nugent (May 1979), 24. Burma Shave – Tom Waits (April 1979), Bonus Tracks: 25. Peter Gabriel Interview (OGWT, 1982-10-09), 26. Bob Dylan & Dave Stewart – Interview & Performance (OGWT, 1985-11-22), 27. Goin’ To Brownsville – Ry Cooder (OGWT, 1973), 28. Smack Dab In The Middle – Ry Cooder (OGWT, January 1977), 29. He’ll Have To Go – Ry Cooder (OGWT, January 1977), 30. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live? – Ry Cooder (OGWT, 1982). 122 - DVD PAL
BBC Old Grey Whistle Test, Unreleased Compilation 1971-1988, Volume 5; Menus and Chapters; Sources: Digital TV and VHS; Chapters: 1. The Mumble Rumble and The Cocktail Rock - Kilburn and The High Roads (Ian Dury) - 1973-11-20, 2. Doolin Dalton - J.D. Souther - 1973-04-24, 3. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - Stevie Wonder - 1974-02-03, 4. Costafine Town - Splinter - 1974-10-08, 5. This Is The Day - Captain Beefheart - 1974-06-18, 6. Another Sleep Song - Graham Nash - 1974-05-08, 7. Coast To Coast - Ducks Deluxe - 1974-01-20, 8. Space Circus - Chick Corea - 1974-03-12, 9. Turn To Stone - Joe Walsh - 1975-05-02, 10. Fat Man In The Bathtub - Little Feat - 1975-01-17, 11. You Never Can Tell - Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance 1975-02-21, 12. Piano Man - Billy Joel - 1975-05-16, 13. Hey Joe - Patti Smith - 1976-05-11, 14. Love Me Like A Man - Bonnie Raitt - 1976-03-23, 15. For A Dancer - Jackson Browne - 1976-12-07, 16. Mohammed's Radio - Warren Zevon and Jackson Browne - 1976-12-07, 17. Without Love - Southside Johnny and The Asbury Dukes - 1977-04-16, 18. Fooled Again - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - 1977-05-10, 19. Close Your Eyes - James Taylor and Carly Simon - 1977-11-01, 20. Sixteen Again - The Buzzcocks - 1978-11-14, 21. Art-I-Ficial - X-Ray Spex 1978-12-05, 22. Definitive Gaze - Magazine - 1978-09-19, 23. Don't You Write Her Off - McGuinn, Clark and Hillman - 1979-02-20, 24. On The Nickel - Tom Waits - 1979-04-24, 25. Cheap Sunglasses - ZZ Top - 1980-04-15, 26. Interview / Doin' The Things That We Want To - Lou Reed - 1984-12-18, 27. The Lay Of The Land - The Fall (w/ The Michael Clark Company) - 1984-11-20, 28. Lights Of Downtown - The Long Ryders- 1985-10-01, 29. The Last Time (I Ever Get Burned Like That) - The Robert Cray Band - 1985-11-26, 30. Uncomplicated - Elvis Costello and The Attractions - 1986-05-27, 31. Farewell From Bob Harris - 1988-01-01 (The Last Whistle Test), 32. Sally MacLennane - The Pogues - 1985-06-04, + Menu Page Video Clip Excerpts: Page 1 (1973-75) All The Nasties - Elton John - 1971-12-07, Page 2 (1976-79) Down To Zero - Joan Armatrading - 1976-10-05, Page 3 (1980-87) I Love You Suzanne - Lou Reed - 1984-12-18. 117 - DVD PAL
BBC Old Grey Whistle Test, Unreleased Compilation 1972-1987, Volume 6; Menus and Chapters; Sources: Digital TV and VHS; Chapters: 1. Queen Bitch (Take 2) - David Bowie 1972-02-08, 2. We Got The Beat - The Go-Go's 1982-01-21, 3. Indiscipline - King Crimson 1982-03-18, 4. I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses 1982-04-29, 5. Another One Bites The Dust - Clint Eastwood and General Saint 1982-04-22, 6. A Dream Goes On Forever - Todd Rundgren 1982-06-03, 7. Ziggy Stardust - Bauhaus 1982-10-04, 8. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John 1982-12-24, 9. Scullery - Clifford T. Ward 1973-11-20, 10. On The Line - Graham Nash 1974-05-08, 11. Lovesick Blues - The Crickets 1972-12-12, 12. Walk On Hot Coals - Rory Gallagher 1973-02-13, 13. Thousand Stars - Big Country 1983-04-22, 14. Gold - Spandau Ballet 1983-04-29, 15. war Baby - Tom Robinson (recorded in Chippenham 1983-11-28), 16. Reel Around The Fountain - The Smiths (recorded at The Assembly Rooms, Derby 1983-12-06), 17. I Will Not Follow - The Waterboys 1983-05-27, 18. our Lips Are Sealed - Fun Boy Three 1983-05-06, 19. Tear-Stained Letter - Richard Thompson 1984-03-23, 20. Frost and Fire - Everything But The Girl 1984-10-30, 21. I Love You Suzanne - Lou Reed 1984-12-18, 22. Gun Law - Kane Gang 1985-02-19, 23. Uncomplicated - Elvis Costello and The Attractions 1986-05-27, 24. Guitars, Cadillacs - Dwight Yoakam 1986-07-15, 25. Back To Centre - Paul Brady 1986-06-17, 26. Shop Lifters - Ivor Cutler 1986-06-03, 27. Severina - The Mission (with Julianne Regan) 1987-03-04, 28. Just Like You Said It Would Be - Sinead O'Connor (recorded in Belfast 1987-03-11), 29. Ship Of Fools - World Party 1987-02-11, 30. Exit - U2 (recorded in Belfast 1987-03-11), 31. Chantilly Lace > Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Jerry Lee Lewis 1972-04-25, + California Comes To The Whistle Test Extras: 32. Goin' To Brownsville - Ry Cooder 1973-03-20, 33. Short People - Randy Newman 1978-06-06, 34. Little Sister - Ry Cooder 1982-05-20, + Menu Page Videos (complete songs, both in 4:3, format but w/ a 16:9 clip, both from a John Peel tribute program, who introduces both of them, broadcast 2005): Pg 1: Want To Be With You - Bridget St. John 1974-06-11, Pg 2: Trumpton Riots - Half Man, Half Biscuit 1986-05-06. 125 - DVD PAL
- - - -
John Peel Sounds Of 60's and 70's - Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Bonzo Dog Band, Ron Geesin, Faces, David Bowie, Bridget St. John, Roxy Music, Thin Lizzy, Bob Marley, Brinsley Schwarz, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Joy Division, Linton Kweski Johnson, The Specials, Ron Wood interview; Re-authored w/ fillers: VH1's 8-Track Flashback and MTV's Closet Classics - Looking Glass, Shocking Blue, King Floyd, Sly Stone, Guess Who, Chicago, Grand Funk, Steely Dan, Golden Earring, Steve Miller Band, Kingsmen, Manfred Mann, Byrds, Yardbirds, Box Tops, Donovan, Turtles, Lemon Pipers, Every Mother's Son, Byrds, Steppenwolf, Nazz, Badfinger, Neil Diamond, Billy Joe Royal, Grass Roots, Bee Gees - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
"All My Loving" 1968, BBC4 Rebroadcast 6-5-2004; Label: Psychedelic Closet; "The original TV broadcast was in b/w, but it was later rebroadcast in color several times; w/ music by Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Beatles, The Animals, and Pink Floyd. Frank Zappa speaks his mind as does Paul McCartney. The film is "about" pop music... Intermixed w/ the music, from time to time, is combat footage from the Vietnam War." 56 EX DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Abbey Road Story (The Documentary); Lineage: TV Broadcast > Video > VCD; Color/Stereo Audio; A Must for all Beatles/Pink Floyd fans. very good quality documentery about the famous recording studios. (DAT files for VCD) - - VCD
- - - -
"It Was Twenty Years Ago Today" - 1987 Granada TV Documentary originally aired in November of 1987 on PBS and BBC TV; This has never been officially released and it has not been rebroadcast since November of 1987. BONUS: Another Granada TV item from "World In Action" in 1967. This is the classic 15 minute Mick Jagger interview that followed the Redlands Bust trial of 1967, where Jagger is interviewed in depth by UK society and political figures. from (CPTV) HiFi VHS Master.
"It basically encapsulates that whole 1967 era.. Not only is it of great interest to Beatles fans, but it also examines the summer of love, the counter-culture, politics, drugs and 1967 music in great detail. W/ many insightful interviews and commentary, from the likes of Derek Taylor (whose 1987 book of the same title inspired this project), Allen Ginsberg, Ed Sanders of The Fugs (including footage from the "Levitating the Pentagon" event!), Jerry Garcia, Allen Cohen, Peter Coyote, Roger McGuinn, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Peter Fonda and Abbie Hoffman, among others who were in the middle of it all."
- - - -
The Best of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: Smothers Brothers Musical Guests 1 and 2, 1967-69, E! Channel Re-broadcast in the early 1990's; Menu and Chapters; E! logo in the bottom right corner; Sets: Disc 1: 114 min, 1 The Doors: Wild Child 1968, 2 The Doors: Touch Me 1968, 3 The First Edition: But You Know I Love You 1968, 4 Jennifer: Chelsea Morning (Jennifer Warnes) 1968, 5 The Who: I Can See For Miles 1967, 6 The Who: My Generation 1967, 7 Nancy Sinatra: It's Such A Lonely Time Of Year 1968, 8 Donovan: Atlantis 1969, 9 Jennifer: Easy To Be Hard (Jennifer Warnes) 1969, 10 Peter, Paul, & Mary: Too Much Of Nothing 1969, 11 Donovan: I Can't Laugh Here 1969, 12 Donovan: Children's Thoughts 1969, 13 Donovan: Little White Flowers 1969, 14 Donovan (w/ Mary Travers & Jennifer Warnes): To Love Me (a.k.a. Lassie Lay Down) 1969, 15 Peter, Paul & Mary and Donovan and The Smothers Brothers: Hits Medley 1969, 16 Simon & Garfunkel: 59th Street Bridge Song 1967, 17 Simon & Garfunkel: Cloudy 1967, 18 The Byrds: Mr. Spaceman 1967, 19 The Byrds: Goin' Back 1967, 20 Jefferson Airplane: Somebody To Love 1967, 21 Cher: Alfie 1967, 22 Sonny & Cher: Plastic Man 1967, 23 The Turtles: Happy Together 1967, 24 The Hollies: Carrie Ann 1967, 25 The Hollies: Dear Eloise 1967, 26 Simon & Garfunkel: Homeward Bound 1968, 27 Simon & Garfunkel: Overs 1968, 28 Glen Campbell: Galveston 1969, 29 Judy Collins: Someday Soon 1969, 30 Jefferson Airplane: Crown Of Creation 1968, 31 Jefferson Airplane: Lather 1968, 32 Spanky & Our Gang: Leopard Skin Phones 1968, 33 The Chambers Brothers: Are You Ready 1969, 34 The Association: Everything That Touches You 1968, 35 The Association: Birthday Morning 1968, 36 Dion: Abraham, Martin, & John 1968... Disc 2: 110 min, 1 Glen Campbell (w/ John Hartford): Gentle On My Mind 1968, 2 Mason Williams: Classical Gas 1968, 3 The Turtles: Happy Together 1967, 4 The Teddy Neeley Five: Always Something There 1967, 5 Vikki Carrr: Sitting On Top Of The World 1967, 6 Paul Revere & The Raiders: Ups And Downs 1967, 7 Paul Revere & The Raiders: Peace Of Mind 1967, 8 The First Edition: Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) 1968, 9 Judy Collins: I Think It's Going To Rain Today 1967, 10 The Bee Gees: Words 1968, 11 The Bee Gees: And The Sun Will Shine 1968, 12 Steppenwolf: Magic Carpet Ride (Rec. in 68, Aired in 69), 13 Steppenwolf: Rock Me (Rec. in 68, Aired in 69), 14 Paul Revere & The Raiders: I Don't Want Nobody (To Lead Me On) 1968, 15 Janis Ian: Society's Child 1967 (Janis was 16 years old at this time), 16 Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit 1967, 17 The Buckinghams: Don't You Care 1967, 18 The Association: Never My Love 1967, 19 The Association: Requiem for the Masses 1967, 20 Herman's Hermits: Green Street Green 1967, 21 Herman's Hermits: Museum 1967, 22 Joe South: Games People Play 1969, 23 Joan Baez: Sweet Sir Galahad 1969, 24 Joan Baez: Green, Green Grass Of Home 1969, 25 The Tempations: I'm Losing You 1967, 26 The Temptations: Swanee 1967, 27 Nancy & Frank Jr. Sinatra: Something Stupid 1967, 28 The Association: Along Comes Mary 1967, 29 The Association: Windy 1967, 30 Blues Magoos: Pipedream 1967, 31 Bobbie Gentry: Ode To Billie Joe 1967, 32 The Electric Prunes: Get Me To The World On Time 1967, 33 Glen Campbell: By the Time I Get to Phoenix 1968, 34 Glen Campbell: Wichita Lineman 1968. 224 6-8 DVD NTSC
- - - -
Playboy After Dark - Musical Highlights 1968-70; Deep Purple, Iron Butterfy, Taj Mahal, B.B. King, Canned Heat, Linda Ronstadt, The Byrds, Sir Douglas Quintet, Steppenwolf, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Ike and Tina Turner Revue, Country Joe and the Fish. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Cincinnati Pop Fest, Midsummer Rock TV Special, 6-13-70 (not 6-16-70), Crosley Field Baseball Stadium, Cincinnati, OH; Includes: Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Iggy and the Stooges, Alice Cooper, Traffic; from VHS; Originally broadcast in Los Angeles in early September 1970; "Features two absolutely classic moments: the hosts and crew of the show absolutely perplexed by the Stooges as Iggy dives into the crowd, and eventually, famously, smears peanut butter all over himself. Second, early Alice Cooper footage includes Alice getting smacked in the face w/ a cream pie in midset. The show also includes vapid, "hip" commentary as the hosts try to duplicate the magic of Woodstock within the confines of a Cincinnati baseball stadium. - B+ DVD PAL?
- - - -
ABC "In Concert" 2nd Anniversary Special - 1974, Los Angeles, CA; Host: Keith Moon w/ Ringo Starr occasionally; This is the old Friday night concert show; No Menu; probably from VHS(2or3); Chapters: 1. Edgar Winter Band: Tobbacco Road, 2. Bad Company: Can't Get Enough,3. Jim Croce: I've Got a Name, 5 Short Minutes of Lovin', Bad Bad Leroy Brown, 4. Sparks: Something for the Girl with Everything, Talent is a Asset, 5. The Eagles: Tequila Sunrise, Early Bird, 6. The Spinners: Mighty Love, 7. America: Horse with No Name, Ventura Highway, 8. Sparks: B.C., Amatuer Hour, 9. Keith Introduces The Faces (No Film of the Faces), 10. Bachman Turner Overdrive: Takin' Care of Business, 11. Loggins and Messina: God Knows that I love my Music, Your Mama Don't Dance, 12. Keith Moon: Drum Solo and Interview, 13. Elvin Bishop: I'm Struttin' My Stuff, 14. James Brown: Try Me, Please Please Please, 15. Three Dog Night: Show Must Go On, 16. Humble Pie: Unknown Song, 17. Elvin Bishop: Calling All Cows, 18. Seals and Crofts: Summer Breeze. 115 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Johnny Cash Show - Musical Highlights, 1969-1971, ABC TV, Vol. 1 and 2; Menu and Chapters; Disc 1 = 148 min, Disc 2 = 124 min; Arranged in semi-chronological order, from early Rockabilly and Rock'n'Roll of The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison and Carl Perkins to the singer-songwriters of the late 1960s like Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell; Other artists include ROY CLARK, JOSE FELICIANO, NEIL DIAMOND, THE MONKEES, THE GUESS WHO, CCR, STEVIE WONDER, DEREK & THE DOMINOS, LINDA RONSTADT, JOE SOUTH, BOBBIE GENTRY, ARLO GUTHRIE, JUNE CARTER, MARTY ROBBINS, BOBBI MARTIN, PHIL HARRIS, PEGGY LEE, TOMMY CASH. 270 - DVD NTSC
Johnny Cash - 6-26-94, Glastonbury Festival, UK TV Broadcast; Pro-Shot; Menu and Chapters; Lin: VHS(M)>DVD>Trade Disk>TMPGEnc(Edit/Author); Chapters: 1. Folson Prison Blues, 2. Sunday Morning Coming Down, 3. Ring of Fire, 4. Ghost Riders in the Sky, 5. Guess Things Happen That Way, 6. Interview (w/ Johnny Walker), 7. Delia's Gone, 8. The Beast in Me, 9. Let the Train Whistle Blow, 10. The Man Who Couldn't Cry, 11. Jackson (w/ June Carter), 12. If I Were a Carpenter (w/ June Carter), 13. Orange Blossom Special, 14. Interview (w/ Johnny Walker), 15. A Boy Named Sue. 51 A DVD PAL
- - - -
Drum Clinic - Vinnie Colaiuta, 1983, Japan 25 A- DVD NTSC
Drum Clinics - + Live Performance, Vinnie Colaiuta, Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers; from VHS; Includes: Pt 1: Vinnie Colaiuta, Pasic Convention 1989-1990; Pt 2: Vinnie Colaiuta, Japan Yamaha Clinic 1986; Pt 3: Dennis Chambers, T-Bred Clinic 1990; Pt 4: Billy Cobham, "Shabazz" tour 1974 w/ the Brecker Brothers, Montreux Jazz Festival. 102 B-/B+ DVD NTSC
Dyno-4 - 3-3-00, The Baked Potato, Studio City, CA; Amateur Shot, Cam placed above Vinnie Colaiuta; (w/ Greg Mathieson keys, Abraham Laboriel bass, Michael Landau gtr); Menu and Chapters; Set: Goe, Slow Glide, I Don't Know, LMNOP. 59 - DVD NTSC
Drum Clinics - Thoroghbred Music "Day of Percussion", Tampa, FL, 1990; w/ Alex Acuna, Dean Castronovo, Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett, Greg Bissonette; from VHS. 105 - DVD NTSC
Drum Clinics - Rayford Griffin + Steve Smith, Thoroghbred Music "Day of Percussion", Tampa, FL, 1991; John JR Robinson, Ace Music, Orlando, FL, 11-14-94; from VHS. 71 - DVD NTSC
Drum Clinics - Virgil Donati - Includes: 1. Manchester, CT, 10-24-2000; 2. MARS Music, Orlando FL, 2000; 3. Unknown Show/Clinic, Canada; from VHS. 71 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Marty Friedman - Melodic Control; Inside Edge Productions, 1992; Guitar Lesson, Instructional video. - OFFICIAL 60 - mpeg
The Jimi Hendrix Guitar Method, featuring Curt Mitchell; Instructional video, covers styles, equipment and more. - OFFICIAL 38 - mpeg
Eric Johnson - Fine Art Of Guitar, 1997; Instructional video. - OFFICIAL 53 - mpeg
- - - -
Joni Mitchell - 9-9-70, "In Concert", BBC Studios, "Joni Mitchell Sings The Songs Of Joni Mitchell"; The famous "Pink Dress" concert, in fact the very first BBC "In Concert"; Set: 1. Chelsea Morning, 2. Cactus Tree, 3. My old man, 4. For Free, 5. California, 6. Big Yellow Taxi, 7. Both sides Now. 30 A mpeg/SVCD
Joni Mitchell - Shadows and Light, 1980; Filmed at the Santa Barbara County Bowl; Directed by Joni; Featuring: The Persuasions, Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, Lyle Mays, Michael Brecker, Don Alias; Set: In France They Kiss on the Main Street, Edith and the King Pin, Coyote, Free Man in Paris, Goodbye Porkie Pie Hat, Jaco's Solo, The High and the Mighty Third Stone From the Sun, Dry Cleaner From Des Moines, Amelia, Pat's Solo, Hejira, Black Crow, Furry Sings the Blues, Raised on Robbery, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Shadows and Light. - OFFICIAL 60 A++ DVD NTSC
