Is your screen getting clogged and sticky?
  Cleaning time, huh? Here's what you can do to clean your screen. First, take a toothbrush and brush the screen to save all the pollen that's on it. Of course let it fall onto the mirror. Also brush it upside down, sitting on the bottom/glass but with the bottom of the screen facing up. There's usually a nice layer of pollen under the screen that doesn't fall off by brushing the top of the screen, but by brushing the bottom. That's one of the cool things about our boxes, you can flip the screen and brush it directly over the mirror. I do this when I need some really quick pollen.

So now you've salvaged all the pollen off your screen and you need to clean it. Use a toothbrush for this too, but you gotta use some cleaners. The clogged screen will not unclog without cleaners. Rubbing alcohol works well. Simple Green works well. Brush both the top and bottom of the screen. Don't soak the wood in cleaner, just dip your brush into the cleaner to wet it. Then rinse the entire screen piece with warm water. The stainless steel screen should now be as good as new.