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  "I have been a medical user for over two years now and have used 4 other boxes of mine and friends during this time. I'm 100% disabled and have trouble using my fingers/hands on days when the nerve pain is intense. Now to the matter at hand....Your product has enough room to get both hands busy with room to spare. The screen is the perfect size for keeping out the trash while allowing those precious glands to pass through. Needless to say, I'm extremely impressed with the ease of operability of your box. You claim that you know boxes. You are absolutly right. You do! Your boxes are the only ones I will ever use or recommend . Keep up the good work. Thank you, Dan"

"The boxes arrived, and I AM very pleased. This is my fifth or sixth box, and these are by far the best. I was going to give one away, but liked em so much I decided to keep them both. I will definately be sending some business your way. Good luck and thank you. Phil"

"Thank you sir. Our boxes arrived yesterday. They look and work great. We had a stock pile to try out. We are very pleased and will recommend them to our friends.......We'll be in contact again. Thanks again buddy. Peace, Aaron"

"'s one of the best investments I have ever made. It produces the perfect amount of pollen (I have friends who have others and they let too much herb matter go through). It was worth every dollar I spent! Thank you!.......Again, I absolutely love your product!!! Thank you very much, Neil"

"heh, thought you might like to know... One of your boxes made it to the hotel room the night before, and then backstage at a S----- concert. P--- and S----- (P--- is the drummer) liked it a lot and I told them where to go to get one. Any orders to M------ may be for that band. Thx, Scott" I don't want to give the band's name, the members' names or their location.

"Today I ordered a large "producer" size box from your site. I am just recovering from a bad experience because I ordered a box from "B-- Ind-------" at "" via paypal and never received the merchandise. I filed a complaint with paypal and luckily my money was refunded after nearly five weeks of waiting in vain.
In a way I am glad I didn't get the box from Bub because your boxes look to be much higher quality goods. I especially like the stainless steel screen (I know B-- Ind------- uses silkscreen). Plus I like the stackable design.
Anyway, the reason I am writing is simply to inquire as to how long it will take my box to arrive. After the bad experience I had waiting and waiting with, I just want to have an idea when to expect the box. Thank you, Pat" Again, I don't want to give the names of these 2 apparently crooked companies.

You definately have the 'cadillac of boxes'.

the Box works great. I will tell All my People .. Evan

Thanks so much for making such a beautiful box. It is super and sits proudly on my coffee table. I'll be sure to pass along to others what wonderful work you do. Dusty

Thanks again for your time on the phone answering all my questions. David

The box looks great. The size is perfect. Can't wait to start "sifting & salvaging." Thanks a lot, Rob

Your box comes highly recommended. I look forward to sifting, but more to salvaging!. Jon

the box worked a treat. it's surprising the amount of pollen it produces! anyway the lads and lasses, who saw the box or the block I made, were all very impressed. so I plugged the web site for u. laters, matt

got mine the other day. love it. the router work is outstanding. the inside is nice n smooth.

The box came yesterday, and I'm thrilled with it. I will extol the virtues of your boxes to everyone I know that can use one. After seeing mine last night, my brother is already convinced.

the box came today, and i gotta say i'm really impressed w/ the craftsmanship, and super-psyched to start using it. give my commendation to whomever crafted this box. it was well worth the wait.