Joni Mitchell - 4-27-83, BBC2 'In Concert', Wembley Arena, London, England; Pro-shot Multicam; Source: VHS of 1984 Rebroadcast; Menu and Chapters; w/ Larry Klein, Michael Landau, Russell Ferrante, Vincent Colaiuta; Chapters: 1. Free Man in Paris, 2. Song for Sharon, 3. God Must be a Boogie Man, 4. Big Yellow Taxi, 5. A Case of You, 6. Carey, 7. Amelia, 8. You're So Square, 9. Solid Love, 10. Chinese Cafe, 11. Woodstock, 12. Chinese Cafe (OGWT Broadcast). 59 A DVD PAL
Joni Mitchell - Jonifest 2004 Giveaway; full of amazing rare footage, this DVD was prepared as a souvenir for those attending the 2004 Northeast Jonifest; Chapters: 1. Song to a Daydreamer, Interview, Take 30, CBC TV, 5-1-67; 2. Little Green, Cafe Au Go Go, NYC, 10-26-67; 3. Marcie, Cafe Au Go Go, NYC, 10-26-67; 4. Both Sides Now, Johnny Cash Show, 6-7-69; 5. Both Sides NOw, I Shall Be Released (w/ Mary Travers and Mama Cass); 6. The Gallery, Long Black Veil, Johnny Cash Show, 7-19-69; 7. Get Together (w/ Crosby, Stills, Nash, and John Sebastian), Woodstock, Celebration at Big Sur, 9-13&14-69; 8. California, My Old Man, Girl from the North Country, Johnny Cash Show, 10-7-70; 9. John Lennon and Paul Simon present Joni's nomination for "Help Me", Grammy Awards, 1974; 10. Underneatht the Streetlight Promo, Production Rehearsal, 2-20-83; 11. You Dream Flat Tires Promo, Production Rehearsal, 2-20-83; 12. Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody Promo, Production Rehearsal, 2-20-83; 13. Night Ride Home, Lakota, Hejira, Number One, Award Presentation, Passion Play, "L'impegno, L'amore," San Remo, Italy, 10-22-88. 110 VAR DVD NTSC
- - - -
Jaco Pastorius Big Band - 9-1-82, Aurex Jazz Festival, Budokan, Tokyo, Japan; Pro-Shot; Broadcast on Japanese TV; reauthored w/ menus; "Word Of Mouth" Tour; Set: 1. Soul Intro, 2. The Chicken, 3. Donna Lee, 4. Sophisticated Lady, 5. Liberty City. 40 - DVD
Jaco Pastorius - Modern Electric Bass; Instructional video. OFFICIAL 68 - mpeg
- - - -
Pat Metheny Group - 7-8-80, Onkel Pös (NDR Jazz Workshop), Hamburg, Germany, Early + Late Shows; Menu and Chapters; Lineage: TV Broadcast(A) > ?? > DVD; The Band: Metheny, Mays, Egan, Gottlieb; Setlists: Disc 1, Early Show, 68 min: (Cross The) Heartland, Hermitage, April Joy, Sirabhorn, The Windup (Keith Jarrett), The Epic; Disc 2, Late Show, 76 min: Phase Dance, Airstream, Unquity Road > Broadway Blues (Ornette Coleman) > Lakes, Down Here On The Ground (Lalo Schifrin), All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern), Jaco, San Lorenzo. 144 B+/A- DVD PAL
Pat Metheny Group - 12-1-81, Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, Yokahama, Japan; Menu and Chapters; Source: TV > VHS; Set: 1. James, 2. Are You Going With Me?, 3. backstage / Jaco (cut at end); The Band: Metheny, Mays, Rodby, Gottlieb, Vasconcelos. 23 A- DVD NTSC
Pat Metheny Group - 7-3-82, Montreal Jazz Festival, Theatre Saint Denis (Festival International de Jazz de Montreal), Montreal, QC, Canada; Menu and Chapters; Pro-shot; Source: TV > VHS(M); Chapters: 1. "It's For You", 2. Broadway Blues Ornette Coleman, 3. KC Blues (More Kansas City), 4. Goin' Ahead, 5. Close To Home (Mars), 6. The Bat Part II, 7. Ozark, 8. Jaco; The Band: Metheny, Mays, Rodby, Gottlieb, Vasconcelos. 57 A-/A DVD PAL
Pat Metheny Group - 3-7/8/9-88, D.O.C., Studio 1, RAI TV, Roma, Italy; TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Lin: analog mono TV recording > VHS(M) > Conversion in 2007; Set: 1. Are You Going With Me?, 2. Minuano (Six Eight), 3. Last Train Home, 4. First Circle, 5. Introducing Band, 6. (It's Just) Talk, 7. Third Wind, 8. Interview #1, 9. Interview #2. 55 - DVD PAL
Pat Metheny Group - 6-30-91, Campo Pequeno (a bullring), Lisbon, Portugal; Portuguese TV Broadcast; from color VHS; Set: Pt 1: 1. Phase Dance, 2. Have You Heard, 3. Travels, 4. Better Days Ahead, Pt 2: 5. Last Train Home, 6. First Circle, 7. Scrap Metal, Pt 3: 8. Farmer's Trust, 9. Spring Ain't Here, 10. Straight on Red, 11. The Fields, The Sky, Pt 4: 12. Are You Going With Me?, 13. Half Life of Absolution. 104 B+/A- SVCD
Pat Metheny Trio - 8-17-92, Brecon Jazz Festival, Brecon, UK; from 1st-gen TV Broadcast > avi; Dave Holland: acoustic bass, Roy Haynes: drums; Set: 1. Cantaloupe Island (Herbie Hancock), 2. How Insensitive (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Vinicius De Moraes), 3. H & H (PM), 4. Lonely Woman (Horace Silver, not Ornette Coleman), 5. Vera Cruz (Milton Nascimento/Marcio Borges). 39 - avi
Pat Metheny and Secret Story Band - 5-30-93, Warsaw, Poland; From TV Broadcast; Disc 1: Above The Treetops, Facing West, Rain River, How Insensitive, Finding And Believing, Always And Forever; Disc 2: Cathedral In A Suitcase, See The World, Are You Going With Me?, We Had A Sister, Last Train Home, Third Wind, Antonia; Disc 3: The Truth Will Always Be, Tell Her You Saw Me, Minuano (Six-Eight), Have You Heard, Song For Bilbao. 159 A-/A VCD
Pat Metheny Group - 8-4-98, Sessions St West 54th + 11-24-02, Austin City Limits, Austin, TX, US TV Broadcasts; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Silver Stalion Production; Sets: 54th: 1.The Dream, 2.Interview, 3.Have You Heard, 4.The Roots Of Coincidence, 5.Interview, 6.Walz For Ruth; ACL: 7.Proof, 8.As It Is, 9.How Insensitive, 10.Gathering Sky, 11.In Her Family, 12.Bright Size Life, 13.On Her Way; The Bands: ACL: Lyle Mays, Steve Rodby, Antonio Sanchez, Cuong Vu, Richard Bona; 54th: Lyle Mays, Steve Rodby, Paul Wertico, Jeff Haynes, Mark Ledford, Philip Hamilton, Charlie Haden. 83 A DVD NTSC
Pat Metheny Trio - 7-17-99, Umbria Jazz Festival, Giardini Del Frontone, Perugia, Italy; TV source; w/ Larry Grenadier: acoustic bass, Bill Stewart: drums; Set: Turnaround, James, The Good Life, Unity Village, All The Things You Are, Into The Dream, So May It Secretly Begin, Waltz For Ruth. 60 A VCD
Pat Metheny and Michael Brecker Special Quartet - 7-14-00, Nederlands Congres Centrum - Statenhal, North Sea Jazz Festival, The Hague, Netherlands; TV Broadcast; previously circulated as NTSC w/ incorrect date of 7-15-00; Chapters: 1. Slings And Arrows (incorrectly labeled on that broadcast as "Half Past Late"), 2. Interview Michael Brecker, 3. Timeline, 4. Into The Dream, 5. Extradition, 6. Every Day (I Thank You), 7. What Do You Want ?. 60 A-/A DVD PAL
Pat Metheny Group - 11-24-02, Live from Austin City Limits, PBS TV Broadcast, Recorded during the Speaking of Now tour; Aired 1-25-03; ACL final episode of the show’s 28th season; no source info; Set: Proof, As It Is, How Insensitive, The Gathering Sky, Map of the World - In her Family, Bright Size Life, On Her Way. 54 A-/A VCD
Pat Metheny and Anna Maria Jopek - 12-9-02, Congress Hall, Warsaw, Poland; TV Broadcast; Tracks 1 2 3 5 7 8 and 10 from "Upojenie" album; Tracks 4 6 and 11 from AMJ solo album "Bosa"; Set: CD1: 1. Cichy zapada zmrok, 2. Tam gdzie nie siega wzrok (Follow Me), 3. Mania mienia (So May It Secretly Begin), 4. Szepty i lzy, 5. Przyplyw, odplyw, oddech czasu (Tell Her You Saw Me), 6. Cyraneczka, CD2: 7. Piosenka dla Stasia, 8. Are You Going with Me, Encore: 9. This Is Not America (in English), 10. Polskie drogi (Pat Solo), 11. Na calej polaci snieg (Pat/AMJ Duo). 49 A- SVCD PAL
Pat Metheny Special Quartet - 7-5-03, JazzBaltica, Salzau, Germany; DigiTV; Chapters but no Menu; Michael Brecker - tenor saxophone, Christian McBride - bass, Antonio Sanchez - drums; Setlist: 1. Intro, 2. Soul Cowboy, 3. What Do You Want ?, 4. Behind The Scenes 1, 5. James, 6. Introductions/Remarks, 7. Everyday (I Thank You), 8. Behind The Scenes 2, 9. Song For Bilbao, 10. As I Am, 11. Behind The Scenes 3, 12. Question & Answer, 13. Ending. 85 A/A+ DVD PAL
Pat Metheny JazzBaltica Project - 7-6-03, Konzertscheune, Salzau, Germany; Digital satellite > DVDby Totakealook; Sets: Pt1: Bright Size Life, Falling Grace, What Do You Want, Angel Eyes; Pt2: Do It Tomorrow, Giant Steps, Fly Fly, Falling Down, Diavolo; Pt3: This Masquerade, Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight, Fragile, Impressions; Lineups: Pt1: Ulf Wakenius: Guitar; Pt2: Karl-Martin Almqvist: Saxophone, Till Brönner: Trumpet, Leszek Mozdzer: Piano, Lars Danielsson: Bass, Wolfgang Haffner: Drums; Pt3: Nils Landgren: Trombone, Vocals, Michael Brecker: Saxophone, Esbjörn Svensson: Piano, LD: Bass, WH: Drums. 119 A VCD
Pat Metheny Trio - 6-28-04, Teatro Smeraldo, Milan, Italy; Aud Cam; Menu and Chapters; Christian McBride - acoustic & electric bass, Antonio Sanchez - drums; Setlist: 1. Last Train Home, 2. Don't Know Why (Jesse Harris), 3. The Girl from Ipanema (Garota De Ipanema) (Antonio Carlos Jobim), 4. Song for the Boys, 5. Medley: Phase Dance > Minuano (Six-Eight) > September 15th > First Circle > ? > Omaha Celebration > This Is Not America, 6. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (Jim Webb), 7. Into the Dream, 8. So May It Secretly Begin, 9. Untitled - No 13, 10. Always and Forever, 11. Untitled - No 3, 12. Untitled - No 10, 13. James, 14. Lone Jack, 15. Question & Answer, 16. Untitled, 17. Cantaloupe Island (Herbie Hancock). 149 A-/A DVD PAL
Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden - 7-7-05, Montreal Jazz Festival, Theatre Maisonneuve, Montreal, Québec, Canada; Pro-shot; from Analog TV; PM: Acoustic and Electric Guitar, CH: Acoustic Bass; Chapters: 1. Introduction, 2. Waltz For Ruth, 3. The Precious Jewel, 4. Message To A Friend, 5. Farmer's Trust, 6. Blues for Pat, 7. "Introduction 2", 8. Why Did I Choose You? 46 A+ DVD NTSC
Pat Metheny and Friends - 7-10-05, Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Pro-shot; DVB TV; Chapters but No Menu; Set: 1. The Way Up - Opening (pt 1), 2. Giant Steps, 3. More, 4. Hornette, 5. Al-Falaq, 6. Invocation, 7. First Song, 8. Olhos de Gato, 9. Turnaround, 10. Offramp, 11. Meditation, 12. The Way Up (pt 4); The Band: 1. PMG, 2. PM, Scott Colley, Antonio Sanchez, David Sanchéz, 3. PM, Enrico Rava, 4. PM, ER, SC, AS, DS, 5. PM, Ron Blake, Michael Cain, Chris Dave, Me'shell Ndegeocello, 6. PM, RB, MC, CD, MN, 7. PM, Charlie Haden, 8. PM, Gary Burton, AS, Steve Swallow, 9. PM, John Menegon, Dewey Redman, Matt Wilson, 10. PM, JM, DR, MW, 11. PM, Mick Goodrick, 12. PMG. 58 A+ DVD PAL
Pat Metheny - 8-5-05, Sant'Anna Arresi Jazz Festival, Sardegna, Italy, Solo and Trio; Aud Cam; Menu and Chapters; Rosario Bonaccorso - Bass, Roberto Gatto - Drums; Chapters: Part I - Metheny Solo Sound Check: 1. Warm Up, 2. Antonia, 3. Omaha Celebration, 4. Cimema Paradiso, 5. Lujon (aka 'Slow Hot Wind'), 6. Song For The Boys, 7. Warm Up > This Is Not America, Part II - Trio Sound Check: 1. Question & Answer, 2. Solar (Miles Davis), 3. Unidentified (Bossa Nova), Part III - Trio Live: 1. Turnaround, 2. Question & Answer. - - DVD NTSC
Pat Metheny and Brad Mehldau w/ Larry Grenadier and Jeff Ballard - 7-28-07, Jazzaldia Festival, San Sebastian, Spain; Spanish TVE2 DVB Broadcast 8-14 and 8-15-07; Pro-shot; Chaptered but No Menu; Set: 1. Unrequited, 2. All The Things You Are, 3. Annie's Bittersweet Cake / Better Days Ahead, 4. A Night Away, 5. Santa Cruz Slacker, 6. En La Tierra Que No Olvida, 7. Ring of Life, 8. The Sound of Water, 9. Secret Beach, 10. Vera Cruz. 122 A+ DVD PAL
Pat Metheny - Clips and Rareties, Volume 1-3; Menu and Chapters;
Vol 1, NTSC, 93 min: Chapters: Pt 1: 1. White Wheeled Limousine (w/ Bruce Hornsby, from VH1), 2. The Tide Will Rise (trio w/ Bonnie Raitt and Bruce Hornsby, from VH1), 3. 'Round Midnight (accompanying Natalie Cole. from "A Celebration Of America's Music" on ABC), 4. Autumn (w/ the Gary Burton Reunion band, from The Late Show w/ David Letterman), 5. See The World (w/ the Tonight Show orchestra, from Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson/Jay Leno); Pt 2: 1. The Good Life - Pat Metheny Special Quartet (PM, Ernie Watts, Charlie Haden, Paul Wertico) "Live Under The Sky" recorded in Japan 1988), 2. Beat 70 (from The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno); Pt 3: 1. Passagio Per Il Paradiso (w/ orchestra, San Remo Jazz Festival 1996); Pt 4: 2. Tiempos Felices (w/ the Gary Burton Reunion band at Sunfest, from VH1), 3. Will You Say You Will (w/ the Gary Burton Reunion band at Sunfest, from VH1), 4. I Put A Spell On You (w/ Pete Townshend and Herbie Hancock, from "Coast To Coast" on Showtime, 10-22-90), 5. Shadow Dance (w/ Jack DeJohnette's Parallel Realities band), 6. It's Only Love (w/ Pete Townshend, Herbie Hancock, and Simply Red, from "Coast To Coast" on Showtime, 10-22-90), 7. Maria, Maria (w/ Milton Nascimento and Herbie Hancock, from "Coast To Coast" on Showtime, w/ English subtitles), 8. Nada Será Como Antes (Nothing Will Be As It Was) / Ponta de Areia / Vidro e Corte (w/ Milton Nascimento and Herbie Hancock, from "Coast To Coast" on Showtime, w/ English subtitles), 9. (snippets of Pat sitting in w/ the CBS Orchestra on The Late Show w/ David Letterman), 10. She Used To Be Mine (w/ The Spin Doctors on The Late Show w/ David Letterman, cuts);
Vol 2, PAL, 36 min: Chapters: Pt 1: 1. Are You Going With Me? (6-2-85, Whistle Test, BBC), 2. Right Now (w/ Santana at Live Aid, 7-13-85, JFK Stadium), 3. Peace On Earth / Third Stone From The Sun (w/ Santana, Rock In Rio 2, 1-19-91); Pt 2: 1. (Paul Wertico Trio, Warsaw, Poland, 6-30-94), 2. How Insensitive (w/ John Etheridge, 2-x-94, BBC2 Late Show);
Vol 3, NTSC, 58 min: Chapters: Pt 1: 1. David Sanborn interviews Pat and Charlie Haden (from Good Morning America, 2-18-98), 2. First Song (For Ruth) (w/ Charlie Haden and David Sanborn, from Good Morning America, 2-18-98), 3. Never Mind the Why and Wherefore (w/ Todd Rundgren, from Night Music), 4. All The Things You Are (w/ Jim Hall Trio, 11-17-96), 5. "A free association piece dedicated to some psychoanalysts in the audience" (w/ Jim Hall Trio, 11-17-96), 6. Careful (w/ Jim Hall Trio, 11-17-96), 7. Our Spanish Love Song (excerpt, w/ Charlie Haden, from CNN "Showbiz Today", 2-16-98), 8. (Interview) / Waltz For Ruth (w/ Charlie Haden, from CNN "Showbiz Today", 2-16-98, cuts), 9. Into The Dream (from CNN "Showbiz Today", 2-16-98); Pt 2: 1. Stranger In Town (conclusion, w/ PMG) / (Pat discusses his technique) (from Japanese quiz show, 10-x-95), 2. Jack In (w/ Jack DeJohnette's Parallel Realities, 7-29-90, Live Under The Sky, Japan).
- - - -
Kazumi Watanabe - 1988, The Spice of Life; Pro-shot; w/ Jeff Berlin and Bill Bruford 70 A- DVD NTSC
Kazumi Watanabe - Live and Studio Session Collection; TV sourced; Also include 2 songs of Japanese fusion group w/ Akira Wada on guitar. - B+/A- DVD NTSC
Kazumi Watanabe New Electric Trio - 8-24-03, Tokyo Jazz, Japan; w/ Richard Bona, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez; Source: NHK BS Hi-Vision (Japan); KW- Guitar, Guitar Synth, RB- Bass, Fretless Bass, Roland V-Bass, HH- Drums. 60 A DVD NTSC
Kazumi Watanabe - 1-x-04, The Taylor booth at NAMM 2004; 2 sets of acoustic solo, 6 and 12 string. Some Django & Beatles songs. Bonus footage of Jack Wilkins. - - DVD NTSC
Kazumi Watanabe New Electric Trio - 12-16-04, Yokohama Blitz, Japan; w/ Richard Bona, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez; Mo'Bop Tour 2004; Source: BS Sattelite (HV); KW- Guitar, Guitar Synth, RB- Bass, Fretless Bass, Roland V-Bass, HH- Drums. Includes interviews between songs, all Japanese, no subs, bummer. 67 A+ DVD NTSC
Kazumi Watanabe - TV Broadcasts, 5 songs; TV Broadcasts; Pro-shot; Chapters: Band=MOBO3: 1. Unicorn, 2. Splash; Band=MOBO: 3. Furen (fade out); Band=Resonance Vox: 4. O-X-O [tv tokyo, tamori no ongaku ha sekaida (tamori's world is music)]; Band=Kazumi Band: 5. Lonesome Cat [Shinjyuku Pit Inn, NHK (japanese public broadcast), ongaku ga deau machi - watanabe kazumi no tokyo session (the town that meets music - kazumi watanabe's tokyo session)]. 19 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Terumasa Hino w/ Kazumi Watanabe and Kenny Kirkland - 8-25-84, Shinbashi Enbujyo, Tokyo, Japan, NHK TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; Chapters and Simple Menu; Set: 1. Opening, 2. Caravan, 3. Pyramid, 4. Still Be-Bop, 5. Blue Smiles, 6. Thunder Gate, 7. Tomomori, 8. Sky, 9. New York Times, 10. Oh, Happy Day. 89 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Steve Lukather/Char: Talking Guitars - 2003, Japanese Guitarist Char Interviews and Jams w/ S.L. in the studio; Pro-shot; Set: 1. Intro, 2. The Radience Red Luke, 3. Jamming, 4. The Robot, 5. Jamming, 6. The 59 Les Paul, 7. Jamming, 8. The Axis/Luke Hybrid, 9. The Black Sparkle Luke, 10. Jamming, 11. Conversation. 88 A+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Steve Hillage - 2-28-79, "Rock Goes To College", University of Kent, Canterbury, England; 1st broadcast 3-10-79; Pro-shot; time code at top; from VHS(M/1,PAL); Menu and Chapters; Osky/Silver Stallion Productions; the synch is very slightly off; Set: 1. Salmon Song, 2. Unzipping The Zype, 3. Hurdy Gurdy Man, 4. 1988 Aktivator (not Lunar Music Suite), 5. Unidentified (Flying Being), 6. It's All Too Much. 44 - DVD PAL
- - - -
Eric Johnson - G.I.T. (Musician's Institute) 1984 + 1985; from VHS; Includes:
* GIT 1984, w/ Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Berlin: 1. Soulful Terrain, 2. Trademark, 3. Manhattan, 4. Cliffs Of Dover, 5. Questions and Answers, 6. Trademark, 7. Manhattan, 8. Cliffs of Dover, 9. More Q+A, 10. Opening Remarks and Intros.
