A pollen box is simply a stash box that SAVES YOUR POLLEN!!! If you're one of those people who uses a baggie, jar or plactic container to store your herbs, you've probably noticed those crystals that collect inside. You've probably wished you could smoke those too. With one of these boxes, you can produce loads of pollen without even realizing how fast it's piling up. Use the box (like you would use a rolling tray or any other stash box) to break apart, clean and sort your herbs. Every time you work with your herbs, tiny crystals (often referred to as glands, trichromes or pollen) and "shake flakes" fall through the screen (or mesh) and collect on a mirror/glass, producing the extremely potent pollen. Collect the pollen into a pile (a razor blade works best), and use it as a "bowl-topper" or save it for later. Even stems and seeds are loaded with pollen....let them move around the screen while you're working with the herbs.

These boxes are often called pollenators, spice boxes or crystal collectors. Most just call them kif boxes. We like to call them 'Sifting and Salvage Boxes', which are 'what they do' and 'why'. These boxes sift so you can salvage.

So what makes our box the greatest pollen box on Earth? There are 3 components to any pollen box: the case, the mesh screen and the glass bottom. I use only the dank materials to build them. Beautiful and Eco-friendly Rubberwood, 100 mesh stainless steel screens and quality black glass bottoms. But the thing you will be pleased with the most is the Practical Stackable Design. More on that in the next paragraph. First, a piece of advice to all pollen box users.... Don't buy boxes with any SCREEN other than 100 mesh stainless steel. They produce the perfect amount of pollen. I've seen boxes with 120 and even 150 mesh. Don't waste your time with these because they don't produce much pollen. The mesh is simply too fine. It's more like a cloth and requires frequent cleaning, especially if your stash is really sticky. I've also seen boxes with 80 mesh screens. This must be some kind of joke, and an even bigger waste of time than 120 mesh. The holes are large enough to allow more than just the crystals to pass through. Some of your stash will fall through as well, and that's not what these boxes are used for. Finally, stay away from the silkscreen, polyester and Nylon screens! I've seen em all, they're out there, they're crap, enough said. I've personally used over a dozen different pollen boxes over the years, and I mean it when I say that only 100 mesh stainless steel will satisfy you.

We've learned a lot about pollen boxes over the years and have determined that every box we've ever used had one of these major flaws: 1) The screen was not 100 mesh stainless steel. 2) The shape and size of the box did not allow for much hand room. 3) Accessing to the pollen was not practical. I'll explain more on 2 and 3, the screen was explained above. The size and shape of most of the boxes we've used has been awkward. Apparently designers have had trouble grasping the concept of "having room for your hands and fingers," enough room to reach into the corner of the box for a chunk of herbs. Would you believe that we've actually used a box that was deeper than it was wide? Think about that. How are you supposed to work with your herbs in a 'barrel'? We've designed a box that's more like a tray than a bowl, with loads of hand/finger room and easy access into the corners. As for "access to the pollen," our "stackable" design is the best way to go. You've probably seen the "sliding glass tray" style boxes. These are too cumbersome and the pollen is not as easily accessed. You always have some sort of locking mechanism, which usually gets loosened over time. The sliding glass tray has to be removed and re-inserted every time you check the "progress" of your accumulating pollen. And when it's time to scrape it into a pile, you always find yourself searching for somewhere to set it down so that you don't spill your treasure.

A lot of pride and craftmanship goes into each and every box we produce. Very little machinery is used in making our boxes. I use good old-fashioned tools and equipment. For example, all the rounded edges are created by hand tools, not an electric router. Also, all sanding is done by hand, not with power sanders. These are not mass produced boxes....each piece has it's own "personality."

We finally decided that if someone is gonna do it right, it'll have to be us.......so, we bring you Hazemaker Pollen Sifter Boxes.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Box