* GIT 1985, w/ Roscoe Beck, Tommy Taylor: 11. Soulful Terrain, 12. Trademark, 13. Tribute To Jerry Reed, 14. Victory, 15. Manhattan, 16. Barn Burning Down, 17. Down Here On The Ground, 18. Cliffs Of Dover, 19. Q+A.
Eric Johnson - 7-31-84, Austin City Limits 1985, COMPLETE UNEDITED; from VHS; Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. Intro, 2. Song For Life, 3. April Come She Will, 4. Tribute To Jerry Reed, 5. I'm Finding You, 6. Soulful Terrain, 7. Friends, 8. Victory, 9. Emerald Eyes, 10. Down Here On the Ground, 11. All I Need, 12. I'm Tryin (False Start), 13. I'm Tryin, 14. Trademark (False Start), 15. Trademark, 16. Cliffs Of Dover, 17. Trail Of Tears, 18. Manhattan, 19. Bristol Shores, 20. Spanish Castle Magic, 21. Soulful Terrain (2nd Take), 22. Emerald Eyes (2nd Take), 23. Cliffs of Dover (2nd Take). 107 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Al Di Meola - Compilation; Menu and Chapters; Lineages: 1)Sat-TV, Japan, 2)VHS, 3)VHS;
1) Al and His Band, 11-3-04, JVC Jazz Festival in Tokyo, Tokyo Kosei-Nenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan
2) Al w/ Larry Coryell Acoustic Guitar Duo, 7-26-86, Live Under The Sky'86, Yomiuri-Land Theatre East, Tokyo, Japan
3) Al and Kazumi Watanabe Great Guitar Duo, 8-21-93, Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival, Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi, Japan
Setlists: 1) 1. Innamorata, 2. La Muerte del Angel, 3. Double Concerto, 4. Misterio, 5. Fugatta, 6. Member Introduction, 7. Azzurra, 8. Cafe; 2) 1. Spain; 3) 1. Spain.
- - - -
Mahavishnu Orchestra - 4-29-72, "Skytop", Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, performed on the rooftop; Pro-Shot B&W; Setlist: Meeting of the Spirits, You Know You Know, Dance of the Maya, Dawn; Also features segments in-between of an interview w/ John McLaughlin; LineUp: John McLaughlin (guitar), Jerry Goodman (violin), Jan Hammer (keyboards), Rick Laird (bass), Billy Cobham (drums). 60 A- mpeg/VCD NTSC
Mahavishnu Orchestra - 8-25-72, In Concert 1972, BBC Studios, London, England; Broadcast 9-9-72; Pro-shot; w/ Jerry Goodman, Jan Hammer, Rick Laird, Billy Cobham; + Bonus: 2nd half of Munich 1972; w/ time strip on the BBC portion; Set for BBC: Meeting Of The Spirits > You Know You Know, A Lotus On Irish Streams, Noonward Race. 56 A- VCD PAL
Mahavishnu Orchestra - 3-30-73, ABC in Concert, Bananafish Gardens, Brooklyn, NY; TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; was thought to be Don Kirshners "In Concert", but it's not; Jerry Goodman, Jan Hammer, Rick Laird, Billy Cobham; Set: Hope > One World, Resolution. 13 B+ VCD
- - - -
Shakti (original band w/ John McLauglin and L. Shankar) - 1977-x-x, CPB Documentary; Lin: Public TV Broadcast > VHS(?); SA Menu/Chapters; Unknown setlist, but includes: outdoor daytime portion of Live Footage (which stands in a "corrida" place) is from a super JazzRock minifestival, Arenes de Palavas, les-Flots, France, 1976-7-19. 50 B DVD NTSC
- - - -
John McLaughlin and One Truth Band - 10-8-78, Chorus, France; French TV, Antenne 2. 38 B-/B VCD
John McLaughlin - 7-11-89, Philharmonie Hall, Munich/München, Germany, w/ Katia Labeque (piano, his x-wife) and the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (Victor Pablo Perez, conductor) performs his Mediterranean Concerto; BRAVO USA TV Broadcast; Pro-Shot; Menu and Chapters; 1. Guitar-Piano Duet #1 'Brise de Coeur' (w/ Katia LaBeque); 2. Guitar-Piano Duet #2 'Montana' (w/ Katia LaBeque); 3. Concerto For Guitar & Orchestra (w/ Munich Philharmonic Orchestra), 'The Mediterranean': 1. Rhythmic, 2. Slow and Sad, 3. Animato. 60 A+ DVD NTSC
John McLaughlin Trio - 11-2-91, Berlin Jazzfest, w/ Trilok Gurtu: Percussion and Dominique di Piazza: Bass; Pro-Shot; from VHS(3-4); 1. Jozy, 2. Que Alegria, 3. Reincarnation, 4. Hijacked, 5. Blues for L.W., 6. One Night Stand, 7. Belo Horizonte, 8. Thelonius Melodrams, 9. Pasha's Love, 10. Mother Tongues, 11. Three Willows. 116 B DVD NTSC
- - - -
Weather Report - 1971, Beat Club TV Show, Germany; Pro-shot; Set: Waterfall. 6.5 A mpeg-2/DVD
Weather Report - 9-29-78, Offenbach Stadthalle, Germany; Aired on WDR TV as "Rockpalast Excellent Weather Report"; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Setlist: Black Market, Scarlet Woman, Young And Fine, The Pursuit of The Woman with The Feathered Hat, A Remark You Made, River People, Thanks for the Memories (sax solo), Slang (bass solo), Mr. Gone, In a Silent Way, Waterfall, Teen Town, I Got it Bad and That Ain't Good, Birdland, Fred and Jack (drum solo), Elegant People, Badia, Boogie Woogie Waltz; Lineup: Joe Zawinul (keys), Wayne Shorter (sax), Jaco Pastorius (bass), Peter Erskine (drums). 128 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Brand X - 10-9-79, Old Grey Whistle Test, London, England; BBC2 TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; from cass(hi gen); "Item 6" timecode; Set: 1. …And So To F… (to the End Titles) + Short Interview w/ Phil Collins; Lineup: John Goodsall -gtr, Robin Lumley and Peter Robinson -keys, Percy Jones -bs, Phil Collins -drm/voc. 7+ B/B+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Chick Corea and Return to Forever + Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters + Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock - 1974, PBS Soundstage, Chicago, IL; from VHS(1); Upgrade from Randy Bayers; Setlists: CCaRTF (w/ Stanley Clarke, Al DiMeola, Lenny White): 1. Beyond the Seventh Galaxy Take 1, 2. Vulcan Worlds, 3. Rumble in the Beginning (aka Space Circus, Pt 2), 4. Beyond the Seventh Galaxy Take 2; HHatH (w/ Mike Clarke, Paul Jackson, Bennie Maupin, Bill Summers): 1. Butterfly, 2. Interlude (Bill Summers is playing a Shekere), 3. Chameleon; CCaHH: 1. Someday My Prince Will Come. - - DVD NTSC
Return To Forever - 1976, Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC Theater, London, England; TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; Chapters and Menus; Band: Chick Corea- Keys, Al DiMeola- Guitar, Stanley Clarke- Bass, Lenny White- Drums; Set: 1.Medievel Overture, 2.Sorceress, 3.Magician, 4.Romantic Warrior, 5.Duel of the Tyrant and the Jester. 43 A- DVD NTSC
Chick Corea New Akoustic Band - 11-x-92, The Blue Note, Tokyo, Japan; w/ John Patitucci: bass, Vinnie Colaiuta: drums; Pro-shot; probably from VHS(low); Set: Humpty Dumpty, Tumba, Round Midnight, New Waltse, Spain. 56 A-/A VCD
- - - -
Stanley Clarke - 7-24-77, Casino, Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland; Japanese TV broadcast; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapter; Set: 1. Opening Silli Putti, 2. School Days, 3. Quiet Afternoon (42nd Streed On Sunday In New-York), 4. Day Ride, 5. Acoustic Song (basse acoustique), 6. Yesterday Princess / (chte) Lopsy Lu, 7. Hot Fun. 74 A/A+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
John Coltrane - Collection, Compiled/authored by CEddy10165 from various sources, VHS; All B+W; Includes: 1) Miles Davis Quintet w/ Gil Evans Orchestra, The Robert Herridge Theater Show, CBS Studios 61, NYC, NY, 4-2-59, from TV broadcast; 2) JC Quintet w/ Eric Dolphy, "Avant Garde In Jazz", Baden-Baden, Germany, 11-24-61, from TV broadcast; 3) JC Quartet, Koncerthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 11-19-62, 2nd show; 4) JC Quartet, Juan-Les-Pins Jazz Festival, Antibes, France, 7-27-65; 5) JC Quartet, Comblain-La-Tour, Belgium, 8-1-65. - A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
Miles Davis Quintet - 10-31-67, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden; Pro-shot; Sveriges Radio TV Broadcast > VHS; w/ Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams; Menu and Chapters; Setlist: 1. Intro (George Wein), 2. Agitation, 3. Footprints, 4. Round About Midnight, 5. Gingerbread Boy, 6. The Theme. - A-/A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Sting w/ the Gil Evans Orchestra and Branford Marsalis - 7-7-87, Umbria Jazz Festival, Stadio Curi, Perguia, Italy; Pro-shot w/ SBD Audio; TV Broadcast; probably from VHS; Setlist: Up From the Skies (Jimi Hendrix), Strange Fruit (standard), Shadows in the Rain (the Police), Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix), There Comes A Time (Tony Williams), Introducing the band, Consider Me Gone (Sting), "Murder By Numbers"/Synchronicity medley (the Police), Roxanne (the Police), Tea In the Sahara (the Police), Message In a Bottle (the Police); Murder By Numbers was probably cut out of the broadcast. 85 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Ray Charles Show w/ the Ray Charles Orchestra and The Raelettes - May 1975, Auditorium, Madrid, Spain, Last show of their Spanish Tour; B/W footage; Recorded live from DVB-T Re-Broadcast on 5-12-06 in HD using EyeTV; Setlist: 1. BRIGHT LIGHTS AND YOU, 2. GEORGIA ON MY MIND, 3. 'TIL THERE WAS YOU, 4. FEEL SO BAD, 5. ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND (w/ the Raelets), 6. Unknown, 7. I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU, 8. ROCK STEADY, 9. Blues Medley: IN THE EVENING - STORMY MONDAY, 10. Unknown, 11. WHAT'D I SAY, 12. Outro. 92 A DVD PAL
- - - -
Frank Sinatra - 6-25-80, Carnegie Hall, NYC, NY, Vincent Falcone Jr, Conductor; Pro-Shot; Correct Chapters but No Menu; Setlist: I’ve Got the World on a String, The Best Is Yet to Come, The Lady Is a Tramp, When Your Lover Has Gone, This Is All I Ask, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Summer Me Winter Me, Street of Dreams, Medley: The Gal That Got Away / It Never Entered My Mind, I Can’t Get Started, Don't Worry 'Bout Me (instrumental - Charlie Turner, trumpet), Send in the Clowns, Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry, Bossa Nova (Vincent Falcone instrumental, Sinatra conducts), You and Me, The Song Is You, Theme from "New York, New York". 80 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Elvis Presley - "Elvis On Tour: The Outtakes, 1972"; Pro-Shot; Chapters: 1. Burning Love (Takes 1 and 2), 2. Burning Love (Takes 3 and 4), 3. Big Hunk Of Love (Takes 1-3), 4. Big Hunk Of Love (Take 4), 5. Proud Mary, 6. Burning Love, 7. Backstage Wearing The Pyramid Suit, 8. Elvis Received 2 Gold Records, 9. Backstage Wearing The Pyramid Suit, 10. Elvis Meets A Girl With Cancer Backstage, 11. Backstage Wearing Red Lion Suit, 12. Love Me (With Bra On His Head), 13. Love Me (Diffrent Angles), 14. All Shook Up, 15. Are You Lonesome Tonight?, 16. For The Good Times, 17. American Trilogy (Incomplete) / Love Me Tender, 18. How Great Thou Art. - A-/A DVD NTSC
Elvis Presley - 10-14-76, Chicago Arena, Chicago, IL; Aud Cam 8mm, Dubbed w/ the SBD "Chicago Beat"; No chapters or menus; from VHS; Setlist: See See Rider, I Got a Woman / Amen, Love Me, You Gave Me a Mountain, Jailhouse Rock, All Shook Up, Don't Be Cruel, And I Love You So, Polk Salad Annie, Early Morning Rain, Johnny B. Goode, Hurt, Hurt (reprise), Love Me Tender, Hound Dog, Mystery Train / Tiger Man. 28 B+/A- DVD NTSC
Elvis Presley - 12-29-76, Birmingham Civic Center, Birmingham, AL; Aud Cam, Dubbed w/ the SBD "Burning in Birmingham"; No chapters or menus; from VHS; Setlist: See See Rider, I Got a Woman, Love Me, Fairytale, You Gave Me a Mountain, Jailhouse Rock, O Sole Mio, It's Now or Never, Trying to Get to You, My Way, Polk Salad Annie, Love Letters, Funny How Time Slips Away, Hurt (with reprise), Hound Dog, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Unchained Melody, Mystery Train / Tiger Man, Can't Help Falling in Love. 46 B+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Akiwowo - 2-15-87, Dance to the Beat of My Drum: Loyim, Loyim, Babatunde 'Baba' Olatunji and His Drums of Passion w/ Jerry Garcia, Carlos Santana, Mickey Hart, Bobby Vega, Sikiru Adepoju, and Hamza el-Din; Benefit For World Music In Schools, Veteran's Memorial Auditorium, Petaluma, CA; Pro-shot, SBD audio; from VHS(low); Menu, Chapters and Sync by MattMan; Set: 1. Odun de! Odun de! (Happy New Year), 2. Ife L'oju L'aiye (Love is the greatest thing in the world), 3. Fire on the Mountain, 4. Oya (Primitive fire), 5. Se Eni A Fe L'Amo - Kere Kere, 6. Baba introduces musicians (Ara Me Lo), 7. Loyin Loyin (Honey, Honey). 54 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Sound of the Millennium Concert - 1-x-00, Gateway of India, Bombay, India; Pro-shot; Menus and Chapters; from Sat TV; w/ Zakir Hussain, L. Shankar, Sultan Khan, Vikku Vinyakram, Selvaganesh, Sivamani, Bhavani Shankar, Tafiq Quereshi, Ranjit Barot. 100 A/A+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Tinariwen - 4-2-07, De Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland; DVB-C TV Broadcast; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. Ténéré Daféo, 2. Chatma, 3. Cler Achel, 4. Tamatent Tilay, 5. Assawt, 6. Aldhechen Manin, 7. Oualahila Ar Tesninam, 8. Assouf, 9. Imazaran Nadaqh, 10. Chet Boghassa, 11. Amidinin, 12. Arawan, 13. Imidiwan Winakalin, 14. Alrhan Manin, 15. Amassakoul N’Ténéré, 16. Imidiwan Matanam, 17. Matadjam Yinmeksan, 18. Tismetten. 90 A/A+ DVD PAL
- - - -
ELP, Emerson Lake and Palmer - 8-26-77, Olympic Stadium, Montreal; "Works Orchestral Tour: Manticore Special" w/ 65 piece symphony orchestra; Pilato Entertainment. - OFFICIAL 2003 87 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Yes - 11-8-77, Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK + BONUS; AUD Cam, tripod; SDB Audio; "Rumor has it the show was filmed by Steve Howe's brother. Newly unearthed high-quality version from the YesSwap group."; Chapters: Apollo, 91 min: 1. Firebird Suite, 2. Parallels, 3. I've Seen All Good People, 4. Close To The Edge, 5. Wonderous Stories, 6. Colours of the Rainbow, 7. Turn Of The Century, 8. Tour Song, 9. And You And I, 10. Going For The One, 11. Flight Jam (Harp/Vibe into Awaken), 12. Awaken (cut); BONUS: Rock Arena/Nightmoves, 4 min: 13. Going For The One; BONUS: 10-x-77, Wembly Arena, London, UK, B&W Footage, 25 min: 14. I've Seen All Good People, 15. Close To The Edge, 16. Colours Of The Rainbow, 17. Turn Of The Century, 18. And You And I, 19. Awaken. 119 - DVD NTSC
Yes - 1977, Going for the One Studio Sessions, Mountain Studios, Montreaux, Switzerland; Pro-Shot; Menu and Chapters; Source: Zerosun666; Chapters: Jam Session #1, Awaken #1, Steve Howe Solo #1, Rick Wakeman Solo, Turn of the Century #1, Awaken #2, Turn of the Century #2, Tour Details Discussion, Parallels #1, Chris and Steve Jam, Going For The One #1, Jon & Rick Solo, Jam #2, Steve Howe Solo #2, Improv, Wonderous Stories, Going For The One #2, Awaken #3, Technical Work/Awaken #4, Awaken #5, Parallels #2. 121 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Genesis - 10-30/31-73, Shepperton Studios, Borehamwood, UK, "Shepperton, The 16mm Film"; Pro-shot; footage digitized frame by frame direct from 16mm master reel; Plus Easter Egg; lots of nice artwork and details/info for this one; Set: Watcher of the Skies, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, I Know What I Like, The Musical Box, Supper's Ready. (I also have the SVCD, fixed version) - - DVD NTSC
Genesis - 5-6-80, Lyceum Ballroom, London, England, "Story of Albert, Day One", Duke Tour; Multi Pro-Shot; version w/ proper chapter breaks. 132 A+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Peter Gabriel - 9-15-78, Essen, Germany, Rockpalast; from French Jimmy TV Broadcast, w/ stereo audio from Radio Broadcast; Jimmy logo removed; from VHS(2); Set: On The Air, Moribund The Burgermeister, Perspective, Here Comes The Flood, White Shadow, Waiting For The Big One, Humdrum, I Don't Remember, Solsbury Hill, Modern Love, Encore: TLLDoB. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Kate Bush (w/ Peter Gabriel) - "Kate", BBC TV Christmas Special, BBC Studios, Birmingham, England, Recorded 10-x-79, Originally Broadcast 12-28-79; for NTSC: BBC2 TV, from master, not broadcast; for PAL: Digital Upgrade (EFDVDVA02), Pre-broadcast master D3 tape > DV tape > iMac (via Sony DV cam) > DVD, w/ Easter Egg; Setlist: 1. Violin, 2. Symphony In Blue, 3. Them Heavy People, 4. Here Comes The Flood (w/ PG), 5. Ran Tan Waltz, 6. December Will Be Magic Again, 7. The Wedding List, 8. Another Day (w/ PG), 9. Egypt, 10. The Man With The Child In His Eyes, 11. Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake. 44 A/A+ DVD NTSC/PAL
- - - -
Adrian Belew - 7-29-99, "Live at Graffiti", Pittsburgh, PA; Aud Cam (steady); Silver Stallion DVD Production; Remastered w/ color correction and audio EQ; Setlist: Guitar Jam, Beloops, Walk Around the World, Young Lions, Lone Rhinoceros, Dinosaur, Guitar Jam, I know What I know, Plan A, Peace on Earth, Fly, Animal Kingdom, The Momur, Phone Call From the Moon, Heartbeat, Blackbird, Guitar Jam, Three of a Perfect Pair, The Rail Song, 1967. 100 A-/A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Talking Heads - 5-10-78, My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY; Aud Cam, front row looking up; Source: BETA MAX (SOUND MIXED BY BRIAN ENO) > ? > VHS; No Menu or Chapters; Setlist: 1. THE BIG COUNTRY (missing), 2. TAKE ME TO THE RIVER, 3. THE BOOK I READ, 4. GIRLS WANT TO BE WITH THE GIRLS, 5. WITH OUR LOVE, 6. UH OH LOVE COMES TO TOWN, 7. BUILDING ON FIRE, 8. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT, 9. THE GOOD THING, 10. ARTISTS ONLY, 11. WARNING SIGN (missing), 12. PULLED UP, 13. PSYCHO KILLER (missing), 14. CROWD, 15. NO COMPASSION, 16. FOUND A JOB. 47 - DVD NTSC
Talking Heads w/ Adrian Belew - 12-x-80, Rome, Italy, Unknown Venue, "Live in Rome"; Rebroadcast May 2005 on Italian TV; Remain in Light Tour; Pro-shot; OSKY/Silver Stallion Productions; Menu and Chapters; Setlist: Intro, Psycho Killer, Stay Hungry, Cities, I Zimbra, Drugs, Take Me To The River, Crosseyed And Painless, Life During Wartime, Houses In Motion, Born Under Punches, The Great Curve. 65 A DVD PAL
- - - -
Roxy Music - Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany, 12-20-1980, "ZDF - Rock Pop In Concert" + Extras; Menu and Chapters; Includes: 1) Westfalenhalle, Original Broadcast, 60 min, from VHS(M): 1. Bogus Man, 2. Trash, 3. Rain, Rain, Rain, 4. Flesh and Blood, 5. Oh Yeah, 6. A Song For Europe, 7. My Only Love, 8. The Thrill Of It All, 9. Do The Strand, 10. Editions Of You, 11. Jealous Guy; 2) Westfalenhalle, Re-Broadcast, 39 min; 3) Musikladen, 06-19-1980, 3 min, Unreleased: 1. Over You; 4) "ZDF - Rock Pop In Concert", 8 min: 1. Oh Yeah, 2. Same Old Scene; 5) German TV, Outtakes, 11 min. 122 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
David Bowie - 2-2-76, 1976 Tour Rehearsal "station to Station", Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada; Pro-shot; from Madman VHS; Filmed by Mainman, for Bowie's personal use; This is not the Savage Jaw version; Set: Station To Station, Suffragette City, Waiting For The Man, Word On A Wing, Stay, TVC 15, Sister Midnight, Life On Mars, Five Years, Panic In Detroit, Fame, Changes, The Jean Genie, Queen Bitch, Rebel Rebel. 90 A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
David Lindley & El Rayo X - 11-3-81, Rockpalast, Metropol, Berlin, Germany, Broadcast from WDR; from VHS(?); Menu and Chapters: 1. Twist And Shout, 2. She Took Off My Romeos, 3. Premature, 4. Your Old Lady, 5. Brother John, 6. Fiddle Tune, 7. Rag A Bag, 8. Don't Look Back, 9. Rock It With I, 10. Quarter Of A Man, 11. I'm A Hog For You, 12. Tuberculucas and The Sinus Blues, 13. Mercury Blues, 14. Bye Bye Love, 15. El Rayo X; Line-Up: David Lindley (g,mand,saz,voc), Jorge Calderon (b), Ian Wallace (dr), Baboo (perc,voc), Bernie Larsen (g). - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Leo Kottke - 1-11-77, Rockpalast, WDR Studio L, Cologne, Germany, 'Rockpalast Classics' Rebroadcast in 1990's; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Set: Up Tempo, Hear the Wind Howl - Busted Bicycle, Buckaroo, Ojo, Eight Miles High, Tennessee Toad, Standing in My Shoes, Bean Time, Louise, Scarlatti Rip Off, Mona Ray, Morning Is The Long Way Home, Shadowland, Pamela Brown, Last Steam Engine Train - Stealing, Tiny Island, Airproofing, Power Failure, San Antonio Rose - America, Vaseline Machine Gun, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, Jack Fig, Living in the Country. 83 A DVD PAL
Leo Kottke - Sessions at West 54th, NYC, NY; Originally Aired 12-20-97, Trio TV Re-Broadcast; Pro-shot; Interviews removed; Set: Airproofing II, Deep River Blues, Peckerwood, Hear The Wind Howl, Across The Street. 24 A SVCD
- - - -
Richard and Linda Thompson - 1-10-80, Rockpalast, Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany; Set: Intro, For Shame Of Doing Wrong, Strange Affair, Hard Luck Stories, Crying In The Rain, Standing Waiting For You, Pavanne, Sunnyvista, Don't Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart, Lonely Hearts, Sisters, Civilisation/Pipeline, Night Comes In, I'm A Dreamer, Living On A Borrowed Time, I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight, No Particular Place To Go. 94 - DVD PAL
Richard Thompson Band - 10-12-83, Rockpalast, Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany; TV > VHS, Dual-Mono; w/ Simon Nicol, Pete Zorn, Pete Thomas, Alan Dunn Dave Pegg, Dave Mattacks; Set: 1. The Wrong Heartbeat, 2. A Poisoned Heart And A Twisted Memory, 3. Tear Stained Letter, 4. Night Comes In, 5. Amarylus / Nonesuch a la Mode de France, 6. Shoot Out The Lights, 7. Don't Renege On Our Love, 8. Hand Of Kindness, 9. Alberta, 10. Wall Of Death, 11. Pennsylvania 65000, 12. How I Wanted To, 13. Man In Need, 14. Two Left Feet, 15. Back Street Slide, 16. Both Ends Burning, 17. Danny Boy, 18. Hoots Mon!, 19. Great Balls Of Fire, 20. Highschool Hop (High School Confidential). 114 - DVD PAL
Richard Thompson (Solo) - 8-31-90, Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle Center Mural Amphitheater, Seattle, WA; AUD cam, tripod; from VHS(1); No Menu or Chapters: Set: Valerie, I Misunderstood, 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, Shoot Out The Light, Two Left Feet, God Loves A Drunk, Jerusalem On The Jukebox, She Moved Through The Fair, I Feel So Good, The Days Of Our Lives, Now That I Am Dead, Wall Of Death, Pharoah, Don't Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me, Neighbors Theme, Psycho Street, Waltzing's For Dreamers, Turning Of The Tide, Down Where The Drunkards Roll, Substitute, Tear Stained Letter. 96 - DVD NTSC
Richard Thompson - BBC's Newsnight program, Broadcasted 2-23-06; from webcast; A short profile on Richard Thompson from his influential involvement w/ Fairport Convention to his solo career + Short interview clips, concert clips and music clips from 2006 BBC Radio 2 Folk awards w/ Fairport Convention and Chris While, as well as the host of folk legends sing Fairport's anthem "Meet on the Ledge". 13+ - real
- - - -
Moody Blues - x-x-70, La Taverne L'Olympia, Paris, France, "The Lost Performance: Live in Paris '70"; Menu and Chapters; Audio Setup: 5.1 Surround or 2.0 Stereo; Standing Room Only Entertainment; The show is divided into two half-hour French TV shows; Setlist: 1. Opening, 2. Lovely to See You, 3. Never Comes the Day, 4. Tortoise and the Hare, 5. Are You Sitting Comfortably?, 6. Legend of a Mind, 7. Nights in White Satin, 8. Opening, 9. Ride My See-Saw, 10. Lazy Day, 11. Gypsy, 12. Candle of Life, 13. Tuesday Afternoon, 14. Don't You Feel Small?, 15. Question. - OFFICIAL 2004 58 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Fleetwood Mac - 1975, Largo, MD +PLUS+ Japan 12-5-77 Young Music Special; Pro-Shot; "FOR SCREENING ONLY" at bottom of the screen throughout both shows; Largo: 60 min: Intro/Get Like You Used to Be, Station Man, Spare Me A Little, Rhiannon, Why, So Afraid, Oh Well, Green Manalishi, World Turning/Mick’s drum solo, Blue Letter, Hypnotized; Japan: 45:19: Oh Well, Rhiannon, Over My Head, Go Your Own Way, World Turning, Blue Letter, The Chain, Songbird. 106 - DVD NTSC
Fleetwood Mac - Japan 12-5-77 Young Music Show Outtakes + The Rosebud Film; Only the outtakes has "FOR SCREENING" line at the bottom. Rosebud has some tape drag in a spot or 2, but otherwise is great w/ decent sound and picture; Outtakes: Gold Dust Woman, You Make Loving Fun, I'm So Afraid (cuts); Rosebud Film: Rumors Promo clip, Percussion - World Turning, Photo Session - Interview w/Stevie re: Rhiannon, Rhiannon (brief tape warble at end), Interview, Say You Love Me, Interview, Go Your Own Way, Interview, I'm So Afraid. - - DVD NTSC
Fleetwood Mac - 10-20-79, Tusk Tour Rehearsal, Recorded at Soundstage, Los Angeles, CA; Single Cam; Say You Love Me, The Chain, Oh Well, Dreams, Not That Funny, Rhiannon, Over and Over, The Ledge, Sara, What Makes You Think You're The One, Save Me A Place, Landslide, Oh Daddy, Angel, You Make Loving Fun, I'm So Afraid, World Turning, Go Your Own Way, Tusk, Sisters Of The Moon, Sisters Of The Moon #2, I Know I'm Not Wrong, Songbird. - B+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Lindsey Buckingham - 1992, Live on PBS's Center Stage; Pro Shot w/ Dolby Digital; TV Broadcast; Menu and Chapters; Set: Don't Look Down, You Do Or You Don't, The Chain, Interview, Big Love, Go Insane, Interview, Trouble, I'm So Afraid, Interview, This Nearly Was Mine, Street Of Dreams, This Is The Time, Never Going Back Again, Interview, All My Sorrows, Go Your Own Way. - A- DVD NTSC
Lindsey Buckingham and Little Big Town - 10-5-06, "CMT Crossroads" Broadcast 12-2-06, CMT Studio, Nashville, TN; Pro-Shot; Menu and Chapters; Source: DVB-S; Set: 1. Bones, 2. The Chain, 3. Big Love, 4. Bring it On Home, 5. Boondocks, 6. Not Too Late (from the new album), 7. Good As Gone, 8. Go Your Own Way. 43 A+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - 1980, Capitol Center, Largo, MD; Pro-Shot; 1. Nine Tonite, 2. You'll Acompany Me, 3. Still the Same, 4. Main Street, 5. Old Time Rock N ROll, 6. Against the Wind, 7. Her Strut, 8. Horizontal Bop, 9. Fire Lake, 10. Betty Lou, 11. We've Got Tonite, 12. Turn the Page, 13. Fire Down Below, 14. Rambling Man, 15. Katmandu, 16. Night Moves, 17. Hollywood Nites, 18. Rock N ROll Never Forgets, 19. Let It Rock. 100 7.5 DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Eagles - 11-6-76, The Summit, Houston, TX; Silver Stallion DVD Productions, color and audio corrected; Set: Hotel California, Lyin' Eyes, Wasted Time, Take It To The Limit, Desperado, Midnight Flyer, Turn To Stone, Already Gone, One Of These Nights, Funk #49, Fork In The Road, Rocky Mountain Way, Witchy Woman, James Dean, Best Of My Love, Walk Away, Tequila Sunrise. 99 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Joe Walsh - "Live 70's & 80's"; from TV/VHS; SA Menu and Chapters; Includes: 1. US Fest 1983, 2. Midnight Special w/ Barnstorm 8-17-73, 3. In Concert w/ Barnstorm 1972, 4. Don Kirshner's Rock Concert; Sets: 1. In the City, Welcome to the club, Life in the Fast Lane, The Bomber, Funk #49, Rocky Mountain Way, Life's Been Good, All Night Long; 2. Rocky Mountain Way; 3. Rocky Mountain Way, The Bomber, Turn to Stone, Funk #49; 4. Welcome to the Club, (Day Dream) Prayer, Meadows, Walk Away, Mother Says, Turn to Stone, Rocky Mountain Way, Get Back, Gimme Some Lovin'. 134 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Steely Dan - 1-24-73, Midnight Special, VH1 Re-broadcast (Upgrade); also has date of 2-9-73; Hosted by Bill Cosby and Wolfman Jack; from VHS(PAL); in synch; Set: Do It Again, Reelin' In The Years; + Bonus: BBC OGWT, Recorded 1973 or 74, Broadcast 1978: Reelin In The Years (fades). 12 A- VCD PAL
- - - -
Jethro Tull - 2-10-77, Golders Green Hippodrome, London, England; from WoWoW TV ReBroadcast; originally on BBC; Pro-shot; Set: Skating Away, Jack-In-The-Green, Thick As A Brick, Songs From The Wood, Velvet Green, Hunting Girl, Aqualung, Wind Up, Medley: Locomotive Breath > Pomp And Circumstances > Finale. (the VCD source: BBC TV Broadcast "1977 Songs From The Wood", A-) 64 A-/A VCD/DVD NTSC
Jethro Tull - 10-9-78, Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY, "Madison Square Garden 1978" or "Telstar"; Telstar International broadcast commemorating 10 years of Jethro Tull; First ever Transatlantic simultaneous TV broadcast; Complete Broadcast, Incomplete Show; Set: Thick As A Brick, No Lullaby, Flute Solo, Pibroch (inst.), Songs From The Wood, Quatrain/Aqualung, Locomotive Breath/Dambusters March. [Scheduled to play 4 shows, 8th thru 11th, but the show on Oct 10 was cancelled. At the first show on Oct 8th, Pelted by steel bolts from audience members behind the stage, and disturbed by firecrackers, Ian threatened to pull out of the following night's satellite broadcast.] 47 B+ mpeg/VCD
- - - -
Spirit - 3-4/5-78, 2nd Rockpalast Festival, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, German TV Re-Broadcast 3-9-97; Pro-shot; SA Menu and Chapters; TV > VHS(M, sp mode); Set: 0) Announcement by Albrecht Metzger, 1) Rockpalast Jam, 2) Mr. Skin, 3) Nature's Way, 4) Like A Rolling Stone, 5) Hollywood Dream, 6) 1984, 7) Looking Down From A Mountain, 8) Hey Joe, 9) Animal Zoo, 10) Love Charged, 11) It's All The Same (incl. Drums), 12) I Got A Line On You, 13) All Along The Watchtower, 14) Wild Thing, 15) Downer, 16) If I Miss This Train - Rockpalast Jam (Session w/ Dickey Betts), 17) Announcement; + Bonus Footage: John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Ohne Filter, Baden-Baden, Germany, 1988, TV broadcast: 1) The Bear. 120 A-/A DVD PAL
- - - -
Bad Company - 1-2-74, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert + 3-10-79, The Midnight Special, London, England; Pro-shot; from VHS; Menu and Chapters; Setlists: '74: 1. Bad Company, 2. Ready for Love, 3. Little Miss Fortune, 4. Rock Steady, 5. Can't Get Enough, 6. The Stealer, '79: 1. Rock N Roll Fantasy, 2. Can't Get Enough. - B+/A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Firm - "Special", Hammersmith Odeon, UK, 1985 + Interviews and Promo vids; Compilation, Cosmic Energy DVD; Odeon = # 2,4,5,7,9; Chapters: 1. Interview, 2. Closer, 3. Interview, 4. City Sirens, 5. Live In Peace, 6. Interview, 7. Radioactive, 8. Interview, 9. Midnight Special, 10. Interview, Promos: 11. Tear Down the Walls, 12. Satisfaction Guaranteed, 13. All The Kings Horses, 14. Radioactive, 15. Live In Peace. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Paul Rodgers and Company - Great American Music Hall, 5-19-93, San Francisco, CA, 5-19-93, Muddy Waters Blues Tribute Tour 1993-94, w/ Slash, Trevor Rabin, Neal Schon and Brian Setzer on guitar; Menus and Chapters; Pro-shot; Set: Muddy Waters Blues intro, Can't Get Enough, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Standing Around Crying, Rollin Stone, Little Wing, Alright Now, Feel Like Makin Love, Can't Be Satisfied (Setzer), Louisiana Blues (Rabin), The Hunter (Slash), Rock Me Baby (Schon, Slash, Rabin, Setzer), Crossroads (Schon, Slash, Rabin, Setzer). 69 A/A+ DVD NTSC
Paul Rodgers and Company - 2-3-94, Alter Wartesaal, Köln (Cologne), Germany; Pro-shot by Rocklife/Rockpalast for German TV WDR3; Set: Travelling Man, Louisiana Blues, Can't Get Enough, Rolling Stone, Good Morning Litte Schoolgirl #1, Wishing Well, Muddy Water Blues (Electric), Seagull, Mr.Big, Feel Like Makin' Love, Little Bit Of Love, Stone Free, The Hunter, Shooting Star, All Right Now. 80 A DVD PAL
- - - -
Queen + Paul Rodgers - 3-14-06, Wachovia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA; Taped from the display screens, but still good quality; Unknown Lineage; Bought on ebay, Libertate on DaD; Setlist: 1. Intro: It's A Beautiful Day - Lose Yourself, 2. Reachin' Out, 3. Tie Your Mother Down, 4. Fat Bottomed Girls, 5. I Want To Break Free, 6. Take Love, 7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love, 8. Love Of My Life, 9. Hammer To Fall, 10. Feel Like Makin' Love, 11. Let There Be Drums, 12. I'm In Love With My Car, 13. Guitar solo, 14. Last Horizon, 15. Bad Company, 16. Can't Get Enough, 17. Another One Bites The Dust, 18. Dragon Attack, 19. These Are The Days Of Our Lives, 20. Radio Ga Ga, 22. The Show Must Go On, 23. Bohemian Rhapsody, 24. We Will Rock You, 25. All Right Now, 26. We Are The Champions, 27. God Save The Queen. 132 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Fall 1974(?), Syracuse, NY; Pro-shot, Black and White; Menu and Chapters; from VHs; Chapters: Intro, Faith Healer, Midnight Moses, Next, Sergeant Fury, Vambo, Schools Out, Impossible Dream, Framed, I Just Wanna Make Love To You, Anthem. 58 - DVD PAL
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Selected Video Archives (Amended); Includes: MARQUEE London '72 (Including short interview w/ John Peel): 1. FRAMED, 2. THERE'S NO LIGHTS ON THE CHRISTMAS TREE, 3. ST. ANTHONY; Don Kirshner's Rock Concert: 4. THE HOT CITY SYMPHONY, pt1 VAMBO, pt2 THE MAN IN THE JAR; THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST (Remastered Audio Full Stereo): 5. NEXT '73, 6. FAITH HEALER '73, 7. DELILAH '75; Supersonic: 8. Runaway '76; UK GOLD: 9. Boston Tea Party '76; Supersonic: 10. DELILAH '76. 61 - VCD
- - - -
Tom Waits - 1976-87 TV Broadcasts; No Menu, 5 min Chapters; Lin: TV > VHS(?gen); Includes: 1) Later On... w/ Jools Holland, BBC, 7-26-79: I never talk to strangers, Step right up, On the Nickel, Red Shoes, Burma Shave, Kentucky Ave, Small Change, closing instrumental; 2) San Remo Festival Italy, 11-22-86: Tango Til They're Sore (cut in, not Jockey full of bourbon), wish i was in New Orleans, downtown train, Jersey girl, Innocent when you dream, Walking Spanish, Tom Traubert's Blues, On the Nickel, Heart of Saturday Night, Burma Shave; 3) The Mike Douglas Show, 11-19-76: Eggs and Sausage, Interview; 4) The Tube, Ch 4 TV, BBC, 10-x-85: In the Neighborhood; 5) Saturday Night Live, NBC Studios, NYC, 4-19-77: Eggs and Sausage; 6) Late Night w/ David Letterman, 10-16-87: Interview, More than Rain. 115 B+/A- DVD NTSC
Tom Waits - 8-5-78, Austin City Limits, University of Texas Campus, Austin, TX; Pro-shot; FogOnTheTyne Production; Set: Burma Shave, Annie's Back In Town, I Wish I Was In New Orleans, A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun, On The Nickel, Romeo Is Bleeding, Silent Night, Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis, Silent Night Reprise, Small Change. 55 A+ DVD NTSC
Tom Waits - 11-21-04, Carre Theater, Amsterdam; char_boy's version w/ remastered audio; Band: Tom Waits, Marc Ribot, Larry Taylor, Brain, Sullivan Waits; Set: Hoist that rag, Make it rain, Jockey full of bourbon, Don't go into that barn, Sins of the father, Straight to the top (rhumba & vegas version), God's away on bunesiness, Misery is the river of the world, Alice, November, Eyeball kid, Walk away, Metropolitan glide, What's he building, Shake it, 16 shells, Trampled rose, House where nobody lives, Lucky day. - A+ DVD PAL
- - - -
Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - 2-7-75, Widener College, Chester, PA; Black and White; Aud cam, on the floor in front of the stage; from VHS(1); SA Chapters; The image is dark, muddy, shaky and obstructed at times; Set: 1. Incident On 57th Street, 2. Mountain Of Love, 3. Born To Run, 4. Spirit In The Night, 5. I Want You (Cut), 6. Wings for Wheels (later became ‘Thunder Road’), 7. Kitty's Back, 8. NYC Serenade, 9. Rosalita, 10. Sandy (4th July, Asbury Park). 61 B DVD NTSC
Bruce Springsteen - 9-19-78, Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, "Passaic: The Complete Tapes"; Pro-shot; Black and White; SBD Audio; Shot for the closed-circuit TV screens in the theatre; image is grainy and has poor contrast; vhs time-stamp throughout; Set: Disc 1, 99 min: Badlands, Streets Of Fire, Spirit In The Night, Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Independence Day, The Promised Land, Prove It All Night, Racing In The Street, Thunder Road, Meeting Across The River, Jungleland, Kitty's Back, Fire, Candy's Room; Disc 2, 81 min: Because The Night, Point Blank, Not Fade Away-She's The One, Backstreets, Rosalita, 4th July Asbury Park (Sandy), Born To Run, 10th Ave Freeze Out, Detroit Medley, Raise Your Hand. 180 - DVD NTSC
Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - 11-24-80, Capitol Center, Landover, MD; Pro-shot w/ Aud audio, footage taken directly from the feed for the video screens; from VHS(1); 4 Disc Set; Setlist: Disc 1: 1. Prove It All Night, 2. Two Hearts, 3. 10th Avenue Freeze-Out, 4. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch), 5. Darkness on the Edge of Town, 6. Independence Day, 7. Factory, 8. Jackson Cage, 9. Out in the Street, 10. The Promised Land, Disc 2: 1. Racing in the Street, 2. The River, 3. Badlands, 4. Thunder Road, 5. Cadillac Ranch, 6. Sherry Darling, 7. Hungry Heart, 8. Fire, 9. Because the Night, Disc 3: 1. Fade Away, 2. Growin Up, 3. Stolen Car, 4. Wreck on the Highway, 5. Point Blank, 6. The Ties that Bind, 7. Crush on You, 8. Ramrod, 9. Backstreets, Disc 4: 1. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight), 2. Jungleland, 3. Born to Run, 4. Detroit Medley. - A- DVD NTSC
Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - 6-29-85, Parc De La Courneuve, Paris, France, "Breathless In Paris", Digi-TOx "Uber" Series Vol 7; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; fom VHS(1); VIDEO EDITING, AUDIO DUBBING, REMASTERING, AUTHORING BY Digi-TOx; Audio Track 1: SBD/AUD MIX DD5.1, Track 2: SBD/AUD MIX DD2.0, Track 3: SBD DD2.0 (audio untouched);
Set: Disc 1: Born In The USA, Badlands, Out In The Street, Johnny 99, Atlantic City, Shut Out The Light, The River, Working On The Highway, Trapped, Darlington County, Glory Days; Disc 2: The Promised Land, My Hometown, Thunder Road, Cover Me, Dancing In The Dark, Hungry Heart, Cadillac Ranch, Downbound Train, I'm On Fire; Disc 3: Because The Night, Rosalita, Can't Help Falling In Love, Born To Run, Bobby Jean, Ramrod, Twist And Shout - Do You Love Me, Rockin' All Over The World.
187 - DVD PAL
- - - -
Journey - 7-9-78, PBS Soundstage, WTTW Studios (not Aragon Ballroom), Chicago, IL, Plus Special Guests; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; from VHS; Special Guests*: Albert King, Jerry Portnoy, Luther Allison, Pinetop Perkins; Setlist: 1. Intro, 2. Feeling That Way, 3. Anytime, 4. Winds of March, 5. Wheel in the Sky, 6. Blues Jam*, 7. Sweet Little Angel*, 8. Blues Shuffle*, 9. On A Saturday Night, 10. She Makes Me (Feel Alright), 11. Lights, 12. Credits*. 55 - DVD NTSC
Journey - 7-31-81, Koseinenken Hall, Shinjyuku-Tokyo, Japan; Pro-Shot; Menu and Chapters; Setlist: 1. Where Were You, 2. Line Of Fire, 3. Don't Stop Believing, 4. Stone In Love, 5. Keep On Runnin', 6. When The Love Has Gone (Jam), 7. Who's Crying Now, 8. Lay It Down, 9. Jonathan Cain Keyboard Solo, 10. Dead Or Alive, 11. Turn Around In Tokyo (The Baby's cover, J Caine on vocals), 12. Lights, 13. Stay Awhile, 14. Instrumental Jam, 15. Too Late, 16. Dixie Highway, 17. Loving You Is Easy, 18. Guitar Solo - La Do Da, 19. Steve Smith Drum Solo, 20. The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love), 21. Wheel In The Sky, Encore: 22. Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin', 23. Anyway You Want It, Bonus Footage: 11-3-91, Golden Gate Park, SF, CA: 1. Faithfully, 2. Lights. 108 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Styx - 4-13-81, Capitol Center, Landover, MD; Menu and Chapters; Pro-shot In-House Monitor Feed > Unknown gen VHS; Disc 1: 1. Intro, 2. Ad 1928, 3. Rockin' The Paradise, 4. Blue Collar Man, 5. The Grand Illusion, 6. Lights, 7. Lady, 8. Crystal Ball, 9. Suite Madame Blue, 10. Snowblind; Disc 2: 1. Too Much Time On My Hands, 2. Great White Hope, 3. Best Of Times, 4. Foolin' Yourself, 5. Miss America, 6. Babe, 7. Renegade, 8. Come Sail Away, 9. Borrowed Time, 10. Half-Penny, Two-Penny, 11. Ad 1958. 135 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - 6-14-77, Rockpalast, WDR Studio-L, Cologne, Germany; WDR TV Broadcast; Pro-Shot; Hojo Production; Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. Surrender, 2. Jaguar & Thunderbird, 3. American Girl, 4. Fooled Again, 5. Breakdown, 6. Listen To Her Heart, 7. Strangered In The Night, 8. I Need To Know, 9. Anything That's Rock'n'Roll, 10. Dog On The Run, 11. Route 66, 12. Shout. 56 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Creedence Clearwater Revival - 4-14-70, Royal Albert Hall, London, England; "Crackin' Up", The Genuine Pig Records TGP-CD-119; Pro-shot; Set: Born on the Bayou, Green River, Tombstone Shadow, Traveling Band, Fortunate Son, Commotion, Midnight Special, Bad Moon Rising, Proud Mary, The Night Time Is the Right Time, Good Golly Miss Molly, Keep on Chooglin'. 41 B+/A- VCD
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Video Compilation 1969-1970, "Bad Moon Rising from Woodstock to the Albert Hall", Wild Wolf Archive Edition; Includes:
* London, 4-14-70: Born on the Bayou, Green River, Tombstone Shadow, Traveling Band, Fortunate Son, Commotion, Midnight Special, Bad Moon Rising, Proud Mary, The Night Time Is the Right Time, Good Golly Miss Molly, Keep on Chooglin.
* Various TV appearances: Intro, Down on the Corner, The Night Time Is the Right Time, Bad Moon Rising, Proud Mary, Down on the Corner, Fortunate Son, Proud Mary.
* Woodstock, 8-16-69 (some Black and white, alt camera): Born on the Bayou, Bad Moon Rising, I Put a Spell on You, Proud Mary (partial), I Put a Spell on You, The Night Time Is the Right Time, Keep on Chooglin.
* Promo film: Proud Mary.
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down on the corner/In concert; 2005 German release, Possibly OFFICIAL; Chaptered; Includes:
* CCR ft John Fogerty: 1. Down on the corner, 2. Fortunate son, 3. The night time is the right time, 4. Proud Mary, 5. Looking out my back door, 6. Sweet hitch hiker.
* CCR Live: 7. Tombstone shadow, 8. Travelin' band, 9. Midnight special, 10. Medley: bad moon rising, proud mary, 11. Keep on chooglin', 12. Green river.
* John Fogerty Live: 13. Leave my woman alone, 14. Let's go, 15. Hoochie coochie man, 16. My toot toot.
* BONUS Clip of JF: 17. Vanz kant danz, 18. The rodeo king (the left alone / instrumental).
66 - DVD PAL
- - - -
The Outlaws - July 1982, Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA, "Video LP" MTV Special; Menu and Chapters; Set: Devil's Road, Hurry Sundown, Don't Stop, Angels Hide, Long Gone, You Are the Show, Easy Does It, Goodbye, Foxtail Loly, Green Grass and High Tides, Ghost Riders in the Sky, There Goes Another Love Song. - OFFICIAL 81 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock, Jim Lauderdale, Kevin Welch, Brenda Lee, Flatlanders - Casino, Montreux, Switzerland, 7-4-91, ARTE TV Broadcast; TV > VHS(1); stereo sound; some minor flaws; Setlist: 1. Me And Billy The Kid (first min missing), 2. When Will You Hold Me Again, 3. Planet Of Love, 4. Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown, 5. I Look For You, 6. Kansas City, 7. Did You Ever See Dallas From A DC-9 At Night. 27 - mpeg/VCD
- - - -
Joe Ely - Video Anthology Volume 1: Honky Tonk Masquerade, The Early Years 1977-1981; Menu and Chapters; authored by mjk5510; Includes: 1) LONE STAR MUSIC SPECIAL, Luckenbach, TX, 7-28-77: Down The Drag, Mardi Gras Waltz, Fraulein, Cornbread Moon, All My Love, Hesitation Blues, Suckin’ A Big Bottle Of Gin; 2) ACL, Austin, TX, 10-31-79: I Had My Hopes Up High, She Never Spoke Spanish To Me, I’ll Be Your Fool, Boxcars, Standin’ In A Big Hotel, Down On The Drag, Annie’s Been Workin’ On The Midnight Shift, Suckin’ On A Big Bottle Of Gin w/Butch Hancock; 3) TORNADO JAM 1, Lubbock, TX, 5-14-80: Fingernails, Dallas, Not Fade Away, Peggy Sue, Matchbox Blues; 4) GRUENE HALL, Gruene, TX (Raw Footage), 7-x-81: Musta Notta Gotta Lotta, Treat Me Like A Saturday Night, Fingernails; 5) ROCK & ROLL…THEN AND NOW, Nick’s Uptown, Dallas, TX, 10-31-81: Good Rockin’ Tonight, I Had My Hopes Up High, She Never Spoke Spanish To Me, Wishin’ For You, Dallas, Road Hawg, Musta Notta Gotta Lotta, Not Fade Away, Fingernails. - - DVD NTSC
Joe Ely - 1984-1999 TV Appearances; Menus and Chapters; Includes:
1) Joe Ely (w/ Mitch Watkins, Roscoe Beck, Lloyd Maines, Steve Meador, Bill Ginn), ACL 1984-10-30: 1. I Had My Hopes Up High, 2. Cool Rockin' Loretta, 3. Hard Livin', 4. Dallas, 5. Lipstick In The Night, 6. Musta Notta Gotta Lotta, 7. Fingernails;
2) Joe Ely (w/ David Grissom, Davis McLarty, Jimmy Pettit), ACL 1990-09-12:1. My Eyes Got Lucky, 2. Rich Man Poor Boy, 3. Honky Tonk Masquerade, 4. Row Of Dominoes, 5. For Your Love, 6. Settle For Love;
3) Joe Ely (w/ David Grissom, Lloyd Maines, Teye, Guy Herman, Rafael OMalley, Michael Villegas), ACL 1999-10-18: 1. Up On The Ridge, 2. Saint Valentine, 3. Me & Billy The Kid, 4. I Saw It In You, 5. Everybody Got Hammered, 6. Oh Boy, 7. Interview;
4) Joe Ely (w/ David Grissom, Davis McLarty, Jimmy Pettit), The Texas Connection 1990: 1. Are You Listenin' Lucky?, 2. Don't Put A Lock On My Heart, 3. Fingernails;
5) Joe Ely w/ the Music Shop Band, The American Music Shop 1991: 1. Grandfather Blues, 2. Me and Billy The Kid, 3. Settle For Love.
121 - DVD NTSC
Joe Ely - 12-9-96, La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX; Lin: Multi-Cam Pro-shot > 1st Gen > SA Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. Gallo Del Cielo, 2. Ranches And Rivers, 3. Behind The Bamboo Shade, 4. The Road Goes On Forever, 5. Boxcars, 6. Because Of The Wind, 7. All Just To Get To You, 8. Run Preciosa, 9. Letter To Laredo, 10. Gangster Of Love (Jesse Taylor), 11. Blues (Jesse Taylor), 12. Pins and Needles, 13. Me And Billy The Kid, 14. Rock Salt And Nails, 15. Well Alright, 16. Oh Boy, 17. Drivin' To The Poorhouse In A Limousine, 18. For Your Love, 19. Road Hawg, 20. Dallas, 21. Musta Notta Gotta Lotta; The Band: JE: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals; Teye: Flamenco Guitar; Lloyd Maines: Peddle Steel Guitar; Jesse Taylor: Electric Guitar; Glenn Fukunaga: Bass; Davis McClarty: Drums. 112 A- DVD NTSC
Joe Ely - 4-16-98, Nuovo Cinema Comunale (also called Theatre Comumane and Teatro Cinema Comunale), Chiari (Brescia), Italy, "Twistin In Italy"; Pro-shot or Aud+sbd ?; w/ Jesse Taylor; Set: Up On The Ridge, All Just To Get To You, I Saw It In You, Gallo Del Cielo, Ranches And Rivers, The Road Goes On Forever, You're Workin' For The Man, Twistin' In The Wind, Behind The Bamboo Shade, Nacho Mama, I'm A Thousand Miles From Home, Letter To Laredo, Gangster Of Love, 4 O'Clock In The Morning, Me And Billy The Kid, Boxcars, Eyes Got Lucky, Road Hawg, Oh Boy, Silver City, Roll Again, Cool Rockin' Loretta, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, Musta Notta Gotta Lotta, South Wind Of Summer. 135 A-/A DVD PAL
- - - -
Willie Nelson - 10-17-74, Austin City Limits Pilot Episode, Studio 6A LBJ Communications Bldg, Univ. Of Texas, Austin, TX; Chapters but No Menu; from ACL Master (not from TV) Video > VHS; Set: 1. Whiskey River, 2. Stay All Night, 3. Bloody Mary Morning, 4. Redneck Mother, 5. Okie From Muskogee (Bee Spears Vocals), 6. Funny How Time Slips Away >, 7. Crazy, 8. Devil In A Sleeping Bag >, 9. Phases And Stages >, 10. I Still Can't Believe Your Gone >, 11. It's Not Supposed To Be That Way, 12. Good Hearted Woman, 13. Pick Up The Tempo, 14. Will The Circle Be Unbroken, 15. When The Roll Is Called, 16. Mountain Dew, 17. A Song For You, 18. Turn Out The Lights, 19. Nelson Family Jam >, 20. Rollin' My Sweet Baby's Arms. 60 A-/A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Ben Harper - 2-28-06, The Trabendo, Paris, France; French Sat TV Broadcast on Europe 2 TV 3-27-06; Chaptered; Set: 1) Better way, 2) Both sides gun, 3) Engraved invitation, 4) The way you found me, 5) Morning yearning, 6) Waiting for you, 7) Happy ever after in your eyes, 8) Reason to mourn, 9) Black rain, 10) Please bleed, 11) Get it like you like it, 12) Gather 'round the stone, 13) Serve your soul. 64 - DVD PAL
- - - -
The Tragically Hip - 4-6-90, The Misty Moon, Halifax, NS, Canada, "Live At The Misty Moon"; MuchMusic Big Ticket Concert; Up To Here Tour; Pro-Shot, Multi-Cam; Menu and Chapters; Lineage: MuchMusic TV Broadcast > VHS; V.O.R. Productions; Setlist: Crack My Spine Like A Whip, She Didn't Know, Highway Girl, It's Just As Well, Boots Or Hearts, Trickle Down, Get Back Again, Three Pistols, Fight, 38 Years Old, Blow At High Dough, I'll Believe In You (Or I'll Be Leaving You Tonight), New Orleans Is Sinking, On The Verge. 62 A-/A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Bob Marley and The Wailers - 1979, "Come A Long Way" New Zealand Documentary + 10-24-73, Capitol Studio Rehearsals (incomplete); NZ: TVNZ Broadcast > ? > vhs > ? > dvd, Capitol: Pro-shot > ? > vhs(?) > ? > dvd; The New Zealand gig took place at Western Springs, Auckland, 4-16-79 and was the basis for the fascinating documentary film "Come A Long Way", titled after Bob's opening words at the show. Pro-shot and features tour bus footage and an interview w/ Bob's late manager Don Taylor, who recounts the fateful night of the Hope Road shootings in 1976. 63 B+/A- DVD NTSC
Bob Marley and The Wailers - 6-24-76, Stardust Club, Exeter, England; Them belly full, I shot the sheriff, Crazy Baldheads, Want more, No woman no cry, Lively up yourself, Roots Rock Reggae. 38 - avi
Bob Marley and The Wailers - 7-21-79, Amandla Festival, Harvard Stadium, Harvard University, Boston, MA; Pro-shot; Simple Menu but No Chapters; from the Dubwise Garage Collection; Set: Positive Vibration, Slave Driver, Them Belly Full, Running Away, Crazy Baldhead, The Heathen, War, No More Trouble, Lively up Yourself, No Woman No Cry, Jammin, Get Up Stand Up, Exodus, Encore, Zimbabwe, Wake Up And Live (most likely 1st performance). 90 A DVD NTSC
Bob Marley and The Wailers - 11-3-79, Ottawa Sound Check, Civic Center, Canada + 5-x-80, The Tuff Gong Uprising Rehearsal, Kingston, Jamaica; Ottawa, 59 min: TV12 > Broadcast > VHS(?) > ? > DVD, Tuff Gong, 39 min: Unknown Handheld > VHS(?) > ? > DVD; Set: Ottawa: Wake Up And Live, Interview w/ Binghi, Crazy Baldheads, Interview, Positive Vibration, Interview, Running Away, Interview, Montage; Tuff Gong: Revolution, Real Situation, Zion Train, I Shot The Sheriff, Bad Card, Work, Pimpers Paradise, Forever Loving Jah, Concrete Jungle. 98 - DVD NTSC
Bob Marley and the Wailers - 11-30-79, Oakland Auditorium, Oakland, CA; Pro-shot B/W; from VHS; WARNING: VERY DARK!; shot by Bill Graham Presents; Set: 1. Intro, 2. Positive Vibration, 3. Wake Up And Live, 4. Concrete Jungle, 5. Them Belly Full (But We Hungry), 6. I Shot The Sheriff, 7. Running Away >, 8. Crazy Baldhead, 9. Ambush In The Night, 10. The Heathen, 11. War >, 12. No More Trouble, 13. No Woman, No Cry, 14. Lively Up Yourself /begin cut/, 15. Africa Unite, 16. One Drop, 17. Exodus, 18. /audience noise, announcement of encore w/ Ron Wood, tuning/, 19. Is This Love?, 20. Jammin', 21. Ride Natty Ride, 22. Roots, Rock, Reggae, 23. Natty Dread, 24. Get Up, Stand Up. - - DVD NTSC
Bob Marley and the Wailers - 9-14-80, Rehearsals at Criteria Studios Late, Miami, FL; Chapters but no Menu; Semi-professional Color Pro-Shot > Low Gen VHS; Tracks: Could You Be Loved, So Much Trouble, Burnin' & Lootin', Zimbabwe, I Shot The Sheriff, We & Dem, Coming In From The Cold, Rastaman Live Up, Jah Live, Sun Is Shinin', Running Away / Crazy Baldheads, Night Shift, Rastaman Chant / Concrete Jungle, Burnin' & Lootin' (Take 2), Lively Up Yourself, Zimbabwe (Take 2), Work, Bad Card, Trenchtown Rock, African Herbsman, Kaya, Want More / Studio Chat, Slave Driver. 111 - DVD NTSC
Bob Marley - 9-20-1980, Essex House Video Rehearsal and Interview; Pro-shot; from VHS(?); w/ timecode; some little quirks and minor dropouts; Setlist: redemption song, talking, playing guitar, talking, redemption song, playing guitar, redemption song, redemption song, redemption song, talking, coming in from the cold, talking. "The interviewer is Earl "Rootsman" Chin. A great video showing Bob in a very relaxed state of mind, even though he was to collapse a few days after this interview due to his cancer spreading through his body." 46 - DVD PAL
Bob Marley - Biography on PBS; crappy quality, 111MB, but sound is good, still a great watch. 66 - wmv
- - - -
Peter Tosh - 7-16-79 (acutally 7-6-79?), Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, French TV Broadcast on MCM "Nuit Reggae" (Reggae Night); w/ Sly and Robbie; Menu and Chapters; TV>VHS(X)>DVD(X); Set: 400 Years, Steppin' Razor, African, Get Up Stand Up, Don't Look Back, I'm The Toughest, Bush Doctor, The Date the Dollar Die, Burial, Buk-In-Hamm Palace, Encore: Mystic Man, Pick Myself Up. 81 A-/A DVD PAL
Peter Tosh - 7-23-80 (not 8-14-79), The Ontario Place Forum, Ontario, Canada; Outdoors; Dutch Subtitles; Setlist: African, The Toughest, Don't Look Back, Get Up Stand Up, Recruiting Soldiers, Buk-In-Hamm Palace. (TV > PC > Virtual Dub > DivX3) 40 A-/A avi
- - - -
Black Uhuru - 10-17-81, Rockpalast, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany; Pro-Shot; German TV Broadcast > VHS > ? > avi; SBD audio; Set: 1. Intro, 2. Shine Eye Girl, 3. Plastic Smile, 4. Puff She Puff, 5. King Selassie, 6. Youth Of Eglington, 7. Push, Push, 8. General Penitentiary, 9. Happiness, 10. World Is Africa, 11. Sponji Reggae, 12. Sinsemilla, 13. Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner, 14. Abortion. 78 - avi
- - - -
George Clinton - Parliament/Funkadelic - "The Mothership Connection"; Houston, TX, 1976; 1. Cosmic Slop, 2. Do That Stuff, 3. Gammin' On Ya, 4. Standing On The Verge Of Getting' It On, 5. The Undisco Kid, 6. Children Of Production, 7. Mothership Connection, 8. Swing Down Sweet Chariot, 9. Dr. Funkenstein, 10. Comin' Round The Mountain, 11. P. Funk, 12. Tear The Roof Off The Sucker, 13. Night Of The Thumpasorus Peoples, 14. Funkin' For Fun. - OFFICIAL 83 A6/V9 DVD NTSC
- - - -
Sly and The Family Stone - It's A Family Affair; liberated boot; Includes: Kraft Music Show '70, Dick Cavett Show 7-13-70, Dick Cavett Show 6-8-71, Austrian Television Special, Bill Graham Special, Don Kirschner's Rock Concert '74, Mike Douglas Show 7-17-74. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
James Brown - 4-5-68, Boston Garden, Boston, MA; Pro-Shot for Live TV Broadcast; B+W; from VHS; "Just 24 hours after the assassination of civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr."; Set: 1. Get it Together, 2. There Was A Time, 3. I Got the Feeling, 4. It's a Man's Man's Man's World, 5. Lost Someone, 6. Bewildered, 7. When A Man Loves A Woman, 8. Tell Mama (Maria Whitney), 9. Check Yourself (Maria Whitney), 10. Chain of Fools (Maria Whitney), 11. I Heard it Through the Grapevine (Maria Whitney), 12. James Brown and Boston Mayor, 13. That's Life, 14. Kansas City, 15. Soul Man (Bobby Byrd), 16. I Got the Feeling, 17. Try Me, 18. Cold Sweat, 19. Maybe the Last Time, 20. I Got You I feel Good, 21. Please Please Me, 22. I Can't Stand It. 105 B+/A- DVD NTSC
James Brown w/ Bootsy Collins - 3-x-71, Olympia Theatre, Paris, France; Italian TV Broadcast; No Menu and 5 min Chapters; from VHS; Setlist: Brother Rapp, Ain't It Funky Now w/ bass solo, Geargia on My Mind, Sunny, Vicki Anderson sings: Yesterday, Don't Play That Song For Me, JB returns: It's a New Day, Bewildered, Sex Machine, Try Me, Give It Up or Turnit A Loose, It's a Man's Man's Man's World, Please Please Please, Sex Machine reprise, Super Bad. 77 - DVD NTSC
James Brown - Soul Train Collection, Soul Train TV Broadcast Studio, Season 2 (1972-1973), Episode 19, Aired 2-10-73, James Brown, Lyn Collins, Season 4 (1974-1975), Episode 4, Aired 9-14-74, James Brown, Fred Wesley & the JB's, Lyn Collins; Menu and Chapters; Silver Stallion reauthor; Source: Japanese TV Rebroadcast (BS Network) > VHS(1-2); Chapters: 1. Get On The Good Foot, 2. Soul Power, 3. Make It Funky, 4. Try Me, 5. Hot Pants, 6. Sex Machine, 7. Never Gonna Give You Up, 8. Super Bad, 9. Please Please Please, 10. Say It Loud, 11. I Can't Stand It, 12. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, 13. The Payback, 14. Hell, 15. Try Me, 16. Papa Don't Take No Mess, 17. My Thang. 50 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Prince - 3-21-81, The Ritz, New York, Dirty Mind Tour; SBD Audio, Aud Cam; Set: Do It All Night, Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?, Gotta Broken Heart Again, Broken, Lonely And Crying, When You Were Mine, Gotta Stop (Messin' About), Sexy Dancer, Sister, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Head, Still Waiting. 55 A+ DVD NTSC
Prince - 6-3-81, Le Palace, Paris, France, Dirty Mind Tour final Eruo show; Aud Cam; Set: Do It All Night, Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?, Gotta Broken Heart Again, Jack U Off, When You Were Mine, Gotta Stop (Messin' About), Sexy Dancer, Sister, Still Waiting, Party Up, Dirty Mind, Uptown. 60 - DVD NTSC
Prince - 11-21-81, Warner Theatre, Washington DC, Controversy Tour 2nd show; Aud Cam; Set: Second Coming, Sexuality, Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?, Jack U Off, When You Were Mine, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Head, Annie Christian, Dirty Mind, Do Me, Baby, Let's Work, Controversy. 70 - DVD PAL
Prince and the Revolution - 8-3-83, First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, "The Avenue", Minnesota Dance Company Benefit Show; Pro-Shot; Set: Let's Go Crazy, When You Were Mine, A Case Of You, Computer Blue, Delirious, Electric Intercourse, I Would Die 4 U, Baby I'm a Star, Purple Rain, Little Red Corvette, D.M.S.R. 74 - DVD NTSC
Prince - 1-4-85, The Omni, Atlanta, GA; Ladybird Label LBDVD001; Pro-Shot; Set: Let's Go Crazy, Delirious, 1999, Little Red Corvette, Take Me With You, Free, Do Me, Baby, How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore, Let's Pretened We're Married, Father's Song, God, Computer Blue, Darling Nikki, The Beautiful Ones, When Doves Cry, I Would Die 4 U, Baby, I'm A Star (25 min version), Purple Rain. 136 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Police - 1-18-79, "VH1 Musikladen", Beat Club, Bremen, Germany + 10-26-79, Gussman Hall, Miami, FL; Pro-shot, multi-camera broadcast on German TV Re-Broadcasted on VH1 (Musikladen); Basic Menu and Chapters; Chapters: Beat Club, 33 min: 1. So Lonely, 2. Fallout, 3. Born In the 50's, 4. Hole In My Life, 5. Peanuts, 6. Landlord, 7. Roxanne, 8. Truth Hits Everybody; Gussman Hall, 10 min: 1. / Can't Stand Losing You, 2. The Bed's Too Big Without You. 43 B+/A- DVD PAL
The Police - 1-11-80, Rockpalast TV Special, Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany; Pro-shot; No Menu, Chapters every 3 min; Source: VHS(?); Set: 1. Next To You, 2. So Lonely, 3. Walking On The Moon, 4. Hole In My Life, 5. Death Wish, 6. Fall Out, 7. Bring On The Night, 8. Visions Of The Night, 9. The Bed's Too Big Without You, 10. Peanuts, 11. Roxanne, 12. Can't Stand Loosing You, 13. Message In A Bottle, 14. Born In The 50's. 67 A DVD PAL
The Police - 10-18-80, 7th Rockpalast Night, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, + Bonus; Pro-Shot; from VHS(2-3); Standalone Menu and 5.5 min Chapters; Setlist: 1. Voices Iside My Head, 2. Don't Stand So Close To Me, 3. Walking On The Moon, 4. Death Wish, 5. Fall Out, 6. Man In A Suitcase, 7. Bring On The Night, 8. Dedodo Dedadada, 9. Truth Hits Everybody, 10. Shadows In The Rain, 11. When The World Is Running Down, 12. The Bed Is Too Big Without You, 13. Drivin To Tears, 14. Message In A Bottle, 15. Roxanne, 16. Can't Stand Loosing You, 17. Next To You, 18. So Lonely, Bonus: TOTP - Spirits In The Material World. 90 A DVD NTSC
The Police - 11-15-80, Mexico City Grand Ballroom, Hotel de Mexico, Mexico City, "Live en Mexico" + 6-15-86, Amnesty International, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NY (This is also on the DVD "We Burn for You"); Setlist: Mexico City (Some Interviews and Police footage (Spanish) between songs): Bring on the Night, Driven to Tears, So Lonely, Roxanne, De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, Truth Hits Everybody, Message in a Bottle; Amnesty Intern'l: Message in a Bottle, King of Pain, Driven to Tears, Every Breath You Take, Roxanne, Invisible Sun (w/ Bono), I Shall Be Rleased. - A DVD NTSC
The Police - 2-19-82, Quinta Vergara Anfiteatro "23rd Festival Internacional de la Canción", Vina del Mar, Chile (1st Night); Menu and Chapters; Pro-shot Multi-Cam; Set: Intro, Message in a bottle, Every little thing she does is magic, Spirits in a material world, Hungry For You, When the world is running down, The bed's too big without you, De do do do De da da da, Demolition man, Roxanne, Don't stand so close to me, Can't stand losing you, Bonus tracks: Shadows in the rain, Walking on the moon. 66 B+/A- DVD NTSC
The Police - 8-2-83, Le Spectrum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; French TV Broadcast; Pro-Shot, directed by Godley & Creme; No Menu; Setlist: Synchronicity I, Synchronicity II, Walking In Your Footsteps, Message in a Bottle, Wrapped Around Your Finger, Hole in my Life, Every Breath You Take, I Can't Stand Loosing You, King of Pain, So Lonely. 59 A- DVD PAL
The Police - "Rehearsal 2003 and 2007", Includes: 1) R-N-R Hall Of Fame Inductions, The Grand Ballroom, Hotel Waldorf-Astoria, NYC, NY, 3-10-03 + 2) Grammy Awards, Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, 2-11-07 + 3) Whisky A Go Go, Rehearsal and Press Conference, Los Angeles, CA, 2-12-07; All Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; Chapters: 1) 13 min: 1. (Gwen Stefani inducts removed) The Police accept, 2. Roxanne, 3. Every Breath You Take (Gwen Stefani, Steven Tyler and John Mayer on backup vocals); 2) 4 min (CBS HDTV>Comcast DVR>DVD Recorder>ULead Movie Factory 4.0): 1. Roxanne; 3) 45 min, VH1 Live Broadcast, DishNetwork: 1. Message in a Bottle, 2. Voices Inside My Head / When the World is Running Down, 3. Questions and Answers from the Press, 4. Can't Stand Losing You, 5. Roxanne. 62 A DVD NTSC
The Police - 6-29-07, Toyota Center, Houston, TX, "A Collection of YouTube Clips"; Menu and Chapters; Lin: YouTube flv's (some partial tracks) > mpeg2 for DVD > TMPGEncDVDAuthor; Chapters: 1. 1 min slideshow w/ 7 pics from online reviews + AUD recording of 'Truth Hits Everybody', 2. Message In A Bottle, cam 2, 3. Synchronicity II, cam 2, 4. Walking on the Moon, cam 2, 5. Don't Stand So Close, cam 2, 6. Driven to Tears, cam 1, 7. The Bed's Too Big Without You (Intro), cam 2, 8. The Bed's Too Big Without You, cam 1, 9. The Bed's Too Big Without You, cam 4, 10-11. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, cam 3, 12. Wrapped Around Your Finger, cam 1, 13. Wrapped Around Your Finger, cam 3, 14. Roxanne, cam 4, 15. Roxanne, cam 2, 16. King of Pain, cam 6, 17. King of Pain, cam 2, 18. Next To You (ending), cam. 60 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
DEVO - 1978, French TV 28 - VHS
- - - -
Oingo Boingo - Skeletons in the Closet: Volume 1, 1989; Contains: 1) All of Oingo Boingo's Music Videos; 2) Film clips from "Hot Tomorrows", Urgh!! A Music War", "Longshots" and "Back to School"; 3) Live at the Ritz; 4) Karaoke Versions of "Little Girls" , "Dead Man's Party", and "Weird Science"; 5) 1984 performed live for "Good Morning Mr. Orwell". - OFFICIAL - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Missing Persons - 5-30-83, Us Festival, Glen Helen Park, San Bernardino Co, CA; Pro-shot; SA Menu and Chapters; from VHS(?); Setlist: Mental Hopscotch, Noticable One, Words, Tears, It Ain't None of Your Business, Bad Streets, U.S. Drag, Window, Here & Now, Walking In L.A., Encore: I Like Boys, Destination Unknown, No Way Out. 58 B DVD NTSC
- - - -
KISS - 2-17-74, Long Beach, CA; KissVision Remaster; Bonuses: 2 rare European tv spots, German TV performance of 'Detroit Rock City' wearing the Dressed To Kill costumes! plus, a behind the scenes look; the rare 8mm footage from the ALIVE! tour in Toronto, Canada 4-22-76, the infamous night when Gene lit his hair on fire! - - DVD NTSC
KISS - 1-31-75, Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA; B&W, Pro-shot; "Winterland or Hell"; Kissvision digital remaster from master tapes. Slideshow featuring over 200 amazing photos from the 1973-1974 era and the Filmore Auditorium in 1973. 61 - VCD;DVD NTSC
KISS - 1-31-75, Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA; B&W, Pro-shot; "Winterland or Hell"; Upgrade, Not KV; Set: Deuce, Strutter, Got To Choose, Hotter Than Hell, Firehouse, Watchin' You, Nothin' To Lose, Parasite, 100,000 Years, Black Diamond, Cold Gin, Let Me Go. 62 - DVD NTSC
KISS - 1-25-76, Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, "Dressed for Cobo"; Pro-shot - - DVD NTSC
KISS - 1-25-76, Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI; Pro-shot; "An upgrade to the lower-quality KISSVision Remaster." BONUS: the encores from Capital Center, Largo/Landover, MD, 11-30-75; Set: Deuce, Strutter, C'mon and Love Me, Hotter Than Hell, Firehouse, She, Ace's Solo, Ladies In Waiting, Nothin' To Lose, Gene's Solo, 100,000 Years, Peter's Solo, Black Diamond; BONUS: Cold Gin, RARAN, Let Me Go. - - DVD NTSC
KISS - 1-26-76, Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, "Dressed for Cobo II"; Pro-shot 79 - VCD PAL
KISS - 1-26-76, Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, "Dressed for Cobo II"; Pro-shot; UPGRADE to KissVision; The famous Gene's-hair-catches-fire show; Set: Deuce, Strutter, C'mon and Love Me, Hotter Than Hell, Firehouse, She, Ace's Solo, Parasite, Nothin' To Lose, 100,000 Years, Peter's Solo, Black Diamond, Cold Gin, RARAN, Let Me Go. 79 - DVD NTSC
KISS - 8-20-76, Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, CA, "Kiss Destroys Anaheim"; Pro-shot; Non-Kissvision Upgrade; Includes 2 different audio channels. 71 - VCD;DVD NTSC
KISS - "Live Pieces" (aka Lost Footage 1975-76); Summit, Houston, TX, 8-13-76 + Capital Center, Largo/Landover, MD, 11-30-75 Encores; Pro-shot; TX, 32 min: DRC, KOTNW, Let Me Go, Strutter, Hotter Than Hell, Shout It Out Loud, Cold Gin, Ace's Solo, Nothin' To Lose (cut); MD: Cold Gin, RARAN, Let Me Go. 67 - DVD NTSC
KISS - 1974-1976 Media Compilation; KissVision Remasters Edition; 1974: ABC's "In Concert" - Nothing To Lose, Firehouse, Black Diamond; The Mike Douglas Show - Interview, Firehouse; Hotter Than HellTV Ad; 1975: The Midnight Special - Deuce, She, Black Diamond (B&W); Promotional Video - C'mon And Love Me; Promotional Video - RNRAN; Cadillac High's "KISS Loves You!"; Promotional video for Cobo Hall - Deuce, Firehouse, 100,000 Years, Black Diamond, Let Me Go; "KISS: The Originals" TV Ad; 1976: Ron Sander's News Report; Paul Lynde Halloween Special - DRC, Beth, KOTNW; Rock And Roll Over TV Ad; Don Kirschner's Rock Concert - I Was Made For Loving You, Sure Know Something VIDEOS; I Want You VIDEO. 82 - DVD NTSC
KISS - 1976 Black & White Collection; Includes: Roosevelt Stadium, New Jersey, 7-10-76 (59 min) + Loft Tape (31 min) + Destroyer Dress Rehearsal (10 min); Kissvision Digital Remaster. 100 - DVD NTSC
KISS - 1-29-77, Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI; Pro-Shot, Multi-Cam; No Menu; ; Dolby DS; from Master 3/4 Tape; No Encores; Setlist: DRC, TAKE ME, LMGRNR, LADIES ROOM, FIREHOUSE, MAKIN LOVE, I WANT YOU, COLD GIN, ACE SOLO, DO YOU LOVE ME, NOTHIN TO LOSE, GENE SOLO, GOD OF THUNDER, PETER SOLO, RNRAN. 60 A DVD NTSC
KISS - 2-18-77, Madison Square Garden, NY; Pro-shot; Kissvision Remaster 71 - DVD NTSC
KISS - 4-2-77, Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan, Young Music Show, HBO presents.., 3pm show; Pro-shot; This is the version w/o subtiles; There is no difference between this show and the 2004 re-broadcast version, except this is of much better quality. - A+ DVD NTSC
KISS - 4-2-77, Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan, Young Music Show, 2004 Re-Broadcast, 3pm show; Pro-shot 50 A DVD NTSC
KISS - 4-2-77, Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 8pm show; Pro-shot; Kissvision 74 - DVD NTSC
KISS - 9-1-77, The Summit, Houston, TX, 1st Night; + Picture Gallery; Pro-shot; UPGRADE - - DVD NTSC
KISS - 9-2-77, The Summit, Houston, TX, 2nd Night; Pro-shot; Best Upgrade Yet!! (and one of the lesser quality versions) - - DVD NTSC
KISS - 7-8-79, Capitol Center, Largo, MD; Pro-shot - - DVD NTSC
KISS - 1979 Media Compilation; Includes all Known media clips from '79; Kissvision Digital Remaster - - DVD NTSC
KISS - 11-22-80, Parreta Stadium, Sydney Showgrounds, Sydney, Australia; Pro-shot; KissVision Remasters; has timecode at bottom of the screen. (The Inner Sanctum was a TV Special w/ backstage footage, interviews and some songs from this show.) 101 - VCD;DVD NTSC
KISS - 1980, The Inner Sanctum, Australian TV documentary w/ excerpts from the Sydney concert 11-22-80 at Parreta Stadium, Sydney Showgrounds; Interviews and narration throughout. Also contains an alternate ending to the original show (which is not the same quality). Featured songs: DRC, Shandi, Talk To Me, NY Groove, Calling Dr. Love, Is That You?, IWMFLY, God Of Thunder, RARAN, Black Diamond. "The quality of the live footage on this disc blows away the KISSVision Remasters version of Sydney 1980 by a landslide!" 51 A-/A DVD NTSC
KISS - 1980 Media Collection; Kissvision; Includes: Shandi vid; Kids Are People Too Interview; Poprock German TV; The Inner Sanctum; Aussie News Clips; Still Gallery - - DVD NTSC
KISS - 12-x-81, The Elder "Alive", ABC studios, Los Angeles, CA, broadcast Jan '82; Kissvision; Intro, The Oath, A World Without Heroes, I, End of Show; Extras: Entertainment Tonight- San Remo / Studio 54 report, Americas Top 40- Interview, Promo Video- A World Without Heroes, Flo & Eddie- KISS Circus. - - DVD NTSC
KISS - 6-18-83, Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, Creatures of the Night Tour (Vinnie Vincent, Eric Carr); Pro-shot; UPGRADE...BETTER THAN KV REMASTER; Setlist: Cold Gin, Presentation Clip of each member, Calling Dr. Love, Firehouse, I Love It Loud, Backstage + Interviews, Drum Solo, War Machine, Black Diamond, Creatures of the Night, RARAN. 35 A DVD NTSC
KISS - 1983 Compilation, Includes: Sao Paulo, Rio, & Charleston WV (Creatures of the Night Tour) + Lisboa & Madrid (Lick It Up Tour); re-menued by Dressed to Kiss; Details: Charleston, WV, 1-4-83, 8mm footage, VG-, 4:29; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 6-18-83, Pro-shot TV Footage, EX, 35:46; Sao Paulo, Brazil, 6-25-83, (final make-up show till reunion), Single camera (news footage maybe?), VG, 1:09:43; Lisboa, Portugal, 10-11-83, TV Clip, VG-, 12:07; Madrid, Spain, 10-13-83, TV Clip, G, 14:49. 137 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Ramones - 2-19-78, On the Border, Houston, TX, "Rocket To Russia" Tour; Aud Cam, Handheld but very steady; Menu and Chapters by bb; from VHS; Set: 1. rockaway beach, 2. teenage labotomy, 3. blitzkrieg bop, 4. i wanna be well, 5. glad to see you go, 6. gimme shock treatment, 7. you're gonna kill that girl, 8. i dont care, 9. sheena is a punk rocker, 10. havana affair, 11. commando, 12. here today gone tomorrow, 13. surfin' bird, 14. cretin hop, 15. listen to my heart, 16. california sun, 17. i dont wanna walk around with you, 18. pinhead, 19. do you wanna dance, 20. chain saw, 21. today your love tomorrow the world, 22. now i wanna be a good boy, 23. suzy is a headbanger, 24. lets dance, 25. i dont wanna go down to the basement, 26. now i wanna sniff some glue, 27. were a happy family. 57 B+ DVD NTSC
- - - -
Patti Smith Group - 4-21-79, 4th Rockpalast Festival, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany; TV Broadcast; Set: 1. Rock 'n' Roll Star, 2. The Star Spangled Banner/Rock 'n Roll Nigger, 3. Privilege, 4. Dancing Barefoot, 5. Redondo Beach, 6. 25th Floor, 7. Revenge, 8. 5-4-3-2-1-Wave, 9. Pumpin' My Heart, 10. 7 Ways Of Going, 11. Because The Night, 12. Frederic, 13. Jailhouse Rock, 14. Gloria, 15. My Generation, 16. Interview (by Alan Bangs). 102 A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Clash - 3-8-80, Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ; B/W, Pro shot; from VHS(1); Set: Clash City Rockers, Brand New Cadillac, Safe European Home, Jimmy Jazz, London Calling, Guns of Brixton, Train In Vain, White Man, Koka Kola / I Fought the Law, Spanish Bombs, Police And Thieves, Stay Free, Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad, Wrong em Boyo, Clampdown (Cut), Janie Jones, Complete Control, Armageddon Time, English Civil War, Garageland, Bankrobber, Tommy Gun. - - DVD NTSC
The Clash - "The Clash On TV Vol.1"; UK, Austria and US TV Compilation; By far the most comprehensive and TOP quality rare Clash appearances ever compiled; 33 chapters, 27+ live songs, various interviews and news clips. FIXED DVD. - - DVD NTSC
The Clash - 2-1-82, Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan, "Young Music Show" Japanese TV; "High quality transfer from VCR(1) > DVD. Complete w/ Pro Stereo sound from Japanese Cable TV Station master recording CD. This is the best quality available."; Set: London Calling, Safe European Home, White Man In Hammersmith Palais, Brand New Cadillac, Charlie Don't Surf, Clampdown, This Is Radio Clash, Armagideon Time, Jimmy Jazz, Tommy Gun, Fujiyama Mama (w/ Pearl Harbour on vocals), Police On My Back, White Riot. - - DVD PAL
- - - -
Iggy Pop and the Stooges - 4-27-03, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Indio, CA, Empire Polo Field; AUD Cam; SA Menu/Chapters; included on DVD with the White Stripes set. 21 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Joe Jackson - 3-14-80, Rockpalast (1st Appearance), WDR TV-Studio A, Köln (Cologne), Germany; Recorded from 2nd TV-Broadcast (Rockpalast Classics) > VHS PAL; Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. On Your Radio, 2. Friday, 3. Mad At You, 4. Kinda Kute, 5. Out Of Style, 6. The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff), 7. Sunday Papers, 8. One More Time, 9. Fools In Love, 10. Is She Really Going Out With Him ?, 11. Don't Wanna Be Like That, 12. I'm The Man. 54 A-/A DVD PAL
Joe Jackson - 2-21-83, Rockpalast (2nd Appearance), Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany; Recorded from 2nd TV-Broadcast (Rockpalast Classics) > VHS PAL; Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. On Your Radio, 2. Another World, 3. Sunday Papers, 4. Look Sharp!, 5. Breaking Us In Two, 6. Cancer, 7. Real Men, 8. Is She Really Going Out With Him ? (a capella), 9. Cosmopolitan, 10. Target, 11. T.V. Age, 12. Tuxedo Junction, 13. Steppin' Out, 14. Beat Crazy, 15. One More Time, 16. A Slow Song, 17. band intros, 18. Motown Medley: Uptight (Everything's Alright), Tears Of A Clown, I'm Gonna Make You Love Me, How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), Heat Wave, Uptight (reprise), 19. I'm The Man. 115 A-/A DVD PAL
Joe Jackson - 4-17-83, Rockpalast (3rd Appearance), Grugahalle, Essen, Germany; Recorded from 2nd TV-Broadcast (Rockpalast Classics) > VHS PAL; Menu and Chapters; Set: 1. On Your Radio, 2. Another World, 3. Sunday Papers, 4. Look Sharp!, 5. Breaking Us In Two, 6. Is She Really Going Out With Him ?, 7. Target, 8. T.V. Age, 9. Tuxedo Junction, 10. Steppin' Out, 11. Beat Crazy, 12. One More Time, 13. A Slow Song, 14. Motown Medley: Uptight (Everything's Alright), Tears Of A Clown, I'm Gonna Make You Love Me, How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You, Heat Wave, Uptight (reprise), 15. I'm The Man. 94 A-/A DVD PAL
- - - -
Blackfoot - Zurich, Switzerland, 3-27-82 (unverified date); from VHS(2/3); w/ menus; Setlist: Rattlesnake Rock'n'Roller, Interview #1, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Interview #2, On The Run, Interview #3, Train Train, Interview #4, Wishing Well, Every Man Should Know, Dust My Broom, Fly Away, Too Hard To Handle, Highway Song; Extras: Street Fighter & Gimme Gimme Gimme from unknown TV show, possibly Rockpop In Concert series. - - DVD PAL
- - - -
ZZ Top - 4-19/20-80, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, Rockpalast; Pro-shot; from TV>VHS; Reauthored by SharksTeeth; Set: I Thank You, Waiting For The Bus, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Precious And Grace, I'm Bad I'm Nationwide, Manic Mechanic, Lowdown In The Street, I Heard It On The X, Fool For Your Stockings, Nasty Dogs, Funky Kings, El Diabolo, Cheap Sunglasses, Arrested For Driving While Blind, Beer Drinkers Hell Raisers, La Grange, She Loves My Automobile, Hi Fi Mama, Dust My Broom, Jailhouse Rock, Tush, Tube Snake Boogie, Just Get Paid. 87 - DVD NTSC
ZZ Top - Compilation 1980-83; from VHS(low) sources; Menu and Chapters by TapsaL; Includes:
* Rockpop in Concert, 1982 (possibly Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany): Intro, Groovy Little Hippie Pad, I Thank You, Waiting For The Bus, Jesus Just Left Chicago, I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide, Ten Foot Pole, I Luv A Woman, Dust My Broom, La Grange, Tush.
* Måndagsbörsen, Sweden, 10-17-1983: Interview, Tube Snake Boogie, Jailhouse Rock, La Grange, Tush, Party On The Patio.
* Old Grey Whistle Test, 1980: I Thank You, Cheap Sunglasses.
* PinkPop Festival, 1982: Party On The Patio, La Grange, Tush.
77 - DVD PAL
- - - -
Aerosmith - 2-15-88, The Summit, Houston, TX; Pro-shot; source: unreleased VHS(M?); Authored w/ Menus; 2 disc version; Disc 1, 56 min: 1. Toys In The Attic, 2. Same Old Song And Dance, 3. Big Ten Inch Record, 4. Dude (Looks Like A Lady), 5. Lightning Strikes, 6. Rag Doll, 7. Hangman Jury, 8. Permanent Vacation, 9. Angel, 10. Back In The Saddle, 11. Last Child; Disc 2, 48 min: 1. guitar solo / Draw The Line, 2. One Way Street, 3. Dream On, 4. Train Kept A Rollin', 5. drum solo, 6. Sweet Emotion / Peter Gunn Theme, 7. I'm Down, 8. Walk This Way. 104 A-/A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Ted Nugent - 9-8-76, WDR Studio-L, Rockpalast, Koln, Germany; Pro-shot, Mono; No Menu; Set: 1. Stranglehold, 2. Just What The Doctor Ordered, 3. Stormtroopin', 4. Great White Buffalo, 5. Snakeskin Cowboys, 6. Hey Baby, 7. Hibernation, 8. Motorcity Madhouse. 57 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Boston - 6-17-79, Giants Stadium, The Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ, "Music in the Meadowlands"; Proshot, Multi-Cam; B/W and Color Mix; Timecode at top and ME-94 or Me-95 watermark in middle; Menu and correct chapters; Metal Zone Productions, pc authored by dokkendude; Set: Rock and Roll Band, Help Me (Shattered Images), Piece Of Mind, Feelin' Satisfied, Don't Look Back, The Journey, More Than A Feeling/Instrumental, A Man I'll Never Be, Smokin', Tom Scholz Guitar Solo, This Time, Foreplay/Longtime, Something About You, Party. 84 B+/A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
Sammy Hagar - 3-13-83, The Checkerdome, St. Louis, MO; Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters (BTB Productions, Jimlvh); MTV Original Broadcast > VHS(M); Audio from Live FM Radio Broadcast > cassette(M); Chapters: Love or Money, Three Lock Box, Baby’s On Fire, I Don’t Need Love, Never Give Up, I’ve Done Everything For You, Heavy Metal, The Rise of the Animal, I’ll Fall In Love Again, Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy, Bad Motor Scooter, Red, There’s Only Way To Rock, Baba O’Riley, Remember The Heroes. 83 A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
AC/DC - "Bon Video/Live '74-'79", from VHS; 1. (Pre)Bon Videos '74-'79: Can I Sit Next To You Girl ? (w/ Dave Evans on vocals), It's a Long Way to the Top, JailBreak (1st Video), TNT (Austrialian TV '76), High Voltage, JailBreak (2nd Video, outdoor), Let There Be Rock, Riff Raff (Live - Glasgow '78), Dog Eat Dog (Live - Glasgow '78), Highway To Hell, Shotdown in Flames, Touch Too Much, If You Want Blood; 2. Live in Australia: Baby Please Don't Go (Countdown, Australian TV, 1975), Problem Child (Sydney, Australia, 12-12-76); 3. Brown's Stadium, Cleveland, OH, 7-28-79 "World Series of Rock Festival" (Open Air, 2 cam pro shot): Live Wire, Problem Child, Sin City, Bad Boy Boogie, She's Got The Jack, Rocker; 4. Live, Arnhem Rijnhal, 1979, Countdown: Highway to Hell, Bad Boy Boogie, She's Got The Jack, Rocker, Whole Lotta Rosie. - - DVD PAL
AC/DC - 10-28-78, Essex University, Colchester, England, "Rock Goes To College"; Pro-shot; TV > ? > VCD; Set: Live Wire (broadcast starts in last verse before solo), Intro By Pete Drummond, Problem Child, Sin City, Bad Boy Boogie, Whole Lotta Rosie, Rocker. 40 A- VCD
AC/DC - 7-28-79, Brown's Stadium, Cleveland, OH, "World Series of Rock Festival" (Open Air, 2 cam pro shot); Set: Live Wire, Problem Child, Sin City, Bad Boy Boogie, She's Got The Jack, Rocker. (Supporting Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Journey, Thin Lizzy and The Scorpions) 45 A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
Rainbow - 10-20-77, Rockpalast, Olympiahalle, München/Munich, Germany; Pro-shot; from S-VHS(M); No menu or chapters; (Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio, Bob Daisley, Cozy Powell, David Stone); Set: 1. Over The Rainbow, Kill The King, 2. Mistreated, 3. 16th Century Greensleeves, 4. Catch The Rainbow, 5. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll, 6. Man On The Silvermountain (Ritchie's Solo, Ritchie's Blues, Startruck, Night People, Silver Mountain (Reprise), Keyboard Solo), 7. Still I'm Sad (Betthoven's Ninth, Cozy's Drum Solo, 1812 Overture), 8. Do You Close Your Eyes (Guitar Solo, Over The Rainbow, End Smashing Guitar). 113 A DVD PAL
- - - -
Dio - 1984-1997, TV Compilation; All Pro-Shot; Includes:
1) 6-11-84, Green Pinkpop Fest, Holland Gellen, 10min: 1. One Night in the City, 2. We Rock;
2) 1-14-84, Rock Palace, Hollywood, CA, TV broadcast, 19min: 1. Stand Up and Shout, 2. Straight Through the Heart, 3. Rainbow in the Dark, 4. The Man on the Silver Mountain;
3) 4-4-86, The Tube, London, UK, TV broadcast, 8min: 1. Hungry for Heaven, 2. Rock'n Roll Children/ (some freezing on image, audio ok);
4) 2-5-88, MTV Headbanger's Ball, San Antonio, TX, 21min: Interviews mixed into: 1. Stand Up and Shout, 2. Dream Evil, 3. Naked in the Rain, 4. Craig Goldy solo (shoots robot spider w/ his guitar laser), 5. Naked in the Rain (reprise);
5) 11-15-97, SKOL Rock Festival, Estádio do Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 30min: 1. Heaven and Hell, 2. Rainbow in the Dark, 3. Stand Up and Shout, 4. The Last in Line, 5. The Man on the Silver Mountain, 6. Long Live Rock'n Roll.
- - - -
Black Sabbath - 12-19-70, L'Olympia (Olympia Theater), Paris, France; TV Special; Pro-shot; Setlist: Paranoid, Hand Of Doom, Rat Salad, Iron Man, Black Sabbath, N.I.B., Behind The Wall Of Sleep, War Pigs, Fairies Wear Boots. 60 - DVD NTSC
Black Sabbath - 9-4-75, Don Kirshner's Rock Show, Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA (or Long Beach, CA ?); French TV Re-Broadcast > VHS; Pro-shot; Setlist: 1. Long Intro by French-Canadain, 2. Intro by Don Kirshner, 3. Killing Yourself To Live, 4. Hole In The Sky, 5. Snowblind, 6. War Pigs, 7. Paranoid. 28 A-/A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Rik Emmett - 4-4-02, The Odeon, Satkatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; Aud Cam (Hitachi VM-H665LA, slightly shakey); Menu and Chapters; Set: Fight The Good Fight, Saved By Love, Gasoline, Lay It On The Line, Knuckleball Sandwich, Midsummers Daydream, Somebody's Out There, Ordinary Man + Drumsolo, Headcase, Magic Power, Hold On. - - DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Body Electric - 1985; This Canadian animated TV movie/cartoon was inspired by the music of Rush. 1. Opening, 2. The Doomed City, 3. Nice Knowin' Ya, 4. Not very neat - but it's Home, 5. Captive, 6. All this High-Tech Stuff, 7. The Great Escape, 8. Outside the Wall, 9. Ending; A futuristic cartoon about life after doomsday. The story tells of a robot revolution in a futuristic domed city named "Red Sector A". Listed in the order they are played, the soundtrack includes excepts of: Red Sector A, Hemispheres pt. V. "Cygnus Bringer of Balance", 2112 Overture, Cygnus X-1 pt. 3, Different Strings, Jacob's Ladder, The Fountain of Lamneth pt. VI "The Fountain", Xanadu, The Body Electric, Working Man, Hemispheres pt. V. "Cygnus Bringer of Balance", Marathon, Hemispheres pt. VI. "The Sphere A Kind of Dream" 25 A/A+ DVD NTSC
Rush - 6-27-90, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, Presto Tour; Pro-shot (In-House Line Feed); SBD Audio; Menu and Chapters; from VHS; Setlist: Force Ten, Freewill, Distant Early Warning, Time Stand Still, Subdivisions, Marathon, Red Barchetta, Superconductor, Show Don't Tell, The Pass, Closer To The Heart, Manhattan Project, Xanadu, YYZ, Drum Solo, Scars, War Paint, Mission, Tom Sawyer, The Spirit Of Radio, 2112: Overture, La Villa Strangiato, In The Mood (w/ Mr. Big, Paul Gilbert on lead guitar), Pipeline / Jazz Bass. 120 - DVD NTSC
Rush - 12-12-91, Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, New York, "Dem Bones"; AppleJack Studios AJ-D911212-01; Aud Cam, from VHS(1); they claim a/v quality of 9/10, but I think it's almost unwatchable b/c of camera shaking; Set: Intro, Limelight, Freewill, Distant Early Warning, Time Stand Still, Dreamline, Bravado, Roll the Bones, Show Don't Tell, The Big Money, Ghost of a Chance, Subdivisions, Intro, The Pass, Where's My Thing?, The Rhythm Method, Closer to the Heart, Xanadu, Tom Sawyer, The Spirit of Radio, 2112: Overture, Finding My Way, La Villa Strangiato, Anthem, Red Barchetta, The Spirit of Radio (Reprise). - 9 DVD NTSC
Rush - 6-1-92, Lawlor Events Center, Reno, NV, "Left To Chance", Roll the Bones Tour; Aud Cam; Menu and Chapters; from VHS(1); Disc 1, 65 min: Intro, Force Ten, Limelight, Freewill, Distant Early Warning, Time Stand Still, Dreamline, Bravado, Roll The Bones, Show Don't Tell, The Big Money, Vital Signs, The Analog Kid; Disc 2, 65 min: Ghost Of A Chance, The Trees, Where's My Thing?, The Rhythm Method, Closer To The Heart, Xanadu, Superconductor, Tom Sawyer, The Spirit Of Radio, 2112: Overture, Finding My Way, La Villa Strangiato, Anthem, Red Barchetta, The Spirit Of Radio (Reprise), Cygnus X-1. 130 8.5 DVD NTSC
- - - -
UFO - 11-29-80, Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany, Pro-shot by Rockpalast; Recorded from German TV WDR; Set: Chains Chains, Lettin' Go, Long Gone, Cherry, Only You Can Rock Me, No Place To Run, Makin' Moves, Love To Love, Mystery Train, Too Hot To Handle, Lights Out, Rock Bottom, Doctor Doctor. 76 - DVD PAL?
- - - -
"The Voice of Classic Rock" - 8-3-02, Seoul, Korea, feat. Pat Travers, Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, Alex Ligertwood, Fergie Fredericksen, Sass Jordan, Ronnie Hammond; Outdoor Show, Aud Cam; source: analog 8mm master; Silver Stallion Production; Set: 1. preshow, 2. I La La La Love You (Pat Travers), 3. Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights) (Pat Travers), 4. So Into You (Ronnie Hammond), 5. Imaginary Lover (Ronnie Hammond), 6. Make You A Believer (Sass Jordan), 7. High Road Easy (Sass Jordan), 8. Africa (Fergie Fredericksen), 9. Rosanna (Fergie Fredericksen), 10. Winning (Alex Ligertwood), 11. Black Magic Woman (Alex Ligertwood), 12. Hush (Joe Lynn Turner), 13. Stormbringer (Glenn Hughes), 14. My Woman From Tokyo (Joe Lynn Turner), 15. Burn (Glenn Hughes), 16. Hold On (Alex Ligertwood), 17. Hold The Line (Fergie Fredericksen), 18. Smoke On The Water (Joe Lynn Turner), 19. Superstition (Stevie Wonder song), 20. Star Spangled Banner... Notes: First 7 songs are filmed from 30 ft in front of the stage and capture the entire stage. However, just before "Rosanna" I moved up to the very edge of the stage right in front of Pat Travers and filmed mostly him from an insanely close position. 107 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Johnny Winter - 4-21/22-79, Rockpalast, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany; Pro-shot; chapters are messed up; Set: 1. Hideaway, 2. Messin' With The Kid, 3. Walking By Myself, 4. Mississippi Blues, 5. Divin' Duck, 6. Johnny B. Goode, 7. Suzie Q, 8. Drum Solo, 9. I'm Ready, 10. Rockabilly Boogie, 11. Medley, 12. Jumpin' Jack Flash. 123 - DVD NTSC
Johnny Winter - Old Grey Whistle Test 1979 + Montreaux 1984; from VHS(low); Set: OGWT, 36 min: Intro > Hideaway, Mesing With The Kid, Mississippi Delta Blues, Walking By Myself, Rock'n'Roll; Montreaux, 30 min: Opening Jam Hideaway, Don't Tak Advantage of Me, Mad Dog. 66 - DVD PAL
- - - -
Kentucky Headhunters - 9-15-93, Pittsburgh Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA + Extras; Aud Cam; Setlist: Pittsburgh: 1. Band intro, 2. The Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line, 3. Just Ask For Lucy, 4. Honky Tonk Walkin', 5. Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine, 6. Stumblin', 7. Back To Memphis, 8. Freedom Stomp - Fred Young Drum solo, 9. Spirit In The Sky, 10. Dumas Walkers - My Old Kentucky Home; Bonus 1: Late Night W/ Conan O'Brien Show (w/ Johnny Johnson and Jimmy Hall), 11-8-93: She's Got To Have It; Bonus 2: Prime Time Country, 5-7-97: You Got Me Singing The Blues, Band Interview. 61 - VCD NTSC
- - - -
Zakk Wylde's Lynyrd Skynhead - 5-1-93, House Of Guitars, Rochester, NY; Re-Synced; Excellent close and intimate audience recording; Set: Introduction, Tush (ZZtop), Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd), War Pigs (Black Sabbath), Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix), Red House (Jimi Hendrix), Guitar Solo, I Don't Know (Ozzy). 66 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Eric Sardinas - Video Compilation, vids from emule (no lineage, no txt files) > ConvertXtoDVD; Simple Menu, titled but w/o chapters; authored by thebc; Includes: 1) Milan, 2-19-2005, full show, ~65 min, AUD Cam, avi; 2) Black Pearls movie, ~7 min, avi; 3) Slide Blues Force [young guitar] (guitar lessons), ~9 min, mpg; 4) with Steve Vai, London Astoria - The Attitude Song, ~12 min, avi; 5) Flames of Love - Tv3, horrible vid quality, ~6 min, mpg; 6) Bilbao, 9-11-2005, 30 sec clip. -- WARNING: LOSSY SOURCES -- I also saved the original mpg/avi files. 100 VAR DVD PAL
- - - -
Guns N' Roses - 7-11-86, The Troubadour, Hollywood, CA; from VHS(2) > SA > PC; AUD cam w/ tripod; Menu and Chapters by Angel; Chapters: Out Ta Get Me, Welcome To The Jungle, Think About You, Rocket Queen, Move To The City, Nightrain, My Michelle, Don’t Cry, You’re Crazy, Back Off Bitch, Anything Goes (Alt. Lyrics), Mama Kin, Paradise City, Nice Boys, Heartbreak Hotel, Shadow Of Your Love, Jumpin’ Jack Flash. 92 B+/A- DVD NTSC
Guns N' Roses - 10-30-87, CGBG (actually CB Gallery), NYC, NY; All acoustic set; Pro-shot (from side, but probably Aud w/ tripod); from Low gen VHS; This is from MTVs footage not CBGB's archive as it was footage shot for a news piece MTV ran back then on the event; Setlist: Intro, You're Crazy, One In A Million, Used To Love Her, Patience, Mr. Brownstone, Move To The City, After Show Interview, Signings. 53 A- DVD NTSC
Guns N' Roses - 2-2-88, The Ritz, NYC, NY; Pro-Shot, TV Broadcast; from Low Gen VHS; Menu and Chapters; "Live at the Ritz - The Uncut Version (unreleased version)"; gnrfrance.net; Setlist: 1. Intro, 2. It's So Easy, 3. Mr. Brownstone, 4. Axl Rant - Out Ta Get Me, 5. Sweet Child O' Mine, 6. My Michelle, 7. Knockin' On Heaven's Door, 8. Welcome To The Jungle, 9. Slash Rant - Nightrain, 10. Paradise City, 11. Mama Kin, 12. Rocket Queen. 68 A- DVD NTSC
Guns N' Roses - 5-9-88, Felt Forum, New York, NY; Aud Cam; VHS(1) > pc (johnm); Setlist: Disc 1: Intro, It’s So Easy, Move To The City, Mr. Brownstone, Out Ta Get Me, Rocket Queen, Patience, Used To Love Her, My Michelle, Welcome To The Jungle; Disc 2: Sweet Child O’Mine, Only Women Bleed, Knockin’On Heaven’s Door, Band Intros, Guitar Solo, Blues Jam, You’re Crazy, Nightrain, Don’t Cry (still unreleased at the time), Mama Kin, Paradise City. - B+/A- DVD NTSC
Guns N' Roses - 12-20-06, Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA; Aud Cam; VisualDepth; Menu and Chapters; Source: Sony HC1 10x w/ sony ecm719 external mic; Chapters (# = w/ Izzy): Disc 1: Welcome to the Jungle, It's So Easy, Mr. Brownstone, Live and Let Die, Better, Robin Solo/Band Jam, Sweet Child o' Mine, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, You Could Be Mine, Dizzy Solo, The Blues, Piano Moving Jam, Rocket Queen, Down on the Farm, Fortus Solo; Disc 2: Out ta Get Me, ?? (Piano Moving Jam), November Rain, Think About You #, Used to Love Her #, Bumblefoot Solo, My Michelle (w/ Sebastian Bach), Patience #, Nightrain #, Chinese Democracy, IRS, Madagascar, Paradise City #. 150 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Velvet Revolver - 5-26-04, Roseland Ballroom, NYC, NY; Aud Digi Cam, center balcony; unknown DAT Aud sound overlayed/sync; Menus and Chapters; Setlist: Sucker Train Blues, Do It for the Kids, Headspace, Crackerman, Illegal I, It's So Easy, Fall To Pieces, Big Machine, Set Me Free, I Used to Love Her, Slither, Sex Type Thing, Mr. Brownstone, Negative Creep. - A-/A DVD NTSC
Velvet Revolver - 8-19-04, Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt-Kiewit, Belgium, Main Stage; Pro-shot, Incomplete set, Complete broadcast; Streaming > PC > MPEG; Setlist: Sucker Train Blues, Do It For The Kids, Headspace, Crackerman, Big Machine, Fall To Pieces, Set Me Free. 29 A- mpeg/VCD
Velvet Revolver - 11-10-2004, Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA; 3 Cam Mix, Aud, Very Well done; full show; Setlist: 1. Sucker Train Blues, 2. Do It For The Kids, 3. Headspace, 4. Superhuman, 5. Crackerman, 6. Illegal I Song, 7. Fall To Pieces, 8. Big Machine, 9. It's So Easy, 10. Sex Type Thing, 11. Set Me Free, 12. Used To Love Her, 13. No More No More, 14. Mr Brownstone, 15. Slither. 55 A-/A DVD NTSC
VH1 Inside Out - The Rise Of Velvet Revolver, Aired 12-1-04; Cable TV > Gateway AR-230 Standalone. 43 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Love and Rockets - 10-15-87, Town and Country Club, London, England, UK; w/ The Bubblemen; AUD Cam; No Menu and 5 min Chapters; Set: Mirror People, Inside The Outside, No New Tale To Tell, Welcome Tomorrow, Rain Bird, Haunted When The Minutes Drag, The Light, Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven, Love Me, It Could Be Sunshine, Kundalini Express, Yin And Yang (The Flowerpot Man), Ball of Confusion, Lazy. 68 B DVD PAL
- - - -
Suicidal Tendencies - 9-17-94, Mejeriet, Lund, Sweden; Aud Cam w/ tripod, right balcony, lots of close-ups; Menus and Chapters; from Video8 mastertape; authored by Invaders; Set: Suicyco motherfucker, War inside my head, Lost again, Send me your money, Join the army, Accept my sacrifice, Fucked up just right, I saw your mommy, Monopoly on sorrow, I want more, Lovely, Subliminal, Possessed to skate, Suicidal failure, Waking the dead, Pledge your allegiance, Invocation, Don't give a fuck, No fuck'n problem, How will i laugh tomorrow. 97 A- DVD PAL
- - - -
Bad Brains - Compilation Vol 1 and 2; Menus and Chapters; Vol 1, 74 min: My Picture in the Movies..Baby, 1979, CBGB's, New York City, NY (Exact Date Unknown): 1. Intro, 2. Attitude, 3. I, 4. Sailin On, 5. The Regulator, 6. Pay to Cum, 7. Right Brigade, 8. At The Movies, 9. Credits; MTV Spring Break, 1988, Unknown Venue, (Exact Date Unknown): 1. I, 2. House of Suffering, 3. Daytripper, 4. She is Calling You, 5. The Youth Are Getting Restless, 6. I Against I, 7. At the Movies; Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France, 07-11-1989: (Incorrectly labeled on menu as Montmarrie Festival, Montmarrie) 1. Intro, 2. Rock For Light, 3. ReIgnition, 4. I Against I, 5. Dub Jam, 6. I and I Survive, 7. Quickness; Promo Videos: 1. I Against I, 2. Soulcraft, 3. Hired Gun; Vol 2, 72 min: Manchester International, Manchester, England, 11-11-1989: 1. Intro, 2. Voyge to infinity, 3. House of suffering, 4. Silent Tears, 5. I and I Survive, 6. Secret 77, 7. Rock for Light, 8. Coptic times, 9. Rasta Souls, 10. Re-Ignition, 11. Secret love, 12. At the Movies, 13. Soul Craft, 14. Banned in DC, 15. Pay to Cum, 16. The prophets Eye; Amsterdam, Holland, w/ Interview (Exact Date/Venue Unknown): 1. Ganga Garden, 2. With the Quickness, 3. the prophets Eye, 4. I against I; MTV 120 Minutes, Interview: 1. Interview. 146 - DVD NTSC
The Dead Kennedys - 1982, Vienna, Austria, Austrian TV Broadcast +
Black Flag - 2-18-83, SO 36, Berlin, Germany +
Bad Brains 1983, The Loft, Berlin, Germany +
Bad Brains 1983, Ostbunker, OsnabrŸck (Osnabrück), Germany
SA Menu and Chapters; Source: multi-cam, tv brdcst > pal vhs(2); Chapters: DKs, 15:21: 1) Nazi Punks Fuck Off, 2) California Über Alles, 3) Police Truck, 4) Interview (Jello & Klaus) #1, 5) Let's Lynch The Landlord, 6) Chemical Warfare, 7) Interview (Jello & Klaus) #2; BF, 29:31: 1) Revenge, 2) American Waste, 3) Black Coffee (Henry takes an unopened beer in the head), 4) Depression, 5) I've Had It, 6) Nervous Breakdown, 7) Jealous Again, 8) No Values, 9) My Rules, 10) Nothing Left Inside, 11) Six Pack; BB Loft, 36:56: 1) Right Brigade, 2) Attitude, 3) I, 4) King of Glory, 5) Big Takeover, 6) FVK, 7) Riot Squad, 8) Unknown Reggea Song #1, 9) Unknown Reggea Song #1, 10) ?, 11) Pay To Cum, 12) Joshua's Song, 13) Unknown Reggea Song #1, 14) Unknown Reggea Song #1; BB Ostbunker, 11:55: 1) Big Takeover, 2) Destroy Babylon, 3) Joshua's Song, 4) Riot Squad, 5) At The Movies, 6) Sailin On.
- - - -
Queensrÿche - 10-26-88, Sporthalle (Stadthalle), Cologne (Köln), Germany, "Mosh Special" TV Broadcast; w/ interview of DeGarmo and Tate; Pro Shot, Multi-Cam; There is a line at the bottom; Chapters: Interview, Anarchy-X, Revolution Calling, Operation: Mindcrime, Speak, Spreading The Disease, Take Hold Of The Flame, Breaking The Silence, I Don't Believe In Love, Eyes Of A Stranger. 45 A DVD NTSC
Queensrÿche - 9-21-88, Meadowlands Arena, Rutherford, NJ + 3-15-89, RPI Fieldhouse, Troy, NY; Menu and Chapters; reauthored by thebc; Chapters: Rutherford, AUD cam, 48 min: Queen Of The Reich (beginning cut), Anarchy –X, Revolution Calling, Operation: Mindcrime, Speak, Spreading The Disease, Take Hold Of The Flame, Breaking The Silence, I Don't Believe In Love, Eyes Of A Stranger;
Troy, NY, AUD cam, left balcony, 46 min: Queen Of The Reich (beginning cut), Anarchy –X, Revolution Calling, Operation: Mindcrime, Speak, Spreading The Disease, Take Hold Of The Flame, The Needle Lies, Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion), Eyes Of A Stranger.
Queensrÿche - 3-13-89, Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY; AUD Cam, right balcony; Menu and Chapters; reauthored by thebc; Chapters: Queen Of The Reich, Anarchy –X, Revolution Calling, Operation: Mindcrime, Speak, Spreading The Disease, Take Hold Of The Flame, The Needle Lies, Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion), Eyes Of A Stranger. [Included on DVD w/ The Offspring, 12-12-94, Fillmore, SF, CA] 47 - DVD NTSC
Queensrÿche - 2-3-05, Beacon Theater, New York, NY; Aud 2 Cam Mix; Not Complete show, just MC set; Setlist: I Rememeber Now, Anarchy -X, Revolution Calling, Operation:Mindcrime, Speak, Spreading The Disease, The Mission, Suite Sister Mary, The Needle Lies, Electric Requim (reworked), Breaking The Silence, I Don't Believe In Love, Waiting For 22, My Empty Room, Eyes Of A Stranger. - A DVD NTSC
Queensrÿche - 2-5-05, Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA; The Entire Operation Mindcrime Set; Aud 2 Cam Shot; Not Complete show, just MC set. - B+/A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
Iron Maiden - 1-11-85, Rock in Rio Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil; Pro-Shot; VHS Rip; Chapters, but no menu; Setlist: 1. Churchills Speech - Aces High, 2. 2 Minutes To Midnight, 3. The Trooper, 4. Revelations, 5. Flight Of Icarus, 6. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, 7. Powerslave, 8. Dave Murray Solo, 9. The Number Of The Beast, 10. Hallowed Be Thy Name, 11. Iron Maiden, 12. Run To The Hills, 13. Running Free, 14. Encore Wait, 15. Sanctuary. 93 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Mötley Crüe - 5-29-83, US Fest (Day 2), Glen Helen Park, San Bernadino (Devore), CA; Pro-Shot - - DVD NTSC
Mötley Crüe - 6-5-84, Quebec City; Setlist: Shout at the devil, Bastard, Take me to the top, Ten seconds to love, Merry go round, Knock em dead kid, Piece of your action, Too young to fall in love, God bless the children of the beast, Red hot, Drum solo, Guitar solo, Looks that kill, Live wire, Helter skelter 107 - VCD NTSC
Mötley Crüe - 10-19-85, Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec; Single camera; Setlist: Looks That Kill, Use It Or Lose It, Shout At The Devil, Fight For Your Rights, Ten Seconds To Love, Piece Of Your Action, Home Sweet Home, Red Hot, Guitar Solo, Keep Your Eye On The Money, Louder Than Hell, Drum Solo, Too Young To Fall In Love, Knock 'Em Dead Kid, Live Wire, Smokin' In The Boys Room, Encore: City Boy Blues, Helter Skelter. - - DVD NTSC
Mötley Crüe - 10-15-87, Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA + 9-5-87, Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI; Girls, Girls, Girls Tour; Pro-shot; Setlist: 1. All In The Name Of Rock N Roll, 2. Live Wire, 3. Dancing On Glass, 4. Looks That Kill, 5. Ten Seconds To Love, 6. Nikki Solo, 7. Red Hot, 8. Home Sweet Home, 9. Wild Side, 10. Mick Solo, 11. Tommy Solo, 12. Shout At The Devil, BEGIN Alpine: 13. Smokin in the Boys Room, 14. Jailhouse Rock, 15. Helter Skelter - Highway to Hell - Walk This Way - Rock n Roll, 16. Girls, Girls, Girls. 88 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Metallica - 3-19-83, The Stone, San Francisco, CA; from vhs(?); Setlist: The Mechanix, Phantom Lord, Jump In The Fire, Motorbreath, No Remorse, Seek and Destroy,(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth, Whiplash, Am I Evil, Cliff Burton Photo Montage; Line Up: James, Dave, Cliff, Lars. 54 C VCD NTSC
- - - -
Megadeth - 10-25-86, The Token, Detroit, MI; Aud Cam; Chapters: 1. Rattlehead, 2. Wake Up Dead, 3. The Conjuring, 4. Peace Sells, 5. These Boots, 6. Devil's Island, 7. Killing Is My Business, 8. Bad Omen, 9. My Last Words, 10. Mechanix, 11. Loved To Death. 50 - DVD NTSC
Megadeth - 1-10-88, Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie, NY; Aud Cam; Menu and Chapters; Set: Intro, Wake Up Dead, The Conjuring, Hook In Mouth, Looking Down The Cross, In My Darkest Hour, Devil's Island - Drum Solo, Band Introduction - Peace Sells, These Boots are Made For Walkin' (cut), Mary Jane, Liar, Mechanix. 55 A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
GWAR - Skulhedface, 1994; Directed by Melanie Mandl; "Glomco wants Slave Pit to sell out!"; "This movie is basically a rock opera based on their 1994 album This Toilet Earth." - OFFICIAL 60 - avi
GWAR - It's Sleazy!, 2000; "The Sleazy P. Martini Show". Today's subject? "GWAR Ruined My Life!", complete w/ scuzzy commercials. - OFFICIAL 67 - avi
GWAR - 7-7-05, Sounds of the Underground, Minneapolis, MN; Aud-shot, semi-pro; Complete show; No Menu; Set: * Intro-Nazi Pope, 1. The Horror of Yig (Nazi Pope Dies), 2. Battle Lust, * Pres Bush intro, 3. Bring Back The Bomb (Pres Bush Beheaded), 4. Immortal Corruptor, * Bonesnapper intro, 5. Crack 'n the Egg (Bonesnapper Battle, Dies), 6. Womb With A View, * Reganator intro, 7. Maggots (Reganator Fight, Dies), 8. Sick of You. 35 A DVD NTSC
- - - -
Revolting Cocks - 8-15-90, Numbers, Houston, TX, 1st of 2 Nights, Beers Steers And Queers Tour; Setlist: 1. Intro Music, 2. Beers Steer And Queers (Drop Your Britches Mix), 3. Beers Steer And Queers (Take Em Right Off Mix), 4. Physical, 5. In The Neck, 6. TV Mind, 7. Union Carbide, 8. No Devotion, 9. Something Wonderful, 10. Attack Ships On Fire, 11. Stainless Steel Providers, 12. Get Down (cuts). 66 B DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Cult - 1984-1987, UK TV Compilation; All Pro-shot; Menu and Chapters; from VHS(?); Includes: 1) Old Grey Whistle Test 1984: Resurrection Joe; 2) The Tube 1985: Revolution, The Phoenix; 3) Bliss TV in Concert 1986: Nirvana, Love, Hollow Man, Revolution, Rain; 4) Old Grey Whistle Test 1987: Love Removal Machine, She Sells Sanctuary, Born To Be Wild; 5) BBC In Concert 1987 (Electric Tour): Nirvana, Wild Flower, Peace Dog, Lil' Devil, Love Removal Machine, She Sells Sanctuary, Born To Be Wild. - A-/A DVD NTSC
- - - -
The Offspring - 12-12-94, Fillmore, San Francisco, CA; Aud Cam; from VHS(?); Menu and Chapters; reauthored by thebc; Chapters: 1) Bad Habit, 2) We Are One, 3) Killboy Powerhead, 4) Burn It Up, 5) Genocide, 6) Dirty Magic, 7) Gotta Get Away, 8) So Alone, 9) Kick Him When He's Down, 10) What Happened To You?, 11) Come Out And Play, 12) Get It Right, 13) Nitro (Youth Energy), 14) Sweater (Weezer, tease) - Basket Case (Green Day, tease), 15) Self Esteem, Encore: 16) Smash 17) Session. [Included on DVD w/ Queensrÿche, 3-13-89, Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY] 56 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Dokken - 11-10-87, Philadelphia, PA; Pro-shot + SBD; Menu and Chapters; Metal Zone Productions; from VHS(2); Setlist: Kiss Of Death, Just Got Lucky, Burning Like A Flame, Into The Fire, Alone Again, It's Not Love, Lightnin' Strikes Again, In My Dreams. - A- DVD NTSC
- - - -
Cinderella - Tokoyo, Japan, 8-13-87, "Shakes Japan", Night Songs Tour; Pro-Shot, Multi-Cam; No Menu, 5.5 min Chapters; from VHS; Setlist: Once Around The Ride, Nothing For Nothing, In From The Outside, Talk Is Cheap, Night Songs, Push, Push, Tokoyo Blues, Rock Me, Back Home Again, Nobody's Fool, Somebody Save Me, Shake Me, Jumpin Jack Flash. 75 - DVD NTSC
- - - -
Sundance Channel, Sonic Cinema, Episode 202, 7-22-02, (includes French video director Michel Gondry who did videos for White Stripes, Sonic Youth, Bjork, Chemical Brothers, Beastie Boys; also filmmaker/musician Cory McAbee); official copy but picture is jumpy periodically/throughout. 29 A VHS
- - - -
Doug Stanhope - "The Incident In Austin" bootleg; August 2004; The infamous, full-length show from August 2004, when radio host Alex Jones' introduction causes a near-riot that continues throughout a full Stanhope set. 65 A DVD NTSC
- - - -

Videos I am looking for:
The Greenhornes (w/ the keyboards)
The Hentchmen

White Stripes:
12-15-00 Empty Bottle, Chicago, DVD
04-28-01 Party In The Park, Madison,WI (i have the clips from mpg, but is the whole show in circ?)
07-27-02 Fuji Rock Festival, Nigata, Japan (all I have is short interview & HY SVCD)
08-23-02 Reading Festival, Caversham, Reading, UK, Richfield Avenue (all i have is ITISAR & HY mpgs)
04-30-03 Soma Live, San Diego, CA (I know at least avi's are available)
05-04-03 One Big Weekend, Heaton Park, Manchester (I think the vid is in circ)

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